First Times
By Rainne

Title: First Times
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: B/G
Disclaimers: The usual
Spoilers: vague at best, and if you don't know what happened in The Gift, where have you been?
Distribution/Archive: ask first
Summary: PWP

It was fun at first. There was laughter and play, many kisses, tickles and even a short pillow-battle. He made jokes to relax her and she laughed at him, calling him Casanova. He tickled her in retaliation. They rolled together as she fought to get away from him and fell off the side of the bed, losing their breath when they landed hard but laughing together as they both got it back again.

The passion began to find its way in around the fun and before long, their laughter was intermingled with short gasps as each touch ignited fires within. He kissed his way down her body slowly, making her body writhe beneath his, but felt her freeze when he neared his goal. He looked up into her frightened eyes. "Are you all right?" he asked her softly.

She swallowed hard and explained in a soft, hesitant voice that no one had ever done with her before such a thing as what he intended. He calmed her with a gentle kiss to her belly. "It's all right," he said softly to her, calmly, though inwardly he was seething at the men who had known her before but never taken the time to touch her in this way. Thoughtless, all of them, and focused only on their own pleasure. Well, he was going to focus on hers. And he did. He licked and nibbled and sucked at her sex until she was groaning beneath him, her hips undulating as she instinctively ground her wetness against his face. He reveled in it, reveled in the sound of her voice calling his name over and over, begging him for her release. He slid two fingers into her hot, wet channel and pumped them in and out of her slowly, curving them slightly and gently scraping at the top walls, feeling the muscles flutter and quiver around his touch. Then he sucked hard at her clit and she screamed his name as she came explosively around his fingers, her inner walls clutching at the digits and her back arching up off the bed with the force of her pleasure. He gave a little, self-satisfied grin as he kissed and petted her gently, bringing her slowly down from her heights.

Only a few moments later, he found himself sitting on the edge of the bed with her kneeling between his thighs, determined to return the favor. When he felt her hot, wet mouth engulf his cock, he groaned. Her lips, teeth and tongue worked magic on his hardness and he buried one hand in her silky hair, caressing the back of her head and encouraging her with his gentle moans. She deep-throated him, swallowing his entire cock somehow, and he was astounded: where had she learned that particular trick? Despite knowing of her previous liaisons, he had still held a mental image of her as somewhat innocent, pure - but that image was shattered when he felt his cock slide down her throat. The sensation was so exquisite that he came in her mouth, shooting jets of his hot seed into her throat. He felt her muscles work and knew that she was swallowing around him, and he groaned her name in ecstasy.

He held her in his arms after that for a long time, whispering endearments into the delicate shell of her ear, stroking her silken skin, telling her how much he loved her, and spinning cotton-candy dreams of the future into the satiny darkness of his bedroom. She took it in turn to touch him as well, sliding her hands through the crisp hairs on his chest, gently scratching down his torso with her nails. And when his manhood began to stir back to life, she rolled onto her back and brought him with her, letting him settle himself between her legs.

He kissed her deeply, tasting himself in her mouth, and trailed kisses down her jawline and neck, down to her shoulder and across her breasts. He lavished attention on her nipples, coral-pink and hard as little pebbles, until she was gasping and moving beneath him, then he slid a hand between her legs. She was wet and ready for him, and he slid into her with a sudden sensation of coming home. She gasped and bit into his shoulder gently as his thick cock stretched her entrance wide, but pulled her knees up closer to her body to provide him with better access.

It was slow, then, both of them barely moving, just seeming to rock together for an eternity, holding one another close, feeling the bond between them - both physical and emotional - grow brighter and more intense with each passing moment. Then something suddenly passed between them and he began to rock his hips, pressing deeply into her. Her legs came up, wrapping around his hips, and he ground himself into her desperately, feeling almost as though if he pressed himself hard enough, he could melt completely and become a part of her.

Her fingernails dug into his back desperately and he thrust even harder. She could feel him all the way through her body and she cried out his name as she felt her orgasm beginning to build somewhere in the back of her body, calling to him again and again as it flooded through her, and hearing through the great rush of pleasure his voice calling to her as his own orgasm took him over as well.

When it was over, she lay in his arms and all was quiet. He thought she was asleep, for her eyes were closed and her breathing deep and even. But she surprised him, as she was so often wont to do. Just as he himself was about to drop off, he heard her tiny voice whisper into his ear. "I love you, Giles."

He smiled, stroking back her hair from her face - not the face she wore when waking, the face of a woman who has seen death nightly and been its victim twice, but the face of innocence that she relaxed into only in the dark of night and here, in what was now their bed. He leaned down and kissed her gently. "I love you, too, Buffy," he whispered back. "Sleep now."

And she did. And before long, so did he.