By Anne

TITLE: Cave-Giles
RATING: NC-17. ****Warning ! graphic violence; non-consensual sex; sexual violence; sexual torture.****
PAIRING: Buffy/Giles
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WARNING: ****graphic violence; non-consensual sex; sexual violence; sexual torture.****
NOTES: contains spoilers to “Beer bad.”
DEDICATION: To Viviane, thank you for your wonderful beta reading.

Giles abruptly opened his eyes and gave a start when he felt somebody snuggling up to him, in his bed. Feminine hands, soft and warm, caressed his back, then slid into the bottom of his pyjamas to rest on the curve of his buttocks. A few seconds later, one of them ventured to his inner thigh. He felt fingers trailing across his erect penis from tip to base then back again, slowly, and delicately. Giles moaned with pleasure and began panting.

He turned round and shouted with surprise and horror as he discovered Buffy lying next to him. Not Buffy, but Cave-Buffy. She should not be here, but asleep in her bed, in the room she shared with Willow, in the dormitory. She should sleep off all the cursed beer which had turned her into a girl of the Stone Age.

Giles wanted to move away but Cave-Buffy brutally closed her fingers on his sex. He roared with pain. She captured him by the nape of his neck and she pulled him to her violently. She pinned him down and lay down on him. She rubbed herself against him, bringing him very close to ecstasy. She began licking his neck, his chin, his jaw line, his cheeks, his nose, and his brow, and nibbled his earlobes. She bit his nipples and sucked them.

"Oh... Buffy! Oh god! Stop! Stop... pleaaase...!" He shoved her away and jumped up out of the bed.

Cave-Buffy looked at him with surprise. "Giles not like?" she asked.

Giles shook his head. "No Giles likes ... oh yes! He loves that! No! No!" he slapped his face to restore his clear-headedness. "No, Giles doesn't like."

Cave-Buffy pushed away the sheet and blanket, and got up. She was totally naked. He felt the blood flowing in his arteries, and his heart threatened to explode in his chest. She was beautiful, really magnificent. She had satiny skin, exquisite breasts, her waist was slim, her stomach flat, her hips were shaped like an amphora, and she had beautiful legs. She was a luminous, almost unreal beauty. Giles's throat dried out and his hands became sweaty. His Adam's apple bobbed several times before he was able to speak:

"Buffy please..." he articulated in a hoarse and trembling voice. "you-you can't stay naked... You should dress... put on my robe. It's-it's there, on the chair."

Cave-Buffy approached Giles with the agility of a feline. She suddenly lowered his pants. She looked at him. He was fit. His shoulders were broad, his chest covered with hair. His arms were firmly muscled, and his long legs too. She stopped her look on his impressive member, licking her lips.

"Giles nice." She wrapped her arms around his waist, and pulled him against her, scratching his back, planting her nails in his buttocks.

Giles, completely numb, was unable to think clearly again. He had only one urge: to make love to Buffy, there, on the carpet.

Cave-Buffy smiled. She had achieved her goal: Giles's body trembled with excitement, his breath had become jerky. She put her head against his chest to hear the rapid beating of his heart. Giles was shivering and sweating and his glance burned with an intense, wild desire. 

"Buffy wants Giles," she said.

Giles's brain gradually began to work again and he brutally became aware of the situation. He moved back.

"No!" He pulled his pants up over his hips.

His sixth sense suddenly informed him of a presence behind him and he spun round to face the intruder. He saw Ethan Rayne smiling at him.

"Hello Ripper, old boy!" the sorcerer said, before he started to chant a small spell that Giles immediately recognised. It was a sleeping spell. The Watcher collapsed and everything went black.


* *

When Giles regained consciousness, he discovered that he was tied to his chair. Buffy, still naked, turned around him growling like a lioness in its cage. He saw Ethan, leaning against the kitchen counter, a glass of pure malt Scotch in his hand. He had a predatory smile.

"Hello Ripper!"

Giles tensed his muscles and tried to free himself, but he only managed to bruise his wrists.

"It's useless to try to untie yourself, Rupert." Ethan sighed. "You know, old mate, you could be the happiest man in the world if your bloody reason didn't stop you."

Giles frowned. "What do you mean?"

"You love Buffy deeply, intensely, madly, more than your life. But you locked your feelings in your heart because you think they're bad. You're her Watcher, she's your Slayer, your pupil, and your protégée. You're old, she's young. You could be her father! You find all this disgusting. Am I right, Rupert?"

Giles quivered.

