Educating Buffy
By Heir to Shadow

Author: Heir to Shadow aka Hayll528
Pairing: B/G
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: I only own the chains.
Spoilers: None
Distribution: Just ask
Summary: How does an angry former "bad boy" punish his slayer?

Giles was madder than hell. Once again Ms. Buffy had blown off training on some obviously false pretence. Probably so she could have sex with that over-developed, under-educated boy toy she had picked up on campus. She had to learn her lesson. The fact that she had outlived most slayers, and that she had a tolerant watcher had made her complacent and disrespectful. When she became too arrogant to train, she was as good as dead and Giles wasn't about to allow that! Now, how to teach Buffy some respect?

Giles left a message on Buffy's answering machine saying that he had found a new prophecy and that it was imperative she meet him in the training room on Saturday. He explained that he would close the store so they could do the necessary research. He also told her that it was too dangerous for the others to be involved and to tell them she would be gone for the weekend on some watcher/slayer bonding. Little did she know. Giles knew however reluctantly, the word prophecy would have her at the shop on Saturday. Ever since the codex had predicted her death at the hands of the Master, she paid attention to prophecies.

Sure enough, early Saturday morning Buffy let herself into the training room with her key. She carried a small overnight bag which would be perfect for convincing the others of her weekend away. "Giles" she called out petulantly "where are you? Let's get this prophecy thingy going and maybe I can still salvage something of this weekend!"

Giles doubts about his plan evaporated with her words and attitude. "Buffy, come and have some coffee while I finish getting everything ready for our research" Giles said. "I also brought some donuts so the weekend wouldn't be a total waste for you" he said caustically. "When you're done with breakfast, why don't you do a little light stretching and then I'll be ready. Buffy grumbled but complied with her watcher. As she was sitting on the floor stretching her legs, she suddenly felt overcome with sleepiness. Giles walked over and stood looking down at her dispassionately. She glared up at him and spat out "another test Giles?" trying to shame him into fixing whatever he had done.

He bent down and lightly slapped her. "No test Buffy. Consider this a part of your training. I have been too easy on you and you have taken advantage of that by lying, skipping training and generally acting like a spoiled brat. You must learn who is in charge here and you must learn respect. If I had been an enemy you would be dead by now. I won't hurt you, but you must learn if you are to survive!" Buffy managed to choke out "you must be joking!" before she passed out.

That was also her first thought on coming to. She was laying on the training mat against the wall and felt fine except for a little residual grogginess. She felt eyes upon her and turned to see Giles watching her. "Okay Giles, lesson learned, you're the boss and I'm outta here." She attempted to rise and found that she was chained "CHAINED?" to the wall. "Giles, this is sooo not funny. I'm gonna kill you when I get out of these things!"

"I'm all too aware of slayer strength not to have made sure that you can not get out of those chains until I let you out. They are not unusually strong, but they are spelled and since you always preferred to leave the magic to others, there is nothing you can do to get free" Buffy just glared and ignored him as she continued jerking at the chains.

After about half an hour of futile efforts, Buffy decided to call it quits for the moment. "I want something to drink, I'm thirsty" she said. "Certainly Buffy, as soon as you ask respectfully you may have anything you want." "I'd rather go without" she retorted. "You do realize that I'm never gonna forgive you for this!" "Better you alive and unforgiving than dead" he calmly replied. She ignored his comment and went back to pulling at the chains. She knew that if Giles said she couldn't get out of the chains then she couldn't but she just refused to give up in front of him.

Eventually tiring from her exertions, she drifted into an uncomfortable sleep. Giles, knowing it was going to be a very long weekend, took advantage of the time to sleep also. Buffy woke before Giles, and just sat there staring at his face and then her eyes drifted down his body, which she definitely saw in a different light right now. Who knew her watcher could be so macho. She knew he could fight and that he was in good shape from training with her but she hadn't realized how good until she studied him.

Buffy resented the drugging and the chains, but she knew in some way that only such drastic treatment would shake her out of her self- destructive behavior. She supposed she didn't really want to die, but she had lost the will to fight for her life. She knew she would forgive Giles for giving that back to her, but boy would she make him beg first she thought determinedly. With that she went back to openly appreciating his body. Surely she couldn't be getting turned on by Giles of all people. Must be some weird after affect of whatever drug he had used on her. Whoa, look at that bulge in his trousers. He must be having quite a dream!

