This Is Crazy...
By Bad Girl of Buffonia

* Title:  This Is Crazy...
* Author:  Bad Girl of Buffonia
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* Summary/Author's Note:  Buffy gives Giles a special gift when he tells her it's the one year anniversary of his first date with Jenny, but she accidentally reveals her own feelings for Giles.  To her surprise, he returns her feelings.  The following is the aftermath.  This was originally part of the Buffy/Giles series I'm writing at the moment, but I changed my mind about how I wanted to handle the story and this chapter got trashed. But I didn't wanna waste it after I fussed over it for so long, so I thought I'd share.  Let me know if you love it, and if you loathe it, you can let me know that too!  All comments are welcome.
* Spoiler Warning:  This story takes place after Passion, but I don't really get into any plot details anyway.
* Rating:  R - Some *way* explicit sex scenes...  Well, scene.  lol
* Distribution:  If you want it, just ask.  And if you don't want it, well okay.  lol
* Disclaimer:  Buffy and Giles are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and Warner Brothers.  Not me.  (No fair!  lol)  This is a non-profit tale, so if anyone wants to sue me, I'm broke as a.  Well, something broke.
* Dedication:  This is for Mayn, simply because the thought of Buffy and Giles actually doing *it* makes him wanna yak, and I love to stir him up about it.

This Is Crazy...
Buffy lay back on the couch in her living room, listening to the silence that shrouded her home.  Her mother was away for the weekend on business, and Willow had just gone home.  She looked at the antique clock on the wall, pondering whether or not she should go make herself a sandwich considering lunch was almost upon her.  But she wasn't really hungry.  She wasn't really anything, she realized.  Just tired and worried.  Especially worried.  She groaned silently.  If only Giles had told her what time he'd be stopping by.  The wait was damn near killing her.

She clambered to her feet, deciding she'd call him.  Ask when he was coming round.  She drifted into the dining room, picking up the telephone.  She paused for a moment.  Just what was she going to say to him?  Get your ass over here because I'm dying here.  I need to know what's happening between us. What you came here last night to say.  She clutched the phone,  her fingers tensely gripping it.  Did she even want to know?

The knock at the door startled her, causing her to drop the telephone. She'd been so distracted.  He scooped to pick up the telephone, placing it on the table, then nervously moving toward the door.  She opened it hesitantly, afraid it wouldn't be who she was hoping to see.

But it was.
Giles there on her doorstep, again fidgeting with his car keys.  His cheeks seemed flushed, and he looked like he hadn't slept a wink the night before.  His voice was dry and somewhat husky, "Buffy."

She whispered, "Hi, Giles."  Buffy looked up at him, their eyes meeting.  A long, apprehensive look advanced between them.  It was Buffy who eventually managed to come to her senses, "Um, come in."  She pulled the door back and motioned for him to enter.  And when he stumbled over the doorstep into the house, she couldn't help but smile to herself.

The Slayer had barely turned to close the door when Giles started to talk hurriedly, "Buffy, the gift you gave me.  I don't know what to say, except."  Buffy flinched, waiting for the crunch, "It was so thoughtful. And.  I don't know how to thank you enough."  The grin that spread across her face was instantaneous, and infectious, Giles noted as he began to grin back at her.

"I'm glad you liked it."  She stated, all honesty, again looking up at him.  Almost every part of her was screaming at her to move closer to him, to reach out her arms and hug him tightly.  But she was unsure how Giles felt about her.  About them.  Until he took a hesitant step toward her, taking her hand.  The touch was electric, and it brought tears to her eyes, and this time, she didn't fight to keep them away.  "Giles, I."  A diminutive sob surged from her, "I want to be with you."

He ran the fingertips of his free hand over her face, gently rubbing her exquisite lips, "And I want," he smiled nervously, "I want to be with you. More than anything."  He leaned forward, gently placing his forehead on hers, "You were right, this is crazy.  Sheer lunacy in fact, but it feels."

