Do You Love Me?
By Renee

PLOT - Giles has been out every night this week and a jealous Buffy demands to know doing what?
AUTHOR - Renee
TITLE - Do You Love Me?
RATING - My sauciest by far, an R by my standards but by some other R stories I've read probably no worse than a PG13.
DISCLAIMER - Joss and Co. own everything Buffy.
SPOILERS - Set sometime late season 5.

Buffy had decided to spend more time with Giles of late but every time she'd stopped by his flat after patrol he was nowhere to be found. The lights were out and even though she knocked repeatedly, sometimes more forcefully than was necessary there was never any response. At first she was angered, could he be out on a date with some harlot? What if she needed him to look up some big bad and he was off enjoying himself with some girl he didn't know from Eve? Jealousy welled up within her until she found it hard to breathe, why was she reacting this way? Didn't Giles deserve to be happy? If anyone did it was he.

A series of images flashed unbidden before her eyes. Giles' apartment lit by candles and littered by roses, holding his sobbing form in front of a burning warehouse, watching him and the gang in front of the school bandaged and limping. A tear escaped and cascaded down her cheek, when was it his turn? She pulled herself together and decided to make it her mission, you know as well as the whole slayer destiny thing, to make Giles happy. `I'll have to find him first,' she thought.

"Ok then if he is out with someone I should be happy for him right?" She glanced around suddenly aware that she was standing in Giles' very lit courtyard talking to herself. It was probably a good idea for her to take this inner confrontation elsewhere. As she was turning to leave she saw Giles' convertible pull up and tried to find a hiding place realising that lurking around his flat at 3 in the morning may seem slightly unusual. She dived for a shrub and yelped as it scratched her arm in her haste to get out of sight. Giles turned in the direction of her cry and cautiously called her name. Buffy had a 30 second debate over whether discretion was the better part of valour in this case but before she was able to come to any kind of decision her choices were reduced. Giles face peeked through the leaves. He let out a cry of surprise when he realised his face was mere centimetres from hers.

"Good Lord Buffy what are you doing in there?" He grabbed her hand gently pulling her out. She stuttered over her words searching for a decent excuse, "Ummmm I was erm just ah, I thought I heard a noise in here and I wanted to make sure you didn't come home with anything nasty, I mean to anything nasty." Her shoes were suddenly fascinating as she attempted to hide the blush creeping over her features. His hand stretched out to pull a twig from her hair, she hoped he hadn't noticed the intake of breath when he'd brushed her cheek. Giles had however and was extremely surprised by it, he was sure it couldn't have meant what he hoped it did.

"Ah well then I thank you for coming to my rescue." He smiled affectionately, she was happy knowing she'd caused the crinkle in his eye. She could lose herself in that look, he seemed so relaxed and content at that moment. She caught him staring at her with an expression of curiousness and wonder. Giggling slightly to herself she cleared her throat and noticed for the first time his attire. Giles watched as her eyes scanned him from top to bottom, he would have felt uncomfortable if it weren't for the look of, approval was it, on her features?

He was wearing a pair of worn denim jeans that could have cut off circulation were they any tighter, black boots and a black silk shirt that left the top two buttons undone. She marvelled at the curls of chest hair that escaped the tyranny of his shirt. But the item that held her gaze the longest was a small silver earring dangling from his decidedly enticing earlobe.

"Buffy, Buffy!" She could hear the smile in his voice and blushed once more, that was becoming an embarrassing habit. "Hmmm?" Was all she managed to get out. Gaining courage now that he was sure he could see lust in her eyes he decided to play with her a little. "So Buffy what brings you by my place at such an early hour?" "Well, well what brings you home at such a late hour? I've been by here every night this week and you're never here, I was starting to get worried. Heck by this point if I couldn't find you tonight I was gonna set the gang on full alert."

He exploded suddenly, "Why because it's such a horrific and unthinkable thing that I might be out having fun? Why would Giles possibly be out of his flat for anything other than demon business? Well let me tell you something Buffy, yes I may be getting up there in years but I can still do things that would make your hair curl and I quite often have the urge to do them. To you I may be very very old and gross but amazingly not all women think so." She burst into tears, not so much due to the tone of his voice, though that didn't help matters any, but more because he was right.

"I'm sorry." It was so quiet he'd had to lean in to hear her. Tears fell as she continued to apologize, "I'm so so so sorry Giles you're right I've been a horrible friend to you but if you knew the real reason I said that, well it doesn't matter just please know that I don't really feel that way." She was sobbing openly now and it broke his heart to see her cry. He moved so swiftly she'd not seen him coming even with her spidey sense. His arms wrapped around her like a wonderful warm cocoon, he smelt like old spice and it took all she had not to swoon in his embrace. He sighed contentedly as she rested her head upon his shoulder, they hadn't done this nearly enough.

