Divine Manifestation
By solo84

TITLE: Divine Manifestation
AUTHOR: solo84
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SPOILERS: Graduation Pt. II
SUMMARY: Hey! What could be better than a night on the town to ease the residual stress of a battle to the death? Can’t think of much. Well… I suppose there is that one other thing.
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It was 3 am in the morning and Buffy lay in her bed. Sleep wouldn’t come. She felt cold. It’s bad when a slayer can’t sleep. That always means extra time for thought. And thought was the last thing Buffy needed right now. At the moment a mindless void of nothingness would’ve been her vacation of choice. Instead she sat examining the most recent devastating events in the rubix cube that was her life.

Why couldn’t everything just be perfect? Why couldn’t she be normal? Why couldn’t she find the man of her dreams and ride off into the sunset? Sighing she rolled onto her stomach twisting the covers into an uncomfortable position around her abdomen in the process.

"Because life isn’t like that," she whispered. < At least not my life > Making no attempts to adjust herself she just lay there; unable to sleep, unable to stop thinking horrible depressing thoughts and unable to lead the life of a normal 18 year old girl.

The Ascension. What was that? Just another notch on the good ol’ gladiatorial belt. Sure Sunnydale had the potential to disappear off the face of the planet; but they’d saved the world before! What was one small town? Why had all this effected her to the same extent? (Does that question even need to be asked?) Because Angel was involved, that’s why. The man she’d always seen (and continued to see) as her white knight. Never mind the fact that he dressed all in black, was constantly battling a literal inner demon, killed, maimed and tortured many a person in his past and almost nearly killed her… a few times, actually. She still clung to the fact that he was the man of her dreams, and the only one that could love her to such an extent. He lost his soul because of her. He came back from hell because of her… and he killed Jenny because of her. < God! Why did that always have to sneak in there? > <Because it’s important, > she answered herself.

Jenny’s death devastated so many people especially Giles and she’d almost lost him because of it. The thought of losing him was inconceivable at the moment. It always had been…

The sound of a rogue drop of rain hitting the windowsill distracted that train of thought. (One, for some reason, she wasn’t all that anxious to continue just yet.) < That’s funny, > she thought. They got rain even less than snow in Sunnydale, but hey, that’s the Hellmouth for ya. < Just one wacky helly place… >

"Whoa, I am tired. I’m starting to sound like Xander… and since when do I talk to myself?" < Since delirium set in… I’d say around 2, > her mind answered. "Shut up, shut up, shut up," she murmured into her pillow, trying to quell her mind from swirling into the area she really didn’t want to go…. It went there anyway.

Faith. God, Faith. It had made her sick to her stomach to have to provoke the mayor in that way. To have to say those things about someone who was once her friend… and might have been again had Buffy not rendered her incapable of speech, movement and, she’d imagined, even thought. But if that dream had really been what it had seemed then at least she could rest easy in the fact that… that Faith is trapped in an incapacitated shell. < Oh great. >

Sarcasm seemed to be her only savior from wretched sobbing this evening and it had worked pretty well until that last image of Angel flashed once more before her eyes. The smoke, slowly, unrelentingly overtaking her love. Sending him away from her forever. The pain was just too much and as the rain began a single tear slipped down the side of her cheek and onto her pillow, soaking into its case for what seemed like the thousandth time.


The thunder rolled outside of Giles’ window as he restlessly tossed in a state of pseudo-sleep. Finally fed up he tore the covers off his body and rose into a sitting position at the edge of his bed. He rested his head in his hands for a moment trying physically, as well as mentally to collect his scattered thoughts. It didn’t work.

A rush of wind followed as he rose from the bed, reminding him of the chill that perpetually engulfed his house. A shiver ran through him… a shiver that was not only the effect of the chill, but also of thoughts so familiar and yet still so disturbing that a bone chilling shiver was always in accompaniment. He went to the closet and pulled out his robe. Albeit thin, at least it covered his shirtless body to the extent it was needed.

He turned on the light in the hallway and slowly began his decent of the stairs. Tea sounded good right about now. Well, tea always seemed to sound good to Giles. However, in this particular instance its mere presence in the house was a Godsend. A warm cup of tea always seemed to succeed in soothing his thoughts and quelling his memories… at least the bad ones. It brought back memories of happier times. Happier times back in England. Of course, maybe not so ideal now that he thought about it considering he was studying to be a watcher at that damnable establishment people called "The Watcher’s Council." He was young and na´ve then. A mere boy struggling to become a man under the forever-appraising eye of his ever displeased father. There was no way he could have known of the cold-hearted evil that lurked within the walls of the very establishment that was meant to be fighting it. Of course, it couldn’t have been all bad. It had brought him to Sunnydale, to the Scooby gang… to Buffy. In all truth it had brought him to his life.

Suddenly the idea of tea disgusted him. He placed the mug back into the cupboard just as he’d begun to take it out. Instead he went to stand by the window, arms crossed loosely about his chest. This was an activity he’d taken to doing a lot lately. He couldn’t remember when or why it had started… perhaps because of some inherent need to watch over her even when she wasn’t there. Even when the time for research, patrolling and the inevitable battle were over she was still with him. He carried her pain as well as his. The fact that he didn’t break under the monstrous load wasn’t something anyone close to him had even tried to consider. He knew she was in pain tonight. He knew she was suffering and he also knew there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it.

The rain blurred his vision of the city, but a clap of thunder or flash of lightning would momentarily bring a sort of primal clarity to it all. He’d almost lost her, but since when had that become a new thing? He was always, almost losing her. Always having to think of new and innovative ways for her to battle some creature that was hell bent on killing her, wiping her off the face of the planet… what a ridiculous (not to mention, unsafe) place it would be without her.

"Buffy…" he murmured to himself half-joyful, half-pained. He went to the wall and switched off the light. His couch seemed more comfortable than the bed at the moment. (If not in a practical sense in an emotional one.) Finding the corpse of a loved one in a place of rest sort of forever converts it to a place of it’s absolute opposite: severe unrest.

Making himself comfortable with what little covering he had Giles closed his eyes willing sleep, in any form, to come. Nightmares were fine as long as they were abstract and pointless… and as long as they didn’t involve Buffy in any way… but who was he kidding? They always did. The darkness overcame him, just as light broke the horizon, shattering the rain clouds with the promise of a new day (and nothing more). What else could they possibly hope for?


She had gotten three hours of sleep -one, two, three- and they weren’t very restful hours either. Normally she managed at least 5 to 6 hours of tossing, moaning, thrashing and turning… tonight, only three.

Buffy wondered about the others. Wondered how they were doing this day. The day after the destruction of their alma mater… the one, all encompassing, tangible symbol of their past. Sighing she pushed the covers away and sat up, dangling her feet over the edge of her bed, hands on either side.

