Freaky Friday
By Karen Jephson

SPOILERS: None really.
SUMMARY: Willow casts a spell and gets it rght, though one might begin to wonder if that is a good thing or not.
DISCLAIMER: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Productions, Kuzui Enterprises, 20th Century Fox Television and the WB Television Network.

Willow took another look at the spell. It seemed simple enough. She just wished her dead language knowledge wasn’t so rusty.

If Giles knew what she was doing he’d have a major wig. But this spell seemed so cool. And, she was sick of being boring old Willow Rosenburg. She wanted to be more like - Buffy Summers.

She’d been doing some research when she’d come across the book. Knowing how protective Giles was towards her, she’d hidden it for future ‘investigation’. Now, alone in her room, she’d decided to check out the spells.

The one she was looking at now was a ‘Personality Transition’ spell. At least, that’s what she thought it said. But, it didn’t seem too hard. And, maybe, if she was more like Buffy, a certain Slayerette might pay her some more attention.

Lighting the incense and waving it around the room, Willow started reciting the spell. What was that word? Transpose? Transpere? Deciding on the second, she completed her incantation.

The magical forces started gathering, creating an unholy glow in the room. The pressure in the room caused thunderous groans to reverberate in her ears. She felt herself go dizzy, then everything went black.


Willow opened her eyes. Boy, she felt so weird. Herself, but weird. Darn. The spell hadn’t worked. Then she noticed something strange. This wasn’t her room. In fact, it looked awfully like........

"Oh, no. Oh, no." Willow jumped out of the bed and ran to the full-length mirror. Staring back at her was her best friend. "Oh, no!"

The phone started ringing. What should she do? She tentatively picked up the receiver. "Hello?"

Her own voice responded. "Willow? Please let that be Willow?"


"Thank God." The relief was quickly replaced by anger. "Willow. What have you done?!"


The two friends sat on the floor of Buffy’s bedroom. Thank god, her mom was out of town for a couple of days. Buffy had time to cool down on the way to her house. She wasn’t quite as eager to kill her friend. Just beat her up a bit.

"I-I’ll tell Giles. First thing. Y-you don’t want to wake him up in the middle of the night, do you?"

"You think he can change us back?"

"Uh-huh. It’s a fairly simply spell. I-I’d try it myself, but I didn’t think you’d appreciate it."

"No. You’re right. But, let’s not rush into telling Giles."


"Look, you wanted Xander to notice you, right? Well, he’ll certainly notice you in my body. And, you can teach him a lesson."

"But what about Giles?"

"Don’t worry. I’ll take care of Giles." Willow wasn’t sure she liked the look in her friend’s eye.


The next morning, Xander was waiting at the front of the school for his two best buds. He smiled when they came into view. "Ladies. And how are we this glorious morning? Ready for some more higher learning from the great minds of Sunnydale High?"

Willow looked at him as if he were crazy. "Yeah, right." She gave a jump, as if she’d just been nudged. "I mean, Yay school. Bring it all on."

Buffy stepped up to the male slayerette, a big smile on her face. "Hey, Xander. Want to carry my books?"

"B-books? Yeah, sure, Buff. Um, Will." He turned to his best friend, but she’d already moved on up the steps.

Buffy grabbed his arm and leaned into his body. "You know, Xander, in this light you look kind of sexy." He felt himself blush, while other parts of him reacted in a completely different way. "What say we skip school and have some, um, private lessons."

"U-us?" God, he couldn’t believe his voice broke. He cleared his throat. "Us? Now?"

Buffy looked confused. "That is, if you want to?"

"Are you kidding? Where to?"

"I don’t know. I thought you could show me a utility closet, or two."


Giles finished filing some books on the shelf, when he heard Willow call him.


"I’m up here. Is anything wrong?"

Willow rounded the corner and walked into the aisle. "No. Why should anything be wrong?"

"Well, school’s about to start, and you’re usually first in class."

"Oh! No. Free period."

"Ah." He stood looking at her. She seemed different somehow. More confident. More bold. They continued to stare at each other until the silence became awkward. "What did you come in here for?"

"Nothing. I just thought you might want a helping hand." He wondered why she smiled at the end of that sentence.

"Just finishing off, actually." With that, he placed the last book in it’s place. He turned to exit the aisle. "Now, if....."

