TITLE: Cuffed
AUTHOR: Elissa
DISCLAIMER: Joss's babies, Mutant Enemy and the WB, bla, bla, bla... don't sue please.
RATING: PG-13 Subtle Suggestive Language B/G
SPOILERS: Season 4, a mention of Riley... pillock.
SUMMARY: Holly's Challenge handcuffs, naked Giles
DISTRIBUTION: Solo, if she wants it, who else would want this silliness? Anyone else, please ask.
DEDICATION: GylzGirl, Holly, Gibberish, Monique, Solo, Tevye, every person related to fan fiction and Murray Head, hey he is related! Drake you too!
DATE ARCHIVED: 6 November 2000

Xander LaVelle Harris was in a state of shock. He sat unmoving, staring at nothing in particular. Sitting to his right, Anya the beloved girlfriend, was all together in an opposite frame of mind. She sat with the biggest grin humanly possible, though she held her lover's hand, her body was all but bubbling over with joy. This is how the roommates' Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg discovered their friends as the entered the home of their other friend Rupert Giles.

"Xander?" Buffy waved her hand in front of his face, deeply worried.

"We rushed over as soon as we heard the message on the machine, what's happened?" added an equally worried Willow.

Upon hearing his oldest friends voice, Xander seemed to return to the world of the living and conscious. No moving anything more than his free hand, he pointed up toward the loft. Slowly Buffy and Willow followed his pointed hand and stared.

"Has something happened? Did something happen to Giles?" Buffy continued to look upward, fear building up in every part of her body.

Slowly with great difficulty Xander tried to form words, his mouth opened and quietly small sounds slipped. Both girls, still looking up, leaned in closely to hear his words.

"Bed, cuffs, buff..." He then returned to his state of shock, willing to give no more information.

"Xander, what is it?" Buffy turned her head down to look at her friend, mistaking his words and assuming he had used her name.

"Oh, please! He wasn't saying Buffy!" Anya shouted, stood up releasing her boyfriend's hand and addressed everyone with her usual annoyed selfishness. "He was saying 'buff', as in naked!"

"Naked?" asked Willow as she glared at Anya, no longer scared, but growing suspiciously angry. "Who's naked, why didn't you say anything until now?"

"Because I was finishing a perfectly good sexual fantasy and Xander hasn't let go of my hand since dragging me down the stairs!" As if this statement answered everything, Anya folded her arms and sat back down on the sofa.

" we know someone is naked up there." Buffy joined Willow in the land of annoyed and relaxed quite a bit. "They're sex fantasy worth, too."

"Oh, and worth being dragged away from!" Willow added with a smile.

"It's just...I didn't know they came that big." Anya turned to her boyfriend and again joined her hand with his, consoling him.

With this statement all else said was forgotten, the primal callings of the young female sex over took all other senses or lack there of. Buffy and Willow made a mad dash up the stairs. Being superhuman and much more determined, Buffy flew up the stairs first and at the very top stopped dead, using the railing for support. Her jaw instantly dropped open. A moment later Willow found herself standing in the same manner, but grabbing onto her friend for extra support.

The sight, which shocked these youthful individuals, was a vision indeed. Handcuffed to his bed, as naked as the day he was born, lay Rupert Giles. Amazingly sound asleep with a grin on his face, despite his arms raised forcefully over his head. On the big toe of his left leg, a small tag which read 'He's all yours! Sincerely, Olivia' hung comically.

"Oh!" Willow managed after many minutes of blatantly staring and light drooling. "Well, at least he's having a happy dream..."

"Very happy..." Buffy added.

"Um, Buffy is Riley that..." Willow questioned.

Continuing her blatant staring and drooling Buffy only shook her head. "Was Oz?"

Willow glanced at her friend's visual answer and too responded in the same manner.

"See, Xander, it's not just you. He's some sort of freak of nature! Mind you, a god like freak. No wonder why he wears so many layers of clothing, He's got a lot to hide!" Anya spoke up again, having been listening with great interest from down below.

Without saying a word or allowing his girlfriend to continue her rambling, Xander yanked her up and pulled her out of the apartment. Buffy and Willow turned their heads just in time to see one hand prying another hand from the door's frame and the object slam shut behind them.

"I have a sudden need to see Tara. I have to go!" Willow announced recovering from the awing sight in front of her. She too raced out the door without another word.

Much to her surprise, Buffy turned back around and found her ex-watcher, the now handcuffed naked man, still sleeping. An overwhelming feeling of guilt and lapsed respect over took her. She smiled sweetly and slipped the shoes off her feet, creeping into the bedroom. As gently as possible, she removed the tag off Giles's toe and left it on the near by dresser. Turning her attention to more important matters, Buffy spotted a blanket tossed on a chair in the corner. With ease she laid the soft item over him and was pleased to notice his 'happy dream' had come to an end. The final matter of removing the handcuffs would not be so easily done, not without leading to the most embarrassing moment of their lives.

After a moment of thought, Buffy crept down the stairs into the kitchen to find the right object to pick the lock. Thinking back to the note, Buffy had a feeling there would be no key to be found and had no intention of searching for it. Quickly she found just the right little knife, combining that with her super strength, it should do the trick.

Upstairs Rupert Giles soundlessly woke, in an instant he was aware of his predicament. He felt the cuffs holding him arms loosely over his head and his body naked, all but for a blanket. Despite not having his glasses on, the note on the dresser was easily read. Olivia was not coming back this time. He had no time to reminisce, as the sounds of someone walking up into his bedroom forced him into a false slumber. In an instant he knew by her scent it was Buffy. How ironic the very person who had caused this situation was the one to rescue him.

Softly she leaned over Giles and began to work the metal object off his wrists. With some pressure and twisting he was freed. Gently Buffy lowered his arms and attempted to make him more comfortable. The same sense or lack there of from earlier, over took this youthful individual once more and she placed a kiss on his lips. Though a sweet and good-natured creature, Buffy Summers was no innocent and knew the parting of ways between this man and his lover, in part, was do to her.

With that she walked to the stairs and began to put her shoes back on, lost in the world of fantasies. So when the whispering low voice of an English man flowed in her direction she jumped.

"She's right, you know. I'm yours..." Giles smiled, looking directly into the eyes of his slayer.

Nothing more was needed to be said.