Feel the Magick
By Gibberish

Title:  Feel the Magick
Author: Gibberish
Disclaimer: They belong to Joss, Mutant Enemy and the WB.
Rating:  NC-17     B/G   Note quite a PWP, but close.
Spoilers:  Through season 4
Summary:  A spell goes wrong and Giles has to fix it. What happens when Buffy
protects her Watcher?
Distribution: Solo, Jessica, Sai, Cassandra, Sal, WYWM, The LIST and After
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Notes: <Thoughts> *Emphasis*

               "You did what?" Giles asked Willow in surprise. The others watched, nervously. "Willow, we've talked about this before. If you're not going to research the spell properly ..."

 "It didn't work." Willow said defensively.

 "Of course it didn't." Giles responded. "But, there were side effects, yes?" Willow nodded with a small pout, a pout that had not the least effect on Giles. "Had you researched the spell properly, you'd know why it didn't work. More importantly, you'd know why you never should have tried it in the first place."

 "That's not fair, Giles." Willow said, defensive again. "We were careful."

 "Careful." Giles echoed in disappointment. Buffy felt bad for Willow, she hated that tone. "So, I suppose that you knew that it was supposed to be performed skyclad?" Giles asked Willow.

 "Skyclad?" Xander asked Anya in an aside.

 "Naked." Anya told him.

 "Oh." Xander responded.

 "We did that." Willow told Giles with a blush.

 "Oh?" Xander said again, that time he was intrigued. Anya smacked his arm. "Ow."

 "And did you know that this particular spell can only be performed by a male?" Giles asked next.

 "Uh." Willow said as she and Tara looked at each other. "No." Willow continued in a small voice. "How bad is it, Giles?"

 "The ritual will have to be done properly." Giles told her. "You said that it was done at sunset?" Willow and Tara nodded. "Tonight at sunset, then. If you two would be good enough to bring the supplies needed?"

 "Whoa." Xander said. "Giles gets to do naked magick with Willow and Tara? How fair is that?" He asked.

 Giles glared at him. "I will do the spell alone." He looked at Buffy.

"Although, Buffy, if you wouldn't mind pulling, um, guard duty? This is the type of magick that calls to other worldly creatures." He glanced at Willow.

 "Sure, no problem." Buffy said easily.

 "Naked magick with Buffy?" Xander asked.

 Giles and Buffy glared at him. "Buffy will remain outside to prevent anything from gaining access to the flat. Most demons do not need an invitation to enter."

   Xander, Anya, Buffy, Willow and Tara went to Xander's for the rest of the afternoon. "I wish he'd let us stay for the spell." Willow commented disappointed.

 "Yeah, I wonder what he looks like naked." Anya mused.

 "H-he has a nice chest." Tara said and Willow nodded.

 "What?" Buffy asked sharply. "And you know this how?"

 Willow shrugged, she was used to Buffy being territorial over Giles. "The morning after the big fight." She didn't have to explain which big fight. "We went to get my laptop and the Initiative disks. We must have gotten him out of bed, 'cause all he had on was a robe. It gaped. Hence, we can tell you, Giles has a nice chest."

 Buffy looked bothered, but didn't say anything.

 "Okay," Xander said. "Visuals I don't need."

 "Does the ritual involve singing?" Anya asked a bit wistfully.

 "No singing." Willow told her. "Just nudity."

 "I wonder what he looks like naked." Anya mused again and Xander glared at her.

 "Probably nice." Willow responded.

 "I can't believe that you're talking about Giles like that." Buffy said stiffly.

 "I've heard you talk about guys like that." Willow said easily. "So, why not Giles? And if you say because eww, I'll hit you."

 Buffy glared at her as she stood. "How about because he would never talk about any of us that way." She said before she turned and left.

 Willow watched her go in speculation. Could Buffy be having issues about thoughts of Giles naked?

   Willow and Tara had already brought the supplies and left, although Willow tried to talk Giles into letting them stay. Buffy had helped Giles clear a space and was watching as he set things up. He knew just what he was doing.

"Have you done this spell before?"

 Giles looked at her in surprise and embarrassment. "Well, uh, um, yes." He finally told her.

 "What's it for?" Buffy asked next.

 Giles looked away and went back to work, his face red. "That's not important."

