Faithful at Last
By Heir to Shadow

TITLE: Faithful at Last 1/1
AUTHOR: Heir to Shadow aka hayll528
PAIRING: Buffy and Giles
DISCLAIMERS: All belong to Joss Whedon et al.
DISTRIBUTION: Ask, I'll be flattered.
SUMMARY: Buffy's behavior is breaking Giles heart so he decides to end their love affair.
FEEDBACK: Not too painful please!

Giles heart was breaking, but his mind was made up. He and Buffy had been lovers, "no" he thought, they had been having sex for over a year and he couldn't take her behavior any longer. Although he told her every time they were together that she was his goddess, his angel and that he worshipped and adored her, he got no words of affection in return. He also knew that he was not her only lover. Oh, she never flaunted her other affairs, but she made no attempt to hide them either.

Any hope he had for salvaging his self respect lay in telling Buffy that their affair was over. He would continue on as his watcher if she wished and would help her in any way that he could, but he could no longer be her lover. A man can only tolerate so much and Giles had already tolerated more than most. So he had asked Buffy to stop by after patrol tonight knowing she would be expecting sex, but he definitely had other plans.

When the door bell rang at about 2:00 in the morning, he had tea ready and his lines all rehearsed. He opened the door to Buffy and with his usual caution motioned her in without actually inviting her. You never could tell who could be turned next in Sunnydale, but to his relief she entered freely. When he had her settled on the sofa with her tea, he asked her about her patrol stalling the inevitable conversation.

Finally Buffy looked at him, took his cup from his hand and said "okay Giles spill. You obviously have something you want to discuss or you wouldn't be hiding behind your tea. Is the Hellmouth opening, the apocalypse coming, or just a new demon in town?" Giles took a deep breath, turned to Buffy and said "our relationship is just not working. I will continue to serve you in any capacity you want except as your lover!"

Buffy looked stunned for a moment then began to speak. "Just like that it's over, no discussion, no Buffy how do you feel about this, nothing, just it's over? We have fantastic sex, you are the best lover I've ever had and it's over?" She kept repeating that phrase as if she didn't believe it and was trying to make sense of it. Finally she appeared to believe him and said bitterly "do I at least have the right to know why?"

"Buffy, you know how I feel about you but you obviously don't reciprocate and I won't stay in a relationship like that." Buffy stared at him for a moment, and then to his surprise reached over and slapped him. "Oh yes, I know how you feel about me, goddess, angel, worship, adore, blah, blah, blah. Did you ever stop to think or to ask me how I felt about that? I am a passionate woman. I want to be loved as a woman, as a slayer, by someone who is as passionate about me as I am about him, a man who is possessive, jealous almost primitively. Do you know how cold and passionless goddesses are? I had hoped that you would be that man but you wanted the slayer not the woman who could be loved because of her goodness and in spite of her faults. I'll see myself out - goodbye Giles."

Giles was frozen - was this his fault? In a flash he admitted that it partially was, but he didn't share the blame alone. Before Buffy could get out the door he had reached across the room, grabbed her arm and forced her to face him and to both of their surprise slapped her back. "Yes, you are right in part, but where in the last year did you tell me what you needed and I missed hearing it" he asked sarcastically. "I am the man you want; my passion for you is never slaked, I want to kill every man who looks at you and I want to keep you chained to my side forever so that you can never leave me, but you never let me know that you cared, that you wanted those things so I thought my love would be unwanted by you and I tried to be what I thought you wanted. We both must share the blame in this Buffy."

They stared deeply into each others eyes for endless minutes, both searching for and finding the truth of the words that they had said to each other. Then Giles growled to her "I want to fuck you until the thought, feel, taste and smell of any other man is gone from you forever. I want you right here, right now." Buffy's face glowed with love and passion. Holding Giles gaze with hers, she hastily removed all of her clothing and then removed Giles. This time for them there was no tenderness, no gentleness just a giving and taking possessing and claiming each other for all time. Tenderness and words of love could come another time, right now they needed to claim their mates. They rolled on the floor fighting each other for domination and a desperate rush for satisfaction. When they joined violently together, Giles pounded into her so fast and hard and deep that she was almost breathless and in her excitement left long deep scratches on his back and butt and a deep bite mark in his shoulder. He in turn marked his mate with scratches and bites, and although they both knew the physical marks would heal, the psychological ones would always remain.

As Giles pushed Buffy to orgasm with every pounding thrust he told her that she was his, she belonged to him and that no man but him would ever touch her again. And as Giles reached his release she repeated that mantra back to him. As they lay together too sated and exhausted to move, both knew now what they needed was each other and that they would always be faithful.