"Right.  So right."  She whispered, interrupting him.

The Watcher pressed his lips to his Slayers, kissing her lightly, undecidedly, still not sure he should be doing what he so wanted to.  But as Buffy moved her arms around his neck and ran her fingers through his hair, as the kiss growing between them intensified almost instantly, his doubts began to melt away from him.

Giles carefully picked Buffy up, taking her fully into his arms.  Her back against the door for leverage, she wrapped her slim legs around his waist, her breath beginning to catch in her throat.  After several minutes of this, they slowly broke away from each other.  Buffy was gasping, Giles was doing something similar, but the smiles on their faces were ecstatic.  As her Watcher carefully put her back down, she took his hands in hers and kissed them gently.  "You're trembling."  Giles noticed.

Buffy laughed, "I'm so nervous!"

He pulled her close again, hugging her tightly, "Buffy, we don't have to do anything.  Not now.  We have all the time in the world."

The Slayer was about to nod, but she stopped herself mid-movement.  She pulled away from Giles slightly, gazing up into his handsome face, "Do we?"  His face fixed sadly.  He knew exactly what she meant.  She was the Slayer, he her Watcher.  They never knew what tomorrow would bring. They're lives were filled with danger, and it was ever constant.  "Giles, I don't want to die knowing that I never knew what it was like to have you hold me, to kiss me like each kiss might be the last.  To make me feel like there's nothing and no one else on this planet, just us."

"I want that too, Buffy."  Giles smiled lovingly at her, "But I don't want you to anything you don't want to.  Anything you're not ready for."

"Giles, I've been dreaming of this moment for months."  She caught herself, realizing she'd divulged a little more information than she'd planned to. But Giles didn't pull away, or seem surprised even.  It was like he'd already known.  Like she'd passed her heart to him through their kisses. 

He leant down, kissing her again.  Buffy returned the kiss eagerly, slowly turning him around and leading him toward the stairs.  He broke away, realizing what she was doing.  "Buffy, are you sure?"

"No.  But I don't need to be.  Giles, it's you."  She pulled him up the first few steps, "I trust you.  I know I'm in good hands."  She realized what she had just said and giggled cheekily, "At least I hope I am."
Hand in hand, they made their way up the stairs, Buffy guiding him into her bedroom.  She closed the door behind them, then wandered over to her curtains, drawing them closed.  A brief look at the window as the curtains closed reminded her of Angel, but she pushed the thought away.  As darkness enclosed them, Buffy turned back to look at Giles.  "Not exactly mood setting, huh?"

He grinned recklessly, "I wouldn't say that.  I'm certainly in the mood."
Buffy gasped playfully, "Rupert Giles!  I'm surprised at you."  She stepped toward him, her grin vanishing as she neared him.  The closer she got to him, the more nervous she became.  And the more she longed to touch him, to be touched.  Slowly, carefully, savoring each movement, Buffy let Giles take her into his arms.  When he leaned forward to kiss her yet again, their eyes met, and for what seemed liked a century, they held between them a look of sheer passion and devotion.  And then their lips met again. Buffy parted hers slightly, hoping Giles would see what she was doing.  He did, gently catapulting his tongue into her welcoming mouth.

When he felt her hands run to the shoulders of his jacket, Giles let his arms fall free of her so she could push it away from his shoulders, before sliding her hands back to his shirt to undo his buttons.  Her hands were shaking so much, he had to help her with the last few, then he pulled his shirt from his body.  Without breaking the kiss, he gently moved Buffy onto the bed, laying her on her back and hovering half on his side, half over her.  When he ran a hand over her stomach and gently reached for her neck, his hand brushed against one of her beasts.  The brief encounter let a sweet moan pass from Buffy's lips into Giles mouth.  Her pulled his lips away from hers for a moment, sitting up, "I."  He wanted to touch her so badly, but he wasn't sure he should, or that she'd let him, his nerves again besting him.

