By Kathlyn O’Brian

Title: Fated
Author: Kathlyn O’Brian - Aka The Mad British Chick.
Spoilers: Season Three after Gingerbread. An alternative ending to Helpless.
Rating: NC17 for lots of (descriptive) sex!!
Disclaimer: I merely worship at The Temple Of Joss the Great. May HE strike me down if I do anything naughty with HIS characters .(Oh. I have. . .)
Pairing: Buffy/Giles. Romance - true love found etc etc etc.
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The man from the Watchers’ Council had left. Buffy felt numb. She sat silently as Giles knelt in front of her, bathing the cut on her forehead.

She hated her destiny.

She hated the Watchers’ Council. They were so pompous. They had no understanding of the everyday lives of those who served them. How difficult and painful it was.

They had hurt her, hurt her mother . . . and hurt Giles.

Dear Giles.

Buffy glanced up at him. His face was pained, blue eyes full of concern, guilt and shame. For her. Shame for putting her through all of this pain, under the Council’s orders. Concern that she had suffered.

The words of the man from the Council flooded back to her.

Giles could “no longer act as her Watcher”, because of his “affection” for her. He had “A father’s love” for her.

He was always there for her - more so than her own father had ever been. He shared her life - its fear and trials. He shared her calling, knew how it felt to have your destiny decided for you, out of your control. He understood her - more than anyone else did.

How could she ever have doubted him?

With a sob she threw her arms around his neck and buried her face in his shoulder. Giles jumped in surprise, and tentatively put up a hand to stroke her back as her body began to shake with silent sobs. He was not used to showing such physical affection, yet he couldn’t bear to see Buffy in pain.

“Shh” he soothed “Its all over now. You’re safe. I won’t let them hurt you again.”

Buffy raised her tear-stained face to his.

“What will I do without you?” she asked in anguish. “How will I do this without you? No one else will care about me the way you do. Oh Giles, I’m so afraid ...”

Giles drew her back into his arms, and began to stroke her hair, softly.

“I’m not going to leave you” he told her, with a vehemence, his strong hands holding her head whilst he looked into her tear-filled blue eyes. “Whatever the Council says - damn them. I’ll always be here for you, Buffy. I promise.”

Buffy gave him a weak smile. “I’m sorry” she said, reaching out to touch his face. He closed his eyes as he felt her finger brush his cheek. “I’m sorry I doubted you. I know you care about me.”

(“How else would I have survived for as long as I have?”) she added silently to herself.

They held each other in silence for a while. Giles felt his heart swell with love for the beautiful young woman in his arms. As her Watcher, he strove to train her well, not just in order that she should be efficient in her duties, but for her own safety and survival. He couldn’t bear to think of anything happening to her. She was vulnerable, it was for him to protect her . . .

Buffy stirred in his arms. She raised her head.

“Giles . . . ?”


Her lips were so close to his, he could feel her sweet breath warm on his skin. For a moment, he wavered in the balance, his lips near hers. Regaining himself, he pulled back, abruptly.

“I should - er - take you home. . . “ he adjusted his glasses, flushed and flustered. “You must be in need of a good sleep - you’ll need to rest until your strength returns. I - ah - I’ll drive you home. . . “

He was up and putting on his jacket before he had finished speaking. Buffy felt subdued, awkward. She wasn’t sure what had - nearly - just happened. It had just felt right. . .

She was upset, she reasoned with herself.

They made their way to the car in silence. Buffy spent the journey gazing out of the window, her companion with his face set, his eyes fixed on the road. A cloud had come down over them both.

Buffy’s head was reeling. What would she do without him? She had been able to bear the fears and horrors of her Calling knowing that Giles would always be by her side to share them with her. The thought that he might have betrayed her had been unbearable, not just because of the sense of comradeship they shared but because she trusted him, loved him. He had been there for her when family and friends had not.

She knew he would lay down his life to save her.

The man from the Council’s words “No further contact” filled her head like an eternal echo.

She couldn’t let go of him.