 Buffy walked over to him. "Giles, give." She told him. "Something bad?"

 "No." Giles said. "Not bad." He sighed. "It's ... Well, it's like a magical aphrodisiac. When Willow and Tara, both being female, tried it, it had rather the opposite effect. I assume. I didn't actually ask."

 Buffy didn't really want to think about it either. "I don't blame you." She bit her lip. "Since you're a guy and everything, what's it going to do to...." Her eyes widened. "Is it going to make you ... Well, um ... Is it?" She finished in a squeak.

 Giles fidgeted with a candle. "Well, um, actually... But I..." His words trailed off, his face burning.

 "That's so mean." Buffy said. "I can't believe they... Well, that you have to do that just because they screwed up." She closed her eyes at her choice of words. "Messed up. Because they *messed* up."

 "Yes, thank you." Giles said wholly embarrassed.

 Buffy looked at him, embarrassed herself. He looked kind of cute, though, all ... What was she thinking? Giles, remember? "I'll just go on outside. To, you know, guard." She gave him one more look, a real look and thought that Willow was probably right. He would look nice naked. When that thought registered, she practically ran out the door.

 Giles watched her go with confusion. He shook his head to clear it. He looked back to the closed door when he realized that Buffy hadn't uttered a single ew. He smiled, just a little, as he went to change.

   Buffy had been outside for a while. She wasn't big on the magick, but since that spell they'd used against Adam, she could feel it. If she stopped by Tara's and she and Willow had been doing magick, Buffy knew. She really should tell Giles about that. Later. Right then, she wanted to know why Giles hadn't started the ritual yet.

 Buffy went over to the window and looked inside Giles' apartment, just in time to see him slip out of the robe and throw it over the back of the couch. Her mouth dropped open. She stood there, mesmerized as he began the ritual. She swallowed with difficulty when he anointed himself, whimpered when he turned from her for a moment and ... "Oh my God." She uttered as the spell began to effect him, at least one part of him.

 As the magick began to tingle along her spine, she turned away from the window, ashamed. And amazed. Okay, a little ashamed, but mostly amazed. <Oh my God.>

 That was when Buffy saw it. It wasn't a big demon, it wasn't small either. It was actually lithe and graceful and ... Female. And, if Buffy wasn't mistaken, completely intent on getting her Watcher. "Uh-uh." Buffy told it. "Mine."  It ran at Buffy, and when it hit, they both went crashing through the window.

   Giles nearly had a heart attack when the sound of breaking glass shattered the quiet ritual. Then another one when he saw the demon atop Buffy. Between having landed on her back and the demon on top of her, Buffy lost her breath. She saw Giles' legs as he entered her field of vision and the demon moved for him. Buffy grabbed the demon by the leg, but it managed to swipe Giles' chest with it's claws.

 Giles gasped, the slashes across his chest burned. He wondered if the claws were poisoned. Then all thought was wiped when he saw the demon slash at Buffy's throat. He grabbed the nearest weapon.

 As if it were planned, Buffy hit the demon in the face just as Giles jabbed it from behind with a fireplace poker. The poker went completely through the demon and stopped an inch from Buffy's nose. Buffy blinked, then dropped back against the floor.

 Giles shoved the demon off of Buffy and bent down to check her. "Buffy?" It wasn't until Buffy's eyes widened that he realized that he was still naked. He quickly grabbed his robe and pulled it around him, he missed Buffy's look of disappointment by leaving the room.

 Buffy still hadn't moved by the time he had returned with the first aid kit. "I feel funny, Giles." She said in a small, frightened voice.

 "I know." Giles told her softly. "I can feel it as well." His movements were sluggish as he cleaned and bandaged her injuries.

 Buffy managed to sit up to help Giles with his own. "She got you first. Why aren't you ...?"

 "My injuries aren't as deep." Giles told her. "Come on." He helped her to her feet. He grabbed the phone on the way upstairs. He set Buffy on the bed as gently as he could, his own body awkward. "Some sort of toxin on it's claws."

 "Her." Buffy told him illogically. "It was a her. Drawn by the ... magick. By you." Her eyes closed. "Tried to tell her."

 "Tell her what?" Giles asked absently as he carefully dialed Tara's number.

 "Mine." Buffy said possessively.