Her head bowed slightly as she thought about its halls, it’s grounds… its library… their library, which was now gone forever. A place where they had shared happiness and sorrow, laughter and tears. It was their place and now it was gone. She scoffed at herself for thinking this way about a place she hadn’t really given much thought to when it was alive. < Oh, for crying out loud, Buffy! It’s not dead. > It was an inanimate object and now she was thinking of it as dead… but it was dead, in a sense. It was dead and they’d killed it. They’d given it life and then they’d snuffed it out. Perhaps not in a literal sense (at least she hoped not), but in the sense that as the stories of their lives unfolded within, it’s walls sort of, absorbed everything. It had been with them through it all and to feel nostalgic about it wasn’t the least bit strange.

Buffy wondered then how Giles felt about the whole thing. He had, after all, spent most of his time there. She’d wondered if he’d even made it home some nights, he was researching so hard. Giles. What a sweet heart… poor guy. < Poor guy?! God damn it Buffy! That’s all you can muster for the man who’s been with you, who’s stayed with you through everything? Through all the happiness, through all the suffering?! Poor guy is all he gets?!! > Aggravated with herself Buffy rose off the bed and stormed out into the bathroom, fully prepared for what looked to be a horrible day ahead. < Two horrible days in a row. What’re the chances? > In Sunnydale? Pretty much as great as you could possibly get.


The tarmac was still damp and Giles’ brown dress-shoe sloshed into a puddle as he stepped from his vehicle. He didn’t know why he had come here and with every step he took across the glistening parking lot a voice inside would tell him to turn and go back… but he just had to see it. One last time, he had to see it. The place or, at least, the remains of the place where he’d spent most of his waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours for the past 3 years. The place where he’d first met with his destiny, first looked it in the face and smiled eagerly, expectant of so many things, so many pretentious, molded, systematic things that she was not… and thank God for it.

As he gazed down at the school, on the perch from which it had been destroyed, emotion threatened to swell within him. The place that had witnessed so much of his life, now lay in a heap of scattered, charred parts. Its image almost seemed to reflect how, internally, he felt himself. He sighed. < If Buffy needs me. I’ll be there, > he thought. And he would. No matter how much it hurt, no matter if there was another Angel, no matter if she beat him into a bloody pulp and left him for dead. < Now that’s extreme old man > and sure it was, but it was the truth. Her actions, no matter how inadvertent persisted in wounding him far more than such a thrashing would. And wounds of the emotional nature always took far longer to heal… but he would stay. As long as she needed him… as long as she appeared to want him (he had to scoff at that) nothing could tear him away.

He turned then, blinking back the water that had pooled in the corners of his eyes. While engrossed in his introspective reverie it had begun to drizzle. And so, knowing that to stay longer would probably only be detrimental to his fragile state of emotional balance, Giles strode deliberately back to his Citroen, shoulders hunched and collar up, prepared to face, what looked to be another day of pain. His one selfless hope: that Buffy had had a good rest.


He could hear the phone ringing through the door as he hopelessly fumbled with his keys.

"Bloody hell." After a little more fumbling and a couple more rings he finally wrenched it open. "Wait," he shouted pitifully, "I’m coming!" Tripping over a lamp stand on his way he finally made it to his desk. Launching his torso over its expanse he lifted the receiver to his ear. "Hello?" he answered, still gasping for air.

"Hi, Giles?"

"Willow, what a lovely surprise. How are yo… wait… are you all right? Is there… is there something the matter?"

"No, no, no, no. Everything’s fine… well, fine with me it’s fine… kind of. Umm… yeah. Are you okay? You sound, sort of, out of breath."

"Oh, sorry that was just… I just had to hurry to the phone. Nothing to be concerned about, but what… I mean, why did you call? Is there something… it really is a wonderful surprise, but is there something that…"

"Yes, there is something," Willow mercifully interrupted, "I just wanted… well, I have to ask you something. It’s kind of a favor that… I mean, it’s not a big favor or anything…"

"Yes, Willow?" Giles tried to return the courtesy by breaking her ramble.

"Oh, sorry, yeah. Umm, I just wanted to know if you could, maybe, talk to Buffy." There, she’d said it.

"Talk to Buffy? What exactly… I talk to Buffy all the time. It’s part of… or, at least, it used to be part of my job."

Willow sighed, frustrated with her inability to articulate when the occasion called for it. < Jeez, I did it with Faith > What was it about Giles? < Probably it’s because he’s older… and because I actually care what he thinks. > "Yeah, but I mean more of a real talk. Like one where you actually share… stuff." Giles ruffled a bit at this, but made no audible complaint. She paused. "I’m asking you this because I don’t really know what to do. It’s… she’s just…" sighing, she continued, determined to get this out, "I know she’s unhappy Giles, but I can’t do anything about it… I just… I know I can’t make her feel better, but, I think, maybe you can."

"But why…"

"Because you share so much, Giles! Because you’ve been through as much if not more than her!" She blurted out. "I just… I don’t have that kind off experience to draw from. She misses him Giles and I don’t know how to make it better." They were both silent for a moment. Giles was trying to battle his emotions. Trying desperately to breathe deeply, making a pitiful attempt at preventing his chest from seizing the way it always did when he was mentioned. Willow just waited.

"I know," he said simply, "I know she needs someone Willow, but I don’t know that that someone is me."

"Why not?"

"Because she’s… there’s been no sign that… God… I just don’t see it," he finally said.

"Giles, please. Call her. Do something. Take her out for some ice cream or…"

"She told you I…"

"Told me what?"

"Oh, nothing… never mind."

Willow scowled, her face contorting into an expression somewhat akin to her ‘resolve face.’ "Giles, please… help her." How did she do that? With those two simple words she’d trapped him.

< Help her. > When put in those terms how could he refuse. Of course he would help her no matter how much it hurt. He said he would be there whenever she needed him and, according to Willow, she needed him now. What else was there to do? "Yes, Willow. I’ll," he sighed, "I’ll do something."

"Remember Giles. She does need you…"

"Goodbye, Willow."

"Bye." And with that they hung up.

Giles slid around his desk and plopped into the chair, a pained expression now plastered to his face as he began to drum his fingers to the chaotic, scattered and aimless rhythm of the rain outside his window. Buffy needed him, needed his support, his approval, his comfort. She needed to know that everything was going to be okay, but how could he tell her that when he didn’t know himself. It took every fiber of his being, at work every hour of every day to keep him from becoming a tortured, basket case. He’d managed to avoid the latter, but the former had already become a staple of his personality. He hid it well. He had to. For everyone else’s sake. He was their rock. How dare he even think of crumbling.

He would help Buffy. He would ease her pain and he would smother his own. That’s how it was and he accepted it with open arms. Well, maybe not open arms, but, at least, outspread hands. As long as she was happy, as long as he could see her smile nothing else mattered.


