Chocolate Center
By Gileswench

Title: Chocolate Center
Author: Gileswench
Date: 2/13/01
Spoilers: Through Blood Ties
Summary: Valentine's Day as it should be for our fave Watcher and Slayer.
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Buffy/Giles (Is anybody surprised?)
Distribution: Gabi if she wants it, UCSL. All others, ask and ye shall receive.
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Disclaimer: It all belongs to Joss, Mutant Enemy, etc., etc., etc. I just let them have all the fun Joss won't. I own nothing except my twisted mind which you really don't want. Please don't sue.
Notes: This is in response to Savage Dawn's challenge for a Valentine's fic involving Giles, in any 'ship, and an imaginative use for a box of chocolates. Hope my use is imaginative enough, Savage One!
Notes: [ ] stands for thoughts. ***** stands for a break in action. Dedication: To Dawn and Quinn, and to all you other lovely B/G 'shippers out there in Buffyland.

It started a few days after Riley left.

Buffy walked out her front door one morning to pick up the paper when she saw it.

A white rose and a cream-colored envelope.

She picked them up with a mild curiosity. When she saw her name on the envelope, her heart leapt for a moment thinking maybe Riley had come back and was ready to talk. Then she frowned. Was that what she really wanted?


With a sudden burst of clarity, she knew that Riley had never been more to her than safe. He was Not Angel. In fact, he was the Anti-Angel. She had never really loved him. He'd been sweet and funny and polite to her mother, but he'd never made her knees turn to water, or her face light up with joy at the sight of him.

Sure, the curse-free sex had been good, but she knew she needed more if she was to be truly happy with a man.

With that figured out, she turned once again to the envelope. When she looked closer, she realized the handwriting bore no resemblance to Riley's. In fact, she didn't recognize it at all.

There was no postmark, so it had been hand-delivered. There was no return address. In fact, the only thing written on it was her name in a neat row of capital letters.

She put the flower in a bud vase, and opened the envelope. A few small chocolates tumbled out onto the counter as she unfolded the note.

Dearest Buffy (it read)

Please accept these tokens of my undying affection for you. I ask nothing in return, so you needn't be concerned. My only wish is to make you smile. You have brought light and laughter into my life. Please accept a little back from me.

There was no signature, and the entire note was composed in the same anonymous capital letters as the address on the envelope.

She refolded the letter and placed it back in it's cover, a thoughtful frown marring her brow. Then she popped a chocolate in her mouth and began to cook breakfast for her mother and Dawn.


As the days turned into weeks, Buffy received some token from her anonymous admirer every few days. They seemed to arrive at exactly the moments in her life when she most needed some comfort.

One came the day after she blew a history test she'd even studied for, another within hours of the news that the Watcher's Council had decided to test her abilities as Slayer, and so on.

The notes never referred to the actual events, but Buffy felt sure only someone who knew her well, and was aware of her Slayer activities could be behind them.

When the Scoobies had a meeting a few days after her birthday, Buffy found herself searching each familiar face for some clue as to the identity of the author of the notes.

She eliminated Anya almost before she began. Even if the former demon had decided to become her personal cheerleader, the style was far too subtle.

Willow was also quickly tossed aside as a possibility. Her approach also tended to be more open, if in a roundabout kind of way. If the redheaded witch decided Buffy needed cheering up, she would be more likely to suggest a night at The Bronze, or a mall expedition. No, she wouldn't leave unsigned notes and flowers.

Tara might choose to do something that subtle. But there was a romantic flavor that Buffy felt sure her best friend's girlfriend would never let creep into her relationship with anyone other than Willow. Whatever else Buffy did or did not know about Tara, it was clear that she only had eyes for one. And that one was very obviously Willow.

That left Xander and Giles. But it couldn't be one of them.

Xander would never do things that subtly. Except that he did give her that bracelet once, when they were in High School. Willow told her later - much later - that he'd meant it as a romantic gesture. But that was four years ago. He couldn't still be carrying a torch after all this time. Besides, he was so Anya whipped it was ridiculous.