 Giles looked at her sharply, just as Tara picked up the phone.

   The Scooby Gang rushed into Giles' apartment, Willow at the lead. "Tara, get one of it's claws." Willow said as she rushed upstairs. "Be careful."

 "Anya," Xander began as he followed Willow.

 "I'm looking." Anya said as she picked up a book.

 Xander nearly ran into Willow from behind, when she stopped suddenly at the foot of the bed. There on the bed, Buffy and Giles laid together. Buffy was beneath the covers and Giles on top of them, but Giles had his left arm under Buffy's neck and Buffy's cheek was against his chest. They were so still.

"Will?" Xander asked in a shaky voice.

 Willow reached out a shaky hand and checked their pulses. "Oh, thank God."  Then, she checked their breathing. After that she looked at Xander. "It might just be a tranquilizer. Help me get Giles under the covers." Together, they managed to do that.

 Xander looked at them, then looked closer at Buffy. "Is she smiling?" Then he saw the color on the bandage on her neck. "Will, she's still bleeding."

 Willow nodded. "Get the kit."

 Xander went down, passing Tara on her way up. "H-how are they?" Tara asked as she handed Willow the claw that she'd clipped from the demon.

 Willow took the claw. First she sniffed at it and made a face at the smell. "Yuck. They seem okay. I think it must just be a tranquilizer of some kind, but I won't know for sure until I examine it."

 "What do you need?" Tara asked.

 Willow sighed. "A lab." Xander returned with the first aid kit. "Xander, put a board over that window. Then you need to get rid of the demon."

 "Um." Xander said hesitantly. "As much as I hate to ask Spike, maybe he'd know what it was."

 Willow nodded. "All right. Go by the crypt. But make it fast." Xander took her words literally and ran. Tara help Willow change Buffy's bandages. When they heard banging from downstairs, they looked over the rail. Anya was hammering a board over the window.

   Xander managed to get to the crypt just as Spike was leaving. "Good, you're here. We need you to identify a demon." Xander told him.

 Spike looked at him, bored. "What makes you think I care?"

 Xander looked at him a moment, then grabbed him by the front of his shirt. "You'll care or you'll be dust. This thing has hurt Buffy and Giles and I want to know what it is and if it's poisonous. Now, we need you to identify a demon."

 Spike pulled out of the boy's grasp. "Didn't you wake up all manly this morning?" He rolled his eyes. "Take me to the bloody demon."

   Spike and Xander walked into Giles' apartment. Spike stopped immediately upon entering. "I smell blood. Quite a bit of it. How bad were they hurt?" Spike asked.

 "Giles just has a few slashes across his chest." Willow told him. "But it got Buffy on her throat."

 Spike nodded. He notice the things that Giles had used for the spell. "The Watcher's been doin' magick." He went over to the demon remains. "Someone got a nice shot. Amarak demon. The magick probably ... What kind of magick was the Watcher doin'? Amarak's are what you might call lust demons." He looked at Willow. "The Slayer was here?" He asked incredulously. "He was doing sex magick with the Slayer? Good for him." Spike nearly laughed.

 "Spike." Xander warned.

 Spike frowned at him. "Generally not fatal. They just like to keep their victims still while they play with them. They're probably aware of what's goin' on, just can't move."

 "You said generally not fatal." Willow said. "When is it fatal?"

 "The whatchamacallits, toxins, take a bit to set in." Spike told her. "If you put up a lot of fight, you get scratched too much and die. Were they scratched all over?" Willow shook her head. "Should be all right then."

 "Is there an antitoxin?" Willow asked.

 "Don't know of one." Spike told her. "Wear off in a few hours, maybe less."

 "A few hours?" Xander echoed.

 Spike gave him a wicked grin. "Amaraks like to play for a while."

 "Wh-what do we do for them?" Tara asked.

 "Not much you can do." Spike said. "Make 'em comfortable, I guess."

 "They're upstairs in bed, that seems pretty comfortable to me." Anya commented.

 Spike's eyes raised to the loft. "Were they in bed when it hit?" He asked in wicked delight. "Poor bugger, finally gets 'er in bed and he can't do anything."

 "Th-they looked sweet." Tara stated.