He stopped at the emotions crossing her face. She looked as if she might cry. "Willow? Wh-what is it?"

"Nothing." She sniffed at his sigh of exasperation. "It’s just that I saw Xander and Buffy before, and they practically ignored me. I think she likes him now."

"Nonsense. Buffy would never be interested in Xander in that way." At least he hoped not. He had some plans of his own for his Slayer.

"It’s just that he never looks at me that way. No one has since Oz. They all think I’m ugly!" She started crying then. Somehow, Giles wasn’t sure how it happened, she was leaning against him, her arms wrapped around him.

"He awkwardly placed his arms around her waist. "There. There. It’s allright. You’re not ugly. Those boys are just blind."

"You mean it?"

"Yes, of course. You’re actually very pretty." Her firm young breasts were pressed against his body. The apex of her thighs was snug against his penis. His rapidly growing penis. He tried to move back, to create some room between their bodies. She just squeezed closer into him. He placed his hands on her shoulders ready to push her away.

"Then why don’t the boys notice me? Is it my breasts?" She grabbed his hand and placed it against one of the topics under discussion. "Aren’t they big enough? Are they too big?"

He felt a flush growing on his face. Didn’t the girl know what she was doing? "They, um, they seem quite fine to me. Willow.." He tried to move his hand, but she kept it trapped there. He couldn’t help the reflexive action of his fingers squeezing her firm young flesh. He could feel her nipple hardening under his hand.

"Perhaps it’s the other one." Her voice sounded husky. Sexy. She held his other wrist and slowly dragged his hand down off her shoulder and over her collarbone. He was powerless to stop her. His fingers tingled as they trailed down her body, resting like the other over her breast. He closed his eyes and swallowed, attempting to gain control.

It wasn’t until he felt her hands running up his chest that he realised that his own hands were no longer trapped. He opened his eyes and looked straight into her smoky brown ones. "No. They are both perfect." To prove his point, he started massaging them both, then running his thumb across her pebbled nipples. Her eyes were now half-closed as his ministrations aroused her.

"Maybe they just look funny. Like, in bathing suits?" She lowered her hands to the bottom of her jumper and started to lift it up. She paused when she came to his hands. He obligingly moved them, returning them to their original position when she’d removed the jumper completely. "Perhaps you should take a closer look. Just to make sure."

As if in a spell, Giles lowered his head until his eyes were level with his hands. He moved the right one away, only to replace it with his mouth. He pulled the breast into his mouth, sucking on the cotton material of her bra. The coolness of his mouth contrasting with the heat of his breathe was one of the most erotic sensations she’d ever experienced. He rolled the nipple with his tongue, then caught it lightly with his teeth. He pinched her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger, rolling it. He turned her and pushed her against the bookshelf. Her arms came to his head, imprisoning him. It wasn’t until she felt the band loosen that she realised that he had undone her bra with his free hand.

He pulled the shoulder strap down, keeping the bra in place only with his sucking, passionate mouth. The other strap had dropped down, stopping at her elbow. His callused hand covered her naked flesh, lifting and massaging it. She couldn’t stop the frustrated "Giles" escaping. He lifted his head and took her lips in an open, carnal kiss, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She matched him, passion for passion, thrust for thrust.

She opened her legs, allowing him to push harder against her. She could feel his arousal now, against her sex. He rubbed against her, causing her to follow his actions, mimicking the act they both so desperately wanted. She moved her hands down, touching his shoulders, the small of his back, his firm buttocks. She squeezed them before moving one to the front, wanting to feel his hard arousal.

He pulled away, looked into her eyes. "What game are you playing at, Buffy?"

She looked at him in shock. "What are you talking about? It’s me,.Wi..."

"You didn’t think I could tell the difference? Willow would never be so bold. Nor would she consider me in a sexual light."

"But you knew I would? I mean..."

He had her pinned against the bookshelf. Her leg was half-wrapped around him, leaving her completely exposed. His penis was pressed hard into her. She couldn’t prevent herself from rubbing herself against him. "I think you’ve just answered your own question. Now, why are you in Willow’s body?"

She felt embarrassed, standing in front of him semi-naked. Semi-naked in Willow’s body, no less. "Are you going to let me get dressed?"