And then there was the language of the notes. They had a formal, slightly stuffy touch...

Giles looked at Buffy, puzzled at the expression on her face.

"Buffy, are you quite all right?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Fine. Nothing wrong here. Just go on with...whatever it was you were saying."

"I'm sorry" he huffed. "I hadn't realized I was boring you so."

"No, Giles, my bad. I'm sorry. I'm just...worried about Dawn is all. She's still pretty wigged about the whole Key thing."

"Oh, yes, of course. Do you feel you ought to be with her tonight?"

"Yeah, I think it might be better. In case she freaks and goes all Norman Bates on herself again."

"Do you really think she'll harm herself again?"

"Probably not. I just...want to make sure she's safe."

"Well, of course. You see to your sister, and I can fill you in later after patrol."

"Thanks, Giles. You're the best."

She left the shop quickly, her mind a jumble of thoughts she wanted to ignore, but couldn't.

[Giles. Giles wrote those notes and sent all the candies and flowers and stuff.] She fingered the delicate silver cross that had arrived in one of the mysterious envelopes the morning after she'd been injured in a fight with a particularly nasty vamp. Giles had tended her wounds. He must have gotten the cross almost immediately after. [Why is he doing this? Does he just want to cheer me up? Usually he says something stuffy, but of the friendly and maybe pats me on the shoulder or something. He knows that's all I ever needed from him.]

But this seemed to be more about what he wanted to give her.

[So what does he want from me? Nothing. At least, that's what the notes said. He's never asked for anything in return all this time. Angel wanted all kinds of stuff from me, and Riley went totally to pieces because he wanted so much from me that I didn't have to give, but Giles has never asked much of anything from me. He gives and he gives, and he never seems to think he deserves my love. Wait a minute! Love?! Where did that come from?]

She stopped in her tracks.

[Do I love him? That's sorta the sixty-four thousand dollar question, isn't it?]

She decided to stop thinking and go home. She would play some loud music and maybe have an argument with Dawn over something trivial. That would shut off the old brain.


Over the course of the next few days, Buffy seemed unable to turn off the offending organ. It kept coming back to the same conclusions, too.

[Giles loves me. And I think I love him too.]

Just what she needed to complicate her already overwhelming life. Here she was dealing with a little sister who was actually an ancient energy matrix and the key to something an evil hellspawn bitch-God wanted that would probably destroy the world or something, her mother had recently had surgery to remove a brain tumor and they were all still waiting with bated breath to see if it grew back or something, her boyfriend had left her to play soldier in the jungles of South America because she couldn't break down on cue for him, Spike was acting extra creepy lately, and here she was falling in love with her middle-aged, stuffy, English Watcher. It was all too much.

[He's always been my rock, the one thing I can't do without. If I fall for him and it ends, like all my other relationships end, I'll be completely lost. Angel left, Riley left. What the hell would I do if Giles left. I couldn't deal. I wouldn't last a day.]

Her head shot up from the textbook she'd been half reading.

[Where did that thought come from? Oh, yeah, my brain. Which seems to be connected straight to the ol' ticker on this. Maybe it's time I did something about this instead of sitting here trying to fight it.]

She slammed the textbook shut, grabbed her purse, and raced out the door before she could talk herself out of her plan.


Valentine's Day dawned cold and gray. Giles had a terrible time talking himself into crawling out of bed, let alone going to work.

[Another lonely holiday. Another chance to see just how few people give a damn that I exist at all.]

Still, he forced himself to push off the covers and get ready to face the day as if his heart wasn't broken.

He drew his robe around his shoulders as he descended the stairs, went to the door, and stepped out to pick up the newspaper. He'd barely laid a hand on it, when he noticed it wasn't the only thing waiting on his doorstep. There was a giftwrapped box with an envelope attached to the top.


