First Kiss
By Moonstone1520

Title: First Kiss
Author: Moonstone1520
Rating: PG
Distribution: Be my guest. Let me know first.
Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Joss Whedon (you rule!), Fox and Mutant Enemy. Only my imagination belongs to me (thank you God!).
Spoilers: Through Season 5
Timeline: Well, Riley just left and Joyce isn't dead yet so…between Into the Woods and The Body.
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Notes: This is my first fic, so everyone, please let me know what you think. Be kind, though.

" 'A first kiss is a special occasion. It should be everything anyone has ever dreamed of and more. Fireworks could be going off inside one's head. Music could be playing somewhere outside of time. The reaction inside one's head varies with every person.

'After the kiss ends, that reaction is also different with every person. One's lips could be tingling, or one could be standing in place, frozen in time, replaying everything about the kiss inside their head. One could be breathless and beg for more. Or one could simply be contented.

'The kiss itself, however, is a whole different story. It can be sweet and tender. It can be harsh and exciting. It can be mind numbing and intense. It can also be brief and chaste. A kiss can vary in many different ways.

'But no matter what kind of kiss one receives when it is one's first, be it their very first, or simply the first with that specific person, one knows that it is special and will be implanted inside their memory, forever being looked back upon and cherished for years to come.' Aww, that's sweet," Willow gushed. She handed to paper back to Buffy, who beamed. "That's what you wrote for Giles to get him to kiss you?" Buffy nodded.

"Yeah. I've been dropping hints-hell, I've been dropping anvils-during the whole six weeks we've been dating. I'm sick of waiting. I want smootchies!" Buffy crossed her arms over her chest and thrust out her lower lip, in major pout mode. Willow patted Buffy reassuringly on the shoulder.

"Don't worry. He will kiss you, sometime. Hopefully in the very near future, then you can tell me all about it."

"Why would I want to do that?" Buffy teased.

"Be-because I'm your bestest friend, and Xander would be totally grossed out if he heard any of the details and 'cause I need my insightful smootchies too!" Willow went into pout mode and Buffy cocked an eyebrow, very amused.

"Relax, Willow. I was simply making with the funny." Willow looked sheepish.

"Oh. I knew that."

"At least Tara is into this thing that we have," Buffy continued. "Mom is still all wiggy, Dawn is completely grossed out, Xander is probably still out cold and Anya seems very interested by it all."

"Hey, it's clear that you two are meant for each other," Willow said. "You two already have the Watcher/Slayer thing down pat."

Buffy sighed. "I just don't know Will. I'm starting to doubt what we have. Okay, so Parker was a really bad choice. And Riley was simply my rebound-rebound guy. And with Angel…I really loved him, Willow. I still think I do. I will always love him like Giles will always love Ms. Calendar. But I have to wonder if this thing with Giles is ever going to work, given my track record with guys." Willow smiled softly.

"Buffy, you two really love each other. There is nothing that can go wrong. Okay, so your history with guys is a tad bit sloppy. Do you think Giles really cares? If he gives a damn about this relationship, then you should too." Buffy thought about that concept.

"You're right. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready for my date tonight."


The doorbell at the Summer's residence rang and Buffy smiled at the mirror. She checked her make-up once more and slipped the letter into her purse. The short flowing sky blue dress that accentuated her curves was perfect for dancing and she had her hair done up with little ringlets cascading down her neck. Giles had said not to get too dressed up.

"Buffy, your boyfriend's here!" Dawn shouted up the stairs. Buffy rolled her eyes. "Shut up Dawn!" she yelled back. One last glance in the mirror and she left her room, slowly going down the stairs.

Once Giles came into view, Buffy couldn't take her eyes off him. He was perfect from the blue shirt and suit jacket to his black slacks and stylish brown boots. She noticed with satisfaction that he couldn't take his eyes off her. She wriggled her hips a little and Giles stared, a strange light gleaming in his eyes. She kissed Giles's cheek and grinned when he stammered and blushed.

