A Few Too Many Revelations
By Jadedragon

Part 6

Name: A Few Too Many Revelations
Author: Jadedragon
Email: blm55@bellsouth.net
Spoilers: Season 4
Disclaimer: Not mine, Buffy and company belong to Joss, Mutant Enemy and the WB.
Rating: NC 17
Summary: Buffy discovers her true feelings for Giles, tells him then everything goes to hell.

Giles entered the quite tomb, which felt empty. His senses were on full alert. All was quite but wait, what was that? He thought he heard something, up head. He slowly entered the next chamber and saw Buffy on the ground, lying very still. He approached cautiously.

"Buffy?.....Buffy,....it's me. It's Giles. Are you hurt?" he asked as he put his hands slowly on her shoulders turning her to him. Her eyes were staring straight ahead, lifeless. He picked her up and examined her neck to see if she had been attacked. There were no marks and he could see the slow pulse in her carotid artery. She offered no resistance as he put her arms around his neck, picked her up and started toward the entrance, carrying her like a baby.

Giles was still carrying her when he met William and Xander, passing Riley without turning or saying a word.

"My car's close, let's take her back to your place." Xander told him as he led Giles and William to his parked car. Xander was very concerned. He had never seen Giles in such a state, it was almost like Buffy had been this morning. He really does love her, Xander realized.

"Giles, has she been...?" William asked fearing the worse.

"No, William, she wasn't bitten. I found her in a heap on the floor of the crypt. When I picked her up, her eyes were dead, like nobody was at home..." Giles voice broke with emotion. Once they reached Xander's car, Xander and William helped Giles get Buffy in the back seat, where he sat with her head in his lap


Willow met them at the door, Buffy in Giles arms. He took her upstairs and laid her on the bed where they had been so happy not 12 hours earlier. He began removing her clothes to make her more comfortable as he heard Joyce come in and she helped him put Buffy in one of his shirts and gently place her under the covers. Before she headed downstairs, Joyce looked at him, "Rupert, I'm sorry, I've been a total fool. Can you forgive me?"

"Joyce, now is not the time." he told her, barely holding his anger in check. "All I can think about is Buffy. She has been shattered with everything that has happened to her today. She attacked Spike and Riley! The Buffy I know and love wouldn't do that. She has been pushed to bloody far. You have pushed her too far. I can't talk to you anymore, please, just go downstairs. I want to be alone with her." Giles told her turning back to the pale, lifeless woman who lay in his bed.

Joyce left, with tears flowing down her face. She couldn't blame him. She should never have told Buffy about William so soon; she should have waited. Rupert truly loved her daughter. She realized how much as she saw the pain and aguish in his eyes as he tenderly took her clothes off, gently cleaned her tear stained face and put one of his shirts on her before covering her. She had been such a fool. Her daughter had a man who truly loved her and would protect her with his own life. She knew then that they belonged together and decided she would do everything in her power to see that they were together when this was over. As she reached the bottom of the stairs, William came over to her, led her to the couch and took her in his arms.

"Ms. Summers," Willow asked, "How is Buffy?"

"Willow, I don't know. Her eyes don't react. I've never seen her this way."

Giles came down the down the stairs about 15 minutes later. "I believe she's catatonic. There is no response in her eyes or any other part of her body. We'll have to take her to the hospital if there is no reaction soon. I've treated many of her wounds, but this is way beyond my ability," he confessed as he sat down heavily in a chair.

"Rupert, can I make a suggestion?" William asked the Watcher.

"William, I would appreciate any help here, I don't know what to do and I just can't think objectively at the moment." Giles admitted his voice full of emotion.

"I have a friend in L.A. who is a psychologist and he knows about slayers and watchers." William saw he had the attention of everyone in the room and he continued. "Steve and I grew up together and he read my grandfather's Watcher Journals with me. I think I can get him to come and look at Buffy."

Giles looked at him with a faint glimmer of hope in his eyes. "Please call him."

"Where's your phone?"