His name had been written in painstaking capital letters in a hand he didn't know. He shook the package experimentally. It didn't appear to be dangerous. Still, it might be one of Ethan's tricks.

[Then again, I won't know that until I've opened it, will I?]

He took the box, leaving the now-forgotten newspaper where it lay.


Giles tried to think who could possibly have left the box for him. It contained a forest green silk shirt, and a tiny silver cross earring. The note in the envelope read:

Dear Rupert,

No, I'm not Ethan. I'm just someone who wants to make you very happy for Valentine's day. Wear the shirt, and come to The Espresso Pump right after work. I'll meet you there. And if you wear the earring, I wouldn't hate that. See you tonight.

[Well, I suppose I'll find out who it is tonight.]

He quirked a small smile as he headed to the shower. He would definitely wear both the shirt and the earring.


The day passed in an agony of nerves for Giles. Each woman he saw, he wondered if she was the one.

[Whoever it is certainly knows about Slaying, at any rate. That means...oh dear lord! Could it be? Joyce? She's the only person I know who knows about Slaying and calls me Rupert. But the wording of the note seems wrong. That sounds more like one of the girls. But which one? And how to let her down gently?]

Anya shifted nervously as her boss looked at her intently.

"What? Stop staring. You're making me uncomfortable."

"Was I? I'm terribly sorry. S-something on my mind, that's all."

He quickly turned to the tarot table and buried his nose in a book, pretending to research.


Buffy sat squirming with butterflies in a booth at the back of The Espresso Pump. She wore the cross and a dress Giles had actually complimented once.

[What if he doesn't come? What if he does? What if he takes one look and laughs at me? God! Why do I do these things? And if he doesn't come, what's he gonna do when he sees what I did to his apartment? I am so dead.]

She looked up and the butterflies went as crazy as Drusilla.

There he was, wearing the shirt she'd given him, peering through the coffee house to find his mystery lady.

[Okay. I can do this. It's show time.]

She took a deep breath and stood. When he looked her way, she was sure she was going to faint, but she waved all the same.

[He's so handsome! Why the hell didn't I do this before?]

Giles almost stopped breathing when he saw her.

[Dear God! Buffy. Courage, old man. You've dreamed of this day for two years. Unless she just wants not to be alone on Valentine's Day. Yes, she probably feels the need of someone safe to fill in for young Riley the prat. Well, if that's what she wants, she shall have it. I'll do whatever she asks of me.]

He smiled and approached the girl.

"So it was you?"

"Yeah." She fingered the chain at her throat. "And this was you, wasn't it?"

He blinked in surprise.

"How on earth did you guess?"

"Let's see...what could have given you away? Well, there was the way things kept showing up just when I needed them most. I figured it out after this came. I hadn't told anyone about the vamp. Not even Will. And then there was the way the notes were written. You're the only person I know who would phrase things like that. Unless Wesley had suddenly come back to Sunnyhell to confess his burning passion for me, which is so of the unlikely that I didn't even think of it until just now. Yuck."

"It is a fairly disturbing thought, isn't it?"

They shared a companionable grin.

"So, now that we've found each other out, where do you want to go from here, Watcher-mine?"

"G-go from here? What do you mean, Buffy?"

"Well, I kinda got the idea from the notes and the presents and stuff that might be...more than just friends. Am I right?"

Her eyes were wide, but he found himself unable to read her expression.

"Buffy, I told you I expect nothing from you. I never meant for you to feel uncomfortable, or as if you...owed me something. You don't..."

"But I do. I owe you so much. And I never thank you for it. And anyway, this isn't about owing or - or expecting. This is about wanting, and whether you want me as much as - as much as I want you."

Giles sat in stunned silence.

[She wants me? She wants me?! She wants me!]

"Um, Giles? Could you maybe say something? Anything?"

"You want me? In what way?"

"Okay, I didn't think I'd have to be this big a slut about it, but here goes: Rupert Giles, I want to be with you, and I want to make love with you, and I want to wake up tomorrow morning with you in your bed. I love you. I want your body. Your turn."