"I decided to be kind with you, Rupert, and to make you a happy man. Let's say that it is my birthday present in advance. I am going to release your feelings for Buffy."


"I released Buffy's feelings for you... She loves you as much as you love her." He grinned. "It's so sweet!"

Giles's eyes narrowed. "You cursed the beer!"

The sorcerer nodded. "Of course I did. It was the only way she could reveal her love for you. She had also buried her feelings in the depths of her heart, thinking that you would laugh in her face if she revealed them to you, and that you would reject her. She didn't want to suffer, you understand? She loves you, Rupert, and you will soon show her that you love her as well, with your body, and especially a certain part of your body."

Giles was mortified.

Ethan slipped behind the kitchen counter and returned with a transparent jug filled with beer, and a small funnel.

Giles paled and shivered. "No, Ethan, don't do that!"

Cave-Buffy grabbed Giles's hair and threw his head back. Giles clenched his jaw.

"Bad Giles." Buffy growled, just before pinching his nose.

Giles struggled, groaned and after thirty long seconds, choking, he had to open his mouth to breathe. Ethan quickly slid the funnel in it and gradually poured the cursed beer inside. When the jug was empty, Ethan went to look for the other one.

Buffy licked Giles's lips then plunged her tongue in his mouth, that still tasted of beer.

"Beer good. Giles good," she said.


When Giles was drunk, Ethan untied him and immediately retreated behind the counter. He had eased the effect of the regressive potion. Giles would have an intellectual level close to nothingness, but he would not be transformed into a prehistoric man. Buffy wanted her Giles, practically unchanged. He would be a little more muscular, a little hairier, just enough to arouse Cave-Buffy a little more.

Cave-Giles moved towards Ethan, growling, his fists tightened. He was the picture of rage.

Cave-Buffy took up a position in front of him. "Ethan good." she said.

Cave-Giles shoved her hard, away from him. "Ethan bad!" he roared.

"Ethan good," repeated Cave-Buffy.

They sized each other up, then Cave-Buffy grabbed Cave-Giles by his shoulders. "Giles sit!" she ordered.

Cave-Giles shook his head and moved to a terrorized Ethan. He was determined to kill him.

"Giles stop!" shouted Cave-Buffy.

He looked at her angrily, showing his teeth. "No!" he yelled.

Cave-Buffy showed her teeth in turn and jumped up onto her mate. She pinned him to the ground. Cave-Giles growled and rolled on the side. Cave-Buffy got up first. She fell on Cave-Ripper with all her weight, putting her hand across his right shoulder, sticking him to the ground, and at the same time pressing her forearm on his throat. Cave-Giles uttered a hoarse cry, was shaken by a spasm and fell unconscious. She quickly loosened her grip, not wanting to kill him.

She licked his face to make him regain consciousness, and then seeing that it did not work, she slapped his face several times. She made his nose bleed and dipped her finger into his blood and sucked it.

"Giles good," she said.

She hit his lips, very harshly, cracking them open, then licked the flowing blood, growling almost ferally. She then nibbled his lips to make more blood flow. She lapped with the tip of her tongue until he regained some consciousness. Cave-Giles raised his eyes towards Ethan who smiled roguishly, feeling strong, protected by Cave-Buffy. He wanted to get up to try to kill him again but Cave-Buffy suddenly grabbed him by his throat.

"Ethan good!"

He wanted to get free. She squeezed his throat harder. Cave-Giles's face became purple. He tried to free himself from the iron grip that choked him. In vain. The strength of Cave-Buffy was phenomenal. Cave-Giles weakened little by little, and finally, Cave-Buffy released him before he fainted.

"Giles stays calm."

Cave-Giles grunted his agreement. Cave-Buffy was much stronger than him. She sat in front of him and let her hands explore his body, searching for all the places that caused him to make pleased sounds. She finished her exploration by his penis.

Buffy shoved him on his back, parted his legs and sat between them. She bent down and then touched the tip of his penis with her tongue. Cave-Giles hissed. She grinned and teased it with her tongue, making him whimper in sweet agony. She tightened her grip at the base of his penis and opened her mouth to swallow it to the base. Her tongue ran swirling along its smooth and warm surface, and then she brutally bit his member, making him tremble. He screamed with pain and tears ran down his cheeks.

She pulled back, bringing her mouth off him. She began licking his penis, where she had bitten it, to soothe the pain. Cave-Giles growled low in his throat and his breath came in pants. She pulled back again and sank down on him once more to pump him. Cave-Giles's body arched and he shivered, feeling close to orgasm. She pulled her mouth off him one more time and closed her fingers around his impressive erection.