Giles pointed to the phone and William went and dialed his friend.


Steve Waterston rolled over and looked at the clock. 2:30 in the fucking morning! Who the hell was calling at this time of the night! They had better have a very good explanation.


"Steve, it's William. I need your help!"

Steve hearing the pain in his friend's voice sat up and turned the light on by the bed. "William what's wrong? Where are you?"

"Steve, I'm in Sunnydale. I found Joyce and we have a daughter. The stress of having yet another bomb dropped on her today has sent her into a catationic state. And Steve, she's the Slayer."

"Slayer, like in your gramps journals?" he asked with a strained, puzzled voice.

"Yes, we can't take her just anywhere they'd never believe this...."

"Ok. How old is she, what's happened, where is she?" Steve rattled off questions as he went into 'Doctor mode'. William answered the questions and Steve asked who was there with him.

"Joyce, Rupert Giles, who is her Watcher, and four of her friends. We are at Rupert's house."

"My plane is ready to take off, I was leaving for Mexico in the morning on vacation, so I can be there in an hour or so. Is there someone who can meet me at the private airport just east of town?"

William and Steve worked out the details of his arrival and Steve hung up the phone. It was good that he was divorced; Beverly would never have believed this one. He wouldn't have himself, if he had not seen the evidence of vampires when William had saved his life several years ago. He had thought that Gramps was just a crazy old coot who had made up a fantasy to explain why his wife had died so young, not wanting to let go of her.

By 3:40 a.m. he was landing in Sunnydale. He saw two men waiting for him as he left his four seat Cessna. He grabbed his suitcase and his medical bag as he left the plane, leaving it in the hands of the mechanics. He crossed over to the two men, the first looked to be in his forties, the other a younger man who looked like he might be twenty.

"Steve," the older gentleman approached him grasping his hand. "I'm glad you could come on such short notice." He said with an educated English accent. "I'm Rupert Giles, Buffy's Watcher and this is Alexander Harris, a friend of ours.

"Rupert, I'm glad to meet you, you too Alexander."

"Please call me Xander, no one calls me Alexander, except my dad when he's mad at me," Xander told him as he led the way to his waiting car.

As they entered the car, Steve sensed that there was more to Buffy and Rupert's relationship than just Slayer and Watcher. Once they were on their way he asked Rupert to tell him everything he could about the last 24 hours. Once he had heard all that Buffy had been through over the past 36 hours, he had an inkling about what had happened, but before he could be sure, he needed to know more about her life, especially since she had been called. As they approached a row of condos in a quiet residential area, he felt sure that he had a good understanding of his patient. Through his pain, Rupert was giving him great details about the young woman he was here to see. As he saw her through her lover's eyes, he had no doubt that these two people loved each other very much. It was evident in every word he spoke and by what he hadn't said. Steve felt the pain and the guilt of the man sitting beside him.

"Rupert, it was not your fault, it's no ones fault. Sometimes we all get over stressed and have to shut down to assimilate everything, it's just not very often that someone totally shuts down. I think that's what has happened to Buffy. Over the next few days, I will need to speak to all of her friends and anyone else who has known her. I need to get as full a picture as I can of her life and her psyche. First, I believe that we should move her to her home. She needs surroundings that are safe, comfortable and familiar for her. When she awakes, chances are good that she will be very disoriented and familiar surroundings will help to ease her fears." he told Rupert as they parked and exited the car.

As they entered, William shook Steve's hand and led him upstairs to his daughter. He came back down as Rupert was telling Joyce and the rest that they were going to move Buffy home. Joyce thought she should go and get every thing ready so Xander and Anya took her in his car. Willow walked over to Giles and hugged him. "Buffy will come through this, Giles. I know she will. She is strong, she just had too much thrown at her in the last week or so, especially the last 24 hours." Giles hugged the young woman hoping she was right.

Giles had just released Willow and was sitting down when William and Steve came down the stairs. Steve walked over to Giles.