Buffy lay sprawled on her bed thinking. 4:37pm and she still hadn’t left the house. Scratch that. She still hadn’t left her room (except once to go to the bathroom). She’d thought about calling Willow a couple of times, but what could they have possibly done in this rain? She didn’t really feel like talking anyway. Too much effort would have to be exerted to make it appear as though she was actually happy. Not to mention the fact that it would all be in vain, considering Willow was way too perceptive to believe her false cheer. Nope, not something she wanted to do. Best to stay at home and avoid passing any of her heartache on to anyone else.

Her mom had come up to check on her way more than just a couple of times, infinitely concerned as she always was. Buffy had to send her away repeatedly, safe, at least, in the knowledge that her daughter had not and was not planning to jump out of the window or injure herself in any way.

Thankfully, because it was summer, the sun had no plans of setting anytime soon. The fight for sleep was not something Buffy wanted to face quite yet.

Her mind now poised to jump to the next topic was halted suddenly when the phone rang snapping her out of her reverie. She’d asked her mom to answer all of her calls, but for some reason she felt she had get this one. It felt important. She dragged herself up the comforter and picked up the receiver following the second ring.


"Hello, Buffy?"

"Oh Giles, hey!" Buffy said, a bit surprised, but pleasantly so, "what’s up? How are you? Is this about some big bad demon? Will I be beating it into a bloody pulp today or tomorrow? Wasn’t yesterday enough for you people?" She said, half jokingly.


"Jeez, I guess there’s no rest for the weary… isn’t that what they say? Okay, so I’m rambling. I’m rambling aren’t I? I’m sorry about this. I’m just not used to spending an entire day indoors… in my roo…"



"Are you alright?" He asked, genuine concern reflected in his tone.

"Am I alright? Sure I’m all right. Why wouldn’t I be all right?" She asked a bit defensively. There was a silence. Buffy sighed, "Giles. Why did you call?"

He hadn’t expected such bluntness and it threw him a little. "I wanted… well, I-I was just wondering if you would care to venture into a… well, um, into a dinner engagement… with me. Tonight."

"Excuse me?" She asked; not quite sure she’d heard right.

"Would you like to go out to dinner with me?"

"Umm… Giles…"

"Oh! No, not as a… I-I’m not asking. It’s just that we never had that ice cream and I thought maybe a dinner would be… well, I thought it might be more pleasant… perhaps."

"Oh," she replied, utilizing her most intelligent vocabulary to stun him in to silence while she contemplated her slight disappointment. Quickly she dismissed that train of thought in favor of actually finding a word to use. "Giles, I…" < why not, you ninny?! > "Okay, sure."



"Ah… okay. Good, then. Should I speak with your mother or…"

"No, no. I’ll handle that. She’ll be pleased to see me doing something other than rocking back and forth on my bed."


"No, no, it’s fine. I wasn’t really doing that… well, not exactly, but yes, so… good. What time…? I mean, umm, yes, what time would you like me to be ready by… oh, and what type of clothes would be most appropriate for this wacky night -o- fun?"

"I’ll be by to pick you up at around 7 o’clock. Dress formally." Giles replied directly, but beneath it all he was still a little agog at her acceptance. It was true that they never did get the chance to talk about "stuff" and the entire evening couldn’t possibly revolve around the one of stealth.


"Goodbye, Buffy."

"Bye." After hanging up Buffy didn’t quite know what to do with herself. Giles had just asked her out. Well, not out, out (because that would be wrong and icky and just… wrong), but out. He’d never done that. In all their three years together they’d never really met in a relaxed and recreational setting. This was all very new not to mention a bit weird and more than a little bit scary. < Scary? Why, scary? > < Because he’s Giles! > Giles doesn’t go out to dinner he stays in for tea. What on earth was this all about and why, on top of it all, did she feel so giddy? < Angel just left you and all of a sudden there’s giddiness? >

Well, she had to start getting ready now if she didn’t want to keep Giles waiting anymore than 15 minutes.


When the doorbell didn’t ring by 7:05 Buffy began to worry. She knew it was a bit extreme, but Giles was never, (and she meant never) late unless something was horribly wrong. Deciding to give it until 7:15 before she completely ransacked the town, she finished applying her make-up and examined herself in the mirror. < Not bad, > she thought.

The dress she wore was of a long, body-hugging blue silk that whispered over her curves as she moved. It had been on sale so she’d bought it as an alternative to her prom dress. She ultimately ended up with the pink because she wanted this one to remain unscathed. Her hair was drawn up into a French twist with various tendrils hanging down and her make-up was light and natural, but absolutely beautiful.


Buffy descended the stairs deliberately, watching every step so as not to trip. When she spotted her mother passing at the bottom she cursed herself for not doing this sooner. < Oh, damn… can’t remember everything can we? >

Glancing up Joyce’s expression quickly morphed from astonishment, to happiness, to concern to down right worry.

"Buffy. You’re going out?" She asked pointlessly.

"Yes, out would be where I’m headed." She replied nervously, coming to a stop at the foot of the stairs.

"So. Who’s the lucky guy?" She asked trying not to appear nosy, but desperately unable to pull it off.

Buffy sighed, rolling her eyes. "It’s Giles, Mom."

The astonishment returned. "Giles?! Mr. Giles? Your watcher… or, I mean ex-watcher. Buffy, I don’t… this isn’t at all… not a good idea, not a good idea."

"Mom! Calm down! We’re just going out to dinner… as friends!" < boy, is this starting to get weird. >

"Buffy, I still don’t think…" she was interrupted by the doorbell.

"Mom, please. Just… just try not to be mom-like. This isn’t a huge deal. I’m just… it’s just not a huge deal, okay?" Joyce, scowled at her daughter, but kept her mouth shut, which turned out to be quite the task, once the door was opened revealing a very dashing Giles indeed. Without his usual glasses and clad in a black tux with satin lapels the man was undeniably handsome… gorgeous even. She would never, even under pain of death, admit it, but she felt just the slightest pang of jealously as he brought his hands forward and presented the flowers to her daughter, smiling down at her momentarily with a look Joyce didn’t care to examine right then. She offered up a small warm smile as greeting. "Hello, Mr. Giles."

"Hello Joyce," Giles said as he stepped just over the threshold.

"I’ll just go put these in some water." Buffy said, clipping quickly off into the kitchen.

"Ah, it seems as though you’ve been busy. The house smells wonderful. What are you preparing, may I ask?" His attempt at disarming banter.

"Spaghetti… actually. Thank you."

"Well, it smells wonderful. It makes me feel sorry that we’re going out tonight."

She smiled a bit at that. "Oh don’t be. Have a lovely time."

"Thank you," he said, trying not to sound as relieved as he felt. He offered up a small smile before turning to find Buffy, who had dealt with the flowers at, what seemed like break-neck speed. Now she seemed a bit distracted by, what he hoped wasn’t something objectionable on his chest. "Shall we?"

