By Gibberish

Title: Cookie
Author: Gibberish
Disclaimer: Not mine, just letting them have the fun that Joss won't.
Rating: NC-17   B/G
Summary: Buffy gets her cookie. ;-)   PWP
Spoilers: Bad Girls
Distribution: Solo
Dedication: This is for Solo, she deserves it.

   "Whenever Giles sends me on a mission, he always says please. Then I get a cookie."  Buffy - Bad Girls

   "Oh and Buffy, don't forget to check the park." Giles told her. "There's been quite a bit of vampire activity there recently." He grinned wickedly.


 Buffy held back a grin of her own. "Will I get a cookie?" She asked impishly.

 "Of course." Giles responded with a glint in his eye.

 Buffy raised her brows in question. "What are you up to?"

 "Just make certain that you come back here after patrol." Giles said mysteriously. "Just let yourself in."

 Buffy gave him one last look before she left. Giles grinned again, once she was gone and set about his preparations for her return.


   Giles was right about the park, Buffy thought to herself as she dusted her fourth vamp. She had to fight the urge to rush through her patrol at the memory of the wicked promise in Giles' eyes when she left. She felt a shiver of anticipation. Whatever he had planned, she was definitely looking forward to it.

 Buffy finished her patrol and returned to Giles'. She went inside, but didn't see him. "Giles." She called out for him.

 "Up here." Giles called back from the bedroom.

 Buffy quickly made her way upstairs, she stopped in the bedroom doorway and stared. Buffy restrained a laugh. "How do you think would react if he knew this was what you had in mind for my cookie?" She looked at the incredibly sexy man lying on the bed wearing nothing but a wicked grin and a giant cookie that barely concealed his growing erection.

 "I can honestly say that I don't care." Giles responded. "Don't you want your cookie?"

 Buffy stripped as she made her way to the bed and suddenly the cookie didn't seem so big. She climbed on to the bed and straddled his knees. She studied the cookie thoughtfully. "Hmm? Where to begin? Where to begin?" Then, grinning lasciviously, she took a bite, making certain that she grazed the tip of his penis. "Mmmm." She hummed sensually.

 Giles' hips jerked in reaction. He was beginning to wonder if this was the best idea or the worst. He watched as she bent down for another bite of the cookie, that was now levitating. Every time that she took a bite she managed to brush him, her lips, her tongue, sometimes even her teeth. He was ready to explode. He knew that it was exciting her as well, she was moving rhythmically against his knees.

 Giles finally gave in, he removed the rest of the cookie and set in on the nightstand. His entire body jerked when he felt her mouth once again. She was carefully licking the crumbs, her tongue slid up and down his length. "Oh God Buffy!" He groaned.

 "Just cleaning up." She told him.

 Giles saw her look up at him and grin and his eyes narrowed. He nudged her with his knees until she was lying on top of him and quickly rolled them over. He saw the crumbs clinging to her breasts and returned the favor. He licked them clean until she was writhing beneath him. "Fair's fair." He told her as he licked his way down her stomach. When he reached her clit, she bucked beneath him.

 "Giles!" She cried out. She panted heavily as he made his way back up. He looked down at her as he positioned himself between her legs. He leaned down and licked the crumbs from around her mouth before he moved in for a searing kiss. He thrust into her at the same time as his tongue claimed her mouth.

 Buffy's moan echoed Giles' groan and they began to move. Slowly at first, then faster as she wrapped her legs around his hips. Buffy raised her own hips in time to his. After the foreplay they endured they didn't last long.

"Giles!" Buffy cried out again and tightened around him.

 With a strangled cry, Giles followed her into orgasm and collapsed on top of her. "Remind me, " Giles gasped out. "To make certain that I call 911 before I do that again."

 Buffy laughed breathlessly. "At least this way, I don't have to diet to work off the cookie."

 Giles laughed with her and rolled, holding her to him, until she was on top. "Did you like your cookie?"

 Buffy grinned and leaned down for another kiss. "It tasted almost as good as you."