The journey was over all too soon. Buffy’s heart was heavy as Giles pulled the car up outside her house and stopped the engine. There was so much she wanted to say, but didn’t seem to be able to find words for . . .

Giles looked at her, sadly.

“Well, here we are” he said, with a small, strained smile. “I’ll see you tomorrow - bright and early as usual, No reason to let your training slip until . . . the new . . . Watcher arrives . . “

He hesitated, then slipped his hand into his inside jacket pocket.

“I’d meant to give you these earlier” he said, awkwardly “It didn’t seem appropriate. Anyway. Happy ... birthday”

Buffy looked down at the two small, blue slips of paper in his hands.

“Tickets for the Ice Spectacular finale” she said in wonderment. “Giles - how . . . ?”

He smiled. “Well, I remembered the hints you’d dropped about me taking you to the show. I spoke to your mother and she told me you’d torn the tickets up, so I set out to find some for tomorrow night’s performance.”

“But Giles, the tickets were sold out weeks ago. This is the biggest show all year . . “

“Well, lets just say, I have contacts. . . Anyway, if you’d still like me to take you ...?”

Buffy looked up at him, a tear in her eye. Dear Giles!

“Of course!” she exclaimed, willing herself not to cry. She was so touched. “I can’t think of a better birthday present! And I promise you - you’ll enjoy it. Some people find it a very cultural experience”

Giles gave her a wry smile. “I’ll suspend judgement on that.” he said “I’ll pick you up at about six tomorrow - we can maybe get a bite to eat before the show starts?”

Buffy nodded, happily. All the night’s pain seemed to be washed away. “I can’t wait. Thank you Giles.”

She hesitated, then leaned forward to plant a light kiss on his cheek.

He blushed.

“Well, off you go then.”

Buffy shut the car door with a smile, and waved as he drew away.

* * * * * * * *

“What about this one?”

Buffy had called Willow round to help her decide on an outfit for the night. Usually it wasn’t hard - an Ice show meant jeans, a sweater, boots and a warm jacket. But she wanted to look special tonight.

“After all” she told Willow, rifling through the vastly growing pile of discarded outfits littering her bed. “A girl only turns eighteen once. I mean, even if I’m, not going on a date or anything, I think I can afford to make an effort to look not like a Slayer for a change ...”

“You are going on a date, in a way” commented Willow with a wicked little grin. “With Giles.”

Buffy blushed. “Will. Euw. Don’t gross me out. It’s not like that.”

“Don’t you think he’d be the perfect date?” Willow continued delightedly, ignoring her friend. “You know what a gentleman he is - he’d turn up right on time, bring you flowers, kiss your hand, tell you how beautiful you looked . . . take you to an expensive restaurant, pull out your seat for you,. . . “

“Will!” Buffy threw a pillow at her. “Stop it. “

“Waltz you round the ballroom in his arms.”

“Will, I swear I am going to kill you if you don’t lay off the gross stuff right now!!! Now, what do you think. The black or the red?”

“Oh, I think the red, it really suits you. But, um, Buffy, don’t you think that dress is a bit - skimpy for an ice show - I mean, won’t you get cold?”

Buffy glanced down at the short, strappy chiffon creation in her hand.

“I’ll have a coat on” she argued, “Anyway, I want to dress up. Its not often I get a night out - without vampires, demons or other associated uglies.”

“What makes you so sure they won’t show up tonight?”

“At the Ice Spectacular? I doubt it. I DARE them to try and ruin my birthday present. Anyway, how do I look?”

“Beautiful. Giles will be so proud.”

Buffy blushed. “Will. . .!”

The doorbell sounded.

“There he is!” exclaimed Willow. “Right on time like I said he’d be. Such a gentleman.”

Buffy ignored her and turned to the mirror to adjust her hair.

“Are you sure I look okay?” she asked, anxiously.

“You look beautiful” Willow gave her a hug. “Now come on downstairs - don’t keep you date waiting!”