"No. Willow does have quite nice breasts, you know?" She lifted her hands to hit him, but he easily restrained them either side of her head. "And guess what? She doesn’t have Slayer strength. Answer my question."

She didn’t know which emotion was stronger. Anger or arousal. Or perhaps they fed off each other. "She tried a spell. Wanted a different personality. Swapped our bodies instead. She wanted Xander to notice her."

"The foolish girl. Where is she now?"

"Um, with Xander."


They’d moved to the nearest available utility closet. Xander ushered her in, then turned out the light. She turned it back on again. "Why don’t you want the light on?"

He shrugged in embarrassment. "I’m used to Cordy. She wanted the light out."

"Oh." She didn’t want reminding of that time. "Okay. Let’s make out."

He grabbed her waist, drawing her to him. He leaned down and started kissing her. She seemed shy at first, almost as if she didn’t know what to do. He ran his tongue across her lips, then pushed at them, until she opened up for him.

As his tongue entered her mouth, she gasped. When he ran it across hers, she tentatively raised hers to join in the play. Her hands came up to his head, while his lowered to her bottom, pulling her into him. He increased the pressure of the kiss, until she responded to him with wild abandon. He moaned as he pushed her against the wall, leaning into her.

She could feel his arousal. It felt strange, but exiting. She opened her legs, allowing him easier access to her body.

He suddenly broke off the kiss and looked down at her with a strange expression on his face.

"What’s wrong?"

"I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem right."

She couldn’t believe it. She gives him what he wants, and it still wasn’t enough. She had a mind to do - something. She just wasn’t sure what. "What do you mean, not right?"

"I just felt as though I was kissing the wrong person. I’m sorry Buffy, but I kept seeing Willow."

"Seeing Willow? I’ll give you seeing Willow." In her rage, Willow forgot about caution. She chanted the spell, substituting hers and Buffy’s names for Giles’ and Xander’s.

"Uh. Buffy." Before Xander could say anything else, there was a flash then all went black.


He opened his eyes, and looked straight into Willow’s chocolate brown ones. The first thing he noticed he was in the library. The second, that he was leaning against a half-naked Willow. "Willow?"

"Giles? What is it? What’s wrong?"

"Why are you calling me Giles? And why aren’t you wearing your..........You were making out with Giles!?"

She looked up at him hesitantly. "Xander?"


Giles opened his eyes once the dizziness had passed. As soon as he saw his surroundings, he had a terrible premonition. Looking at the young girl he was pressed so intimately against he prayed he was wrong. "Buffy?"

"Xander. I’m sorry. I’m not......"

"Oh god, Willow. What have you done?"


Giles and Buffy entered Willow’s room through the French Windows. He wanted to get that book of spells, and it had been decided that ‘Buffy’ couldn’t be seen entering the Rosenburg house by herself. So, Willow and Xander stayed at the library, with express orders to stay put and not talk to anybody, while he and Buffy acted as recovery team.

"I don’t know why you’re mad at me. It was Willow who cast the spell."

"And then you encouraged her to not come to me. And to play your foolish games."

"You’re just upset because you fell for that ‘game’. Admit it, Giles, you’re turned on by Willow."

"I can’t believe you’ve decided to have a fit of jealousy now." He searched the computer desk for the book. Not finding it there, he moved over to the bed.

"I am not jealous!" He glanced back at her, raising his eyebrows. God, it still looked intimidating with Xander’s face. "Allright. Maybe a bit. And don’t change the subject. Which is your having the hots for my best friend!"

"Wasn’t that what your little game was about? To arouse me with Willow’s body?" Ah, there it was. Now all he had to do was find that damned spell. How did Xander manage to breathe in these tight jeans?

"No! You weren’t meant to succumb. I thought you’d push Willow away." Remembering her actions in the library, she wondered if that was true. Maybe she did want to see him get excited over Willow. Or at least her in Willow’s body.

"And your little experiment was dangerous. Willow’s a virgin for God’s sake! What if things had gone too far?"

She’d moved by the bed. "I would have stopped it before then."

He looked at her incredulously. She’d been so aroused that he could have done anything to her in the library, and she wouldn’t have protested. He decided it was time to teach his Slayer a lesson. One she wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

He moved toward the French doors. When he was level with Buffy, he snaked his arm around her waist, using his momentum to turn them both into each other. Before she could protest, he caught her lips with his own, sucking on them, pulling at them, until she opened for him. His tongue invaded instantly, sweeping away all resistance, claiming his territory.