"Huh? Oh, yes, please." < Okay, hello! Since when did Giles become so… so… > Buff? Was that what she was thinking? She wasn’t quite sure. He’d dressed very similar to this at prom, but for some reason (Angel) she’d been distracted then. Giles turned and offered his arm, which she gladly took, a bit disturbed at her train of thought and happy to have the momentary distraction. "Bye Mom! Don’t wait up. Us party animals are gonna’ paint the town red… okay, so bad metaphor, but you get the idea. I will revel in the leftovers for days to come." Joyce smiled, still a little apprehensive. Giles nodded one last time.

"Goodnight Joyce."

"Mr. Giles." And with that they were out the door.


As they walked down the pavement towards Giles’ car he had to physically concentrate very, very hard in order to keep from repeatedly glancing down at her. She looked excruciatingly beautiful this evening… well, she was always beautiful, but tonight she was absolutely stunning. < I’ll have to beat every man off with a very large stick… perhaps a flaming 2 by 4 > "You look lovely tonight Buffy," he finally said as they reached his car.

She smiled up at him with one of those, light up the world and certainly his life, smiles that he accepted as a gift from the heavens every time it was offered. "Thanks Giles. You’re lookin’ pretty darn good yourself. Where’d you get the fancy duds?"

"At a fancy store," he offered, with a small grin, as he opened the car door for her to step in.

"Very funny," she said, lowering herself into the seat.

"I try."


They pulled into the restaurant parking lot just in time for their 8:00pm reservation. They valet parked, but Giles opened the door for her, taking her hand to help her rise out of the vehicle. He averted his eyes when the silk moved seductively over her curves, willing his mind not to wander in the direction which this dress so persistently implied.

Buffy completely missed the moment, though, as her eyes grazed his body upon assent. < Nope, buff wasn’t it. Fit, maybe. Not buff. > < How ‘bout undeniably sexy? Was that what you meant? >



"Shall we make our grand entrance?"

"Let’s." Giles smiled and they turned to go. A small, warm chill ran down Buffy’s spine as he lightly placed his hand in the small of her back.

"Cold?" He inquired, concerned.

"No, no, I’m fine."


The gorgeous foyer, the immaculate soaring ceilings… as the maitre de took them to their seats Buffy couldn’t imagine the place getting any more spectacular, but as they as they approached their table she was very humbly corrected. It appeared as though they had the best table in the house and she couldn’t help but wonder how much Giles had paid for this. They’d been positioned in a private alcove that’s walls were all glass, giving it the illusion of being on a balcony, but without the cold. The view was ridiculously stunning. The ocean just below them, the setting sun dancing over its silken waves and the misty mountains in the distance. It looked like the perfect postcard. The one you never got in favor of some cheesy picture of a couple of houses, or a cow in a field or something. "It’s beautiful," she whispered still gazing out at its ethereal expanse.

"Yes, it is," but his gaze had strayed from the view.


As the evening went on Giles was relieved to see Buffy’s good cheer become entirely genuine. There were no lulls in conversation and the dreaded "A" word hadn’t been mentioned once. He wasn’t about to bring it up if she didn’t feel ready to talk about it. However, he hoped that, perhaps after tonight, she’d feel comfortable enough to come to him when the time was right.

And she was comfortable, very comfortable. Well, other then that slight baffling tingle that was induced every time he looked directly at her, things were going absolutely swimmingly. "Giles, I can’t believe you’ve been sky diving! When? With who? What were the ramifications of this little adventure? I demand details!"

"Details?" Giles asked a little amused. "Well, I was young then… or, at least younger. It was at night, actually, and the way we’d intended to do it was rather… well, it was against the law…"

She was completely enthralled in his tale, idly licking the yummy gourmet shurbert from her spoon as she listened to the soothing lilt of his accent. It made even the most ridiculous thing (not that Giles ever said anything ridiculous) sound wonderful. It added so much to the general energy of the place. < They should hire him to read poetry here, or something. > The thought made her laugh, in spite of herself.

"What? W-what’s so funny?"

"Oh, sorry, no. It’s not you it’s me. Just an odd train of thought that’s all."

"Oh come now, Buffy… ‘details’ please." Giles said, playfully. There was a pause as Buffy apprehensively spooned her desert. "Really, Buffy, you can’t change the subject that easily. I’m not senile yet."

She chuckled a bit at that. "Yes, yes, fine, okay. I was just thinking about your accent and how maybe," she sighed at the absurdity of having to repeat this, "how maybe they should have you reading poetry here… or something." She cleared her throat for lack of anything better to do.

"Why is that?" He asked, genuinely interested.

"Because it’s nice. Your accent, I mean." A blush began to gradually creep over her features.


"Yeah. It’s soothing and… nice. It’s just nice." What had she wanted to say there?

"Well… thank you, Buffy. I truly do appreciate that."

"Your welcome… but it’s the truth." There was a silence. Giles took the moment to look at her… really look at her. This girl, this astounding girl who had managed to shock him yet again… with a compliment, no less, one of a completely unprovoked nature.

With his green eyes piercing through to her soul, yet again the chill came. "What?" She finally said, shifting uncomfortably, hoping to shatter the moment, though she wasn’t quite sure why.


"Why are you looking at me like that?" < His eyes really were kinda’ striking weren’t they? >

"Like what? I’m sorry. Am I making you uncomfortable?" He asked.

"No," she lied, placing the spoon in her dish, "it’s just… okay, so fine. Maybe it is making me just a bit wiggy."

"Oh, I-I’m sorry Buffy. I didn’t intend…"

"No, no! It’s fine. No need to apologize. I’m just being a ninny."

"Don’t say that Buffy. If I’m making you feel uncomfortable, just say so. I’ll stop whatever it is that’s bothering you… I don’t want to "wig" you out."

"It’s fine." Buffy glanced up once and their eyes met, if only for a moment and that was the end of that. Giles didn’t press the issue because he knew how he’d been looking at her. He hadn’t looked at anyone like that for a very long time. When the waiter came back Giles requested the bill and soon after they exited the building.


Angel. My God, he hadn’t crossed her mind the entire evening. < Wow, > Buffy thought to herself. That really was kind of bizarre… only two hours ago that was all she could think about and now. Now what?

As they left the building Giles did it again. He placed his hand in the small of her back, leading her out into the dark parking lot, but this time the warm chill was accompanied by a slightly cooler one. Buffy could hear the ocean crashing on the rocks below and knew she should’ve brought a cardigan.

"Oh goodness, Buffy, you must be freezing!" Giles said, looking down at her and pausing mid parking lot.

Buffy glanced up for a second. "Umm… yeah, a little." That was all he needed to hear. His jacket was off faster than you could say ‘Mr. Pointy’ and delicately wrapped around Buffy’s shoulders. He rubbed her back in a warming gesture before withdrawing.


"Yeah," she said a little smirk playing on her features. "Jeez, Giles, does the chivalry ever stop?"