   Giles would have winced had he been able to at that moment. He couldn't even open his eyes, but he could feel. He felt the soft weight of Buffy's head on his chest, her breath was gentle puffs of air. When Willow and Xander had moved them, his robe had come open. Also, he wasn't certain which one had done it, but his hand had been set on her hip. They had also placed her arm around his waist. It felt wonderful. He wondered how long the effects of the magick would linger. He was embarrassed by the fact that his erection had to have been quite obvious when Willow and Xander had rearranged them, though, neither had commented on it. He hoped it wasn't still there when the effects of the toxin wore off. He knew, however, that the spell would last a while as well, that was the point of the spell after all. Then, of course, there was the fact that Buffy was pressed up against him, that wouldn't help the situation.

 For her part, Buffy just enjoyed being where she was. She would have giggled. Who knew that laying in bed with Giles was so nice? His touch, usually a hand on her shoulder, had always been all the reassurance that she'd needed. His arm around her was so much better. The steady beat of his heart beneath her ear, his breath in her hair, his hand on her hip and the touch of his warm body beneath her own hand, all made her fears disappear. She was quite content, which surprised her. What would happen when they could move again? She heard something, someone had come into the loft.

 "I don't know if you guys can hear me." Willow said. "Spike says you might. It's going to be okay. We covered the window. Spike took the demon. I'm going to take the claw and examine it, just to be on the safe side." She touched Buffy's head lightly. "Xander and Anya will be downstairs, Xander's supposed to keep check on you." She paused. "I hope Spike's right. I hope you're okay." She turned and went back downstairs.

 <Dear Willow.> Giles thought. Filled with guilt again over a spell gone wrong. <Perhaps she'll bake some of those chocolate chip cookies.> He decided that he would simply enjoy the feel of Buffy in his arms while he could. He had no idea how long this would last or if he would ever have the opportunity again. She did feel nice there.

 <Will's deep into guilt mode again.> Buffy thought. Well, guilt never killed anybody. Boy, how Buffy knew that. Besides, as long as there was no danger, she liked it. A lot. She just wished that she could have snuggled closer. She heard the door downstairs open and close. <Bye Will.> Then, the familiar tread of Xander was heard on the stairs.

 "I don't know if I should talk or what." Xander said. "Usually, I know I shouldn't, but do anyway." He stood next to the bed on Buffy's side. "This is just all so weird. I mean, you guys all cuddled up in bed together, okay strange." He put his hand on Buffy's upper arm. "But, you're so still. God, I thought you were dead."

 "Xander?" Anya called from downstairs. "I think I found something."

 "Comin'." Xander called back. He turned and left, unknowingly he moved Buffy's arm.

 <What ...? Oh my God. Is that ...? My hand is on his ...>

 <Oh dear Lord. Xander!> Giles wanted to call after him. So much for it subsiding.

 <He's ... He's ... Oh boy is he ever.> Buffy thought hysterically. <It moved. How did it move? That's not fair.>

 <Bloody hell. How did she keep her hands so soft?> If he'd have been able to, he would have thrust his hips. As it was, he released a small moan. He heard a similar sound from Buffy, though hers sounded more like a whimper, and wondered what it meant.

 The contact itself was covered by the blanket. So, unless one of the others uncovered them, her hand was there for the duration. It would have been even more embarrassing were one of them to find it anyway. As it stood, they only had to face each other. Besides, one of them might have moved her hand.

   Xander looked at the book that Anya had handed him. "Amarak demons. Spike told the truth about that anyway." He commented as he read on. "Actually, it looks like he might have told the truth about all of it."

 "Does that mean we can go now?" Anya asked.

 "We can't leave them alone." Xander told her.

 "Why not?" Anya asked. "What are they going to do?"

 "No, An."

   Less than an hour later, Xander went back up to check on them. He sat on the bed, once again on Buffy's side, and put his hand to her cheek. He explained as he did so, "The book said that a fever or chills were signs that you were having a reaction to the toxin. You seem okay, Buff."

 <Really? I feel so hot. What have they been doing down there?> Buffy thought. <Really don't think I want to know.>

 Xander shifted so that he could reach Giles. He pressed the back of his fingers against his forehead. "Hm?" Unknowingly, he sounded like Giles. "You seem a bit warm, though, G-Man."

