Every Breath You Take
By Gabriele Schulz

TITLE: Every breath you take
AUTHOR: Gabriele Schulz
DISTRIBUTION: Solo84, Cap, UCSL. Others please ask first.
SPOILERS: Where the wild things are
FEEDBACK: Love it. Especially if you like the story ;-)
SUMMARY: Giles sings, which has a surprising effect on Buffy. B/G
DISCLAIMER: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Productions, Kuzui Enterprises, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB Television Network, and whoever else may have a hold on them. And "Every Breath you take" isn't mine either. I do not mean to infringe upon any copyrights.
NOTES: Based on the summary I read. I didn't bother to wait till they air it, since I won't see it till they show it in Germany... Thanks to Lily for the really quick beta :)
DATE: 4/24/2000

"The truth, Buffy. If you could relive this day, would you change anything?" Buffy was still smiling as they entered their room.

"What? Yes, of course... probably... maybe... Maybe I would go to hear Giles sing since it's 'soooo sexy'."

"Hey, it *is* sexy. You would think so, too, if you heard it."

"I'm sure." Buffy was clearly kidding.

"It's the truth! It was just so..."

"I think I understand Xander."

"What does *he* know? His idea of sexy is probably something kinky with Anya. Ewww."

"Oh right, Xander having sex with Anya is 'Ewwww', but you swooning over Giles' voice is perfectly all right and normal."

"His voice *is* sexy. Do you think he would sing for us, if we asked him."

"Eh, Willow, you're not in love with Giles, are you?"

"No, I'm not. I did have a crush on him when he first came to Sunnydale. He was so smart and cool and handsome. And always nice to me. Not that he would have seen me as a woman. Then again, nobody did before Oz came."

Buffy watched her friend, looking for any sign of grief or anger, but there was none.

"So you are over him?"

"Giles? Of course. That was just a crush. Xander was more difficult and Oz... you know."

"Yes, I know and that was what I actually meant."

"Oh. So do you think Giles would sing for us?"

"Will! Stop it."

"I won't. I love to hear him sing and I want to hear it again!"

"Will you shut up if you do?"


She grinned at Buffy who smiled back.


"So you didn't notice anything else?"


Buffy plopped down on Giles' couch.

"I heard you were singing the other day."

"Uh... yes..."

"What did you sing? It's not that I'm dying to know, but Willow keeps going on how sexy it w-"


"Oh, she didn't tell you..."

"N-no, she didn't."

"She wants to hear you again."

Giles looked at her. Then he went to the kitchenette.

"Do you want some tea?"

"Uh, no, I gotta go soon. I'm meeting Riley at 5."

He came out again.

"So what about the singing?"

He blushed slightly.

"I'm not sure, if I w-"

"I'd love to hear you, too."

"Well, maybe... why not?"

"Great. I'll tell Willow and I promise to keep her from throwing underwear on the stage during your performance."

She grinned at him and got up.

"See you later."


When the afternoon of the 'performance' came the whole gang was there.

Willow was all but bouncing up and down, Tara watched her gently.

Buffy and Riley were waiting to finally see what it was all about. And Xander was there to join Anya and to tease Giles and Willow mercilessly. They had been talking about Adam, but when Willow asked when he would begin for about the hundreth time, the others agreed that his time had come (even Xander, so that they 'could get it over' with).

Giles stood up facing his audience that was seated on the sofa (Anya was sitting on Xander's lap and Buffy on Riley's).

"No guitar today?"

"I'll try without."

They all looked expectantly at him and Giles cleared his throath.

Then he began.

* Every breath you take
* Every move you make
* Every bond you break
* Every step you take

When he had begun the others had made noises of acknowledgment and smiled. Buffy smiled, too, but it was an artificial smile. She too had recognized the song of course, but somehow she felt an odd sensation in her stomach. And this feeling increased with every line.

* I'll be watching you
* Every single day
* Every word you say
* Every game you play
* Every night you say

In the beginning Giles had looked at Willow who was beaming and had then looked at the others in his audience. At everyone except Buffy, to be specific. This didn't go unnoticed to her, but at the same time she felt that he was singing to her. Not only because he was (had been) her watcher, but for a reason she couldn't explain and that had a lot to do with the sensation that began to send shivers down her spine.

* I'll be watching you
* O can't you see
* You belong to me
* How my poor heart aches
* With every step you take

Buffy had totally forgotten that there were other people in the room. Emotions were swirling through her head. Her heart was beating faster and the feeling in her stomach began to widen.

* Every move you make
* Every vow you break
* Every smile you fake
* Every claim you stake

Buffy simply stared at Giles. He was still not looking at her, but still every word touched her deep inside. She had thought this was going to be a fun experience. Interesting, perhaps boring, most definitely teasing material. But right now she didn't think she could ever tease Giles again.