"Oh, I’m sorry… w-was that…"

"No, no! Thank you! It’s just… thank you. That was very sweet." < Is there any way he could be sweeter? >… < Nope, I can’t say that that’s possible. >

He smiled down at her, < sweet? That was sweet, was it? > "Alright, well. Let’s hope they haven’t lost our car," he said replacing his hand as they made their way over to the valet.

"Ha! That’d be one prayer answered."

"Ah! Buffy, I will not have anymore of your derogatory comments about my car. It’s been with me my entire life here in California and I’ve grown rather attached." He said, a little indignant yet playful, as he handed his ticket to the fellow at the booth.

"Alright, Giles. I’ll try to restrain myself." She smirked. < Ahhh, Giles. Sometimes you’re just so Gilesy. >

The setting was beautiful… breath-taking even. From Buffy’s vantage point she could see woods, cliffs, shadowy mountains in the distance, the crashing surf below and the now moon-dominated night sky. A soft cool breeze came every once in awhile causing her dress to undulate just the slightest bit. Unconsciously she leaned towards her companion, seeking further warmth, as she gazed out at the evening in all its twinkling glory. "It’s nice."

"Hmm? Oh, yes. Quite lovely."

"I wish this was all I dreamt about," Buffy stated thoughtfully, "Just this place. I suppose it might get a bit repetitive after awhile, but I don’t think I’d mind."


She looked up at him gazing out into the night, obviously deep in thought and smirked. "You know… it’d also be nice, maybe, to come out here sometime and ride a horse in the nude… bareback, circle around the parking lot a couple of times and then fly off that cliff over there."

"Mmmhmm…" He said, pretending he’d heard by inflecting his pseudo-grunt in a raised and interested way.

"Giles!" Buffy said, swatting his shoulder in mock disdain. "Snap out of it!"

"What? Oh, umm… sorry, yes."

"I’ve wondered, on occasion, if you ever got lost in that massive brain of yours. I suppose that question’s just been answered." She grinned at up at him and he scowled down at her. "So what were ya thinkin’ about?"

< You Buffy. How could I possibly concentrate on anything else while your leg persists in rubbing against mine, as it is? > "Nothing."

"Oh, don’t give me that routine. I know my watcher." Neither moved to correct her present tense use of the word because in all practical and unpractical ways he still was.

"It’s taking quite awhile. I was merely joking, but perhaps they did lose our car."

"Oh, the swift evasion. Very nicely done, Mr. Giles, but I’m Ms. Percepto Spidey-Sense Girl, remember? You can’t put one past me that easily. I…" but her train of thought… not to mention, ability to stand were both shattered, as a blur of a man, or demon, or something else whizzed by them. In the process, smacking into Giles, causing both he and Buffy to lose their balance and topple to the tarmac below. However, in a display of lightning fast reflexes, Giles somehow managed to reverse their rolls before they hit bottom, so that he (and his rental tux) took the brunt of the fall; while Buffy, in all her slayerish glory, landed sprawling on the cushion that was his chest. Soon after, that chest began to rumble and immediately Buffy knew what was going on. "Hey!" She said, "that’s not funny… heeey! Did I say you could laugh? I’m warning you!" She swatted his chest, but that only made him laugh harder.

"Ms…" he cleared his throat and trying to suppress the giggles, "M-ms. ‘Percepto Spidey-Sense Girl,’ was it?"

"Are you finished?" She asked, obviously not amused.

"Yes, I believe so," Giles said, still chuckling.

"C’mon Giles!"

"Alright, yes, I’m finished." He said, a sardonic grin still plastered to his face. < Lord, could she be more beautiful? > And that scowl on her face pretty much made her officially the cutest thing he’d ever seen.

Buffy shifted a bit and suddenly they were both entirely aware of their close proximity. < Oh my God. Yes, buff, may have been the word I was looking for, > she thought to herself. < Stop it Buffy! > She had to get up. She just had to get up. < You really want to? > < Did I not say, stop it? > God, what was wrong with her?! This was Giles. Giles the stuffy librarian, the no-means-no watcher, the responsible adult… the cute guy? The sexy man? < Okay, Buffy, getting up would be what needs to be done now. >

Giles could feel her squirming upon him and hoped she’d get her act together soon < do you really? > because otherwise he had a sinking feeling (literally) that this situation could become far worse. When Buffy’s thigh inadvertently ground into his groin Giles’ neck muscles nearly burst trying to suppress a groan. This was ridiculous. "Buffy, stop!" He said abruptly causing her to freeze. When he finally caught her eye he continued: "you must stop," but it was too late. Rendered immobile by his booming voice Buffy began to become fully aware of the rather hard object pressing hotly into her thigh.

< Oh… my… God… > "Giles?" Was all she could think to say.

He was mortified. "Buffy, I-I’m sorry… I just…" < Damn it, man! >

< This is strange, but oddly… >

"I just…"

"No, no, wait a second." She cut him off pressing two fingers lightly to his lips, a curious expression washing over her features. < I just have to see. I just… I just have to. > She slid her hand, tentatively, from his lips, onto one prickly, strong jaw. She couldn’t quite tell what that expression was in his eyes, but, at the moment, she didn’t really care. She felt his ragged breath on her cheek, his heart beating rapidly in his chest, and the bead of sweat that hit her finger, before she leaned in and slowly, tentatively, pressed her lips to his. < Warm, > she thought, < warm and… and nice. > They were strong lips… strong and yet so soft. Giles tried to resist, but she paid him no mind. Seeking something, seeking more, she deepened the kiss forcing Giles to respond, hands now coming up behind her back. Both their breathing grew ragged, mingling together in the cool night air, as she tasted him, licking his lips, craving, needing, demanding entry. He opened his mouth to her and her tongue swept in, caressing his as the passion began to build. He tasted of wine and mint, an oddly arousing combination at the moment. She felt the warmth begin to pool between her thighs and knew this had to stop. They were in a parking lot for crying out loud! However, she couldn’t quite bring herself to break the connection. < Just a little bit more. > The kiss began to spiral out of control and it was Giles who pulled away first.

Breathing faltered and eyes averted he said: "Buffy please… w-we can’t… this is just." He sighed, "It isn’t… this isn’t right."

"No Giles…" she said grabbing his chin with one hand and turning him to face her. "You’re wrong." Her eyes burned with fiery ardor. "this is probably the most right it’s ever been."

"Buffy, no… please. I’m old enough to be…"

"My father? Yeah, and Mr. Cryptic was old enough to be my ancestor. Clue in Giles. Since when has age ever mattered to me?" She couldn’t believe what she was doing. Trying to convince Giles… convince Giles what… to kiss her again < yeah, sure, I could go for that. > < what, are you saying? >… to hold her < not bad, not bad at all. >… to (and suddenly she knew)… "Giles… do you love me?"

< Oh good Lord. > "What?? Buffy… t-this is… c-can I please get up? This is hardly the conversation we should be having on the cement of a parking lot."