"I'm sorry Buffy I shouldn't have snapped at you like that." He brushed a tear from her cheek and lifted her face so she would look at him. "No Giles please don't apologise it only makes it worse, you're right to feel that way I've treated you so badly for so long. You've had so much sorrow in your life and most of it's been because of me one way or another. I don't know how you're able to look me in the eye or even touch me. How do you do it? How can you be so perfect?" "I don't know about that Buffy but I know it would be easier for me to forget to breath than to stop wanting to protect you, surely you know that by now?"

Buffy smiled at the memory of him skewering the mayor on the end of a rapier at the slightest threat towards her. "Yeah you've demonstrated that a couple of times." He returned her hesitant smile relieved that some of the tension had left the air. "Giles?" "Hmmm?" He was still lost in the smell of her hair and the feeling of her body pressed so closely to his. "Where have you been every night?"

He squirmed uncomfortably, "do you really want to know Buffy?" "Yeah I really really do." "Do you promise to behave yourself if I tell you?" Her eyebrows shot northward, what could he have been doing that would make him worry about her reaction like that? "Ummm sure." The humour in her tone did little to reassure him. "I've been out dancing." He waited several painful moments for the smirk or smart arsed comment he was sure was coming but she merely stared at him curiously. "Like ballroom dancing?" The look of mischief on his face told her that guess was pretty far from the truth.

"Now remember you promised not to make fun!" She raised her hand, "scouts honour." He took a deep breath in and studied the pavement as he began to speak. "I believe it's referred to as `dirty dancing'." The blush that spread over his features was quite possibly the cutest thing shed ever seen but if she thought his face was red it was nothing compared to hers. Mistaking her reaction for embarrassment, he turned quickly, hunting in his pocket for the keys. Her hand leapt to his arm and spun him around to face her again. "Hey, there's nothing to be embarrassed about, I was just surprised, that's all." Surprised was one way to put it hot under the collar was more accurate.

He stared into her eyes and saw a spark of interest there. Gathering courage from places he didn't know he had, he asked the question he'd only asked in his wildest dreams. "W...w..w..would you l....l....l that is to say would you possibly, I mean perhaps," she placed a hand on his cheek to coax the rest of the question from him. "Giles just spit it out whatever it is you want to say, I won't be upset or offended, in fact I think I'd jump at the chance to find out what rattles around in that big brain of yours."

He smiled at her gratefully and trudged on, "Buffy, would you like to come with me sometime?" The only sound she heard was her heart pounding in her ears, the thought of seeing Giles dance like that was doing all kids of crazy things to her. She'd had naughty dreams after seeing Patrick Swayze do it, she was sure Giles would send her into overdrive. He scuffed his feet nervously awaiting her response. Cupping his cheek in her hand she replied, "I would love to."

His eyes flew to hers to search for any sign she was kidding but all he saw was sincerity. The sky resounded with a thunderclap as rain began to heavily fall. Shrieking Buffy flew towards his doorway forgetting she'd prevented him from opening it. Hastily he fished his keys out and they both ducked inside as it began to pour outside. Giles was mesmerised by the sight that greeted him when he turned towards Buffy. She would have thought she looked a mess but he'd never seen her lovelier. Her hair was damp and had curled around her face, her shirt though not drenched was wet enough to be stuck to her form.

"Forgive me I've forgotten my manners, would you like a towel or something, oh luv you're shivering." At his term of endearment she began to shiver more fiercely but for entirely different reasons. "That'd be great, thanks." She made her way into the living room and started a fire as she waited for him to return. He stood on the edge of the room watching her thinking he could get used to seeing her putter around his flat. She caught him staring and smiled affectionately. "'s a towel, did you want to undress ...I....I mean you know change your clothes?" "Nah, I think I'll be fine thanks though." She took the towel gratefully and wrapped it around her shoulders, between it and the fire she was warming up nicely.

"So ummm how about that demonstration?" He'd almost hoped she'd forgotten about that invitation but seeing her lit by the fire, knowing that it was she who had brought it up this time, he was happy to oblige. "Well you know Buffy it's not really something one can do by oneself, it's more of a couple thing." She liked the sound of that but was afraid of not being up to his standards. "I've never really dirty danced before, well there was that time with Xander in the Bronze but that was more heavy petting than dirty dancing." He reached for her hand and pulled her towards him, "I'd be happy to show you how if you like." He was rewarded with a heavy flush and a slight panting on her part, she breathed the word `please'.

