Cherry Kiss
By Karen Jephson

Title: Cherry Kiss
Author: Karen Jephson
Rating: RR, or for the Colonials NC17 at least. In other words, if you ain't legal, don't read.
Spoiler: S4, as in recurring characters only known from this season.
Disclaimer: I bet the owners don't have as much fun with them as we do.
Distribution: Solo, if it's not too adult. Anya. Headquarters. My own site if I ever update it.
Summary: Olivia finally decides what she's going to do, but not for the reasons we all think. B/G. Oh, and PWP. Are there meant to be plots in smutfics?

Dedication: For GylzGirl. Thanks for the title, and maybe now you'll stop begging for some smut.

The couple lay in the double bed, their bodies even in sleep joined at every juncture. Her head nestled into the elbow of the arm below her as her fingers linked with its own digits. His head faced slightly toward her, as if wishing to ensure the first thing he would see in the morning was the face of his lover. The bedding pushed down slightly on his chest gave indication of the lack of clothing employed by both of them.

The serenity of the moment was disturbed by the harsh cacophony of the telephone. By habit the man woke up fairly quickly, his senses already becoming alert to the possibility of danger being announced through the piece of hardware. The woman, less accustomed to the reality of living on the Hellmouth was slower to react. "Olivia, just lift your head for me, that 's a girl." As soon as his arm was free, Rupert Giles rose out of bed in one fluid movement, pulling his robe on as he exited the room. Running down the stairs, his feet padding silently on the tiles, he reached for the phone, knowing already who was on the other end. "Buffy? What? Yes, yes I understand. No, it's all right. It did? No, you were right to call." Glancing up at Olivia now standing at the landing, he shrugged before reaching for the ever-ready pen and paper. "Now give me the directions again. Yes, I know how to get there. Right. Uh-huh. Yes, I have all that. Now stay put. I'll be there shortly." Hanging up the receiver, he turned toward his lover. "That was Buffy. There was some troub..."

"I know. It's all right. You have to go to her." Olivia was quite proud at how well she hid her hurt and pique, yet she was fairly certain Giles knew exactly how she was feeling.

The two exchanged a long glance before Giles dropped his eyes. "Right, well. I better get going. Why don't you try to get some more sleep? I'll be back as soon as I can." As he passed her, he gently touched Olivia's shoulder.

"Right. Be careful."  She considered attempting to stop him leaving, or at least delaying him temporarily. But even with the few short visits she'd undertaken here, she knew that this would be one battle of the wills she would lose.


Giles wearily wiped the sleep and grit from his eyes before sorting through his keys in an effort to find the one to his front door. Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, he didn't have that many keys on his ring so it didn't take too long. He sighed in remembrance of the period of employment at Sunnydale High School. Then, he'd had four times as many keys as he did now. He'd needed them to access the school buildings at night. He' d retained some of them as a form of souvenir, storing them away in one of his bedside drawers. He didn't want the children to think he was being too sentimental.

Glancing toward the rising sun, he surmised Olivia would now be awake. She wouldn't ask him about what had happened. She never did. She appeared to be one of the 'don't talk about it, it doesn't exist' advocates. Unfortunately, she might want to make up for some lost time. He was just getting too old for all this gallivanting about followed by intense marathons of sex. He ignored the little voice in his head indicating it might have had more to do with his partner, something he'd become quite adroit at recently. Finally pushing the door open, he admitted himself into his apartment.

At the sound of the opening door, Olivia exited from the kitchen, putting down the teatowel she'd been using to dry last night's dishes. "You've been gone a while. Is everything all right now?"

Giles nodded. "Yes, it wasn't so bad as we first thought. In fact, Buffy would most likely have been able to handle it herself. I'm not sure why she called me."

"Perhaps because she knew I was here?" The comment was half statement, yet there was no bitterness in the tone.