Buffy gave her a punch on the arm and together they walked outside.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Giles stood in the hallway, his raincoat over his arm as it was a warm night. He was pacing, seemingly slightly nervous, although he had been here so many times before. He looked up when he heard Buffy on the stairs.

“There you are . . . I . . Oh my . . .!”

He seemed lost for words. Buffy descended the last few steps and stood in front of him.

“What? Not suitable for an ice show? Should I go change?”

Giles fumbled for words.

“It's . . . I mean . . . you . . . well . . .you look .. lovely. . . “

Buffy smiled. “I know a compliment when I hear it. Thanks. You don’t look so bad yourself.”

He had made an effort - that much was obvious. To tell the truth, she was slightly lost for words herself. So used to seeing him in suits, tweed, formal, stuffy attire was she. It was almost a shock to see him dressed differently.

He wore a light, cream coloured jacket and matching trousers over a casual black shirt. The top two buttons were open to reveal a fine gold chain around his neck. His hair was lightly ruffled - far more relaxed looking than usual. It suited him much better. He look like a different man.

Buffy felt herself blushing.

Joyce appeared at the kitchen door.

“Oh don’t you look nice!” She surveyed her daughter. “But, honey, are you sure that dress isn’t a little . . .skimpy for an ice show . . ?”

Buffy snatched her coat from the hall stand.

“Coat!” she said, defensively. “and gloves - in the pocket here. I’ll wear a hat if you like. I just want to look nice for my birthd . . .”

“Okay, okay” Joyce interrupted her, laughing. “I was eighteen once myself, you know. You look lovely. Have a wonderful time, I know I don’t have to ask Mr. Giles not to keep you out too late. . . “

“What? Oh no” Giles tore his gaze away from Buffy, registering Joyce’s presence for the first time. “No - back here at eleven thirty at the latest, yes of course. Oh, I nearly forgot.”

He drew a bunch of beautifully wrapped white roses from behind his back.

“Happy . . . birthday” he said.

Willow stifled a giggle. Buffy shot her a murderous glance.

“Oh Giles, thank you.” She buried her face in the flowers, inhaling their gorgeous scent. “they’re beautiful.”

“I’ll put them in some water” Joyce reached for the flowers. “And you two had better get going if you don’t want to be late.”

“What? Oh, yes, I - er - shall we?”

Giles offered Buffy his arm. She took it, ignoring Willow’s delighted grin, and he escorted her to the waiting car.

She stopped in amazement when she saw it.

“Okay - maybe I’m seeing things, but that isn’t your Citroen . . .”

“Mmm? Oh no - I thought, well as a birthday treat, you know”

He gestured to the shining black Rolls Royce parked on the drive.

“I hired it - well, only for the night. I have to return it by tomorrow morning or it’ll turn back into a pumpkin.”

Buffy looked at him in amazement.

“You really do think of everything don’t you?”

Giles gave a shy smile.

“Well, I try.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Ice Spectacular was exactly that - spectacular. Even Giles seemed to be entranced by the gracefulness of the dancers as they glided effortlessly across the sparkling ice. Although she enjoyed herself Buffy found herself mourning for a part of her youth - for a time when the annual Ice Show was a magic, sparkling event filled with excitement. It all seemed a bit childish. A bit ludicrous. Another part of her innocence that age, and her experiences had scrubbed away. Still, the main enjoyment was to be out, dressed up and in the company of someone she cared for.

They’d enjoyed a lovely meal in a small French restaurant off a small side street, several blocks from the Ice-rink. Her father would have taken her for a pizza and milk-shake. Giles had so much more class than anyone else she knew - he knew automatically the best places to go. Buffy was enjoying feeling grown-up, sophisticated.

And being with Giles. Without vampires, demons, training or danger. Just enjoying each other’s company. It was rare that either of them could afford to indulge in this sort of “normal” living. It was nice.

It was strange, in a way, being with her Watcher in a purely social situation, to see his handsome features animate as he recounted tales of his mis-spent youth. Buffy sensed how desperately he was trying to make it up to her for betraying her trust. He didn't need to. she couldn't believe she could ever had doubted him.