Giles had actually been awake for a while. He watched Buffy's expressive face through slitted eyelids. Her thoughts travelled across her face to quickly to pin down, but could she possibly be checking out his body? Giles wondered momentarily if he had accidently taken some of the drug, then immediately dismissed the idea. No, she was checking him out, and from the look on her face, she wasn't totally grossed out. He saw her eyes widen as they rested on the erection he couldn't help having with Buffy's eyes on him. Still pretending to be sleeping he slowly rolled over away from her knowing eyes.

When his erection had subsided, he yawned, stretched and stood up. He saw Buffy's eyes drift to his groin and could have sworn he saw disappointment on her face. Maybe she was pretending to be attracted to him in the hopes that he would release the spell. Maybe he should let her - it would be the only chance he would ever have to make love to her. Regretfully he decided that all she would learn from that was another was to evade her responsibilities and he couldn't let her get away with that.

"Giles, may I please have a drink?" Buffy asked politely. Giles looked at her for any sign of mockery, and finding none he asked what she would like. She requested some orange juice and he provided her with a large glass. "Will you sit and talk with me a while since it appears it will be a long weekend? I'm not a very quick learner you know?"

"Buffy, if you are attempting to charm or seduce me into letting you go, stop right there. This is not about teaching you another way to get around me but about accepting what you are and what you can be." "Would I get around you if I seduced you?" she asked curiously. "I imagine you could do anything you wanted to if you seduced me, which is why it is not going to happen." With that he got up and walked over to the table to do some research.

Some time later Buffy asked to use the rest room. Giles altered the spell on the chains so that it affected her ability to escape and allowed her to take a shower and clean up. They sat at the table and ate dinner and then Giles ordered Buffy back to the chains. Very reluctantly, fighting the spell, she walked to the wall and held out her wrists for Giles to refasten them.

"Please sit and talk with me. I hate not being able to move, and as long as we are literally "bonding" here, why don't we make this a real watcher/slayer bonding weekend?" Giles said "I thought you were never going to forgive me for drugging you and chaining you up?" he replied. "I don't like it, in fact I hate it, but I know that my behavior must have been awful for you to resort to these lengths, unless it's always been your secret fantasy to have me in chains?" she joked. Her smile died as she noted the intrigued look on his face at her joke. She was somewhat surprised to think of Giles having a kinky side, but however strongly he denied it, he was part Ripper.

"As long as you understand that I'm not releasing you until I'm satisfied, I'll be happy to talk with you." Both of them stilled momentarily their minds filled with the thought of satisfying each other. Giles being more used to having such thoughts about his slayer, shook his mind clear more quickly and asked Buffy what she wanted to talk about. She wanted to know about his childhood, his time at University, what is was like to become a watcher, and what would he want to do now as an adult if she died and he was free. Although he hated thinking about that last question, they talked for hours exchanging childhood dreams and memories, their times at school and a wide range of other subjects. Sometime during their discussion, Buffy had snuggled into his side and rested her head on his chest. When she didn't respond to his last question, he realized she was asleep again.

Slowly and gently so as not to wake her, he slid both of them down the wall and onto the mat. Cradling her head with his arm, he pulled a blanket over them and drifted off to sleep holding his slayer tightly in his arms. Again Buffy woke first and was surprised at the warmth and security she felt being so close to Giles. He was laying on his back and she had her head on his chest and her arm across his waist. Their fingers were entwined and his other arm loosely held her to him.

As she studied him again up closer, she realized with amazement that she loved Giles. When had that happened, and why would being locked in chains make her realize it? For a dazed minute she wondered if all slayers were psychotic, of if she had just gotten lucky. Then she returned to the more pleasant thoughts of Giles body.

Soon looking was not enough for her and she gave in to the temptation to touch. She gently brushed his hair back off his forehead and softly drew her hand down his roughened cheeks. She skimmed over his chest noting with fascination how his nipples hardened as she brushed over them. She was trailing one finger lightly down the vee of hair leading into the waistband of his pants when she noticed two things. He had a serious erection, and his eyes were open and looking straight at her. She started and blushed, but didn't stop her exploration.

As her hand approached his penis, his strong hand reached out and grabbed hers. "Stop!" he ordered. "I can't let you prostitute yourself just because you can't bear to be chained up. It's over, I've failed. The spell has been released, just free yourself and go!" Buffy slowly sat up and easily removed the chains, but made no attempt to leave. "Go" he said harshly I"ll be fine. I'm quite used to being in this condition around you and can take care of myself. Now leave!"