"C'mon. Let's go," he said, once he regained his composure. She slid her arm through his and he escorted her to his new car.

Lorraine's was a combination dance club and restaurant. Buffy and Giles ordered, then Giles pulled Buffy out onto the dance floor as soon as they were done with their meals. Buffy had come to learn fairly quickly that Giles always had a trick or two up his sleeve, but she was surprised to find out that he was quite good at swing dancing. Buffy had taken some lessons during her youth, and had quickly forgot everything. But all of it came back when Giles took her in his arms.

They slowed down when the band struck up a slow tune. Giles wrapped his arms around Buffy and gently lead the way to the beat. Buffy smiled softly as she laid her head against his chest. He kissed her crown and then rested his chin upon it, as they slowly swayed to the music.


"Okay," Buffy said as she slammed her door shut, "you got to choose the places we go this time. Now, it's my turn. I have a special purpose in mind."

"Oh?" Giles replied. "And what would that be?"

"A secret." Buffy shot Giles a sultry wink and wriggled her hips again, but paid dearly for that when Giles almost drove them off the road.

She directed him to King Man's Bluff, where she planned to make her intention for bringing him here known. They got out of the car and looked out over the city.

"It's gorgeous isn't it?" Buffy asked breathlessly. Giles nodded.

"Almost like London except…with no Big Ben." Buffy giggled. "Big Ben?"

"Yes. You know, the tall clock in London that chimes when it strikes the hour?" Buffy hit him on the arm. "Yes, I know the one."

"Ow. I was just teasing. I thought a little sarcasm might be helpful," he said, rubbing his arm.

"You're not very good when it comes to sarcasm."

"I'm not? Oh. Damn." They stood silently for a minute, leaning on the hood of the car, just gazing out over Sunnydale. Buffy glanced over at Giles.

"Check your breast pocket," she muttered.

"Hmm? Oh. Why?"

"Just…do it." Puzzled, Giles reached in his pocket and pulled out the letter that Buffy had slipped in there while they were dancing. He read it and blushed. He folded it back up and slipped it back into his pocket.

"So…you want me to kiss you?" he asked slyly. Immediately, Buffy almost regretted giving him the letter. "Um…yes?" Giles smiled devilishly.

"Alright then." He got closer to her. He leaned in and kissed her cheek. Buffy was disappointed. He kissed her other cheek, her eyelids, her nose. He sprinkled her face with kisses and then slowly moved down to her neck. Buffy closed her eyes in bliss, silently begging him to kiss her where she wanted to be kissed most.

He made the kisses on her neck harder and even nipped a couple of times. Buffy's breathing became ragged. She was getting desperate. Giles silently smiled. This was exactly the reaction he was hoping for. He traced kisses on her jaw and the sides of her face. Buffy reached up to move his face, but he grabbed her hands and restrained them so that she stood helpless against him.

Buffy slowly curled one leg around his. She breathlessly whispered his name in a plea for him to kiss her where she needed to be kissed most. He dropped kisses around her mouth, deliberately avoiding her lips. She sighed with pleasure and moaned, pleading with him.

He kissed her chin and very slowly worked his way up until he finally placed his lips on hers. Sparkage was immediate. Buffy had pleaded, so she was given the most intense, mind-numbing kiss she had ever experienced. She lost herself in Giles's kiss, lost all track of time and space. There was nobody in the world, but the two of them.

Buffy decided to give him payback for making her wait so long for the kiss so she pressed herself against Giles's body and wriggled her hips. Giles's reaction was immediate: he kissed her harder and moaned when she wriggled. His reaction was also immediate in other areas too, and Buffy grinned against his mouth when she realized this.

When lack of oxygen forced them apart, they stopped and stared at the other, trying to regain control of their breathing and heart rates.

"Wow," they said in unison.

"So," Giles said, pulling Buffy close to him for yet another round. "How was that for a first kiss?" Buffy looked up at him and smiled.

"It was everything I'd dreamed it would be," she answered. Giles smiled and once again placed his lips on hers.