Giles looked at her curiously. "You think she's jealous of you? She seemed pleased that I'd found someone, after getting over the shock that somebody might be interested in such an old man as I." The last was said with a depreciating grin.

"Perhaps, but I don't think she'll be completely upset when she hears the news."

"What," he finally glanced at her feet, noticing the cases there, "news." Understanding dawned. "Ah. You've decided I see." Regret weighed heavily upon him at her decision, but perhaps not as much as he'd thought.

"Yes, I've decided. But not for the reasons you think."

He cocked his head to one side. "What do you mean?"

"I might have accepted the monsters and things if I'd thought I was first in your life. But I'm not am I?"

"Olivia, I-I."

 "Don't Ripper. Not between us. I know she's the one."

 "No, you don't understand. She's the slayer. And I'm..."

"In love with her. I know what you told me about slayers and watchers. But you're not her watcher any more. So why do you stay here?"

"Because she needs..." He stopped, realizing none of them truly believed that. He continued more quietly. "Would you have me run away Olivia? Let these children face all this evil on their own?"

Olivia lifted her hand, gently stroking his cheek. "Of course not. I know you're too good a man to do that. But I want you to also face up to the truth. You don't put Buffy first because she's the slayer. She'd still have pride of place if she was just a normal teenager wouldn't she?"

Giles couldn't help the smirk that crossed his lips. "Buffy would never be normal."

A sound, half laugh half sigh escaped her smiling lips. "And only a man who completely loved a woman would feel that way."

A frown gathered above his eyes as he contemplated what she said. That was impossible wasn't it? Buffy was still a child, wasn't she? "Olivia, I don't.."

"Yes you do." Leaning forward, she replaced her hand with her lips against his stubbly cheek. "Goodbye Ripper. Don't let her break your heart too much."

Unable to stop her as the truth finally dawned upon him, Giles could only watch as he lost yet another lover to Buffy. This time it didn't hurt as much. After all, his affection for the slayer hadn't caused this one's death. Affection? Was that all it was, or was Olivia right? Dear God, he hoped not.


After a quick shower, and her usual double dose of caffeine, Buffy felt she was ready to take on anything the world had to give this morning. Almost. There were a few things she wasn't ready for. Angel, well that wouldn't happen because he couldn't walk in the daylight. He wouldn't come anyway, not any more. Riley she didn't think she'd ever be ready for, especially after their last argument. She knew he'd finally realize the truth about Maggie Walsh, but she couldn't, didn't want to, wait for that heartbreak to happen. She could understand in a sense. If it was Giles she wouldn't believe him capable of such evil. And, other than Spike, the only other thing she couldn't face was, "Buffy?" Olivia.

Mustering her brightest smile Buffy turned toward Giles' lover, still not quite certain where her desire to do great physical damage to the older woman came from. "Hey Olivia, what are you doing over at my neck of the woods?"

A smile, no a smirk, crossed Olivia's lips. Funny, it didn't quite match the puffiness of her eyes. Lack of sleep or crying? "Didn't Ripper tell you I was stopping?" Damn, why did she have to sound so smug when she used his nickname?

"Well, of course. Giles doesn't keep things from me. Well, maybe some things, like he doesn't exactly say what you guys do, but that you do...... I mean, he told me that you were here, not what you were gonna do while you were here, and I can safely report that two cups of strong coffee with no sleep a babbling slayer does make." She tried a more normal smile this time, and was happy to be rewarded with a lifting of the lips from the other woman. "I meant what are you doing on campus?"

Olivia shifted uncomfortably, then turned to make sure they weren't being overheard. "I came to tell you something important."

Seeing as they only had one thing in common, Buffy's hyper imagination went into overdrive. "What? Has something happened to Giles? Oh God, has he..."

"Last time I saw Rupert, he'd been hit by a rather painful truth, but other than that he was all right. No, I came to tell you that you've won."

A perfect lowering of the forehead to show confusion. "What?" Meanwhile, cartwheels were being spun in her head, soon to be repeated in reality.

