Don't Say a Word
By salla

Title: Don't Say a Word
Author: salla
Rating: PG-13 - mild innuendo
Summary: Originally written as a response to a challenge to have Spike and Buffy together, in a collapsed building, in a storm, with someone injured. Then my sick mind asked "What if Giles had been the one trapped with her?" and so this revised version was born. The original can be found at
Disclaimer: I don't own them. I will give them back...if I must *sigh*. Don't sue...the line for my non-existent money is too long already.
Notes: Just a fun little fic.


"Yes, Buffy?"


"I'm afraid I must."

"Don't say it."

"Buffy, as your Watcher, it is my duty to tell you when you do things that are...well, silly."

"Just stop! And it wasn't silly."

"Buffy, no matter what you choose to believe..."


"I would say that for a slayer...."


" travel in unknown territory with no map......"

" Giles!"

"...and get us lost in Kansas tracing down a relatively minor demon who's major pastime is cow tipping."

"It was cow disemboweling, and you can just...stop!!"

"Not yet. You then pursued said demon straight into the path of an oncoming storm, only to take shelter at the last minute in this rickety old barn."

"Giles, you are so dead."

"Yes, well, if you could reach me I would worry. As I was saying.... Taking shelter in a rundown old barn only to get mad at… Well, as far as I can tell you were mad at Kansas, which makes no sense, but that's teenaged girls for you.... then you kicked the support beam that held this rat trap up causing the whole thing to collapse, on top of you no less, breaking your leg."

"Giles, once this storm lets up and I get out of here, you better run like Hell, cause when I get my hands on you I will...."

"Will what?"

"Well, I..… That is, I’ll......"


"I'll kiss you until your eyes roll back in your head, until you are so hot for me that you beg me to let you make love to me."



"Yes, Buffy?"

"Get over here!"