 <Don't call me that.> Giles thought. <Of course I'm warm you ... Every time you shift, you cause Buffy's hand to move. By God that feels good.> And it did. Even though he knew, logically, that Buffy wasn't actually doing anything. The feel of her hand as it slid against him ...

 Buffy couldn't have formed a coherent thought if her life depended on it. She was very glad it didn't. She wondered what it would have felt ...  Well, she didn't know how long it had been. If anyone had told her that she'd fantasize about sex with Giles she would have ... Well, denied it. But, there she was. Buffy carefully ignored the voice that called out that it wasn't the first time.

 Xander heard the door open and close. "Will? If that's you, come up here a minute." He called out. Willow ran up the stairs. "What?" She asked breathlessly as she reached the top. She moved so that she stood next to Giles' side of the bed. "Something wrong?"

 "Does Giles feel warm to you?" Xander asked concerned.

 Willow was about to yell at him, but saw the real worry in his eyes. She sat next to Giles and touched his cheek. "Maybe a little, why?"

 "Anya found something on the Amarak demons. It said to watch for fever and/or chills." Xander told her seriously.

 Willow touched Giles' cheek again. "I don't think that's a fever. Just a little warm." She leaned over Giles and touched Buffy's cheek. "She's a little warm, too. Probably 'cause they're snuggled together."

 Xander let out a breath. "Oh, good. Did you find anything at the lab?" He asked her.

 "A security officer." Willow told him. "Luckily, he didn't see us. It looked like what Spike said. There shouldn't be any problems. It could start wearing off any time." She stood up. "Show me that book."

 Xander stood as well and they both went downstairs, completely unaware of what they'd left in their wake. Buffy and Giles, however, were hyper aware of it.

   Buffy wasn't certain how much later it was when her hand twitched. She tried to move it, just to see if she could. It moved. On Giles.

 Giles felt it move, as well. <Is she bloody well trying to kill me?>  If she could move it, why hadn't she moved it off of him? He wondered curiously.

 Buffy managed to open her eyes and saw his chest, with it's whorls of hair that had been tickling her. She blew out a breath and felt him jerk, so she did it again. His hand on her hip gripped it as tightly as he could.

 Her movements were small and jerky and drove him out of his mind. Could she have been aware of what she was doing? "Buffy?!" He said, his voice hoarse.

"What ...?"

 "Did you hear that?" Xander said from downstairs. "I thought I heard Giles." He was heard on the stairs, followed by the others.

 <Damn.> Giles thought as Buffy's hand slid to his stomach. He forced his eyes open and saw that they had formed a half circle at the foot of the bed. Buffy had stopped moving. "Hello." He said uncertainly.

 "Are you okay?" Willow asked.

 "Yes." Giles answered. He turned his head and saw Buffy's eyes open for a brief second, then close again. <What is she up ...?> He jumped a little when she slid one finger into his belly button. He saw a smile flicker across her lips. <So, she does know what she's doing.>

 "Why isn't Buffy waking up?" Xander asked.

 "She is." Anya said. "Can't you see her hand moving under the covers?"

 Buffy's hand froze. Caught out, she opened her eyes. She barely restrained a glare at Anya. "Hi, Guys."

 "How do you feel?" Willow asked worriedly.

 "Okay, I guess." Buffy told her. "How 'bout you?"

 "Really, really, sorry." Willow told her. "Do you need help getting up?"

 "No," Buffy told her. "I'm okay here for now."

 Giles looked almost as startled as Xander. "Yes," Giles said a bit nervously. "We should be fine on our own, now." He finished uncertainly.

 "You guys need to talk, huh?" Xander asked. "About everything. So, uh, we should go. Right?"

 "Go?" Willow echoed. "We can't just leave. They can't even get out of the bed yet."

 "Maybe they don't want to." Anya commented.

 Willow's eyes widened and she looked at the pair in the bed. "Oh." She looked away. "Oh. Okay. I guess." She looked back at Buffy and Giles. "Are you sure ...?"

 "Bye, Will." Buffy told her.

 "Ookay." Willow said and she and the others filed down the stairs. "Could there have been another effect to the toxin?" She asked quietly.

 "I don't think it was the toxin, Will." Xander said fatalistically. "Look on the bright side. Giles'll never leave her."

