Dreams can come true
By RenZach

TITLE- Dreams can come true.
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SPOILER WARNING- The Gift and onwards
PAIRING- BG of course :)
DISCLAIMER- I only own the constant fantasies of BG happiness in my head, everything else belongs to Joss and co.
SUMMARY- Set sometime after bargaining.
FEEDBACK- Yes please this is only my second story and I wrote it this morning so I would love to get the opinion of other more experienced writers.

He had always thought being a watcher would be a tedious experience, he'd seen other slayers before and never felt anything but sorry for them. He knew what it was to have destiny forced upon you and how hopeless it felt when you resigned yourself to that fact. From the moment he had been told he was to watch the new slayer, he decided this would be different. He knew this girl Buffy would be something of a challenge, he'd read the reports of how rebelleous she was. That thought energised him, he knew that she would be different, something magnificent. He knew now that he was right.

When he first saw her walk into the library, he was taken aback. She was a beautiful girl, only 16 but her eyes said she had a soul much older than that. Seeing the things she had to on a nightly basis were wont to do that to a person. He knew then and there that he would have to do everything in his power to keep her alive, which was what had gotten him started on this tangent to begin with.

The evening had started out well, she had asked if he would like to accompany her on patrol. He had been worried about her even since she had been ressurrected, the fire and passion he used to love to see in her eyes was gone now and had been replaced with complacency and numbness. He had gone with her however as he saw it as their first chance to really be alone together and he had been craveing that now more than ever. It seemed to him that he just couldn't get enough of her, touching her, smelling her, reassuring himself that she was truely there and not just another twilight vision in his mind.

They patrolled for hours, it had been a peacefull night and they were just enjoying each others company, letting the rest of the world slip away until it was only the two of them. He wasn't sure where they had come from or even how many there were, all he knew was that there were far too many and that he had to protect Buffy no matter what. They stood back to back and circled keeping an eye on each and every vampyre. In years gone by Buffy would have taunted them, egged them on as she would say, but tonight all he heard was her deep breaths and the grunts and growls of vamps. The first vamp moved in and the others followed. They fought with everything they had in them, fists, stakes and swords flying. It was a blur of action but it seemed to be getting the job done. He heard Buffy scream out in pain, but he could hear her continue to fight on. His need to destroy these foul creatures and get to his Buffy became more and more intense until all the vampyres were dust and he had to take a moment to realise that it was finally over.

He turned to see Buffy lieing on the ground, a pool of blood seeping from a large wound in her side. He rushed over to her and fell to his knees, only her name tumbling from his mouth again and again. She opened her eyes and said "Giles it's ok, I've been dead twice before remember, just promise me that you wont let them bring me back agin." Giles lost all control he had on his emotions then, tears began to course down his cheeks. He pleaded "Buffy you have to live, I.... We all love you and cant go on without you again." She smiled slightly and replied, "I know that Giles but it's not enough anymore, I've lost so much and it's too painful to live in this world. I know you'll take great care of Dawnie, you always have." She closed her eyes but Giles forced them open again. "I'm not letting you die, they'll have to kill me first because I can't survive being without you again, I won't."

He picked her up in his arms, it always amazed him how tiny she was considering how much power she harnessed. He rushed back to where he had parked his car and gently lay her in the back seat. He spoke to her the entire way to the hospital, pulling over a few times when he got no response. He would make her live if it killed him because he knew if she didnt, he would be dead anyway. He pulled up to the emergency entrance and bundled her up in his arms once more. The hospital staff all knew him by name, a by product of living on the hellmouth. They took Buffy from his arms and told him to wait, they would do all they could for her. He was consumed by fear and loss. He wouldn't go through this again. If anything were to happen to her he knew what he would have to do. He wouldn't bring her back again for he had seen how much of a toll that had taken on her, no this time he would join her wherever she went.

It had been hours since the doctors had pulled her from his arms and he was ready to tear a hole in the floor from all the paceing. Finally a doctor walked his way and before he could get a word out Giles blurted, " Is she....?" He couldnt say the words for fear that it would somehow make it true. The doctor smiled and replied "No Mr Giles, she's going to be ok, she lost a lot of blood and it was touch and go there for a while , but she seems to be healing remarkably well." Giles didnt wait to hear anymore he just knew he had to get to her, had to see her to set his mind at ease. "Where is she doctor I need to see her?" "Shes in recovery right now, shes still out of it from the anesthetic but you can go to her if you like." Giles didnt need to be told twice, he ran like a madman until he got to her room. Takeing a few deep breaths he slowly walked in.

She looked so pale and helpless almost like a child again. He walked to her side and smoothed some hair away from her face. His hand grasped for hers and it felt so good to be touching her again. He couldn't hold his emotions at bay any longer, he let out a heartbreaking sob and the tears began to flow. He brought her hand up to his face and kissed it slowly then again and again. "Oh Buffy, if only you knew how ths old man truely felt about you, but it's best you don't for my heart would shatter to see you look at me with contempt and disgust. I know I shouldn't be so desperatly in love with you, that I should never have allowed my feelings to get this far, but I couldn't help it. Everything you are is beauty and love, how could I not be swept up in you? Even though I know you could never return these feelings, it's enough for me to just be by your side. To know that you're really alive and to bask in it. I will always be here for you Buffy because being away from you would be worse than being without air, I would suffocate without your smile. Oh God, Buffy please don't scare me like this again, I love you so much I fear my heart will give me away and break free of my chest."

Buffy's eyes began to flitter open, her heart was alive with joy at the words Giles had spoken. Giles looked at her face and was filled with indescribable happiness that his Buffy was back. Buffy lifted the hand that Giles was holding and used it to wipe up the tears that were still streaming down his face. She tilted his head until he was looking directly into her eyes, he gasped at what he saw there. She smiled at him and nodded her head slightly and he knew that she had heard him. Her hand firmly but gently pulled him towards her until he was laying on the bed beside her, his face inches from hers. "I love you with all I am and all that I will ever be Giles." His heart soared to hear those words trickle from her mouth. "Say that again," he pleaded sure that it must have been his imagination. "I love you Giles." He needed no further urging. His face closed the small gap between them and his lips gently brushed against hers. His hand came up to caress her cheek as he pulled her closer to him and kissed her again. She parted her lips slightly and he responded in kind until their tongues met in a sweet embrace. They didn't know what tomorrow would bring but they were sure they would face it together, always.