If there was one thing in Buffy’s tumultuous life she could be sure of, it was Giles.

The show ended all too soon. Giles gathered up his coat and they made their way outside.


“Well what?” Giles fumbled with his car keys.

“What did you think? Impressed?”

“Style-wise, very graceful. But content-wise, exceedingly tacky.”

“Yeah. I was sort of thinking that myself.”

“What I should take you to see” Giles leaned against the Rolls “is a performance by the Royal Ballet. Or an Opera. That’s culture for you.”

Buffy made a face. “Stuffy. Boring.”

Giles looked exasperated. “Why is it that Americans regard anything classical and with a long history as boring? You don’t have to include cheerleaders and - er - Mexican waves to make a show exciting. Some of the stories of the great Operas are filled with as much romance and excitement as anything Hollywood could hope to offer and as much . . . “

They were so busy talking that they didn’t see the three vampires until they were upon them.

One grabbed Giles around the throat, pulling him backwards. Before Buffy could react, two pairs of strong hands had pinned her arms to her sides and were dragging her away towards a small, dark alley down the side of the Ice Rink.

Buffy struggled desperately. The larger of the two vamps was forcing her down to the dirty gravel of the alley, while the other held her arms above her. She kicked out at the large vamp, who snarled in anger and belted her hard across the face.

“Now, now” he hissed. “Don’t be difficult.”

Buffy tasted blood in her mouth. The larger vampire hit her again, knocking her head roughly against the ground. Everything began to spin.

Her full strength had not yet returned. To make matters worse, she was totally unprepared. She didn’t even have a stake on her. So busy had she been dressing herself for an evening out that she’d totally disregarded the practicalities.

The large vamp’s yellow eyes glittered and he bared his fanged teeth in a hideous grin as he lowered his face to hers close enough so that Buffy could smell his fetid breath. “So sweet. . . “ he growled, a sneer in his voice. “What a lucky old man your Watcher is. Slayers don’t usually come this pretty . . .It's a shame, that you won’t be pretty for much longer ...”

He kissed her, hatefully, and his fangs closed in on her throat. Buffy shut her eyes in terror.

She heard a snarl of rage, a loud thud, and the vamp above her exploded, showering her with stale smelling dust. A strong hand closed around hers and began to pull her up.

“Buffy. Come on, quickly.”

Giles’ voice filled with heart with relief. She struggled to her feet, her legs shaking uncontrollably, and collapsed against him, sobbing. She didn’t usually cry. It was a mixture of the shock, the inability to fight back, the fact that her head still whirled from the blow the vamp had given her . . .

Giles held her silently for a few moments. She swayed, couldn't seem to move.

“Come on” he said, gently. “Lets get you into the car”.

He lifted her into his strong arms and carried her across the parking lot to the Rolls. He lowered her into the seat and fastened her seat belt gently around her, before slipping into the driver’s seat and starting up the engine.

* * * * * * * *

“How are you feeling?”

Buffy sipped her cocoa and nodded, weakly. She was in Giles’ apartment, wrapped in a warm blanket on the sofa. A blazing fire was beginning to thaw out her chilled limbs. Her head still ached and she felt sick, yet being in the familiar comfort of Giles’ sitting room, surrounded by his possessions, went a long way towards soothing her frayed nerves.

Giles sat down beside her. He took off his glasses and massaged the bridge of his nose, a gesture Buffy had come to know meant that he was tired - stressed.

His smart, cream trousers were grimy from wrestling with the vamps in the filthy alley. There was a angry-looking scratch on his forehead, which he’d barely had time to bathe, with tending to Buffy. His black shirt was missing a few buttons at the top, revealing a glimpse of the dark gold hair curled against his chest.

“I’ve phoned your mother” he said. “I’ve told her I’ll take you home soon - once I’m sure you’ve not suffered any long-lasting trauma.”

Buffy laid a hand on his arm.