Giles rolled over onto his stomach to hide his misery and the evidence of his desire for her until she left. He wanted to weep. She had learned nothing and now she would die. She would die because he was too weak to deny her anything. Another in a long list of failures. Deep in his thoughts, he didn't notice that Buffy hadn't left until suddenly she straddled his back and began to massage his shoulders.

"Buffy" he cried, "what are you doing, you've won, you're free to go. Please just leave me alone." "Giles" she said "you won. I learned a lot last night. I learned that you were right, I was arrogant and complacent and had lost the will to fight for my life. I learned that you are a strong, loving man who has never done anything to me that wasn't for my own good and I learned...I learned" her voice trailed off. "What did you learn Buffy" he asked gently. "I learned that I love you" she said in a barely audible voice.

Giles gasped and rolled over so quickly that Buffy literally fell off of him. She lay there looking at him and laughing, eyes and face full of love and joy. He lunged for her and hugged her to him so tightly that if she wasn't the slayer she would be bruised. Giles wasn't so lucky - no slayer healing the next day but plenty of bruises (not that he minded). Pulling back slightly their mouths met, lips already parted in anticipation of a passionate kiss.

The both felt they could go on just kissing and hugging each other for ever, but their bodies had other ideas and they were practically itching for further contact. Clothes were ripped of by themselves, by each other, who knew? All that mattered was skin to skin contact, and when all barriers were removed, Buffy urged Giles to lay on top of her so that she could feel all of him. The weight and pressure of his much larger body on top of hers was almost enough to make her come, and Giles was in no better shape.

"Luv" he said "I have dreamed of this day so often and always pictured hours of worshipping your body and loving you in every way possible, but I need to have you now, as soon as you are ready for me. I feel I might die if I can't be inside of you soon". "I know" Buffy said "and I am ready for you now". She pulled his hand down to her wet vagina to show him how ready she was. "Do we need condoms?" he asked. They discussed it and found that both were clean, disease free, unlikely to get pregnant and had never had unprotected sex. They were fiercely delighted that their time together would be free of the condom.

Giles leaned into Buffy to get involved in another intense kiss that soon spiraled out of control. "Now Giles please" Buffy said. "My pleasure my love" he replied. One hand slipped beneath her buttocks to raise her to him for a better angle for penetration. The other hand began to guide him to her entrance, but she wanted to do that herself, so he slipped his other arm beneath her neck and wrapped his fingers in her silken hair. As Buffy guided him to her and he slowly penetrated her mysterious depths, both knew they were forever spoiled for other lovers. Nothing could match the intensity and love between them. For a moment the gazed into each others eyes, acknowledging that truth, then simultaneously they said "I love you".

With that Giles began thrusting into Buffy as hard and as fast as he could. From the look of ecstasy on her face, it was exactly what she wanted and needed. For this first time there was no gentleness, no soft words or slow explorations of bodies. Such was their trust in one another that both knew they would take their pleasure and delight in both reaching orgasm. Buffy went over first. "Giles I'm coming" she shouted and cried out his name as she came. Giles kept pounding through her orgasm knowing he was also very close. Soon he felt the tightening in his balls indicating it was time, and his cock twitched each time it released a stream of semen into her eagerly clutching body.

Still embedded inside Buffy, he rolled over on his back and made her comfortable. "Luv" he said "I'm sorry. I never really thought this time woud come, but if it did I thought it would be long and slow and romantic and perfect. Did I hurt you?" "The only time you hurt me was just now. Not only do you talk like this will never happen again, but it was just how I wanted it today, and I happen to think it was romantic and perfect! Didn't you enjoy it?"

He stared at this woman-child in amazement. "Buffy I want to make love to you everyday for as long as we live, and you're right, every time we do it will be perfect and romantic. Forgive me please? he asked. "Well" Buffy said coyly "I'll forgive you on two conditions. Number one after we get in more comfortable surroundings and get some rest, I want some of that long slow lovemaking you were talking about. And next time we do some watcher/slayer bonding you have to wear the chains!" He laughed in delight knowing he would deny her nothing. He pulled her up from the floor and said "okay, let's get dressed and go look for some of those comfortable surroundings, and I'll even teach you how to spell the chains. Never know when they may come in handy" he said slyly.

They left arm in arm from the magic shop on the way to what was now the home they would share until death do them part.