Don't tell me
By Sara Jung

SPOILERS: after Buffy discovered Olivia in ĎThe Freshmaní and before she met Sunday
FEEDBACK: Yes please
SUMMARY: That would be telling.
DISCLAIMER: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon (All Hail), Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Productions, Kuzui Enterprises, 20th Century Fox Television and the WB.

Buffy walked down the street, unaware of the vamps lurking in the dark. Her thoughts circled around one: ĎYou donít need a Watcher anymore.í

She couldnít believe heíd said that. She needed him! Would ever! And he needed her.

Oh no dear, he has Olivia.

<Shut up.>

Why? Because you donít care?

<Because itís a lie.>>

Ha! Good joke, sweetie.

<As I said, shut up.>

Uh, or what? Will you use your Slayer power against me? How? Iím you.

<Go away. Donít bother me any more.>

Then youíll have to rip your heart out of your chest.

<I would.>

YeahÖ sure. Hey look isnít that Angel?

<Angel who?>

See? Youíre so into Giles that you already forgot your big loveÖ you know the one that became a bloody wanker because you shagged.

<OK, I was nice till now. Fuck off.>

Oh Iím not the one who fucked.

<Go. Away.>

Iím scaredÖ

<Youíd better be.>

And why?

<You depend on me.>

Sure. I depend on you breathing and stuff but I donít depend on YOU.

<Fuck off.>

Why canít you be reasonable about this? You know you love him. We both know it. Why donít you admit it?

<Donít tell me what to do.>

Iím not. Iím just giving advice.

<Let me give you an advice. Be quiet or Iíll do something very stupid.>

Like what? It would be embarrassing for you, not for me.

<You donít even know what Iíd do!>

Sure I do. Iím your heart, dear.

<I donít believe my heart is such an asshole.>

And why not? You hurt everybody who cares for you. Angel. Mom. Giles. Over and over again. I wonder why they still care for you.

<Because Iím niceÖ?>


<Doesnít sound very convincing, does it?>


<Then, as my heart, give me advice how to change it.>

I did. Again and again. But do you listen to me? No. Not my problem, I guess.

<OK. Fine. Leave me alone.>

If thatís what you want.

<Hey! Donít believe everything I say!>

Oh, I donít sweetie.

<Then what?>

Nothing. By the way, do you mind talking to yourself?


Buffy flushed only at the thought of walking back into Gilesí apartment after the early morning shock but she had to clear that. But before she even left the campus, Sunday captured her and beat her into a bloody clump.