It may have been Xander’s tongue in her mouth, his hands on her waist, but it was Giles’ experience, his expertise that aroused her. She didn’t think to protest. Instead her tongue met his, mating with him in an open display of passion.

He pulled his mouth away. Before she could complain, she felt herself tumble backwards onto the bed. His body covered hers, trapping her between his heat. His leg wedged between both of hers, opening her up. His thigh brushed against her, pressing his hard penis into the apex of her thighs. He rubbed against her in rhythm to the thrusting of his tongue into her open mouth.

She moaned, pulling him harder against her, moving her hands to cover his firm buttocks. She squeezed his cheeks, encouraging his actions.

His hand snaked under her jumper, his fingers causing a shiver along the trail of her flesh. In her haste to cover up from Xander, she’d forgotten to recover the bra. Her breasts were exposed to his seeking fingers, blossoming under their expert ministrations. He flicked the pebbled nipple with his thumb, while his palm squeezed her highly sensitized flesh.

His other hand caught the bottom of the jumper, pushing it up, exposing her torso. They shifted, allowing it to lift past their bodies and over their heads. She raised one of her legs, running it across the back of his calves.

He lifted his head, looking at her lustrous eyes. She blinked back at him. "Maybe we should sto....." His lips silenced her sentence, as his hand joined it’s partner, arousing her further with their actions. He rolled the nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, causing another moan.

Abandoning the warm cavity of her mouth, he brushed his lips across her chin, before moving over her neck, and across her sensitive collar-bone. She caught her breathe as he lavished her chest with kisses and nips, before turning his loving attention to her breasts. He looked down at his prizes a moment before snaking his tongue, allowing the tip to touch one of the imprisoned nipples. He repeated the process to it’s partner. He continued his torment several seconds longer, just touching her with his tongue before retreating. In frustration, she moved her hands up to his head, and tried to push him onto one of her throbbing breasts.

"Say please." She looked at him in shock. Had he really said that? Keeping contact with her eyes, he leant down and licked a nipple, his rough tongue scraping at her over-sensitive flesh. "If you want more, say please."

She wanted to resist. To tell him to go to hell. But he knew she wouldn’t. Couldn’t. Licking her lips, she capitulated. "Please."

Her reward was exquisite, and worth the embarrassment. He took the entire breast into his mouth, sucking his moisture off it, before expelling his hot breathe over her chilled flesh. His teeth grazed her, sending her higher. She knew that she was almost beyond control. "Giles, perhaps we should.....Ohh." He captured her engorged nubbin between his teeth, then rolled it with his tongue. He then moved to the other breast and repeated the process.

His hand moved down over her flesh and past her skirt. He rested his hand on her bare leg before moving it up, pushing the material of the skirt ahead of him. He lifted his body to allow it to continue onwards, until it was bunched around her waist. He lowered his thigh back down to her. Even through the denim of the jeans, he could feel the dampness of her panties. His penis was completely aroused, and becoming uncomfortable. He unsnapped the jeans and lowered the zipper. His erect flesh pushed free, and rubbed against the cotton of her pants. She spread her legs further, and wrapped them around his thighs. He pushed against her, creating a rhythm that her body followed on its own volition.

She tried once more to be reasonable. "We have to..." He lifted his mouth and settled on hers again. His hand replaced his erection and rubbed against her sex. Through the material he could feel her engorged labidia. More of her juices flowed out, soaking both the panties and his fingers. Her own hand moved down and onto his penis, holding it, squeezing it. She started moving her hand up and down on long jerky strokes. It was his turn to moan into her mouth. God, she was good.

His thumb pushed into her opening, then rubbed along her lips. She started to whimper. He grabbed the top of the remaining barrier and pulled. The material ripped from his force. He lifted his head and looked down. She was completely exposed to him now. Her breasts were still red and swollen from his earlier ministrations. His hand rested against her smooth creamy flesh, next to the red pubic hair. He moved it a fraction, rubbing across her swollen lips. She lifted her pelvis to meet him. He inserted first one finger, then two. He moved slowly, gently. He came across the barrier. He was tempted to break through it, but they were only borrowing these bodies, and he wanted to leave them both fairly intact.