"I said you've won. I'm leaving Sunnydale, and this time I won't be back."


"Because like most women, I don't like coming second."

Suddenly Buffy was angry. True, she didn't like the woman, but Giles obviously did. "You knew what he did, and how important it was. How dare you suddenly decide..."

"I'm not talking about his job. I'm talking about you. Last night proved again that you will always have priority in his life."

"Of course, I'm his slayer..."

"And he's your watcher I know. Except you're both forgetting one thing. Rupert was fired, and you quit the Council of Watchers."

"What? You expected him to run away with his tail between his legs? Giles isn't a coward."

"No he isn't. But he didn't have to stay here, watching over you. After all, your other watcher is fighting evil his own way." Buffy smiled at the thought of Wesley, Rogue Demon Hunter. "He stayed for you. And I'm tired of living with you two pretending it's everything but what it really is."

"So why did you come here?"

"Hopefully to make you see the truth.  And to make sure you don't hurt him any more than you already have."

"What are you saying Olivia?"

"He's all yours. Just treat him as he deserves, that's all I ask."

"Great, now what do I do with him?"

"If you rub his tummy in circles, it makes him growl.  He also likes massage oil." Olivia smiled, then turned and left.

Buffy thought to herself that she should be grossed out. And the idea of Olivia knowing that was sort of gross. But the idea of her knowing that was sort of....well, not gross. Deciding to follow her instincts, Buffy left the college to talk to her former watcher, making a small detour on the way.


Giles sipped at his drink, momentarily contemplating finishing the scotch in one go. Then he remembered which scotch he was drinking, and knew he couldn' t waste such precious liquid on a moment's whim. He had poured the drink with the very real idea of getting extremely drunk. As soon as he'd put the glass to his lips, however, he'd realized the action had been one of habit. Although he cared for her dearly, the loss of Olivia was not devastating. What was devastating however was her suggestion that he was in love with Buffy. If Olivia had guessed, who else knew? And, God forbid, did Buffy know?

The door behind him opened, allowing a weak splash of sunlight to lighten up his front entry. Not expecting Xander and Spike back before dark, he turned around in surprise. That surprise turned to shock when he recognized his visitor. "Buffy? What...."

Buffy swung her body slightly, her hands behind her back. "Oh, I happened to be in the neighborhood and thought I'd drop by." Very slowly, her entire body a study in innocence and sensuality, she moved nearer to him. "I don't know about you, but I'm kinda tired. Funny, but I didn't get any sleep last night."

Giles smiled, as she'd intended. "How unusual? If you're tired, perhaps you should go home, to bed?"

She cocked her head slightly, still stalking him, knowing her prey was within her grasp. "Bed sounds like a good idea. For the both of us. Shall we go to bed Giles?"

Giles could only blame the conversation with Olivia for his reaction to the obviously innocent comment. He wouldn't have put that particular connotation on Buffy's suggestion otherwise, and of course his body wouldn't have responded so ardently to the picture her words painted. Clearing his throat, he attempted clarification. "Bed?"

"Yeah. You know. I go to bed, you go to bed, we," she stood in front of him, her body brushing against his arousal, "go..." standing on tiptoe, she completed her words as a whisper across his lips, "to bed."

Unable to help himself, Giles lifted his hands to her hips, his fingers pressing into her flesh as he pulled her closer to his heat. He was rewarded with a harsh release of air from her extremely kissable lips. "And when we go to bed, what did you have in mind? I only ask because I'm feeling rather - tense, and I find it extremely - hard - to sleep in such a state."

"Well," darting her tongue out, she licked her lips, then pressed her head forward so she could run her tongue along his finely sculptured mouth, "I hear that rubbing your tummy might help release the - tension."

