Close Call
By Megan

TITLE: Close Call
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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Buffy and Giles, Joss does. Nor do I own the Delta airlines; I am simply using them for my own short little B/G shipper fic to return them after I'm done.

Giles watched his Slayer with gentle eyes. She stood on a cliff over looking the ocean, her back facing him. But he was content with that, as long as she was with him, in *his* place, this was all fine for him. It was always fine for him, never bad nor good, just always there, and this saddened him. It had never before, but now in light it did. It hurt him to the point of almost saying something; almost taking her in his arms and kissing the living daylights out of her. But he couldn't, he was old enough to be her *father*. Yes, he was a crazy old loon to ever dream, let alone think she would ever respond in a way other than utter a cry of "Eewww!" and walk away from him forever, their distant relationship ruined for good this time. No, he could do nothing but stand here and wish and dream and perhaps hope that someday she would respond to his silent pleas.

Buffy felt the cool breath of air surround her and for a moment thought it was Giles. That he had finally gotten the hint. Oh how she wanted him to notice her constant flirting, her need to be held by him. But no, he would say something to the extent of "Buffy, this is improper and it must stop. I am leaving for England; you do not need me any longer." If he did that she did not think that she could stand it, how she would survive without him. He would hate her forever and she would be lost without her mentor; the only man who was ever there for her, whose only role in life was to protect and nurture her. And she had realized it too late.

This was his way of saying goodbye, a simple picnic on a cliff. He would be leaving for England tomorrow morning and there was nothing she would do to stop it. No, her chance was over, gone for good, never to be reclaimed.

Then her mind a sprouted an idea: If he was leaving, why then be worried what he would think of her?

Giles sighed. He was leaving, and why had he done this to himself? Ah yes, he told himself that he would find another girl, a woman perhaps, to dream about. But in his heart he knew that he would never find another woman like Buffy; she was so *right* for him he couldn't stand it. His heart finally took over his mind as he found himself approaching Buffy. 'What the hell!' his heart yelled at him. 'You're leaving anyway.'

Buffy turned around at this exact moment and their lips met, first hesitating, then plunging.

Pulling apart, though each hated to so, Buffy exclaimed, "Do you know how long I've waited for that? Years!"

Giles merely laughed, his cell phone already dialing the Delta Airlines number. "Hello? Yes, I'd like to cancle a flight." Pause. "Tomorrow." Pause. "No, I do not wish to reschedule and no I do not care that I shall recieve no refund. Thank you."

Hanging up, they both smiled.