She was close to her climax. Her hand was pumping faster against him, making his fight for control hard. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer in this teenage body. If it was his own, he would be able to allow her to continue her actions, while giving her her release. As it was, he could already feel the precum escaping to the top of his erection.

He found her nubbin and rubbed it, causing her to push harder against him. He kissed her hard, then moved away and down. He stopped when his face was level with her sex, pulling away from her eager hand. He removed his own hand, then used it and it’s partner to separate her, expose her to his keen gaze. She squirmed against him, begging him to stop this teasing, and to finish what he’d started.

He looked up into her face once again. "Do you want me to stop?"

She looked at him incredulously. "God, no. Please. Don’t stop." She didn’t notice the begging note in her voice. She wouldn’t have cared anyway. "Please, Giles."

As if the sound of his name was his signal, he moved his head down, first kissing her curls. He opened his mouth, taking them into him, then blowing on them, before moving down. He sucked at her lips, taking her juices into his mouth. She tasted like cinnamon. He found her nubbin, sucking on that, until his tongue darted out and started playing with it.

She was out of control now. Moaning and thrashing. Begging him. Not to stop. To stop. To release her. He opened her further with his hands, moving his mouth deeper into her. His tongue trailed up and down her lips, then penetrating her passage. He stroked in and out of her, setting a hard fast rhythm. She met him thrust for thrust. He moved his thumb in, rubbing her nubbin once more. It was enough.

She screamed her release. Her pelvic muscles contracted around his tongue, before releasing it again. He continued his ministrations, more gently now. Giving her a chance to come down slowly. When she had relaxed, her body completely boneless, he lifted himself up. Settling himself beside her, he wrapped his arms around her. His naked penis was now pressed against her lips. Allowing himself the luxury of allowing his tip to penetrate her slightly, he took her hand, and moved to his erection. Understanding his silent demand, she grasped him again, and started moving up and down his length. He kissed her, his tongue keeping pace with her eager hand. After a few pumps, he felt his own climax come upon him. He groaned, as he ejaculated, his seed spilling into her passage, and on her clit.

They lay together, eyes closed, breathe mingling. When he had recovered enough, Giles opened his eyes, watching her. Her face was slack, yet still flushed from her release. She was breathing quickly, but less shallow than before. Her hand was still around him, but his own flesh was soft. He moved his hand over hers, lifting it, wrapping his fingers with hers. She opened her eyes.

"What did you say about stopping before it was too late?"

Comprehension was slow to dawn. When it did, her eyes darkened with rage. Then rueful acknowledgment. She had learnt a lesson that day. But it was one they’d both remember.


Willow curled up in the corner of the sofa, as she watched Xander/Giles pace. They’d hidden in the office, in case anybody came in. Since then, Xander hadn’t said a word to her.

Xander could feel her eyes on him. He knew she wanted him to say something. Anything. He couldn’t. He was too angry. And too aroused. She’d tried to trick him. To seduce him by pretending to be Buffy. He could throttle her. He could also grab her, and fuck her brains out. That made him angrier. And THAT made him hornier. And to make things worse, he kept hitting things with Giles’ body. And it hurt!

"I wonder what’s keeping them?" Her voice sounded so - Willowish. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t realised before. "I-I mean, the book should have been easy to find...."

"What do think’s keeping them? I saw the way you - Buffy - was not dressed, and I can still feel what Giles thought of that! He’s probably using my body to scratch the itch they both started." Oh god. He wish he hadn’t said that. Now, he was really beginning to hurt.

"You think so?" Willow found it all so - exciting. Giles making love to her body. Buffy seducing him, using her, Willow’s body. And now, they were making love in her bedroom, with her and Xander’s body. Just like in her fantasies. Only trouble was, she wasn’t there to enjoy it.

Xander glanced over, and saw the glazed look in her eyes. Obviously the idea of Giles making love to her wasn’t disgusting to her. He felt jealous. And angry. She wanted Giles? She can have him!

Willow wasn’t expecting his sudden move. He had her pinned against the couch, his body leaning heavily into hers. His lips took her hard, punishing her slightly, yet giving her passion as well. She closed her eyes, and opened her mouth to him.