"Your were correct. She has lapsed in to a catatonic state. There are several tests I want to run. In the morning I will contact some colleagues here in Sunnydale to borrow the equipment that I'll need once their offices open. Until then we should get her moved and make her as comfortable as possible. Where is her mother?"

"She went ahead to get everything ready for Buffy," Giles told him. "What can I do?"

"As I said in the car on the way here, in order to help her, I need to know everything that I can about her. If her psyche is as shattered as it appears to be the more I know about her and how she has reacted to situations in the past, the better able I will be to help her return to the young woman that you know and love," Steve told him.

"Giles, do you want me to call Angel?" Willow asked him.

"No Willow, I'd better do that. Why don't you go and make a comfortable place for Buffy in the back seat of my car and I'll call Angel, Wesley and Cordelia." Giles told her as William and Steve looked on. Willow hesitated for a moment, knowing that Giles had just about reached his breaking point. She had never seen him so overwrought.

"Who is Angel?" Steve asked expecting it to be a woman.

"Angel was Buffy's first lover. He lives in LA now and runs Angel Investigations. Cordelia works for him and went to school with Buffy. Wesley works with them and was Buffy's watcher briefly." Giles looked at them before continuing, "There is something more you should know about Angel. He is a vampire."

William and Steve both looked at Giles as if he were crazy. Finally William found his voice.

"My daughter slept with a vampire?....Angel?.......Angeleus?" William asked in disbelief. "What were you thinking to let that happen?"

"I didn't let anything happen, Buffy is a very headstrong young woman!" Giles broke down, "was a very headstrong..." he finally broke into tears. Willow came to him to comfort him as he had comforted her earlier that day.

"Giles, didn't like it much either, so don't take it out on him. Let's get Buffy home and then we will talk and tell you the whole story. It's not what you're thinking. Angel loved Buffy very much." Willow turned to Giles, "I'm calling Angel, you and Tara help get her into your car." she told Giles with her "resolve face." Giles and Tara fixed a place for Buffy in the back of Giles' car, while Willow called Angel.


Angel was reading, things had been quiet for the last couple of weeks and he was enjoying the quiet for a change. This had been a hard year and he didn't know how he would have made it if not for Cordelia, Wesley and Doyle. It had been hard to leave Buffy and move. It had also been hard when Doyle had given his life to save him, Cordelia and the others that were there that night. He was thinking of his lost friend when the phone rang. Instantly alert, he reached for the phone as he looked at the time, 4:15, who would be calling at this hour? It couldn't be good.

As soon as he picked up the phone he heard Willow's voice.


"Willow, why are.. What's wrong with Buffy?" Angel asked, immediately knowing that was why Willow was calling.

"Angel, can you, Cordelia and Wesley come to Sunnydale, like now?"

"Willow what's going on. Has something happened to Buffy?"

"Angel, Buffy has had too many stresses today and has gone into a catatonic state. Dr. Steven Waterston is here with her and needs to know as much about her past as he can to be able to help her."

"What does he know about me?"

"He knows you're a vampire." Willow told him. "How soon can you be here?"

"I'll call Cordelia and Wes, we'll be there as soon as possible. But Willow, what caused this, Buffy is a very strong woman."

"Angel, this morning Buffy told Giles that she loved him and then mother caught them together and, well you can guess what kind of scene that was."

"Yes, I can. How is Rupert?"

"He's beside himself, I've never seen him so upset. But that is not the only thing that has happened. She and I have had problems, and that, added to the others things that have happened, and then to find out that Hank Summers is not her biological father. When her mother told her this and introduced her to William, she lost it. She left and went up stairs quietly and left to go slaying before Tara and I could stop her. When Giles found her she was catatonic in the crypt where they had fought vampires last night."

Angel couldn't believe what he was hearing. Buffy had been through so much in her young life. "Willow, we'll be there as soon as possible. Where are you?"

"We are at Giles' at the moment, but we are moving Buffy home. Dr. Waterson said she needs to be in familiar surroundings and that seemed the best place."

