Costumed Counterparts

Timeline: Next year - Spoilers for "Fear, Itself".
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my imagination. Joss Whedon, WB, Mutant Enemy
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Author's Note: 10/26/99 Cap's Challenge: I want a B/G Halloween fic where Buffy and Giles wear complementing costumes. In otherwords if Buffy is Little Red Riding Hood, then Giles is the Big Bad Wolf. The most original you can think of.

Well, Cap, ya didn't say it had to be THIS Halloween...

Halloween, 2000

"Are you *sure* you want to do this party, Giles? Remember last year? Hell House on Frat Row? The teeny tiny demon with the big bad attitude?"

"I remember. Stupid caption. I could've seen it right off, had I been paying attention."

"You were too busy chainsawing your way through the walls."

"That was no excuse, but yes, I do want to do this party. Uhm, are Willow and Xander joining us?"

"Maybe, I don't know. Willow's kinda been doing the wallflower routine since Oz..."

"Ah, yes. Perhaps I'll call her and invite her personally. After all, I've warded the house against everything from vampires to fungus demons, so she should be able to relax and forget her troubles for a bit."

"He says, as he broods over every mistake he's ever made, even the ones in grade school."

"I do not brood. I'm aware of my shortcomings, that's all."

"You brood, you sulk, you go through three mid-life crises a week. I know you too well, Giles. We're *both* emotional basket cases, we might as well admit it."

"I admit nothing. What costume are you going to wear?"

"Way to change the subject, smooth guy. What are you wearing?"

"I asked you first."

"Woah, careful, there. Don't fall off that ladder."

"I have no intention of falling off this ladder, young lady. One would think I was completely decrepit, to hear you talk."

"Giles... you're pouting!"

"Not in the least."

"That's so cute! Besides, I don't think you're decrepit. I just don't want you hurt. You're no fun when you're hurt. Anyway, back to costumes... I thought, maybe I'd go as Pocahontas, or maybe Cleopatra. Hey, that's a thought, you could go as Anthony something, you know, the Roman guy. We'd match!"

"Mark Antony. That's entirely silly... matching costumes! And, it's An-Tony, not An-THony."

"Whatever. It's no sillier than that sombrero last year."

"I was trying to be festive, not frightening."

"You were scarier than any chaos demon in that hat, Giles, trust me."

"Very amusing. Make yourself useful and hand me the fishing line."

"The what? Oh, that. Here. I'm useful. Slayers are infinitely useful. I slice, I dice, and clean up after myself. Only $19.95. But, wait! There's more!"


"You're trying not to laugh, Giles, but inside, you're practically rolling in the floor. Late night television has corrupted you, I can tell."

"I'm sure you can."

"There. I finished the lamp shade. Cool, isn't it?"

"Yes, you did a very good job. Thank you. Now, if you could help me move these tables..."

"Sure. I think Cleopatra would be a cool costume. Jewels and all that stuff. And that funky hat she wore... very hip."

"Headpiece. You're blonde and fair, and she was probably dark-haired and dark-skinned."

"I can wear a wig. Besides, how do you know Cleo wasn't blonde? Were you there?"

"I shan't dignify that with a response. She was Middle Eastern, from Macedonia, so one might assume she'd have been dark."

"She wasn't from Egypt?"

"Her family ruled Egypt, Buffy, that's why they called her the "Queen of the Nile." She just wasn't born an Egyptian."

"You're in 'Teacher Voice' again. So, if I'm the "Queen of Denial," then, Buddy, you're the King!"

"Am not."

"Are so."


"You'd look really cute in a toga."

"Mark Antony was a warrior and a leader, not a college Fraternity member."

"So you'll carry a big ol' sword. No one will know the difference."

"Even if I agreed, which I haven't, I doubt we can find a costume this late in the week."

"We'll make one."

"I am *not* wearing a homemade costume."

"That's really snobby of you, Giles. I can get a pattern off the 'Net, and instructions, and everything! C'mon, pleeeeeeese, it'll be so cool... I'll bring you donuts... jelly donuts, a whole box to yourself, for a whole week... and I won't touch one of 'em... please, Giles? Pretty please?"


"Please, Giles? I think you'd look really cute. We'd look cute together. I never see you in anything but tweed or warm-ups any more. Is there still a guy under all those layers? You can't hide your guy-ness in a toga."

"It should be a Roman soldier's uniform, not a toga."

"So? You'd look cute in that, too. You're in shape, with all that running and training, you should show your bod off a little. Please, Giles? For Buffy? Pleeeeeese..."

"Buffy, please stop begging. I don't wish to wear a leather skirt so you can humiliate me at your leisure."

"But you'd look cute in a leather skirt. You've got great legs. Pleeese? For meee?"

"Uh, Buffy, what are you doing? Th-that's not what I meant by humiliating... Ah, that's very sweet, ahhh, but it's not necessary, I mean, it won't work. Really. And s-stop looking at me with those... big... beautiful... blue... eyes..."


Halloween evening, Willow arrived just a little bit late, and was pleasantly shocked when she got to Giles' new house. The place was jumpin', that was for sure. It looked like everyone in town had decided to come to Giles' party. That wasn't too surprising, after she thought about it. When Giles did something, he always went all out. "The Monster Mash" was playing in the background, costumed people were dancing all over the place, and Giles' new place was decorated to the hilt. Every picture was slightly askew, and there were cobwebs everywhere. Even the lampshades had been covered with orange paper. She grinned to herself. Giles really liked Halloween. He'd sorta missed out on stuff like that, being raised a Watcher and all.

Spotting her best friend in the crowd, she dashed over to greet her, practically yelling to be heard over the music and chatter. "Buffy, you look great! Cool headpiece. And the dress is very... well, you know what it's very. Striking. It'll strike every guy in the place, no doubt! Which is what you want, right? The place looks way wicked, too. Giles went all out with the decorations. There sure are a lot of people here... I didn't know Giles had that many friends... oh, hey, Giles... woah, *Giles*! GREAT costume! *Nice* legs, oh, sorry, did I say that out loud? Sorry. *Shut up, Willow*. Okay, well, you guys look... great! Mark Antony and Cleopatra, right? Great costumes!"

Giles chuckled to himself and leaned towards Buffy, his lips brushing her ear. A pleasant shiver ran down her spine as he murmured, "Punch?" Even with all the noise in the room, she heard him clearly.

"Hmmm? Oh, yeah, thanks. Punch would be nice." She watched him dreamily as he moved over to the table, the body armor and scarlet cape accentuating his shoulders and arms, the short leather skirt and leggings showing his muscular legs off to good advantage. "Really nice."


She started, and turned her attention back to her best friend. "Yeah?"

Willow leaned closer and stage-whispered, "HOW in the world did you get Giles to wear that costume?"

Buffy smiled secretly. "I said 'please'."