“Giles,” she began, her voice small, shaky, unlike hers. “I - don’t want to go home.”

He looked at her quizzically.

“I’m afraid.” she continued, a tear stinging her eyes. “I know its a bad thing for a Slayer to have to admit but I’m afraid. Not having my powers - I feel so helpless - what would’ve happened if you hadn’t been there, Giles - he’d have killed me - I could be dead and I . . .”

“Ssh” he pulled her into his arms and rocked her, gently. “Don’t upset yourself. The point is, I was there, and you’re safe.”

He drew her back and looked into her eyes.

“I know this is all my fault, Buffy” he said, his voice beginning to tremble “The injections - but I want you to know how truly, truly sorry I am - you know I would never intentionally hurt you - I’d do anything to protect you . . . “

Buffy laid a finger on his lips. “I know” she said, quietly. “Don’t talk. Just hold me.”

The minutes seemed to stretch into hours as they sat there together in silence. Buffy laid her head against Giles’ firm chest, listening to his quiet breathing, his heart beat, inhaling the scent of him.

She felt so safe.

Without thinking she raised her head to his. Her lips sought his, feeling his breath on her cheek. They were almost touching. Buffy closed her eyes.

Giles stirred against her. “Buffy?” he whispered.

“Mmmm?” she opened her eyes and gazed into his blue-green ones, filled with - a strange mixture of fear, excitement, apprehension . . .

“Buffy , I .....”

She closed her eyes and waited.

Suddenly, Giles pushed her away from him. He sat up, running a hand roughly through his hair in an anguished fashion, then got sharply to his feet.

“I’m sorry, I really don’t know what came over . . . I’d better take you home.”

He snatched up his jacket from over a nearby chair and began rummaging in the pocket for his car keys.

Buffy looked at him in confusion.

“I told you I don’t want to go home!” she exclaimed. “I want to stay here with you. Giles, what’s wrong - What did I do . . .?”

“Nothing. Nothing Buffy, just, don’t say any more.” He was very agitated. He turned away from her and paced towards the window, rubbing his jaw - another of his familiar mannerisms when under stress. Buffy knew them all.

Buffy gazed at him. “Giles . . . “ she began as the tears filled her eyes. She made to rise and reach out to him.

He pushed her away with an impatient gesture of his arm. “No Buffy. Don’t.” He didn’t look at her. “Go to bed - you can take mine. I - have to go out - for a while. I’ll let your mother know where you are.”

“Giles!” Buffy exclaimed in desperation.

“No. I’m sorry.” With that he snatched up his keys and walked purposefully to the door. Buffy closed her eyes. She heard the door slam and his footsteps on the path, then the sound of the Rolls’ engine as it fired up and growled away into the silence of the night.

* * * * * * * * * * *

She didn’t know how long she sat there, huddled in the blanket he had wrapped around her, silent tears coursing down her cheeks. Her mind chanted over and again - Why? Why? Why? What had nearly just happened? Why had Giles reacted that way?

She loved him. He had told her he loved her.

But, of course, there were many different types of love.

She knew that what she had with Angel would never grow to any sort of fruition. There was too much that could never be. No one else understood her like Giles, had the same degree of connection and same-ness that she and he did. She and he shared something which went far deeper than anything she had had with Angel - with anyone else she knew - even her mother.

She hadn’t realised it but over the weeks and months a gradual yearning had grown in her heart to take that connection further - deeper - to share love with him in a far more intimate, personal way.

He was a very handsome man.

But, it seemed, he did not share this desire. He was twenty years her senior - her School Librarian - Her Watcher - a father figure. She had embarrassed him. Put him in an awkward situation.

He could have his pick of cultured, sophisticated women. Why would he want her? A teenaged Slayer who wasn’t expected to live much past twenty.

Painfully she slid off the sofa and climbed the stairs, the blanket still wrapped around her. She hurt so much, she longed to find release in sleep.

Buffy curled herself up in a sad little ball on Giles’ bed. She buried her face in the pillow. Everything smelled of him. So warm, comforting.

