Magi Bad, Giles Pretty
By Arkin

TITLE: Magi Bad, Giles Pretty
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'She doesn't really like you, does she?'

Buffy made a miserable sound. Willow and her were sitting in Giles' living room, with him reading a book, and them trying to study. Why they did it in his house was beyond him, but he truly didn't mind. The news of Prof. Walsh disturbed him, however.

'What makes you two think she doesn't like you?'

'She all but said it right out.'

'I see.'

Giles got a troubled look on his face, which worried Buffy. But Willow started asking her questions about the chapter she had read, and she got distracted. By the time they were done, she had forgotten all about it.


Buffy sat in the lecture room, trying to follow Prof. Walsh's big words. It wasn't going well, but on the bright side there were only five minutes left.

The door opened quietly, and Giles came in, sitting himself in an empty chair at the corner of the front raw. Willow bent over and whispered to Buffy. 'What's he doing here?'

Buffy shrugged.

Prof. Walsh concluded her lecture. Buffy got up and started walking toward Giles, freezing in place as he approached Prof. Walsh.

'Magi.' There was a little smile on his face, soon matched by Prof. Walsh's.

'Rupert. Why it's been....'

'Seven years. You still look terrific.'

'Thank you Rupert. Seven years. What are you doing here?'

Giles turned to look at Buffy. 'I just came to pick Buffy up.' He extended his arm and Buffy reached for it with out even thinking, resting her small hand in his. She came a few steps closer. What was he doing?

'Ho, you two know each other?'

'Quite. And how are you?'

'I'm fine Rupert. As you can see. And you? What are you up too these days?'

'Not much, I'm afraid. I had lost my job when it... well, exploded.'

The small talk continued for a few minutes. Buffy felt uncomfortable, holding her books against her chest in search of a barrier between her and the Professor. Prof. Walsh snuck a peek at Buffy from time to time, only adding to her un-ease.

Finally, Giles excused himself, saying that he and Buffy had planes. 'You will take care of my girl, won't you?'

Buffy almost choked at the bluntness. But Prof. Walsh smiled. 'Of course, anything you want, Rupert.'

The said their good-byes, then Buffy and Giles left. 'What was that? How come you didn't tell me you knew her?'

'I thought I'd give you a little surprise. You should have no more problems with her.'


Come mid terms, Buffy found Prof. Walsh's cold attitude replaced by a warm smile. It seemed as though she'd be willing to give Buffy the moon, much less a decent grade. When her B plus came in, Buffy made a dash to Giles' house.

'Giles? Giles?'

Giles emerged from the kitchen, drying his hand on a towel. 'Buffy, is something wrong?'

Buffy jumped into his arms, making him drop the towel in an attempt to catch her. 'I got a B plus. And it's all thanks to you.'

'I think you're studying might have had a little something to do with it.'

Buffy reached for his shirt and started unbuttoning it. 'Why are you trying to make this my work? Don't you want to see what I can do when I'm grateful?'

Giles kept quite.


'So, anymore Professors harassing you?'

'Well, there was that pop culture guy who throw me out of his class. Beat him up, and I'll show you a neat trick I learned in yoga class.'

Giles went searching for his ski mask.