A very Ripperish growl escaped his lips just before he pressed them to her own. Her response was instantaneous, her lips opening to his marauding tongue as her hands rose to rest against his shoulder blades. The two of them pressed into each other, wishing to meld themselves fully from top to bottom. If Buffy was in any doubt, it was allayed by his arousal pushing into her inner thighs. As he devoured her with his lips and tongue and teeth, she opened her legs wider to feel him more fully against her. Whimpering in frustration when it wasn't enough, she wrapped her right leg around his left knee. Understanding the need driving her, and knowing what she desired, Giles cupped her ass cheeks under her skirt and lifted her, encouraging her to wrap her legs around his hips. They both groaned as he was able to rub himself against her moist core.

Not wanting to release his lips, Buffy began to suck and nibble against the swollen flesh. "Giles."

"Hmm?" His distraction was obvious.


"Bed." Moving purely on instinct, he turned toward the stairs, carrying Buffy up them with a surety born of familiarity. His senses completely filled with the loving woman in his arms, it took him some time to notice the rustling sound, and that something seemed to be bouncing against his back. Curiously, he pulled aware from her. "What do you have?"

Vainly reaching for his lips, she mewled in frustration when he denied her. "I was told you like massage oil. I didn't know what kind, so I got lots of flavors."

He quirked an eyebrow at her. "Olivia has been busy hasn't she?  Lots of flavors?"  He couldn't keep the enthusiasm out of his voice when she nodded. "Did you get Cherry Kiss?"

"Uh-huh. And Chocolate Mint for after."

"Oh God!" The plea was heartfelt. "Now I know I'm dead and gone to heaven!"

"Not yet Ripper." She grabbed his ears, knowing he now fully supported her weight. Pulling gently at them, she forced him to look at her. "Heaven is only a few more steps. You can take me there with you."

The two mouths met once more, their lips open as they drew each other's essence into themselves. Giles finally felt the bed at his shins. Without hesitation, he dropped to the mattress, pinning the wriggling girl beneath him. Pushing her skirt further up her waist, he began to grind against her wet panties, instinctively knowing this would drive her as crazy as it was him.  Knowing she would try to use her slayer strength to flip him over, he rested his hand on the hem of her top, trailing his fingers lightly along the clenched muscles of her stomach. Slowly, inch by inch, he pulled the material up as he continued to push against the barriers of their clothing. Finally lifting the material over her breasts, he exhaled as he realized she wore no bra. Squeezing the swollen globes, he flicked his thumbs against the sensitive nipples before continuing to lift the top up.

Squirming with frustration, Buffy's breath was now coming out in heavy pants. Giles' torment of her was driving her insane, and she knew she'd have to take control soon or let him continue to tease them both forever. Lifting her hands to help him remove her top, she screamed in frustration as she felt him tie the material around her wrists. "You think this'll stop me? I still have slayer strength in my legs you know."

Silencing her with another mind-numbing kiss, Giles pulled her hands nearer the bedhead. When he touched the wood, he worked quickly. By the time he came up for air, Buffy's hands were secured to the bed. Smiling down at her with a definite lascivious grin, he brushed his fingers down the length of her arm. "Haven't you learnt anything in our years of training love? Always use the advantage before your opponent takes it away from you." Ignoring her growl of passion and anger, he dipped his fingers in the crevice beneath her shoulder before moving to brush her erect nipples. "Don't worry though. This is one defeat I can guarantee you'll enjoy."

Unable to control her reactions, Buffy arched off the bed, straining to feel his callused pads against her sensitized flesh again. This only succeeded in pushing her now pinned hips further against his erection, causing him to rub harder against her. When he moved away she didn't know whether to scream for joy or frustration. At last he was going to remove all the barriers.

Giles surprised her yet again however and moved further down her body. When his mouth was level with her aching breasts, he gently cooled them with his breath. They seemed to stiffen even more, her body doing what Buffy refused to. Beg. Feeling generous, Giles leant down, drawing one dusky nub into his lips. Sucking gently, he waited until she whimpered, then released his prize. He then turned his attention to the other breast. Drawing this one more fully into his mouth, he used his tongue and teeth to bring her closer to the brink.

