Remember Buffy and Giles' Jelly's
By Cap

Title: Remember Buffy and Giles' Jelly's
Author: Cap
Distribution: You want it, It's yours
Disclaimer: Joss owns everything, Don't sue
Rating: Oh, I'll let you tell me.
Spoilers: Post ascension Library fic
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Note:"Oh, and remember Buffy and Giles Jelly's. We don't need a repeat of the Valentines fight." I got a lot of Email asking what happened, so I wrote this for everyone who wouldn't stop pestering me. Hope you like it.

Buffy Grabbed her watchers leg from the place where she was sprawled on the floor. He fell to the floor as the slayer scampered over his back yelling "Mine!" He grabbed the heart shaped box that lay on the floor in front of him slapping it up over his shoulder. Buffy shrieked as her face was assaulted with chocolatey goodness. Giles was again up and running when he was tackled from behind. "Oh no you don't!"

Willow grabbed Xanders mesmerized form yanking him out the library. "Hurry! We have to get another box." They fled the battle zone of the library as watcher and slayer scampered over each other for the square pink box on the table. Both their hands grasping for the last jelly at the same time causing it to explode blackberry all over them.

"Now see what you've done!" Buffy yelled at him.

Me! If you hadn't started this by sweeping my legs when I went to get a doughnut!" He said glaring.

"It was the last jelly. That's my favorite." She wined.

He rolled his eye's. "Well it's my favorite too." She then couldn't help but laugh at the distinguished Librarian covered in jelly. He at the same time took in her own jelly covered form smiling. Her face streaked with chocolate. He reached out a hand and ran a finger down her cheek, bringing it to his lips to taste the chocolate. He knew it was a mistake as the spark passed between him and Buffy. She reached up her lips moved slow and wet around his chin taking the blackberry jam in her mouth. "Mummy." The noise sounding so sensual to Giles as her tongue flicked out across his chin to make sure she hadn't missed anything.

The next thing either of them knew they were again rolling on the floor. Buffy clutched Giles to her abandoning the blackberry jelly in favor of his mouth. She brushed her tongue against his as his hands slid to her breasts his thumbs stroking gently but firmly the hard nipples under the thin material of her shirt.

"Oh god Giles, we need to stop." She said as her hand move to cup his butt as they rolled again.

Yes this is wrong, we have to stop now." He said before trailing his mouth from hers to her throat then to her collar bone. She moaned running a hand through his hair. "I love you Giles." She said softly followed by a primal purr of total bliss as his tongue dipped in to the valley between her breasts. "I love you too." He said in responding without thought.

Then they both stopped stunned. They jumped apart standing in silence taking in what had just happened. "Nothing happened. It was a hallucination. I mean we're Buffy and Giles. We weren't....We weren' didn't happen."

"No of course not. I mean I would never..." He trailed off. "Oh! I know you wouldn't! I wouldn't either. I-I-I mean we are too good of friends to do that Giles. In fact do what. I mean it didn't happen because like you know I'm know tall guy.....broods a lot and doesn't have a tan.....Um you know who I'm talking about.....God what's his name!" She said desperately her mind was not at the functional level at the moment. "Angel." Giles said he was feeling the same way looking at the library in confusion. <What the bloody hell are we supposed to be researching! Are we researching something!> I-I-I should be looking something up. Something in a book. A book that is in the room that is not here....with you..... half dressed.... over there in that place." He said pointing at his office.

Buffy nodded still panting. Trying not to look at him. He walked in to his office trying to think of anything but what had just happened. He looked at the room like he had never seen it before He turned as the slayer jumped into his arms before he could reach the door. They flew back onto the couch in his office. "Buffy!" he said. "Less talk, less clothes!" She answered as she ripped the shirt off of him his own hands were tugging her own shirt over her head. "No bra, thank you." He said as his lips found her puckered nipples.

They rolled to the floor with a loud thud. As Buffy warped her legs around him rubbing her breasts against his chest as they plundered the others mouth.

"Ahemm." Came a voice from the office door. Wesley stood there wide eyed. Buffy and Giles both breathing heavily just stared at him.

"We were just just...." Giles began and Buffy finished quickly. "Training!"

"That's my job!" Wesley said instinctively to the training with Giles excuse. Giles eye turned Ripper as he began to rise menacingly toward the young watcher. Buffy grabbed his arm pressing her shirt to her chest with the other. She just shook his head. His eye's softened as Buffy moved toward the door. "I'm going to grab a shower." She said blankly as she pushed past Wesley. <A very cold shower. Maybe they could import some water from the arctic for me> She thought, embarrassingly aware of the moist heat between her legs. <Oh hell with it.> She thought looking back at Giles taking a mental picture of him half naked to take to the shower with her.

Giles went to the closet in his office after she had gone fetching an extra shirt. He turned to Wesley. "Get out." He said as the man turned walking hurriedly away from the ripper glare he saw.

Willow and Xander walked in as the door slammed behind Wesley. Angel suddenly walked out of the shadows and grabbed Xander. "From now on you make for damn sure you have enough jelly's for everyone!" He said before leaving the library to brood like he had never brooded before. Xander and Willow just looked at each other in confusion then turned to Wesley for an explication. He just said to them in a snippy tone as he walked past the confused friends.

"I never get to do the fun watcher slayer things." They took their seats at the table opening the box they had brought filled to the brim with nothing but jellies. At the same time Buffy walked in looking very flushed her wet hair lose as she stopped suddenly looking at the box in front of her. An equally flushed Giles exited his office then stopping short as he saw the box.

"Well guy's here's those jelly's you've been lusting after. Go ahead satisfy your need." Xander said to them his usual tone. Buffy just glanced quickly up to Giles then down to the box saying "Oh god." Then turned around walking out. Xander watched her leave turning to see what Giles thought of this. Instead they found his door quickly closing.

Willow and Xander just stared at each other then Xander said. "What I say?"