* I'll be watching you
* Since you've gone I been lost without a trace
* I dream at night I can only see your face
* I look around but it's you I can't replace
* I feel so cold and I long for your embrace
* I keep crying baby, baby, please

She couldn't take it anymore. Buffy got off of Riley's lap and ran to the bathroom.

Giles stopped singing and they all stared after her.

"I told you so. You actually made her throw up."


"Maybe she's pregnant." Anya offered, helpful as ever.

Giles' and Riley's eyes widened and Riley stormed off after Buffy.


"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Probably just something wrong to eat."

"Can I come in?"

"I'll come out in a second."

She had splashed some water in her face, but it hardly cooled her down. She didn't know what was wrong with her. This was just Giles singing some stupid song. A song about watching < Me. > So it was about watching her. Well, he was her watcher. It was probably just a gag. < It's a love song. > He didn't mean it this way. He just chose it because of the line about watching. < Then why did you run away, when he sang about the summer, you where gone? > He didn't... < Or this summer or this winter or this week when he misses you. > He doesn't... < When he longs for you. > Was she going crazy? What was this voice trying to tell her. < Can't you see... > She pressed her hands on her ears. She didn't want to hear this. < You belong to him. > She began chant 'Lalalala, I can't hear a word' < His poor heart ac- >

When Giles and the others heard Buffy's scream, they stormed to the bathroom and broke the door to get to her.

To their astonishment she was alone and didn't seem physically hurt or endangered.

She looked at them with big eyes.

"Bu-buffy, are you all right."

"I'm not feeling well."

"Do you have to throw up?"

"No, I just hear a voice trying to convince me that Giles is in love with me."

The others stared at her and only then did Buffy realize that she had actually said that out loud.

Her eyes widened and then she ran out.

"Are you sure she's not pregnant?"


Willow entered Giles' bedroom.

"Can I come in?"

Buffy was lying on the bed crying, but now nodded.

Willow sat down next to her and gently stroked her head.


Buffy shook her head.

"You think Giles is in love with you."

"*I* don't think so. This little voice in my head keeps insisting that this song... was for me. And not only the watching part. The missing, the longing. The loving. I know that it's crazy, but I c-"

"Why do you think it's crazy?"

"Wh... Giles isn't in love with me!"

"Are you so sure about that?"

"I... did he say he was?"

"No. But when I heard him sing this song, I also thought he sang it for you. I think that's why he couldn't look at you."

"You think Giles is in love with me?"

"I think he sang this song to you and that he *could* be in love with you. Why is that so upsetting to you?"

"Willow, he's Giles."


"He can't be in love with me."

"Why not? Buffy, if he loves you, he probably did so for some time. This won't change anything between you."

"Of course it will! How will I ever look into his eyes again without..."

"Having to throw up?"

"That is not funny, Will. I don't have to throw up, but I have this weird feeling in my stomach."

Willow watched her closely for a moment.

"Like butterflies?"

"Yes. No!"

"What exactly does your 'little voice' tell you about your feelings for Giles?"

"I can't be in love with Giles!"

"Like he can't be in love with you?"

Buffy just stared at her.

"I... I'm in love with Riley."

Willow looked at her.

"Maybe I'm still having feelings for Angel."

Willow began to smile.

"What are you doing, Will? This isn't funny. This is serious damn! I'm in love with Giles and you're making fun of me!"

Willow's eyes widened.

"I didn't say that." Buffy said weakly.

"Well, it looked like you."

"Will, this is crazy. I slept with Riley less than 24 hours ago. I'm mad about him. We can't keep our hands off each other."

"But if you could choose between him and Giles, you would choose Giles any second." It wasn't a question.

Buffy sighed.

Willow smiled sympathetically at her.

"I think I'll call Giles."

"What? No! I can't talk to Giles now. I'm too confused. And we don't even know if he loves me."

"No, Buffy, we know for sure that he loves you, we just don't know if he wants you, too."

She got up from the bed.


He was there only a few seconds later looking at Buffy, who was still lying on the bed.

"I'll leave you alone."

Willow left and there was a silence.

"Do you feel better?"

"Not really. It's a little overwhelming."


"All of this. Feelings. Love. Stuff."

"Buffy, I... this song wasn't meant to make you believe I'm in love with you."

"Are you not?"

He was taken aback a little.

"I... uh..."

"Because I think I'm in love with you."


"I think this stupid little voice was trying to tell me I'm in love with you."

"But Riley?"

"Riley is... he's just a toy. A vibrator without batteries. And I cannot believe I just said that, because I really like him and he's so sweet."

Giles didn't say anything.

"Giles, when you sang this song... God, my stomach does weird things when I just think about it. Anyway, I felt... like it went through all the barricades we have built between each other. All the things we never talk about. And so much more, straight to my heart like an arrow."

"I can't believe my aim was true."

She looked up at him, propping herself on her elbows.

"You never answered my question."

"Of course I am. Madly. With every breath I take."