His hand had been resting on her hip, gently squeezing the flesh there. Now it moved with purpose, brushing against the material gathered at her stomach before moving toward the silken covered core of arousal. He rested his hand against her juncture, nipping at her flesh a little harder when his fingers became damp. He began rubbing against her, the friction of his pressure counterbalancing the material separating them increasing her heat. Her legs were now wide open, and she thrashed her head around as she gave herself up to his ministrations.

Finally Giles shifted his hand once more, running his fingers along the lace-trimmed waistband that kept him from the treasure he sought. Unable to torment them both any more, he grabbed the material and pushed it past her hips, her lower thighs, down to her knees. Buffy raised her legs, bringing her ankles nearer to him. Taking her hint, Giles pushed the panties the rest of the way, dropping them beside the bed. Lifting his head, he looked down her body, taking in the dark blonde curls damp from his attentions. Pressing his hand once more against her groin, he licked his lips, as he felt her part to accept his fingers. "All mine Buffy?"

Buffy waited only until he'd turned to look at her, her eyes heavy lidded with passion. "Only yours Giles." He pressed into her, finding her clit. Not looking away from her, he began to rub against the swollen flesh, encouraging her as she sobbed out his name. Her hips were rocking in time to his actions, and he felt her muscles clench as she neared her climax. Throwing her pride to the wind, Buffy gave Giles what he wanted. She begged, "Giles please?"  In response, he gave her what she wanted. Pinching and rolling the clit in his fingers, he moved faster until Buffy tensed, lifting her lower body off the bed. Dropping his lips to hers, he swallowed her scream as she orgasmed around his fingers. A tearing sound warned him she'd freed herself from her restraint.

Petting and soothing the swollen flesh, he slowly guided her down back to earth. Even as she opened her eyes and smiled at him lovingly, he gently rubbed her still throbbing clit. "Did you see heaven?"

She nodded lethargically. "Uh-huh. Wanna come see it with me?"

He smiled down at her. "I thought you'd never ask."

Rising, he pulled his sweater over his head, then dropped his fingers to his trousers. Lifting an eyebrow he asked, "You want to watch or help?"

Buffy tilted her head slightly, as if considering the matter gravely. "This time I'll watch I think. Next time, I can undress you and you can watch me. You're so good at it."

Giles dropped his head for a few moments, trying to regather his self-control at her words. How many times had he fantasized about doing just that, his own guilty secret desire? Quickly undoing the button and pulling down the zip, he slipped his shoes off before standing and shucking the trousers.

Buffy's eyes opened in wonder. "Commando Giles? I'm impressed."

A dusting of red crossed his cheeks. "Well I was in rather a rush to dress after your call."

"You mean....?" Buffy swallowed. "Every time I dragged you out?" At his nod, she lifted her hand, drawing it gently along his quivering flesh. "If I'd known that before, our late night adventures might have ended differently."

Giles grabbed her hand, pulling it away from him gently. "One of us is overdressed." At her querying look, he pointed with his head toward her still gathered skirt. She lifted her hips in silent invitation. He slipped his hands under her, feeling for the button that held the skirt in place. After releasing it, he reverently pulled the material down, letting it lie amid the heap of their other clothing. Turning her slightly, he lay her legs more fully on the bed before climbing over them. Dropping his head, he kissed the tangle of curls, before extending his tongue to taste her earlier climax. As he continued to lick her, he felt newer juices dripping out, as her netherlips began to squeeze against his tongue.  Moving slowly, he kissed and licked his way up her body, poising as his penis touched her sex. Resting his weight on his elbows, he kissed her swollen lips, his tongue pushing into her welcoming mouth, inviting her to taste herself on him. She groaned as her legs wrapped around his thighs, letting him know how much she enjoyed the sensation. Taking a final breath, sending a silent prayer that the four-year wait was finally over, he entered her in one smooth stroke.

