Chocolate Fun
By Lisa Stone

Title: Chocolate Fun
Author: Lisa Stone
Pairing: Buffy/Giles of course
Rating: NC17 overall
Summary: Buffy takes on a dare
Spoilers: None
Distribution: Would love to be able to read it on the net, as I don't have a site of my own, so Gabi, Dee, anybody, feel free to take it, just let me know where to look!
Disclaimer: Neither Buffy nor Giles belong to me, all belong to Joss Most Holy and Mutant Enemy.
Feedback: Yes please. Begging, begging, begging……. Helps to keep me going!
Dedication: For Dee, for wanting Nekkid Giles! and Da Wench, for the food conversations.

"I'm a very light sleeper," Giles announced, superiorly, "I dare anybody to enter my house at night without waking me up."

Buffy's eyes narrowed, Giles had been insufferable all day, and then her lips rose slightly at the edges. One thought flittered through her mind [Right, we'll see about that!]


Buffy stood outside Giles' door at 3.00 am the following morning, after a little judicious shopping. She was feeling a little nervous now she was actually here; then she pictured the smug look that had been on his face during his statement, and Xander's suggested plan, and the nervousness vanished, to be replaced by a big grin.

Let Phase 1 commence.

She carefully took a couple of items out of her bag, and prepared them, then stowed the bag, and quietly let herself into the apartment. She had been watching and had seen the lights go out about an hour before, and wanted to give enough time to be sure her Watcher was asleep.

She crept up the stairs, and spent a few minutes just staring at him in the bed.

He was so peaceful in repose, and looked so young. The covers were down around his waist, and his pyjama top was open. Her eyes were drawn to the sprinkling of fine hair on his chest. His hair was unruly, and his lips relaxed, and slightly parted, and his hand under one cheek. He looked so innocent.

For one moment Buffy thought she couldn't go through with it, then she imagined Xander's reaction if she admitted that she had chickened out, and changed her mind once again.

With an evil smile, she lifted her brush, dipped it into the pot, and leaning over, began to paint on his face.

She drew a big star on each cheek, a line down from his brow to the tip of his nose, a wavy line along his forehead, and a fake beard and moustache.

She began to carefully colour his lips, stopping and holding her breath for a moment, as he moved slightly in his sleep, his tongue reaching out to touch his lips, but he didn't waken. Buffy was mesmerised at the sight, heat had flooded through her at the unconscious sensuality of his action. She began to breathe again, once he settled once more into sleep, and continued to paint his lips, aware of the texture with every brush stroke.

Her glance moved down to his chest, and, although it had not been part of the initial plan, she could not resist running the brush downwards, defining his muscles. She circled his belly button, just above the top of the sheets, and drew a line from there to each nipple, before circling each one, and then rubbing the brush over to deepen the colour of them.

Buffy suddenly became aware that she was stroking his nipples many more times than just to colour them, and moved her hand away sharply, blushing deeply. She made herself breathe more evenly, and then crept over to the corner of the loft, and settled herself down, putting the lid back on the pot, and laying it and the brush down carefully, so as not to stain the carpet.

Phase 1 was complete. Now to wait for Phase 2 - Proof!

Buffy fell asleep sat in the corner, after watching her Watcher sleeping for some time.

She was awoken quite suddenly, by the sound of her name.

"Buffy?" Giles asked, bewildered, at the sight of his slayer, curled up in a corner of his bedroom. "Is something wrong?"

Buffy cracked her eyes open, and then memory flooded back, and she sat bang upright, grabbing at the camera around her neck, and taking a picture of Giles before she exploded in laughter at the sight in front of her.

He was sat up in bed, obviously just awakened, with no idea of what had happened, and all over his face and chest were the brown designs she had painted in the night.

Now Giles was even more bewildered, and his mouth dropped open. Suddenly, he felt his skin tighten as he moved, and glanced down at himself.

"Buffy! What on earth have you done?" he cried, jumping out of bed and running downstairs to the bathroom, leaving his Slayer still convulsing on the floor, holding her sides.

She heard a shriek from downstairs, and that made her laugh harder than ever, tears streaming down her cheeks, and struggling to breathe. Weakly, she made her way down the stairs, towards Giles' voice, which was blasting out obscenities that she had had no idea he even knew.

He stepped out of the bathroom, with a towel to his face, wiping himself dry and clean, but the marks were still on his chest and stomach.

"What on earth possessed you?" he asked her, wide eyed, bewilderment still warring with anger "And what on earth is this stuff?"

Buffy still shook, "You….you…dared anybody to be in your apartment and not waken you. So I took you up on it!" was her response. "And it's chocolate body paint!"

Giles was dumbfounded and indignant, that hadn't been a proper dare, though he had to admit, he had been insufferable that day. Then he glanced down again, and all of a sudden saw the humour in the situation, and began to laugh, deep, belly laughs, and Buffy started again at this, giggling with him.

Just wait until Xander saw that photo!

After a few seconds, Buffy became aware that Giles' laughter had changed to a chuckle. An evil chuckle. She looked up at him, apprehensively. What was he planning?

He stepped up in front of her, and then suddenly she knew. She shrieked, turned, and began to run through the flat, with Giles chasing her.

They whirled around the living room, with Buffy dodging around the sofa, then she made a dash for the kitchen, diving back out over the counter as he followed her.

