By Eaglewolf

Title: Eternity
Authour: Eaglewolf
Date: 23 March 01
Spoilers: I'm really doubting it... Its waaay in the future
Summary: Buffy and Giles have had a happy life.. Now it's time to say goodbye.
Rating: PGish
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Distribution: Anyone and everyone, just let me know where it's going.
Feedback: Please.. It's my first B/G fic.. I'll even grovel.. Pleaaaaase.
Disclaimer: Its Joss', Mutant Enemy's and lots of people who aren't me, who I really wish *were* me..
Dedication: To Katt for finally seeing the sense of Buffy and Giles, after reading this and listening to his majesty's wonderful voice, and to Ana, who helped me gain the confidence to do this.

He kissed her eyes closed for the last time. His love, his life had been taken from him long before he was ready for her to go. He let out an agonized scream that burned with every emotion flowing through him. His eyes filled with unshed tears.

They'd been together for so long. So many years since he'd met the fresh faced 16 year old girl in the library of their old high school. Their eyes had met across the room. His heart had beat just a little faster, and somehow he had known in the very depth of his soul that this was his girl, the one he had willingly left his homeland to guide and protect. But as he looked into her eyes he realised she was so much more than that, he swore to himself he would do his best to make sure she lived through everything the hellmouth could throw at her, he'd done that. She'd lived through it all. He raised his 65 year old hands to his face and sobbed into them. Behind his closed eyelids their life together ran through his mind. From the first moment their eyes met, to their last whispered words.

He saw her once again as that day they had met in the library, then carrying her out of Amy's house, training, patrolling, defying the council, the prom, their first kiss, the first time they had told each other "I love you", defying people who frowned upon their relationship, their wedding day, the birth of their son, their years in England before returning to the hellmouth and the last few days where he had sat by her bedside and whispered their goodbyes. There was no hope for his Buffy now, the cancer had spread too far, and she'd told him she just didn't have the strength to fight anymore. With tears in his eyes he had gripped her hand tighter, and leaned over to brush her lips with his own, before kissing her on the forehead and whispering "I know. I love you, you've fought enough. It's time for you to go home now love." She had sighed and leaned back against the pillows once again taking in the love in his eyes, and thanking god for every day they had had together.

They had never failed to tell each other how much they were loved, no matter how busy or scared they had been. He felt the tears prick the back of his eyelids and he shook his head. He looked at his wife one last time lying there so looking so serene and peaceful. She would not slay again, in this lifetime. She was no longer the active slayer but being the stubborn woman she was she had refused to give up patrolling completely, even as the cancer started to take hold. He reached for the phone and whispered two words.

"She's gone."
He heard the anguished sob wrench from his sons throat, and he listened to what his youngest had to say.
"No.. I'm going to stay here with her for a while. Yes, I know Jerry. She loved you all so much. Yes, Call Willow for me... She came by yesterday to say goodbye." then he quietly replaced the reciever and looked back at his wife.

"They are going to miss you so much dear.. So am I. But I know I won't have to go on long without you. I'm sure Xander is there taking care of you for me, and making you laugh as he always did, tell him we miss him. It's just Willow and I left of the Scooby gang now, and Spike. She's happy with her life now, she finally found her place, but you know that. Spike will look after her, he loves her in his own way, as he loved all of us. I promised you I wouldn't be there before it was my time, but I don't think I have much longer dear. After 19 years of marriage how will I be able to sleep without your warmth in my bed?" He smiled wryly, and cocked his head as if he could hear her answer him. He chuckled as he imagined her response, and then raised his hand to his cheek as he felt something like ice kiss him on the cheek. "I'll see you soon darling." he bent over and kissed her on the cheek again. "I love you."

She smiled as she looked at the man she had loved since the first moment their eyes had met and he'd slammed that book down on the desk, looking so eager. He would go on, even though his heart was breaking. She was no longer trapped in her frail cancer ridden body,which had once been so strong, but was now free of that confining shell. She wanted to tell him how happy she was here, and she bent to kiss him gently on the cheek and whispered "I'll always love you." in his ear. Her lips curled upward as he reached to touch his cheek where she had just kissed her.

Then she turned, to face Xander, standing behind her. He was glowing brightly, she smiled at her old friend, knowing he would guide her on the upcoming journey.
"I'm ready.. " She sighed, "It's been a long journey to come home. Can I still watch over them from where we are going?", she recieved a silent nod in return.
"Okay.. She gazed at her frail body one last time, and turned to look in his eyes before she slowly faded away from the earthly plane and travelled to somewhere beyond her wildest dreams.

Five months later Giles closed his eyes and smiled at the vision before him. "It's time my love." she whispered and took his hand in her own. He didn't look back as she had, the only place for him to look was into her eyes which still shone with the love she had always had for him.

Their youngest son found him the next morning, and as the tears flowed he lifted his head heavenward and whispered, "Look after him Mum.. I guess you needed him more than we did." and he gazed at his fathers face, forever frozen in death.. with a peaceful smile on his face, as if he had finally found what he'd been looking for all his life.