He knew of course that he wasn't her first lover. Or even her second. He didn't know if she and Riley had become lovers. Her tightness however showed that she was still quite inexperienced. As he felt her sheath him, he was overcome with an overwhelming sense of homecoming. It didn't matter who had gone before, no other would follow. She was his as much as he was hers.

With the awe that filled him at this thought, he began to move within her. Slowly at first, moving just a fraction at a time. Looking into her wondrous eyes, he increased his rhythm and his strokes. With her encouragement and assistance he was soon pumping in and out of her with all his strength, the sweat gleaming off his back as he pushed them both closer to their own heaven.  And then he was there. As the immense pleasure exploded around him, he swore he saw stars and heavenly bodies seemed to sing their praise. It took some moments to realize he had heard his own shout of release mingled with Buffy's sobs of pleasure. Now he lay upon her, spent. He could feel her heart beating an irregular staccato, matching his for speed. Groaning, he gathered her to him, rolling until she lay on top of him. He was quite proud that he was able to do so without slipping out of her. His penis still half-erect, he had no intention of losing this most intimate of contacts with his slayer.

The two lovers lay together for some time, their bodies and limbs entwined. Giles stroked his hand gently down Buffy's back, then rested it against her buttocks. Buffy's hand came to rest against the heavy thud of her lover's heart before playing softly with the whorls of hair upon his chest. "Why did we wait so long?"

He squeezed the flesh beneath him before answering. "We weren't ready before. And a couple of years ago this," he indicated their still-joined bodies with his free hand, "was rather illegal."

"Ah." She covered her yawn with her hand. "It wouldn't have been much fun having my honey in jail."

She felt his smile against her hair. "And where would you like your 'honey' ?"

She wriggled experimentally, satisfied to feel the flesh within her expand. "Exactly where he is." Lifting herself up, she peeked at him through her curtain of hair. Making herself comfortable, she began riding him, her dominant position increasing his penetration. Not worrying about finesse, she rode him quick and hard, her slayer strength squeezing her muscles tight around him. His hands rose to fondle her breasts, their copulation done in silence. Only until they both reached their orgasm did they make a sound, their mutual cries of ecstasy once more echoing in the room.

This time, as Buffy fell, Giles allowed the intimate contact between them to break. As his now soft penis slipped out of her wet sex, he gathered her to him, his warmth enveloping her as they both dozed.

Some hours later, he rubbed his hands for the tenth time, warming the oil between them. His lover's body was shining from the sensuous massage he'd given her, and the room smelt of summer cherries. Parting her ass cheeks, he rubbed the oil into her netherlips, not surprised to find her already wet and ready for him. When she'd massaged him earlier, it hadn't taken long for his body to respond. By the time she'd decided to taste his cherry coated penis, he was ready to climax. It had taken some time for him to stop pumping into her eager mouth. Now it was his turn to return the favor. Pushing her legs farther apart, he bent further down, his nose pushing gently into the crevice. Sniffing, he smelt the heady mixture of fruit and her arousal. Kissing her trembling flesh, he began to assault her with his teeth and tongue, similarly to his earlier encouragement of her first climax. As he felt her muscles clench at the beginning of her fourth, or was it fifth, orgasm he moved quickly, penetrating her as her vaginal walls pushed down on him. Lifting her slightly so he could increase the penetration of his cock, he rode her as she'd ridden him earlier, pushing through her orgasm, letting her squeeze the fluids from his body. As he came, he felt her ride onto a second climax, stronger than the one she'd just had. Only after they'd both been sated did he let her slack body drop, before lying down beside her. Gathering her to him, they lay together spoon fashion, watching the sun through the open window as it began its downward descent. "We'd best get some sleep love. I don't want you patrolling if you' re only half awake."

She murmured contentedly, snuggling deeper against him. "Then can we try the Chocolate Mint?"