* * * * * * *

She wasn’t sure whether or not she had slept. She was awakened by a loud crash of thunder.

Rain hammered against the windows and the roof of the building. Lightning flashed so brightly it illuminated the room as dark room as bright as day. She lay listening.

Everything within was silent.

“Giles?” she called out, warily.

No reply.

A hint of fear struck her. Was he out in this weather? Had he run into another gang of vamps? Where was he? How long had it been since he’d left?

She strained her eyes to see the alarm clock beside the bed.

Two-thirty. Nearly three hours ago.

The storm raged on for a long time. It showed no signs of abating.

Eventually, a wave of relief crashed over her as she heard the click of a key in the latch downstairs. The door creaked open and she heard Giles’ familiar step in the sitting room, making its way slowly up the stairs.

She lay and listened.

He was there, suddenly, in the doorway. He was soaked. Water streamed off his dark raincoat, pooling at his feet. Rivulets ran down his handsome face, his gold-brown hair plastered to his head, his shirt soaked and clinging to his body.

He leant against the doorframe, gazing at her strangely.

Buffy sat up. “Giles?” she asked, her voice shaking. “Where were you? I was worried . . “

Slowly he walked across to her and sat on the side of the bed. He seemed to bring with him the cold air of the stormy night. Rainwater from his drenched clothes soaked the sheets.

The thunder rolled and a flash of lightning lit up the small room with a lurid briliance.

Giles put up a hand and tilted her chin, gazing into her eyes.

“I love you.” he said, simply. “I have done for some time. I can’t tell you how much. I was afraid to tell you - afraid you’d think I was a lecherous old man. Tonight - I knew it was improper. I knew I should take a grip on myself. But I wanted it . . .I wanted you. “

Buffy gazed at him, the realisation of his words dawning on her.

She smiled weakly.


He nodded. “Yes.”

She twisted a strand of gold hair around her finger. He continued to gaze at her silently.

“Angel said he loved me as well” she said, coyly.

Suddenly, Giles clasped her in his arms, a movement so sudden that Buffy jumped. Water from his clothes soaked the thin shirt she wore, cold against her naked flesh. He pressed his lips to hers in a kiss, deeply, passionately. He tasted of whiskey, cigarettes and Giles - he smelled of his expensive cologne and the primeval, wet, earthy smell of the great outdoors.

Buffy wrapped her arms around his neck, sliding her fingers into his wet hair, pulling his head closer to hers, deepening the kiss.

They parted. Buffy lay back in his arms, gazing at his handsome face. His eyes gleamed with love, excitement and the promise of what was to come. He lifted a wet tendril of hair from her forehead, then lowered his lips to her ear.

“I’ll show you what it means to be loved” he whispered, roughly.

* * * * * * * * * *

Buffy ran her hands up to his shoulders, grasping the lapels of his drenched coat. She so wanted to rid him of his soaked clothes, pull him into her warmth and comfort.

With a few deft movements, she peeled off his coat, shirt and vest, the clothing landing on the floor in a sodden heap. She ranged her eyes over his muscular chest, traced the faint battle scars with her fingers, each of which told a story of his eventful and mysterious past. Giles closed his eyes and let her undress him - the realisation of so many of his fantasies. He pulled her to him again, crushing her against his bare chest, and kissed her. Buffy slid her fingers into the damp hair on his chest and raked her hands through it. Passion was roaring through his body, and he fought to control himself. This night was for her, he had to make it last.

Moving slightly away from him, Buffy grasped the damp shirt she wore, and quickly pulled it over her head. She knelt in front of him, nude except for the brief slip of pink lace which covered her groin. He gazed at her, spellbound, hungry.

“You’re more beautiful than I could ever have imagined” he murmured, reaching out to gently brush the creamy skin of her breast with his fingertips. Buffy gasped and arched towards him, wanting to feel his hands on her fully, cupping her breasts, moulding them.

