A Few Too Many Revelations
By Jadedragon

Part 5

Name: A Few Too Many Revelations
Author: Jadedragon
Email: blm55@bellsouth.net
Spoilers: Season 4
Disclaimer: Not mine, Buffy and company belong to Joss, Mutant Enemy and the WB.
Rating: NC 17
Summary: Buffy discovers her true feelings for Giles, tells him then everything goes to hell.

It was time for Giles to start his last set of the night so Joyce and William joined the group at the table in front of the stage. Joyce was even more aware of the love between her daughter and her Watcher as she saw the looks of love that passed between them. Joyce felt like the set took forever and Rupert did several encores before he finished. As they headed for William's car to go to Rupert's condo, Joyce was filled with dread, how was Buffy going to take the news that William was her real father? William, sensing her fear reached out and took her hand to reassure her that he was there. They all arrived at Giles' and he and Buffy played host and hostess as everyone got settled down to hear what Joyce needed to tell Buffy. Buffy sat by Giles their arms around each other, not knowing what to expect. Joyce sat near them, with William beside her and looked Buffy in the eyes as she started.

"Buffy, I've told you about the first year of college I spent at Colorado State."

"That's where you met dad."

"No, I already knew Hank, we went to high school together. I was studying art and having a hard time. I had almost flunked out when one of my teachers introduced me to William. I started studying with him and my grades got better. I didn't flunk out my first semester, only because of his help. William taught me how to study and helped me to learn how to appreciate more in life. Buffy, I fell in love with him, much like you have fallen in love with Rupert." as she looked into her daughters eyes she saw understanding and shock.

"Then why did you condemn us earlier?" Buffy asked angrily.

"I had forgotten what it was to love someone. I never loved Hank. He knew it, but married me anyway."

"You never loved my father?" Buffy asked totally shattered. Giles hugged her closer. He could feel the despair and pain filling Buffy, and he wanted to protect her.

"I didn't say that, I never loved Hank, but, Hank is not your father." Joyce paused to let this sink in before she continued. "I moved in with William and was going to stay the summer. One Saturday, your grandparents came up, took one look at William, saw how much older he was and dragged me back home. When they discovered I was pregnant, they forced me to marry Hank, who I had dated in high school. I was never able to tell William he was going to be a father. He didn't know about you until this afternoon when he came by to see me. Buffy, William is your father, your real father." Joyce looked into her daughter's shocked face.

The room was so quite only breathing could be heard over the silence.

Buffy backed away, slowly shaking her head and pulling out of Giles embrace, before turning and slowly going up the stairs toward the bedroom.

Wanting to go to Buffy but knowing he had to deal with Joyce and William, Giles turned to Willow, "Willow, would you go to Buffy? I need to talk to Joyce and William."

"Giles, I think we need to get going," Xander told him as he and Anya got up to go. "If I can do anything to help just call."

"Xander, don't leave just yet," Giles told him, realizing how much Xander had matured over the last several months.

"Tara, why don't you come with me?" Willow asked her as she walked toward the stairs. Tara went with Willow leaving Giles with Xander, Anya, William and a weeping Joyce.

Giles turned to Joyce, seeing the crushed expression on her face he turned to William, "We need to talk, Buffy can't handle any more emotional turmoil, she has been through too bloody much today."

Joyce looked up at the two men with a stricken look on her face, "Rupert, will she ever forgive me?"

Giles took her hand as he crouched by her chair, "Joyce, you have broken her trust twice today, it's going to take time. I know she loves you, or this wouldn't matter so much to her. William has come as a shock from 'left field' so to speak. You'll have to give her time. I need to talk to William, privately. Will you be alright for a few minutes while we talk in the kitchen?"

She slowly nodded her head and William followed Giles to the kitchen.

"Are you a good Watcher?" William asked as Giles closed the kitchen door.


"I know about Buffy being the Slayer and your being her watcher." William explained to Giles. "My grandmother was Hazel Jones-Mayfair. Joyce called you Buffy's Watcher and then verified that my daughter is the Slayer."

Giles was speechless, another thing for Buffy to be hit with. "If Buffy is any indication, I guess I am. We have worked together for four years, ever since she came to Sunnydale. Her first Watcher was killed saving her life."

"Mr. Giles.."

"Under the circumstances, I think you should call me Rupert."

"Rupert, I saw the love between you and I know how much my grandmother meant to my grandfather. He never remarried after she died. I know you will love and cherish Buffy, I just want the chance to get to know her, when she's ready. I've waited almost 20 years, I can wait a little longer. I will do what ever I can to help Joyce and Buffy and you."

"Buffy's great grandmother was a Slayer. It makes sense. She is stronger than any of the recent slayers that I have read about. Hazel was an incredibly powerful slayer and her Watcher was one of the best. William, I can't to talk too long, Buffy needs me. She has had a day full of emotional ups and downs and she has not taken this last very well. I have never seen her like this. Why don't you take Joyce home and stay with her. I'll call later after I have had a chance to talk to Buffy and let you know how she is."

"I take it she won't be patrolling tonight?"

"I won't let her out of my sight. If she insists, I'll go with her, as I have before."