"Do you love me?" She wasn’t going to give up that easily.

"This isn’t…"

"Honestly, Giles"

"I don’t…"

Buffy sighed, fed-up. Shifting slightly, her hand accidentally brushed against his erection eliciting a startled moan from the ex-watcher. She raised an eyebrow at this, but his eyes were closed. A wicked idea popped into her head and she just couldn’t make it go away. Under normal circumstances it would’ve been inconceivable and just… well, just plain wrong, but he didn’t seem to want to tell her and this was something she just had to know.

"B-buffy…" he stuttered, confusion and panic both present in his tone, as she began to run her outspread hand down his inner thigh then slowly, purposefully wound it around his straining manhood. "Please!" He croaked, as she squeezed just the slightest bit.

"Do… you… love me?"

"Buffy, I ca…" She tightened her grip, massaging obliviously over the sheath that were his dress pants. "God, Buffy, please!"

"Answer the question and I’ll let go." She was being cruel and she knew it… but what’s a girl to do? "Do you?"


"Do you?" She rubbed viciously at the hardness.

His face contorted in pleasure filled agony. "Yes!" He choked out.

She couldn’t help herself. "What was that?"

"God, yes, Buffy! Please, yes, I do!" She released her grip and he released his breath, gasping for air, which seemed to be cleverly evading his lungs at the moment.

"Good! ‘Cause, I think I kinda’ love you too."

"W-what?" < What did she say? > His expression was incredulous and not merely because she’d just brought him mercilessly close to orgasm in the middle of a restaurant parking lot. She leapt up off of him holding out her hand once she’d risen. When they were both standing (Buffy, brushing herself off and Giles… well, Giles, just standing) he said again: "P-pardon me, Buffy? I’m not sure I…"

"Oh you heard right all right… wait, can I say that? Damn, I hate it when my English starts falling to the wayside. Sorta’ frustrating…"

"Buffy!" He said, in a sobering tone, "Don’t trifle with me."

"I’m not." She said simply, looking him straight in the eye.

And she wasn’t. Unsure about the whole thing just minutes before (and practically disgusted even earlier than that) somehow his words (albeit strangled) brought clarity to her scattered and confused mind. He was Giles, yes, but stuffy wasn’t quite the word she’d been looking for. More like caring, selfless, devoted, (and the recently discovered) handsome and sexy (take your pick), he was… he was just an all around beautiful person and he loved her… she now realized, perhaps more than Angel ever had… or ever could. He’d sacrificed so much for her. So much of his life was invested purely in the task of keeping her safe and happy, the latter something that wasn’t even a part of his duty… and now none of it was, yet he still persisted… he still stayed. Why? < Because he loves me. > Angel may have come back from hell for her, but Giles lived it everyday. He did it all for her never even implying that she was to blame for his suffering.

Angel. God! She’d thrown that in his face more times than she could remember and he’d loved her! She hadn’t known… or maybe she had and just refused to acknowledge it. He loved her and he’d stayed with her even after she’d betrayed him… and she’d betrayed him more times than she cared to count.

The incident at her birthday? She’d just chalked that up to karmic buildup. Hence the quick recovery and regain of trust. He’d had a choice then (sure he was a bit confused there, for awhile, but not for long) and he’d chosen her. In fact his options weren’t quite as clear as hers had been because either way he may have lost her.


"Yes, Giles, I do," she said it now with infinitely more conviction. "I love you."

He couldn’t believe his ears. <What in God’s name… > This was just… it was. He couldn’t find the thoughts let alone the words to express the absolute and unadulterated… what? Joy? Was it joy he was feeling? This wasn’t merely a thing of his dreams, but a wish that had plagued his every waking hour. How could she love him? This was… He just couldn’t stop his mind from going in circles. "Buffy I…" < say something you idiot! > "I just… I-I don’t…" he paused, his brow ruffling just the slightest bit. "Why?"

< Oh, God, Giles! > Buffy could feel her heart breaking < well, you deserve it. > How could he ask such a thing? How could he not know? < C’mon, Buffy! > "Because… well… because you’re you." She paused. " I love you Giles because you make me feel good. You make me feel wanted and you’ve never punished me for it… You…" < God, don’t cry. This is so not the time for that. > "You care about me and what I have to say," a sad smile highlighted her features, "even if you don’t always quite get it. You’ve given me so much, Giles, and you continue to give me so much more even though all I’ve ever given you was just a good swift kick in the…"

"Buffy, no…"

"Yes, Giles! Stop trying to defend me! God! I know what I’ve done. I’ve been a blind idiot! I get that. Now can we just get on with the redemption part of the show?" He had to smile a bit at that. Then she got a new idea. Ever so determined, she grabbed him by the shoulders < I’ve gotta’ make him understand. > the one thought that dominated her mind. Pulling herself up on her tiptoes, her body leaning against his, she captured his lips in a searing, searching kiss, desperately trying to push her point home. It took a moment, but finally she pulled away. Breathing heavily she looked straight into his dazzling green eyes, which now wore a mask of… she wasn’t quite sure what. "I love you Giles." She said vehemently, "I love you! Did ya get that?"

"Yes, Buffy. I got that."

"Did you really?"

He leaned in close, his rough cheek lightly brushing hers as he spoke. "Yes… really." A shiver ran down her spine. This was strange, new and so incredibly exciting.

"Mmm?" She asked, more than a little bit distracted.

"Mmmmm." He responded mockingly yet the deep lusty purr of his voice was enough to make her knees buckle. What was he doing? He didn’t quite know. Whatever felt right, he supposed, but Buffy loved him. What the hell else really mattered?

God, she wanted him. She wanted him so badly. Damn it! She could wait just another few minutes. "Race you to the car?"

Giles pulled away a bit stunned, but only a bit. "Umm… yes, but where is it?"

"Right over there." She pointed across the parking lot. "And I’m getting this sinking feeling that our valet wasn’t quite what he seemed."

"Yes, I believe he heard that ‘Ms. Percepto Spidey-Sense Girl’ was coming and headed for the hills."

"Awww… poor guy, he just missed me… or I just missed him, or… whatever. Okay, look." She interrupted herself. "I don’t give a rats hinny! Can we just get out of here?!"

"Yes. We absolutely can." And with that, he swept a giggling Buffy off her feet and strode off towards their awaiting chariot.


They rode in a strained silence. Buffy couldn’t help but brush his leg every once in while, making it infinitely harder for Giles, but she just couldn’t keep her hands off him. The man was sexy. The man was very sexy. How hadn’t she noticed before? That was just… it was just ridiculous. An undying need to pounce on him, right then and there, overtook, but then that would mean crashing and broken bones. Not the smartest choice. < Buffy. You said you’d restrain yourself, so do it girl. >

< What in God’s name are you doing old man? > This was… it was just too much for him to fathom at the moment. All he could think was < drive, > and the occasional, < oh, God… Buffy, please! >


They burst through Giles’ door; backing into the house already welded together, barely remembering to kick the door closed. Buffy smoothed his rough cheek as she desperately fastened her mouth to his in a thoroughly searching, mind-foggingly passionate kiss. Their ragged breathing held them together even when their lips parted.