His tongue needed no second invitation. It invaded her moist cavity, ravishing her innocent flesh, before forcing her tongue to mate with his. He could taste the salt of her blood, and realised he must have cut her lip. It excited him more, and he pulled her into his hard body. Her hands crept up his chest as he lifted one of his to her hair. Her blonde hair. He groaned and pulled away from her.

"Xander? What did I do wrong?"

He couldn’t keep the harshness from his voice. "Nothing. I was kissing Buffy. And you were kissing Giles. And I want to kiss Willow, and have Willow kiss me back."

She touched her swollen lip with her tongue. She was glad he wanted to kiss her and not Buffy. But he was wrong about her. She knew exactly who she was kissing. She decided to try an experiment.

"Close your eyes." He looked at her questioningly. "Trust me. If this doesn’t work, then we’ll forget all about it." Willing to try anything, he obeyed her command. He tensed as he felt her climb onto his lap. Her hands touched his shoulders as he felt her warm breathe cross his face.

Her lips on his were soft, gentle. He wrapped his arms around her back, bringing her closer to his heat. He opened his mouth, drawing her moist kiss further into him. He moaned as he felt the tentative touch of her tongue. His rose to mate with it.

Her legs straddled his, and she could feel the rigid outline of his aroused penis. He started a rocking motion with his hips, pushing against her sex. She moaned as her thighs squeezed into him.

He almost groaned when she pulled away from him. Her lips trailed across his cheek, and her wet tongue made forays into the crevices of his ear. Her whispered "Who are you kissing?" barely penetrated his aroused brain.

His own "Willow" was hushed and full of the passion he was feeling.

"And I’m making love to Xander." He did groan then, and turned to capture her mouth with his. He kissed her openly, carnally. Always a quick study, she was soon following his lead. He brought his hand between them, and ran his thumb along one of her pebbled nipples, causing her to whimper. He held the heavy weight of her breast in his hand, and continued to torment the hard nubbin. Her fingers were in his hair, holding his face prisoner as they continued to ravage each other’s mouths.

He ran his other hand down to the hem of the top. He ran his hand between the edge of the material and her flesh to her stomach, asking her permission. When she didn’t object, he ran it up her midriff, and chest, finally resting it against her unclaimed breast. They both groaned against the feel of his callused palm against her firm flesh. He squeezed the full mound gently, testing it, getting to know it’s shape. He then rolled the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

With the hand resting on her top, he moved the spaghetti strap off her shoulder, letting the material drop until it exposed her aroused breast. He broke the kiss to look down at his prize. The nipple stood erect, opening itself for his inspection. He bent to place a kiss against it in reward. He opened his lips slightly, and pulled the nubbin into his hot mouth, sucking on it, then lathing it with his tongue. Her desperate "Xander!" told him that she enjoyed his ministrations, but that she needed more.

He moved his free hand down, feeling the shape of her body, until his hand rested on her knee. He then pushed up, under the short skirt, toward her open thigh. He felt the silk panties, and reveled in the fact that she wore them for him. They were soaked now with her passion, making them almost non-existent.

He trailed his fingers to the apex of her thighs. When he reached his target, she shifted, trying to push against his fingers. He started rubbing the material, moving it up and down her lips, opening them as he pushed in further. Removing his other hand, he pulled the other strap down, pooling the top at her waist. He moved his head, to give the newly exposed breast the same treatment as the other. His hand moved to her back, then down, until he cupped her ass cheeks. He pushed her forward, forcing her to accept more of his questing fingers. Frustrating her by keeping the material between them and her aching, throbbing flesh. Squeezing her cheeks once more, he moved again, until he could slip his fingers inside the panty material, then return to the original position.

She was almost incoherent now in her passion. Her back was arched as his mouth continued to alternate between each breast, loving it completely before moving to the next. Her knees were bent, and her legs spread as wide as she could, as she sought his exploring fingers. His hand at the back of her rubbed up and down her slit, before opening her cheeks further. She felt as though he were splitting her, yet he still wouldn’t give her what she needed. "Xander please."

"Oh, yes." He moved his hand up, pulling the silk material down. His fingers brushed her pubic hair, then touched her wet lips. He opened them, ready to enter her.