 "That's true." Willow said as she opened the door.

 "I don't understand you two." Anya said. "If they want to have sex, what's the problem? He loves her, she loves him ..." The door closed.

 "Don't you just love our friends?" Buffy asked. "It's a good thing, too or I'd have to kill them."

 "Quite." Giles said. "Though, one can understand their confusion." He commented, his own confusion obvious.

 "Are you confused?" Buffy asked.

 "I rather think I am." Giles answered. "Buffy, I ..."

 "Maybe this will help." Buffy said, then leaned up and kissed him. He returned the kiss hesitantly. She pulled back and looked at him with a mischievous grin. "I've seen you kiss, I know you can do better than that."

 Giles looked down at her with narrowed eyes. He tilted her chin up and leaned down. He kissed her, gently at first, then with increased pressure.

 Buffy's left hand rested on his stomach, but when Giles flicked his tongue across her lips, it clenched into a fist. When his tongue swept into her mouth, her hand slid around his waist and pulled him against her. Then, she gave in and ran her hand over his butt, like she'd been wanting to do since she'd first seen it.

 Giles' right hand slid, first into her hair, then, over her back to rest on her bottom. At the feel of her jeans, he pulled back. "I seem to be at a disadvantage." He said with a tug on one of her belt loops.

 Buffy's eyes met his as her hand slid back to his erection. She smiled when his breath caught. "Not as far as I can tell, but if it bothers you, even things out." She returned her mouth to his as his hand slid to the snap of her jeans. He unsnapped them and slid down the zipper. With her help, they removed the jeans and her panties. His hands immediately moved to her shirt and pulled it over her head. He felt her push at his robe and shrugged out of it, then they were in each others arms kissing again.

 Giles kissed his way from her mouth to her neck, then down to her breast and engulfed her left breast into his mouth and she gasped and clutched him to her. He moved to her other breast and gave it the same attention.

 Buffy's hands rubbed up and down his back until she grabbed his butt.

"Please, Giles." She said breathlessly.

 Giles rubbed her stomach and slid his hand farther down. He groaned at the proof of her readiness. He massaged her a little as he reached for the nightstand drawer to retrieve a condom. He barely held still as she helped roll the condom on. The reality of the situation hit him just as he slipped the tip of his penis inside of her. "Buffy ...? "

 Buffy took his face into her hands and met his eyes. "Yes, Giles."

 Giles nodded, leaned down and kissed her gently as he thrust into her, he groaned and groaned again when she wrapped her legs around him and sent him deeper. "Oh God ..."

 Buffy thrust her own hips in time with his. She whimpered when he rolled his hips on the next thrust. "Oh please."

 "Please what?" Giles asked devilishly. "This?" He changed the angle and she moaned. "That please you?"

 "Just don't stop." Buffy told him.

 "As if I could." Giles responded with an almost laugh. He increased his pace, close to the edge, as he slid his hand down to help her along. Buffy's scream sent him over into his own climax.

 Buffy slowly caught her breath with the pleasant weight of Giles on top of her, she kept her arms around him so that he couldn't pull away. Giles rested the majority of his weight on his arms as they caught their breath.

 "I guess that's what we get for what amounts to a couple of hours of foreplay." Buffy said with a breathless laugh.

 Giles own breathless laugh echoed hers. "With the way they kept jostling your hand about, I almost didn't make it past the foreplay." Buffy giggled. He rolled over so that she rested atop him. He carefully removed the condom and wrapped it in a tissue. He hugged Buffy to him. " I love you, Buffy."

 "Oh, Giles. While I was laying here with you, I never felt like that." Buffy told him. "I think I've loved you for a long while, but I don't think I realized it until tonight." She leaned down and kissed him. "I love you."

 "Are you up for trying the spell again tomorrow?" Giles asked.

 "Can we skip the demon?" Buffy asked in return.

 Giles' eyes were quite devilish. "That can be arranged. And if you're actually a part of the spell ..."

 "I though you said a woman couldn't do the spell." Buffy said confused.

 "I said a woman couldn't perform the spell, I didn't say that she couldn't be a part of it." Giles told her with a wicked grin. "In fact, if you're inside the circle we could ..." He whispered in her ear.

 Buffy's eyes widened. "Really? Cool." She grinned just as wickedly.