Shaking with the effort it was taking to keep his surging emotions under control, Giles drew her to him, slowly, and allowed her to thrust her breasts into his hands. He cupped the delicate, soft mounds, warm with sleep and the blood that was pulsing through her body, stroked their silkiness with his thumb, before bending his head to draw her nipple into his mouth, suckling her gently.

Buffy cried out and arched into him. She guided his head across to her other breast for a repeat of the beautiful caress, wanting to keep him there. She slid her fingers into his hair, and held his head to her breast. The feeling of his lips and tongue drawing on her nipple, flicking lightly over the rosy nub which had distended within his mouth, made her body quiver with excitement.

She reached down to the waistband of Giles’ trousers and began fumbling to unbutton them. Gently he caught her hand. “Slowly” he whispered. “Darling, we’ve got all the time in the world.”

Laying her back on the bed he moved downwards, settling between her sleek golden thighs, and, lowering his head, slipped his tongue inside the lacy edging of her briefs. Buffy gasped as she felt its wetness touch the damp, pulsing warmth of her own, intimate body. She bucked against him, and he laid a hand firmly on her stomach to hold her still. He repeated the caress along the other side, then, with a glance at her face, registering her closed eyes, lips parted in ecstasy, chest heaving, he gently pulled down her underwear, leaving her nude under his gaze. Buffy tingled with pleasure at the thought and stretched her body out, allowing his eyes to range over every inch of her.

She glowed under his gaze. For a moment he could do nothing but look at her. She was a goddess, the very personification of all that was beautiful and desirable, and it took every ounce of his well-developed will power not to clasp her in his arms and enter her then and there. His eyes raked down over her creamy breasts to her flat stomach and the nest of dark gold curls in the vee of her sleek, golden thighs, tantalisingly concealing from him her tender sex. Lowering his body, he laid himself on his stomach, pressing his painful, throbbing erection into the mattress to ease it. He had to withstand the aching of his body to be inside hers’. Right now, his job was to give her as much pleasure as she could stand.

He lowered his head, and Buffy gasped as she felt his tongue flick over her clitoris, teasing the hot, swollen nub into even greater elongation. Slowly, his tongue travelled downwards to her moist opening, and slipped inside, lapping the juices which were now flowing so freely from her. She tasted beautiful, like finest nectar. Giles felt he could drink her forever.

She arched against him as a shuddering orgasm overtook her. Giles swallowed the warm rush of ambrosia which coated his tongue, before she moved away from him, purposefully raising herself onto her knees, and urging him to do the same.

Buffy was not quite sure what was happening or how it had begun. She only knew that within a few short hours the man she had trusted, looked on as a father in some respects, had become something far. far different. She wasn’t sure what force was driving her onwards, but knew only that she wanted this pleasure to intensify, to take it to its highest peak possible.

She grasped his belt firmly and unbuckled it. She unbuttoned his trousers and slid the zip down, slowly, almost hesitantly as she realised what she was doing. Giles would never be the same to her again. No matter. The point of no return had been reached.

She eased his trousers and boxers down over his hips and gazed down at the evident sign of how desperately he wanted her. Buffy felt a flicker of amazement shoot through her at his size. He was quite frankly, enormous, almost as big as Angel. A slight fear that it would hurt as much as it had with Angel shot through her brain, then disappeared as she felt a surge of lust for him. Dropping onto all fours she put out her tongue and teased the glistening head of his penis, before taking it onto her tongue and sliding it deep into her mouth.

Giles let out a groan. He summoned up every ounce of self-control he had ever cultivated in order not to release himself into her mouth. He allowed her to tease him, to slide her rosebud mouth up and down his shaft, her tongue flickering over the sensitive, pulsing head, until he could stand no more. He pulled away, and urged her to her knees, crushing her against him.

“I don’t know how much of that I can take” he murmured against her hair. “I want to come inside you, darling.”