"I’m afraid you two will have to wait to finish your, um, activity." They hadn’t heard the door open. They jumped apart, blushing as they saw their own bodies looking back at them in amusement. God knows how long they’d been there.

Giles stared, arrested. It really was quite fascinating to watch oneself blush. He would have to do a study of it one day. "It’s getting late, and we really should reverse the, er, spells." From experience, the look on his face indicated a great deal of discomfort and pain. He’d better make sure Buffy stayed behind to help him relief some of the, er, suffering.

Willow jumped off the stiff lap, and replaced the clothing. She’d never felt so humiliated. "We were just.."

"Yes, we know. Consider this your punishment for dabbling in things you shouldn’t."

"And what am I being punished for?" Xander couldn’t help the petulant tone.

"Not seeing what was right in front of you?" The voice was Willow’s, but the tone and look were completely Buffy’s. He felt himself blushing again.

"Let’s get started shall we?"

As Giles began preparing everything, Buffy sidled up to Willow. "Don’t worry, you’re still a virgin." She whispered reassuringly to her.

"Oh. I kind of hoped, you know, that I wouldn’t have to worry about.... Well, the pain and all that."

"You’d want me to go through that twice? No, it’s allright. I would’ve. But Giles said everybody deserved their first times. And he didn’t want to cheat Xander."

It took a moment for the implication to sink in, but Willow looked at her friend in dawning enlightenment. Buffy nodded, and they both began to grin.

Giles called them over, and began to chant the spell, varying the words to reverse the effect. The mystic forces gathered, charging the atmosphere in the small room. A sudden bolt of energy shot through them, causing them to jolt violently, before everything settled back to normal. Giles opened his eyes. He was glad to see everything from his own point of view, but was rather distressed at the state of arousal of his body. He turned an accusing stare at Xander. "I think the two of you should leave now."

Not needing a second command, Xander grabbed Willow’s hand and dragged her out of the office, shutting the door behind him. Buffy smiled at the Watcher. "Want me to leave too?"

In answer, Giles strode to the door, then locked it. "No. You and I have some unsettled business to attend to."

She laughed as she lay down on the couch, opening her arms to him. He covered her with his body, and took her lips in a hard kiss. She moaned as she felt his hardness against her moist centre. She spread her legs, hooking them behind him, encouraging him to rock into her.

Realizing she was already as aroused as himself, he moved his hands down, grabbing the crotch of her panties and ripping them. He moved to his own clothing then, undoing his trousers, and shucking both them and his boxers. His fingers found her opening, and pressed against it. She moved her own hand to his hard penis, feeling the full length of him, reveling in his throbbing arousal. She guided him to her, and together, they pushed the turgid flesh into her moist cavity. They moaned in satisfaction, before he pulled out of her, leaving only his tip inside the passage. He pushed hard, embedding himself into the hilt of her.

They started a rhythm. Hard, fast, the silence only broken by their moans. She moved her hand to his shirt, snapping buttons in her eagerness to get to his fur-lined chest. As Xander had done earlier, he pulled the straps off her shoulders, exposing her full, hard breasts. Feeling the whorls of hair rubbing against her hard nipples sent Buffy closer to the edge. She whimpered and gathered him closer to her.

Giles knew he couldn’t last much longer. He moved his hand down to where they joined. He found her nubbin, and began rubbing and teasing it. Suddenly, she froze, then screamed into his mouth. Feeling her release caused his own climax. He groaned, pumped into her once, twice more, then collapsed on top of her. He gathered her weeping body to him, their sweat-covered flesh sliding across each other. He kissed her hard, then settled beside her until they both came down.

Buffy finally stirred. "I wonder what Xander and Willow are up to."

"Well, considering how aroused I was watching ‘us’ making love earlier, I’d say that about now, they’re both losing their virginity."

Remembering her own state of arousal at the time, Buffy had to agree with him. She moved experimentally. The flesh inside of her began to grow. She wiggled a bit more, glad to feel the desired response. "Do we consider this part of my training?"

Giles paused as if pondering the thought. "Well, you certainly do get a physical workout. And I certainly intend to ‘educate’ you in certain things. But, I don’t think that we’ve found a new way to stake vampires."

"Besides, between you and the vamps, I’d be exhausted at the end of the night."

"Oh, you don’t need any vampires to exhaust you. Let me demonstrate." And he proceeded to do just that.