[God! Slutty much? He's gonna think I'm a complete ho!]

"Say that again."

"Once was enough for that speech, believe me!"

"No, not the whole thing, just that bit at the end. The bit about loving me."

"I love you. And before you can ask, I'm gonna tell you it's not like friends, or like you're my Dad or something. It's like you're my other half. The part of me that's always been just out of reach, but it's really been here all the time. So my feelings are all out in a big puddle in the middle of the table. What about you?"

He stood and held out his hand to her.

"You know I've never been good at telling people how I feel. But if you come home with me, I'll show you all night long."

She rose and took his hand. They left the coffee house with their fingers intertwined.


When they reached the door of Giles' apartment, Buffy laid a hand on his arm.

"I should probably warn you. I did a few things so we'd have the right atmosphere if...y'know...things turned out pretty much the way they did." Her cheeks glowed crimson.

"You mean to say you broke into my flat without my permission."

"Well, yeah, I guess so. And doesn't 'broke in' *mean* 'without permission'?"

His glare turned into a wolfish grin almost immediately. Then his lips met hers for the first time.

It was a sweet first kiss. Warm, chaste, and delicious. The promise it held of passion to come made Buffy's knees turn to jelly. Not even a good, firm jelly, more like the one attempt her mother had made at making preserves when the jelly never set properly. That kind of jelly.

"I love you, Buffy." He stroked her hair tenderly. "Are you quite certain you're ready for this? Once we do this, there's no going back."

"Who wants to go back when we can go forward?"

She deliberately moved her hand to the doorknob and led him inside.

Giles gasped at the sight before him. The front room had been filled with candles and white roses. Even with the candles unlit it looked romantic. Buffy pulled a crumpled note from her pocket and said a few words. The candles ignited as one.

"Will helped me a little." Buffy admitted sheepishly. "But only with the spell. The rest is pure Buffy and I didn't even tell her who this is for. Ready for some dinner?"

Not even pausing to let him answer, Buffy headed for the kitchen and pulled a platter of fruits, cold meats, and cheeses out of the refrigerator, along with a bottle of sparkling apple juice.

"Sorry it isn't wine, but I can't buy it and Mom would have killed me if I took one of her good bottles, so, apple juice it is."

"I'm already intoxicated with you. Wine would be superfluous."

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her again. She twined her arms around him and parted her lips slightly, inviting him in. As their tongues met for the first time, Buffy's mind went into overload.

[This is how it's supposed to be. This is how it will be for the rest of my life.]

Giles finally pulled back and sat Buffy down on the sofa, settling himself next to her. He plucked a slice of melon off the platter on the coffee table and fed it to Buffy. She reciprocated with a strawberry as she licked his fingers clean.

They continued to feed one another between kisses until the platter was bare and their loins were aflame.

Buffy rose slowly and took Giles' hand.

"So, should we go upstairs or do you just want to do it here?"

"Oh, I think upstairs this time."

He retrieved his glasses from where they had been tossed on the coffee table so he could see to move upstairs.

"Perhaps we should do something about the candles, though."

"No problemo." Buffy pulled out her note again and spoke a few more words. In a flash, the candles extinguished themselves. "Cool, huh?"

They took the stairs slowly, pausing to kiss deeply more than once. When they reached the loft, Buffy led Giles into his own bedroom then twirled around her arms outstretched.

"Ta da! What do you think?"

Giles knew that when he'd left that morning his sheets had been plain white cotton. Now they were forest green satin with a matching comforter. On the pillow there lay a box of chocolates. On closer inspection, he discovered they were little chocolate stakes. More candles sat on the dresser and the nightstand. Buffy lit them with her spell.

Giles smiled at his lady where she grinned nervously.

"You do realize I would still have wanted you without all this?"

"Well, yeah, but I wanted our first time to be really special. Not that it wouldn't have been special just because it's with you, deserve this. So, do you like it?"