Upstairs she ran, laughing so much she could hardly see. She dashed around the bed, to suddenly realise that she was now in a dead end.

Giles reached the other side of the bed, breathing hard from the chase, then began to move across the bed to her.

Then he stood once more in front of her, and with a triumphant smile on his face, he grabbed her, hugging her to him, smearing the once more moist chocolate across her front.

"Eeieeew!" Buffy cried, pulling away and looking down at her ruined top.

"Serves you right!" Giles retorted, grinning at her.

Buffy suddenly became aware of just how close her Watcher was to her, their chests almost touching, as they gasped for air, from a combination of exertion and laughter. Her breathing became ragged from another emotion, as she remembered her excitement of the previous night, and dropped her eyes to the naked torso in front of her.

She lifted her hand, and tentatively touched one of the streaks of chocolate, before bringing it to her mouth. She heard Giles gasp reflexively at the sensual action.

She looked up into his eyes, and surprised a look that she had never expected to see. Desire.

Slowly, she lowered her head, until her lips came into contact with his firm chest, and she began to lick the sweet candy. Giles' hands came up until they cradled her head, and his fingers threaded into her beautiful hair.

Buffy followed the line of chocolate down his body, and then back up again, until finally, she licked and sucked at his nipples, first one, then the other. This was what she had been fantasising about as she had painted them.

Giles moaned as he felt Buffy's mouth sucking and pulling on his sensitive nipples. Her hands were roaming up and down his back, beneath his pyjama jacket, and he shrugged out of it.

His own hands then moved to Buffy's shoulders and neck, gently massaging and caressing, before he slipped his them beneath the thin straps of her top, pushing them off her shoulders. His hands then moved to discover her back, and roamed down to her buttocks, pulling her hard against him, to feel the evidence of his desire for her.

Buffy moaned and rubbed herself hard against his tumescence. She had never been so turned on so quickly. Her hands moved beneath his pyjama trousers, and over his firm, hard buns, before pushing the garment down to the floor.

Giles lifted her up until her breasts were level with his face, and began to work a little of his own magic on her skin. Her legs went around his waist and locked her in position.

He suddenly broke off. "Any of that chocolate stuff left, luv?" he asked, throatily.

"Hm…mmm" Buffy replied, preoccupied with kissing his face. "In the corner." And flung out her hand.

Giles carried her over to the corner, and somehow managed to obtain the said items. He took her back to the bed, and lowered her down onto it, releasing her legs from around him. He saw the glazed, needy expression in her eyes, and caught his breath at the thought that it was for him.

He undid her pants, and drew them and her panties down her legs and off, leaving her naked beneath him.

He then proceeded to sit on the bed beside her, and draw on her body with the chocolate paint. Buffy found the feeling of the brush entirely erotic, and was soon writhing with need. Giles had drawn circles around her nipples, as she had done for him, placed a line joining her breasts, and other lines down to the centre of her abdomen, and then written something across her navel. Looking down, he admired the beauty of her, marked by him, owned by him, where he had written his name on her. "Beautiful" he breathed.

Buffy stared at him, her eyes half closed with passion. "Make love to me" she begged him. That was all it took, Giles bent and began to lick and suck, alternating gentle with hard, starting with her breasts. He took her whole breast into his mouth and sucked hard, teasing the nipple with his tongue, and Buffy mewled and arched up to him in delight. He moved along the line of candy and then did the same to her other breast, much to her continued delight.

She was finding it difficult to stay still, especially as once her breasts were clean of body paint, Giles moved down, following his artistic creation and driving her crazy, until finally he was cleaning the last of his name from her with his talented tongue.

Buffy's neck arched as he moved still further down her body, parting her legs, and nuzzling into her secret places. "Oh, God" came her strangled cry, as he once more utilised the suckling action that she had enjoyed so much on her upper body. She opened herself wider for him, whimpering as he held her hips down whilst he tasted his full of her.

Giles didn't stop until he felt her tense around his face, crying out his name in ecstasy, before bringing her down, and letting her tug him up her body, to finally take her mouth in a kiss of tender exploration. Their tongues tangled, playing with each other, as Giles reached over to his nightstand to search the drawer for a condom. Finally his fingers landed upon one, and he sheathed himself, Buffy helping him, before he pushed into her depths.

He stopped when he was fully inside of her, and both of them took a few moments to catch up with the fact that they were finally where they should be. Together.

Then Giles began to move in a steady rhythm. Buffy's small hands were once more caressing his ass cheeks, moving more and more frantically, as he brought her once again up to the pinnacle of pleasure, before they both went over.

"I love you, Buffy." Giles whispered as they lay curled together afterwards.

"Mmmm…. I love you too." Buffy replied, without thinking, then shot sitting up when she realised what she had said.

"What is it?" asked Giles concerned

"I do. I do love you" Buffy realised, and turned to hug Giles. "I love you." she repeated.

Giles smiled. "You can say that as often as you like, love." he said. "But I really think we should get a shower now, before these bedclothes stick to us! By the way, do they do any other flavours at that shop? This strikes me as a very good way to wake up!"

Buffy grinned back. "Plenty. I think next time we'll try strawberry flavour next time, and see if you wake up when I'm using that!"

And they did. And he did. But then, that's another story.