Buffy caught her breath. “Oh yes” she gasped, feeling another rush of wetness coat her thighs at the thought. “Oh - Rupert - I want you inside me. Now”

The sound of his name from her lips sent a shiver of pure ecstasy down Giles’ spine, as he realised that truly, he was no longer her father figure - he had become a man to her, as he’d always dreamed he would one day be. It was time. He couldn’t wait any longer.

Easing her back on the bed, he positioned himself above her, settling between her thighs until the weeping head of his penis was positioned at the entrance to her vagina. Drawing her into his arms and kissing her tenderly, he look one, last lingering look at her face before entering her body with one deep, smooth thrust.

Buffy cried out in ecstasy at the sensation. For a moment, neither of them moved, accustoming themselves to the sensation of being joined at last. Giles bit his lip hard - he had to make it last. Slowly, infinitely slowly he moved back and eased himself into her again, making her cry out, twist her hands in the bedcovers. He would tease her to the point of dying, then take her over the edge with him as he fell into oblivion.

The sensation of him, deep inside her body, filling her with his throbbing hardness was enough to drive Buffy insane with desire. She felt so safe, so totally protected - possessed by him. She knew his strength, could feel it in the muscular arms which crushed her to him, against him, with every thrust of his hips. He was taking her - making her his own, and he would treasure her. Never would she be hurt again. Tears of joy coursed down her face as she heard him groan in delirious joy.

He glanced up at her, surpised by the wetness on her cheeks. “Darling?” he whispered, breathlessly, questioningly.

Buffy pressed her lips to his cheek. “I love you” she breathed. “I want to be yours. Make me yours Rupert? Please?”

At the sound of her words Giles’ felt his body shake with emotion. He could no longer hold off. Reaching downwards he captured her clitoris between his thumb and finger and began to tease it, rolling it, making it swell and distend. He crushed his lips to hers in a passionate kiss. Joy coursed through Buffy’s body. Beads of sweat broke out on Giles’ brow. He felt her silken walls convulse around his erection. It was enough to send him spiralling over the edge, and he clutched her to him as he began to ejaculate deep inside her.

Buffy held his head to her, as his body shook with the force of his climax. She felt his cock pulse deep within her, releasing his warm and vital seed into her waiting womb.

He collapsed onto her, his body slick with sweat. Both of them panting, breathless, filled with exquisite joy.

Giles rolled onto his back and drew her into his arms. She laid her cheek on his damp chest, feeling its gold hair tickle her face, the rapid rise and fall of his ragged breathing.
She lay for a while, listening to his heart beat return to normal. She felt totally safe and protected, wanting for nothing.

All thoughts of Angel, or anything else which had ever hurt her, were gone. She could think of nothing more than lying here in the arms of the man she loved - her Watcher, who had just made love to her.

She looked up at him. “Rupert?” she asked, trying out his name again.

His eyes met hers. Full of love.


“I love you.”

He kissed her.

“I love you, my darling” he whispered. “ Thank you for making me the happiest man - and the luckiest man in the world”.

She snuggled against him. She was his now.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Slayers and Watchers had fallen in love before - there was a connection - a destiny - which led them together - they shared a bond stronger than any other humans had - or could ever know. Their children often grew to posses great powers, becoming famous and eminent figures in the fight against the evil of the Otherworld.

Willow had told her all this, delightedly, reading snippets from tales in the Book of Slayer lore, watching Buffy redden and squirm with embarrassment.

It had seemed impossible then. But, Buffy realised as she snuggled closer to Rupert., it had always been there - the future, their fate, waiting for them, for the right moment, when it would make itself known.

Their lives were so hard, lonely and painful. It was fitting that they should find comfort in each other.

Buffy listened to Rupert’s breathing as it slowed, signalling that he was asleep. She stole a glimpse of his handsome face, brushing a kiss over each of his eyelids before settling back against the firmness of his chest.

She would have some explaining to do soon. Everyone would have to know, eventually.

But right now, thoughts of everyone else, even Angel, were far from Buffy’s mind. She had finally found, after what seemed like a lifetime of fruitless searching, where she belonged.

In Rupert’s arms. They were fated to be together.