He pulled her close. "I love it, and I love you, Buffy." He kissed her with all the passion at his command. Suddenly he froze. "Oh, dear lord!"

"What? What's wrong?"

"Well, i - it's just that I haven' a long time. I wasn't prepared for this."

"So what you're saying is you don't have any condoms? Is that it?"

He nodded, embarrassed.

"We don't need them. After Riley...well, I never went off the pill. So unless you've got some scary disease I don't know about...?"

"No, I haven't."

"Then what are you waiting for? Come get me!"

She leapt onto the bed and kicked off her shoes. Giles quickly followed, pausing only to divest himself of shoes, socks, and glasses.

They kissed, their hands roaming free over one another. Buffy groaned when Giles cupped her breast in his large hand. Her nimble fingers undid the buttons of his shirt and began to explore his lightly furred chest. His free hand lowered the zipper on her dress, and she wriggled free of the fabric.

His hands and lips seemed to be everywhere at once. Both trailed fire in their wake. By the time Giles unfastened her bra, Buffy was ready to explode with passion. Then his tongue traced her erect nipples, one at a time. She gave a whimper and pulled his head to one breast. Giles suckled hungrily at her and moved one hand between her legs to her flooded core.

She bucked her hips and cried out as her first orgasm hit.

"Oh God! Giles!"

Her breath came in tiny pants as he soothed her with his fingers and sweet kisses. He drew her panties down her legs so he could see the results of his ministrations.

"So beautiful. I love you, Buffy."

He looked across at the box of chocolates on the other pillow and flashed a wicked grin.

"Would you like to try something...a bit unusual, luv?"

"It won't hurt, will it?"

"Not in the least."

"Okay, then. I'm game."

He reached over and plucked a candy from the box. Then he held it up to Buffy's face. When she tried to bite it, he stopped her.

"No. I'm the one who will eat this." He gave her a hard kiss, then slid down the sheets until he sat between her outspread legs. He took a moment to shed his trousers and the boxers underneath. Buffy gasped when she saw the size of his uncircumsized cock. She bit her lip in nervous anticipation.

"Don't worry, luv, I'll go slowly at first. Now lie back and relax."

She followed his instructions. He ran his hands over her thighs and belly, then added his lips and tongue to the equation. Buffy moaned and squirmed with pleasure. Her womanhood ached for him, but he resolutely avoided it. Finally, just when she thought she would bust, she felt his fingers part her pussy lips. But he didn't enter her with his cock. Insted, he inserted one of the chocolates. Then he knelt between her legs and ran his tongue over her center.

He licked and nibbled until the candy had been completely consumed and Buffy had had at least three more orgasms. She held his face to her crotch as she spasmed against his tongue.

When he moved up her body to lay over her, his kisses tasted of her nectar and chocolate. Before she could come down from the high of her release, Giles gently worked his massive cock into her tight channel. He lay still to give Buffy a chance to become used to his size. They kissed and petted one another until he felt Buffy begin to move restlessly beneath him.

His strokes were long, slow, and deliberate at first. He wanted this to last as long as possible. Buffy met him thrust for thrust as he pumped into her. Both made inarticulate sounds of bliss as they rocked together.

At last, Giles knew he couldn't hold out much longer. His movements became more urgent, his moans deeper. As he felt Buffy tighten further around his manhood, the first wave of his sperm gushed into her. He kept thrusting deeply into his lover as he continued to fill her with his burning seed.

Finally, they lay sated, still intertwined. Giles rolled them carefully until they lay side by side. He kissed his love gently but thoroughly.

"Mmmmmm, that was amazing."

He chuckled at her words.

"You're amazing, my love."

The simply basked in their new feelings for a while. Kissing and touching one another as if to be certain it was real.


"Yes, luv?"

"That thing you did with the chocolate?"


"Could we do that again sometime?"

"Any time you like, Buffy. Any time you like."