He gave her a Ripper glare and pulled her hard against himself until little was left to the imagination. He leant back and turned the stereo on, she recognised the song as `Do you love me?' from Dirty Dancing. "We'll start out slow alright?" She simply nodded afraid that words would fail her if she tried to speak. His arm snaked around her waist until it hung loosely on her hip, the other he used to place her arm on his shoulder. "Now I want you to move with me Ok? When I move my hips towards you I want you to move with them and vice versa when I pull you back towards me." Again she was brave enough only to nod as she bit her lip, the heat was coming from more than just the fire now. He did as he promised and slowly they began to feel each other's rhythm, it seemed as in most things they were perfectly in sync with one another.

He felt comfortable to speed things up a little and she adjusted to the new beat in no time. They tried a few more moves she'd seen performed in the movie, she thought of one in particular she wished he'd try. He could tell though she was enjoying herself that there was something on her mind and asked her what it was. "Well there was this one thing that I saw a guy do and well I just thought maybe it would be something we'd both umm enjoy." His eyebrow quirked up saucily and she knew that this was the most Ripper, without other influences mind you, that he'd ever allowed her to see. "I'm up for ANYTHING you are luv."

She smiled provocatively bolstered by his reaction. She whispered in his ear the particular move she was thinking of and was pleased when his face lit up with a naughty expression. "I definitely think we could give that a go." She held her breath as he sank to the floor never losing eye contact. He slowly made his way back up her body his face connecting with her skin as he slip up her in one long solid movement. He took a few extra seconds when he got to her chest area and she could have sworn she felt the whip of his tongue before he was level with her face. She shivered in delight aware that he must know the affect he was having on her.

"Giles there's something I need to tell you, apart from that that was awesome." "I was rather fond of it myself." He smiled willing her to say whatever was on her mind. "Giles I want you to know this isn't just a physical thing, at least for me and I hope not for you, I ... I'm in love with you." The smile she was rewarded with blinded her until the only thing she could see was his beautiful face staring sweetly at her.

"My dearest Buffy I love you too, I always have. Don't you know that you're everything to me? The reason I exist?" "I know it's taken me a long time to figure everything out Giles but I get it now. The whole Watcher and Slayer thing, we're soul mates. You and I we're meant to be, you know? I've wanted to do a praying mantis on every woman I've seen you ever look at, except without the whole me having sex with them first cuz ewww, Ok I've totally ruined the moment now haven't I?"

Before she could say anything more he cupped her face in his large hands and softly brushed his lips against her own. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to be lost in him, not that it was terribly hard to do. He deepened the kiss and slowly slid his tongue into her inviting mouth. She moaned into him and he wondered if he'd ever truly lived before now. Her hands framed his face then crept behind his neck trying to be as close to him as was physically possible. They moved to the couch but missed it entirely and ended up on the rug in front of the fire. They giggled for a moment until their eyes locked again and drew together like magnets. In one fluid motion he melded his body to hers and began to softly suck on her earlobe.

They whispered `I love you's' until after many hours they finally drifted to sleep. He spooned her, their bodies needing to be close even in sleep. Buffy stirred, more relaxed than she'd ever remembered being. She smiled as she felt his arm tighten around her waist and flip her over. "Good morning Mr Giles."

"Buffy I've been thinking." His voice was croaky from sleep, it was decidedly sexy. "Mmmm? Well I don't know when you've had time to think." "Oh for the last hour as I've watched you sleep." She let out an awwwwwwww as she kissed him gently on the nose. "Buffy, I never thought I'd be lucky enough to meet someone as wondrous as you, let alone be allowed to be in your life. To be lying here with you now is more than I ever dared hope for. I don't want to push my luck but I feel if I don't ask you this I'll be depriving myself of the greatest happiness I could imagine." She stared at him not daring to breath or think just hoping he would hurry up and continue.

He pulled her to her feet then sunk back down to one knee. "Buffy Summer's will you do me the greatest honour you could bestow upon any man and marry me?" She squealed and dropped till she was face to face with him. "Yes, yes Oh God yes!" She planted kisses on every millimetre of his face, every inch of his smile. His eyes became misty and she kissed the tears away. They made plans to purchase a ring that very day but agreed that it was far too soon to leave the comfort of each other's arms just yet. Outside the gang, mouths open, attempted to pry themselves away from the window. "Ummm c'mon guys I think they need their privacy." Willow closed Xander's mouth whilst steering him to the sidewalk. Anya walked with a skip in her step happy that Giles finally had an orgasm buddy.