"Giles," Buffy spoke almost inaudibly, "You can touch me."  She ran a hand over his naked chest, "I want you to."  She pulled herself into a sitting position, taking one of his gentle hands and directing it toward her breasts.  He watched her face closely as he touched the soft singlet material that covered her chest.  She smiled at him as he began to caress her.  When she started to close her eyes, her breath irregular, he slipped his hands to the base of her singlet, pulling it up.  She raised her arms above her head for him so he could remove it quickly.  A white, lacey bra was all that remained to cover her breasts.  When again he seemed too nervous to touch her, let alone undo it, she reached her hands behind her back and unhooked it, letting it fall away from her.

He leaned forward cupping a breast in each hand and running his tongue over her firm nipples.  She squirmed delightedly before him, a sharp gasp escaping her.  Barely able to concentrate, she let her hands search their way forward, eventually finding the crotch of his tweed pants.  The hard bulge that her hand nestled over sent tingles throughout her.  She searched, eyes still closed for his belt buckle, forcing it undone, then slowly unzipping his pants.  She reached inside his pants, grabbing lightly onto his cotton boxer covered shaft, running her hand backwards and forwards slowly.  Giles groaned happily, and the mere sound of it made Buffy's heart skipped a beat.

"Lay down," She whispered.  He did as he was instructed, watching her as she perched herself over him, tearing his shoes and socks off, then yanking his pants of his body.  When nothing remained but his cotton boxers, she moved toward them, carefully tucking her fingers into the top of them and then slowly, teasing both Giles and herself, she pulled them from his body.  When her eyes fell on his completely naked body, a pleasantly surprised gasp escaped her.  He was.  Well.  Bigger than she had imagined.

Buffy reached out to take him in her hand, not sure exactly what she was doing.  But she listened to him, and every time he moaned, she knew she was doing something right.  As he writhed around beneath her, she felt the warmth between her thighs spreading rapidly.  Eventually, Giles took her hand, pulling her toward him and laying her own her back.  If he hadn't stopped her then, he knew he wouldn't have lasted much longer.  And he wanted to last.  He wanted this to be perfect for Buffy.

As she nestled back into her soft bed, Giles carefully slid her tracksuit pants from her, then reached up to run his fingers along the damp outline on the inside of her soft underwear.  Buffy reached down, intertwining her fingers in her knickers, tugging on them playfully.  Giles smirked at her shyly, softly removing her hand and gliding her knickers off her smooth skin.  He lay down beside her, drawing invisible circles over her stomach as he kissed her breasts fondly again, eventually sliding his fingertips to her thighs.  As she began to moan faintly, he gently pushed one finger between the soft lips of her vagina, finding her clitoris and gently guiding it in small circles.  Her moaning grew wildly as she ground her hips with his motions.  It took very little time, through her overwhelming excitement, for her body to shudder in orgasm.

Her soft hands tilted Giles face toward her own as Buffy pulled him closer to her.  She kissed him sweetly, letting her tongue brush his. Still kissing him, she rolled him onto his back a second time, and before he had time to fully comprehend what was about to happen, she lowered herself onto him carefully, grinding her hips around in circles, and gently moving up and down.  He was held tightly in her grip as she did so, and as they continued their impassioned kiss, moans of pleasure passed between them. Without realizing it, their breath fell into the same rhythm.

As Buffy felt Giles hardening all the more inside her, her excitement grew to unbearable measures yet again.  The moment she felt Giles losing all control, shooting inside her like a wave of fire, she felt herself coming a second time.  Their lips parted and both gasped for the air that seemed to be evading them.  Giles wrapped his arms around Buffy, rolling carefully onto his side and laying her down beside him.  Their bodies remained intertwined as they lay together, each in the mutual haze that had passed between them.

Giles opened his eyes, "Buffy?"  He got a muffled 'mmm mmm' in reply. "This is crazy."

She opened her eyes, looking deeply into his, "I know."