At this point, Willow and Tara burst into the kitchen.

"Buffy's gone! We couldn't stop her! She took weapons from your chest....." Willow realized that William was there "she must have..."

"It's alright, Willow," Giles reassured her, " William knows about Buffy being the Slayer. I'm going after her. "Xander," he called as he left the kitchen, "I need you to meet me at the Sunnydale cemetery. Buffy has left to go patrolling. She is no shape to be out there alone. We have to find her."

Xander went out the door to drive to the cemetery after Giles told him where to meet him.

"I'm coming, Rupert," William told his daughter's Watcher.

"William this is no game, there are real vampires and demons here, you could get killed!"

"Rupert, I was almost a Watcher myself."

"Are you sure you are up to it, there will be a lot of walking?" Rupert asked concerned about the limp he had seen in the older man's gait.

"Rupert, I'm fine. I'm coming. Where are your weapons?"

Giles led them to the weapons and the two of them chose what they would use. As they finished, Joyce joined them, "What's going on?"

"Buffy has left to patrol and we are going after her, she is in no shape to be out there alone. Willow, you, Anya and Tara stay here with Joyce. William, are you ready?" William nodded and he and Rupert left.


Buffy was confused. She didn't know what she was feeling anymore. She kept being slammed by yet another emotion. She couldn't deal any more. She had to run, had to slay, she had to forget the pain. She came on a vampire, beat him to a bloody pulp and almost staked him before realizing he wasn't fighting back. She looked in to Spike's eyes and ran, tears coming harder and harder.

Her feet knew where she was headed. She reached the tomb where she and Giles had fought 12 vampires last night. She knew that there was a crypt below where she and Giles were attacked. She had to get the pain out of her system. She had to be active and knew of no better way than patrolling and kicking vampire butt. Buffy was almost crazy with pain and when she saw Riley she snapped. She attacked him with her full strength, but when she realized what she was doing, she stopped and ran into the tomb, tears again falling from her eyes.

She found the crypt and ten vampires were there. It did not take her long to dispatch them. Once they were all dusted, she collapsed sobs racking her body. She couldn't stop crying, couldn't stop the pain, the voices, the anger,.......


Giles led William toward the cemetery where they had been last night, along the route that he and Buffy had taken many times before. The night was very dark, there being no moon and everything quite. Giles was so focused on finding Buffy that he didn't notice that Spike had stopped in front of them until he realized that William was attacking him with a stake.

"Rupert, what gives," Spike asked as Giles stopped William from staking him. "First the Slayer beats me to a bloody pulp, then this bugger tries to stake me? What is it with you guys?"

"Spike has helped us on occasion, William, and has a chip in his head and can't harm anybody," Giles told William as he pulled him from the vampire.

"But, he's a vampire, isn't he?" William asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, I'm a bloody vamp, or was until the damn Initiative got hold of me 'ead," Spike said in disgust.

"William, it's really ok. Spike, which way did Buffy go? We have to find her." Giles pleaded with him.

"She was acting kind of strange, she jumped me, saw my face then took off toward the cemetery...Giles, she was crying. What gives?" Spike asked a little concern in his voice.

"Thanks Spike. Buffy has had a very rough day. Let's go William."

"But....Spike's a ..."

"Vampire, yes I know, but he can't hurt anyone. We leave him be." Giles reassured him.

They headed toward the cemetery, seeing evidence of Buffy's passing in piles of dust. Giles and William both, carefully made their way toward the center of the old section where the entrance to a tomb where he had been injured was located. Giles thought to himself. The past 24 hours had been full of revelations that had finally been more than Buffy could handle. He was worried about her and wanted to find her, take her home and hold her the rest of the night. Only when she was in his arms would he feel she was truly safe. Something moved up ahead, Giles readied his crossbow. He saw Riley, he didn't look his usual self, he had been in a fight and had gotten the worse end of it.

"Giles, you can lower that," Riley said uncertainly.

"Have you seen Buffy?" Giles asked Buffy's former lover.

"Seen her, how do you think I got like this? I never want to be her on her bad side again."

"Riley, I'll deal with you later. Did Buffy go in the tomb?"

"Yes, but I wouldn't go in there, she's snapped, I've called the rest of the team, they'll be here in a few minutes and we'll take her to the lab and ..."

Giles grabbed him by the throat, "You'll do no such thing. You are partly responsible for the condition she is in and you will take her to your 'Frankenstein Laboratory' over my dead body!" Giles told him in no uncertain terms.

"Rupert, go get Buffy, I have him." William told him.

Giles looked back and saw that William had a crossbow aimed at Riley. "Don't let any of them come in. I don't know what I'll find. I hope I'm not too late," Giles voice broke as he headed toward the tomb.

"Rupert, call if you need any help. I'll put lover boy here out of our misery and be there as quick as a wink," William called to his daughter's Watcher, realizing he liked the man, very much. "So you're Riley?"

"Yeah, who the hell are you, another Watcher?"

"Almost, I'm Buffy's father and you better hope Rupert finds her before anything happens to her, or my finger just may get itchy and let this bolt go." He told a very shocked and speechless Riley.

End Part Five