Double Vision

TITLE: Double Vision
AUTHOR: Kat_the_Vampyre
SPOILERS: Not really, maybe end of season 2
FEEDBACK: Yes please, it's my first B/G
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Nobody's mine unfortuanatley. They're all Joss's etc.
Summary: Buffy becomes suspicious when Giles starts acting strangely.

"Hi Will"

"Oh, Buffy. I've been looking for you for ages. Where've you been?"

"Class. I know makes a change doesn't it."

"Yeh, you at class..Oh sorry, I didn't mean..Well, anyway. Giles wants to see you after school, which is, like now, in the Library."

"Really? He said I could have this evening off, I was going to the Bronze. Another evenings plans gone just so I can save the world. huh? It's just not fair" She grumbled to herself walking off in the direction of the library. I spite of the grumbling she was fairly happy at the prospect of seeing Giles, to begin with she'd resented having to spend so much time with him instead of having a social life but they'd become friends so now it was much more fun than watching Willow and Oz and Xander and Cordy all over each other.


"Hey Giles. What's the crisis?" Something's different about him. What is it. Same hair. Same tweed. Oh well, I must be tired or something.

"Oh no crisis, buffy. I just felt that you needed some more training."

"But you said I could have tonight off." Buffy did her best pout hoping to sway him into changing his mind again.

"Well, I changed my mind. Stop sulking." He snapped at her. Buffy glared in responce and immediatly set to at pummeling him to a bloody pulp to pay him back for that last comment. Buffy had him to the floor in record time and instead of getting up for more punishment he lay there, with his eyes shut.

"Giles, are you allright?" She asked bending down. When she reached his level, Giles eyes flew open and pulling her to the ground and straddling her.

"What are you doing?" Buffy asked more curious than annoyed, there really was something up with Giles, he was far to English to do anything like this. In responce he lent down over her and brushed her hair away from her face before kissing her hard.

"Wow" Was Buffy's responce once he'd pulled away. Bending down Giles repeated the action and this time Buffy responded until his hands strayed up her skirt.

"No Giles, I'm not ready. It's to soon since angel."

Pushing her back to the floor Giles continued his explorations.

"Giles I said no." She told him using her extra strength to push him off her, "What's wrong with you? This isn't you"

Giles stood up and turned so that his back was towards Buffy, she could hear him muttering something, it wasn't English, his sort or hers. Then she realised it was latin, he must be cating a spell, oh God he's casting a spell, he never casts, I'm getting out of here. And with that thought Buffy ran out of the Library.

At the end of the corridor Buffy stopped and leaned back against the wall, then it felt like she was walking along the corridor, opening her eyes she found she was, back to the library. Ok no control over my body here, I'm walking back to the library and I don't want to, so I should just be able to stop. No, can't. And I'm walking into the library and walking over to Giles and..Oh My God I'm taking off my top.

"What have you done to me?" Buffy yelled at Giles.

"Just a little spell, luv. Dont worry it wont kill you, just relax. " During this short conversation, Buffy's hands had finished with her top and moved onto his.

"Giles please don't do this. What ever's the matter it can't be bad enough to warrant this. Giles, stop it please I love you."

"What?" came the familiar voice of her ex-watcher from the other side of the room, looking over Buffy found it was indeed Giles. Double take. Still Giles. So who was the man doing the spell?

"Giles, help me. He's done a spell."

Giles walked towards Buffy and drawing his arm back, hit the other Giles who Buffy was currently draped on, the man fell to the floor, hunched over in the foetal position. Buffy tried to move, she was free . Walking over to the real Giles, she put her hand on his arm and gently but firmly pulled him away from his current occupation of repeatedly kicking the other man in the stomach.

"Who is he Giles? He looked like you."

"Did he? He didn't to me. Look at him both spells wore off when I hit him. It's quite hard to maintanin the concentration needed to work such a spell when you're being hit in the face."

Buffy looked down, Ethan.

"I could have guessed I suppose. He wasn't really anything like you. He took away my will with a spell. You'd never betray me like that, excluding that one point that we no longer talk about."

Giles looked slightly guilty at the mention of Buffy's birthday 'celebration'.

"Um, Buffy I know the spell. I..I've got it written down somewhere, I know it quite well, I've, um, never performed it myself, but, er, Ethan was always rather keen on it, he never had much self-confidence. Well, I.. I'll get the book for you." Giles rushed off into his office. I wonder why he's so embarrased about it, I mean I'm the half naked one here, Oh that could be it I suppose, I'd better find my top.

"Here, it is. I'll, er, leave you to read it I'll be in my office."

"This is it." Buffy remarked to herslef. "True lust spell, This spell can only be performed if the Victim is already attracted to the spell caster, or the person they think are the spell caster.." Oh my god, Giles knows this, so did Ethan, am I that obvious? Well, then he can't feel the same way or he'd have said somethng surely. Maybe he didn't know till now. I'm rambling.

Slamming the book shut, Buffy walked into Giles office.

"I'm returning your book, Giles. I've read enough. I'm sorry you found out about my feelings for you like this, I know you only thnk of me like a daughter..."

"Buffy, I love you too. More than that I'm in love with you. I just never thought you could recipricate those feelings."

"Oh wow."