"Willow, we'll be there in a couple of hours." He assured his young friend as he hung up the phone. He had known that Rupert loved Buffy, but wondered if she would ever see how the Watcher really felt about her. He was glad, they both deserved to be happy, and he knew that they could be happy together. He reached for the phone and called Wes and Cordelia. They were on the road in less than thirty minutes.


Willow rode in the backseat with Buffy, Tara in the front with Giles. Steve and William followed in William's car. When they arrived about 4:30, the lights in the Summer's home were on and when she saw the cars, Joyce came down the stairs to help move her daughter to her room. Giles gently carried the woman he loved to her bedroom and gently laid her down. She looked so pale and fragile as he pulled the pink coverlet over her. He looked around her room then back to Buffy. She looked so like a little girl, not the woman he had held in his arms, was it only this afternoon? He had to get her back. He sat on the bed beside her and the tears started flowing.

"Rupert, please don't cry. She needs you to be strong. We all need to be strong." Joyce said to him as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

"She looks so small and frail, so like a tiny child. It's so heard to believe that I held her in my arms only this afternoon...." Giles voice trailed off as he realized he was talking to her mom.

"Rupert, it's alright." Joyce told him "We must all be strong for her. She'll be ok, she has to be ok...?" Joyce's voice broke and she too started crying. They reached for each other, comforting and soothing one another, beside the young woman they both loved so deeply. When they finally broke away, the tension between them had broken, each knowing the other would do what ever was needed to help Buffy to recover. They realized that they weren't alone and turned to see William looking at them. A sad smile on his face.

"I think Buffy would be glad to see you two putting aside your differences. From what I have learned tonight, she is a very remarkable young woman and the two of you are responsible for the way she has grown up. Steve wants to talk to both of you. I'll stay with Buffy and call if there is any change.

As Joyce and Giles entered the living room, Steve asked Joyce to start telling him about her daughter's life, asking her to pay special attention to her slaying activities. After her he questioned Giles, then Willow, and Xander. Angel, Cordelia and Wesley arrived just before sunrise and Steve questioned them. As Buffy's life unfolded, he was astounded that she had held up so well under the many tremendous pressures she had encountered in her young life. He realized that the friends she had in Willow and Xander had helped, but the love that Rupert had for Buffy was all too clear. His love and the security he offered her was a major point in helping Buffy cope with all the difficulties she had come up against over the years in Sunnydale. He knew that this bond that had grown between them would be a starting point to help her on her journey back to health.

"When Buffy awakens, there are several possibilities, she could wake up and remember everything or she could have blocked out everything that happened yesterday, or she might regress to a time before everything in her life became so complicated, or she may have total amnesia. What ever the case, who ever is with her reassure her and answer all questions as truthfully as possible. Under no circumstances lie to her, she must trust each of us if we are to help her to recover. If you don't think she is ready to hear something, tell her as much. Rupert, I feel that your relationship with her is to be the key to her recovery. I know how much you love her and her love for you will help her to remember. It can be a slow process and a long one, but I feel that with the help of all of you, we can help her to return to the young woman you all love." Steve then glanced at the clock he saw that it was 1:30, no wonder he was hungry. He told everyone that they needed a break and he went to the phone to arrange to borrow equipment to take the tests he had earlier mentioned.

As he made the phone calls he thought over the details of Buffy's life. It was amazing that she had not had such a breakdown before now. She must have been an extraordinary woman to have handled all the stresses that she had been placed under. Having to send her lover to hell would have totally crushed most young women, but she had run away from the comfort and love of those she needed because she felt that she had caused them too much pain. The young woman he was coming to know was so different from the frail, lifeless girl that lay upstairs. He was determined to help her as much as he could. That she was the only child of his best friend, only added to his determination.

Willow took charge and ordered lunch from delivery menus and got everyone drinks while they waited for the food to arrive. Giles went to check on Buffy, relieving William to go and comfort Joyce.

End Part Six