They hit the back wall and she groaned into his mouth unconsciously rubbing up against his warm hard body. "Giles…" This was too much, but too much in a good way. Effortlessly she slipped his tuxedo jacket from her shoulders. His hands immediately went to her back, skimming over the smooth thin layer of silk, as hers ran up his chest, viciously dragging his shirt from his pants as she went. Seeking further contact she slid both hands slowly back down his chest and then up again beneath his shirt. She could feel his twitching abdomen beneath her fingers as she torturously ran her hands up his body, grazing her nails lightly over his hardened nipples as she simultaneously ground her thigh viscously up against his straining erection. The kiss was broken as Giles’ head to flew backward releasing a strangled moan.

"Good Lord." he whispered into the air.

"What was that?" She said, her lips now red and bruised as she looked at him through passion drugged eyes. "So I’m Lord now am I?" She idly cupped him through his taut slacks.

"Ahh… ahhhh…"

"…llelujah." She exclaimed, then paused, squeezing just the slightest bit as a thoughtful expression washed over her features.

"Buffy," he croaked, instinctively thrusting forward into her tiny hand.

"Lord Buffy… hmm…?" she smiled broadly. "I like it." In one swift maneuver she leapt up into his arms her dress bunching about her hips as she wound her legs behind his back. She covered his mouth in a burning wet kiss sucking his bottom lip painfully before pulling away. "I want you in bed."

There was a brief pause as her words sunk in and then he was off. Staggering some as his slayer writhed against him, Giles made his way up the stairs, halting only once when Buffy nipped tenaciously at his neck.

When they finally made it to the bedroom… and the bed, Giles paused and, at once, began to have second thoughts. This wasn’t like him. This was wrong and absolutely unacceptable. How could he take advantage of her like this? It’d only been a day since the Ascension and the loss of Angel. There’d been absolutely no time for recovery. Not to mention the fact that She was only 18 and here he was…




"What…? No what?"

"No to whatever it is you’re thinking."

"But Buffy…"

"No. Don’t even say it. Just no. I love you and that’s it." And with that Buffy unhooked her legs and languidly slid down his body taking her dear sweet time before she reached the floor. Then, looking him straight in the eye, she let her nails lightly graze up his inner thighs as she rose, sending a mind numbing shiver down his spine and silencing any more of his complaints.

Giles let out a shaky breath. "P-point taken." Grinning deviously she grabbed the rim of his trousers and dragged him to the bed.

Plopping down on its edge she yanked him between her legs. Flowing forward with the momentum, his hand lightly grazed hers, now poised on his hips. His touch was so light, so delicate, but it felt like smoldering fire. Letting out a shaky breath, Buffy blinked, thoroughly inebriated, eyes now level with his straining cock. Her grin spread wider. She ran her hands up his sides, pushing his shirt up to feel his skin as her seductive gaze met his.

Giles didn’t want to lose control, didn’t want to deny her the pleasure, which she so vastly deserved, but she seemed very insistent upon him doing just that. Entranced in the beautiful hazel depths, he felt the buttons rip and a cool breeze assaulted his chest. He thought he’d had about all he could take as her nails scraped lightly down his sides forcing his eyes to slip closed. Her cheek brushed purposefully against his trousers stimulating the sensitive skin beneath to a painful throb. He groaned. "Do you mean to drive me crazy?" He murmured.

"Mmm hmm…" Her hands left their post at his sides and slowly crept to his gleaming belt buckle, slipping the leather from it’s metal loop at a teasingly slow pace. She got as far as popping his top button before changing her mind. Giles released a breath he hadn’t been aware he was holding as her hands slid away. A gasp escaped his lips and then a groan as her hands reached their intended destination and squeezed. < God, he has a nice butt. > It was tight, nicely shaped and… < did I mention tight? > She massaged him slowly, feeling his muscles bunch beneath her exploring palms "Mmm, yummy…"

"Hha…?" He breathed.

"Nice hinny, Giles." Her hands continued their exploration back around to his front, brushing her knuckles over his tip as she gradually took the zipper down, taunting him mercilessly. "Not to mention, nice pop-tent." She commented as she reached to caress his hard length through burgundy silk boxers. Giles had a sharp intake of breath. < Again with the cruelness Buffy. You’ve really gotta’ stop this, > but as she pushed all cloth to the floor that became a little difficult. He was so big… so hard… so soft and so incredibly hot. She clasped and ran her hand down the length of him before experimentally flicking her tongue out over the tip. < Not bad. > She thought as the saltiness dissolved in her mouth. She’d always wondered what it would taste like and now… well, she found herself wanting more.

Giles’ head flew back as she encompassed the tip in her mouth. "Ahhh…" he half groaned, half shouted, his neck muscles bulging as the sensation overtook him. He shouldn’t be letting her do this. He fought for rational thought but as her slick mouth slid further down his length that task became nearly futile. "Buffy…" he breathed, "Aha… Buffy, please."

She slid off him looking up, her eyes still filled with longing, but now retaining a hint of a sardonic gleam. "How many times have you said that tonight?"

"Buffy," he said, lovingly, seriously, "I want to give you everything and if you do this for me that may not be possible."

She smirked, a bit embarrassed. "Oh… sorry."

"No, love, there’s no need to apologize." < God she’s beautiful when she’s… she’s beautiful when she’s anything… > He lingered on her eyes for a moment before gently seizing the back of her head. He slowly tilted them back against the comforter then, captured her lips in a deep heady kiss. He needed her… he wanted her so badly, but the need and the want extended far beyond simple craving. She was everything… his life. He loved her so much and wanted to give her all she was worth and infinitely more. "Buffy…" he breathed into her mouth as the kiss entered that realm of the unknown, the primitive; that deep, black unfathomable abyss in which pleasure and feeling are in sole command.

His callused hand slipped to her back and effortlessly pressed between comforter and hot squirming bliss, pulled down the small zipper. Still assaulting her mouth he slipped one then the other spaghetti strap from her shoulders, pushing the silk shroud down far enough to expose two perfect breasts (he knew he hadn’t noticed those two extra straps). Then one lithe stomach and finally and as the material fell to the ground, one beautiful panty clad slayer. His mouth immediately fastened to one soft puckered globe.

Buffy arched off the bed, the force of his warm, moist mouth causing ripples of pleasure filled shivers to surge through her body. He gripped her back pulling her closer to his eager mouth, still propping himself, on one arm, over her. Licking, sucking and nipping at her sinfully soft skin. He turned then and, tilting her body ever so slightly began to lavish equal attention on the other breast, sucking it into his mouth with so much force Buffy was compelled to grip his head to keep from crying out. "Giles…" she breathed, "Giles, please." She could feel him smile against her chest, but was unable to identify its meaning as her eyes slipped closed, coherent thought having fled.

Pulling his lips from their ministrations he lay her back down upon the bed still luxuriating in her beautiful form. He let his hand drift from her back up into her hair. Slowly he unfastened the clip there letting her golden locks fall free: a shimmering, sprawling mass of celestial light across the comforter. She looked like a goddess. "Beautiful…" he murmured gazing down upon her as if upon Aphrodite herself.

Her eyes fluttered open and looked up at him a broad smile now highlighting her features. "Insentiently handsome," she stated mischievously, having now regained some control over her faculties and demonstrating so by using one of her new words. A small, cute smirk spread across his features as he gazed down upon her. "I can say that can’t I?"

"Something like that love." Determined now to wipe that smirk off his face (no matter how cute). She swiftly reversed their roles, shattering the silent, immobility of the moment as she flipped her watcher onto his back, straddling his stomach even as the bed still leapt. "Cutie," she commented relishing the stunned look on his face.

She deliberately leaned back against his straining cock, forcing that cuteness from his face and a startled moan from his lips. She leaned over, her hair canopying their faces and brushing over his cheeks, as she pressed her lips hard against his. Attacking his mouth for all of 2 seconds before tearing her lips away, leaving him gasping for air. Wanting to see all of him, to feel all of him she grabbed his shirt and yanked it down his arms, forcing him to arch off the bed to fully remove it. Once off she ran her outspread fingers through the crisp hairs of his chest, relishing the lustful expression on her watchers face and the feel of his muscles bunching as she did so. Hot. God, he was so incredibly hot. She loved that. This was so different and so wonderful. She could feel his stomach rise and fall beneath her legs, his breath faltered has she leaned, again, back against his aching shaft.

Catching the agonized look in his eyes and knowing that she’d have plenty of time to explore later she rose off him just enough to tear the last remnant of cloth from her body. Not a second past and she was astride him again. The un-compromised skin to skin contact an incredibly erotic feeling. Reaching up she clutched his face, looking into those dazzling eyes as she slowly slid down his body until she was poised just above him. Kissing him once more, she impaled herself, feeling her inner muscles stretch as his ample shaft plunged into her.

Giles arched off the bed, eyes slipping closed as her slick, molten body engulfed him, the sensation almost too much. Buffy took a moment adjusting to his size and in that moment she felt an audible growl erupt from deep within Giles’ chest. Suddenly she was on her back, covered by a warm, moist, hard and mercilessly desirable man. She wrapped her legs around his back, pulling him deeper as he began to rock. He thrust into her, filling her with shattering force willing her to cry out. "Gah, Giles!" It was too much. It was perfect bliss. She tighten her legs around his back and clutched onto his head as his thrusts ground into her, picking up speed, filling her, worshipping her. He was so big… so big and so hard. The feel of his throbbing shaft within her was enough to drive her crazy to drive her over the edge right then and there, but she held on for him.

The only thought in Giles’ mind, as he sunk in and out of her heated depths, was to give Buffy everything. All the pleasure she deserved and there was no way in a bloody string of hellmouths that he’d go over before she did. His thrusts grew frenzied and their breathing both came out in little gasps and shattering pleas. They were both so painfully close to the brink… so torturously in need of release. Buffy groaned and Giles could feel she was close. As her walls began to pulse around him he knew he couldn’t hold on any longer. At last with one final, hard, blissful thrust they both miraculously fell over together into rippling, orgasmic pleasure.

When they came down gasping in each other’s arms no words were spoken. The moment was too great for that. Small gasps were the only sound either of them could conjure and the others name the only thought. Buffy tightened her grip around him, her hands going to his back. She didn’t want him to leave her yet. She just didn’t want to let go. They lay that way for what seemed like endless minutes, neither moving and neither speaking.

Finally Giles broke the silence. "Buffy, love?" was all that he said. She needed rest and he knew that none could really be accomplished in their current position. Her grip loosened slightly and Giles took that as his cue. Slowly he slipped out of her. Then rolling to the side he let the cool air assault his skin as he lifted one edge of the crumpled comforter so that Buffy could crawl in. She reached out and grasped his forearm pulling him along with her. They settled, finally, entwined in each other’s arms, each knowing that what they’d found that night was so much more than either could have ever dreamed.


Buffy woke enfolded in the strong arms of her lover. She could hear his breath rise and fall in his chest and guessed, just from its simple rhythm, that he was still asleep. The arms that tightened around her told her differently. "Giles?" she said, her voice still hoarse from sleep.



"Yes, and the same to you. Did you sleep well?"

"Mmm…" she said nuzzling closer to his chest.

"That’s not an answer, Buffy."

She tilted her head up just the slightest bit, a rogue smirk highlighting her features. "Did I ever tell you how much I love you?"

A small grin flickered across Giles’ face. He still couldn’t quite believe that those words had come out of her lips in conjunction to him. He said nothing.

"I think I may just love you… well, certainly more than life itself, but that’s sort of cheap here on the hellmouth, so I’ll just have to go with: more than anything ever."

"Buffy, I…"

"Yup, Giles. Can’t be helped."

"Buffy, is there anyway you could stop persistently interrupting me. I mean, honestly. You can’t possibly know everything I intend to say."

"Most," she responded with a playfully grin. Giles scowled. "Liiike, if I were to do this." She reached beneath the comforter and wound her hand around his stirring member. "I know you’re going to…" Both Buffy and Giles gasped simultaneously. Then she squeezed and they both groaned. "See, easy as can be."

Giles released a shaky breath. "I now thoroughly believe that you intend to kill me."

"Not just yet Mr. Giles. We still have plenty of use for you," she said in a mock Russian accent.

"Oh, do you really."

"Oh, yes, really."

"It seems you mean to show me."

"Mmm hmm…" She tilted her head up and he met her halfway. The kiss was sensual and yet so incredibly electrifying. Giles broke away first and leaned back a bit, stroking her cheek.

"Buffy," he said seriously. "Buffy, I love you… and I think that ‘more than anything ever’ almost wholly sums it up."

Buffy grinned at him. This was it. She’d found it. Her white knight was standing right before her… or, at least, lying right beneath her. Tomorrow they’d have to go on a horseback ride… at sunset, just for the symbolism of it, but of course they didn’t have to do it tomorrow. They could do it the next day. With Giles at her side Buffy felt like she’d live forever. Maybe that’s because, if he had anything to do with it, she probably would. Buffy slid one leg between his and they were fully entwined once again. She tilted her head up and captured his lips in a scorching kiss, rubbing her thigh lazily up against him.

Soon they were surging, once more, beneath the covers. Small blissful cries escaping their lips as they shook with unrivaled pleasure. The sun broke the horizon, promising so much more than just a new day, for these two now moving as one. Instead, a new love, a new life, a new future and new hope…