"Giles likes?"

"Giles likes, yes."

Ethan giggled. This good old Giles might never have used fewer words in a sentence since he was a little boy.

Cave-Giles bent towards Cave-Buffy to smell her hair then her neck. She smelt of sweet vanilla. He licked her neck then made his tongue travel to her breast, that he cupped in his large hands. She groaned when he suckled her hard nipples, one at a time.

"Now Giles makes love to Buffy!"

She moved to her back; spread her legs wide and looked at him expectantly. Cave-Giles moved on top of her, grasped her hips and entered her with a powerful thrust. He buried his massive penis as deep inside her as possible without giving her a chance to become accustomed to his size. She gasped as he filled her and then arched, roaring with pain, feeling impaled. When Cave-Giles was finally buried to the hilt, filling Cave-Buffy completely, she was shaken by a series of short spasms, which made her whole body tremble and she groaned with pleasure. She contracted her muscular thighs and wrapped her legs around Cave-Giles's back, enough to make him suffocate, so that he penetrated into her even better. He started long and slow thrusts, moaning, moving in and out of her. Cave-Buffy, her eyes closed, was purring, playing with his chest hair. He continued to pump in and out of her until she cupped his buttocks and scratched them with her nails.


"Giles too slow!" she said. "Faster!"

Cave-Giles increased the speed of his thrusts and little by little he became brutal, savage, pounding harder and harder as far as he could, growling, showing his teeth. He was dribbling on her breast.

She closed her hands on the nape of his neck and looked at him straight in the eye. Giles's eyes had changed colour. They were dark green and had a metallic, wild brightness in them. It was Ripper who was making love to her, and her excitement grew at that thought. Every time she felt his penis rubbing against her clitoris, she pinched him, pushed her nails in his flesh, and scratched his skin. Soon his hips and back bled.

Cave-Giles's movements became more urgent, making her cry out with pleasure ceaselessly. Feeling the desire rise in his loins, Ripper accelerated the rhythm, slamming Buffy down against the carpet, crying her name. He felt her tighten around his penis and his thrusts became frenzied. When she tightened around him again he was not able to hold back any longer, he convulsed violently and exploded with a hoarse, primitive shout. They climaxed together crying out each other's name in release.

Cave-Giles collapsed on Cave-Buffy's stomach in a daze of pleasure, his breathing ragged.  She unfolded her legs and let her arms fall, suffocated by the ecstasy.

After a small pause Cave-Buffy took Cave-Giles's hard penis in her hand and stroked it, gently. He felt a surge of desire in his loins so powerful that his whole body trembled.

"Again!" she said.

Ethan left them alone. This was a good start.


* *

Buffy woke up first the following morning, and immediately felt that she was in the arms of a tall, muscular man. His skin was smooth, warm and he smelled of musk. He was also still erect, still inside her.

She opened her eyes, jumped violently and repressed a cry of bewilderment when she discovered that she was lying against Giles, who was still sleeping deeply. She remembered all that had happened: beer; Parker; fire; Parker; Willow; dorm; Giles' apartment; Ethan; Giles; Cave-Giles and Cave-Buffy making love.

"Oh my God!" She went pale and shivered.

She freed herself slowly from his arms and his sex and made her way to the bathroom. She needed a long cold shower. As she went past the kitchen counter she saw a brimming Black Frost container. A message was fixed on it with sticky tape. She took it and read it:

"A last present. Be seeing you. Ethan."

When she returned to the loft, she found Giles sitting on his bed, wrapped in his robe.

"Buffy... "

He wanted to apologize, to tell Buffy that he was so sorry, so sad, that he was so ashamed of what he had done, to tell her that he would kill Ethan, but eventually, he let his heart speak.

"You are my reason to live Buffy. I love you. Not like a father, not like a friend, not like an ex-Watcher. I love you like a man. I love you so much, Buffy. So much."

Buffy reached out and gently let a finger run down Giles' unshaved cheek. He leaned into her caress. She tousled his hair and gently traced his features. His brow, the bridge of his nose, the outline of his lips, his chin. She licked his lips, nibbled his bottom lip, then moved further down and licked his throat, the base of his neck, her hands bushing lightly over the hair on his chest, purring. She sucked his nipples and plunged the tip of her tongue into his navel, caressing his back and hips.

"I love you too, Giles, deeply, truly, madly."

They kissed softly, then less softly. They explored each other's mouths hungrily, moving their hands along each other's arms and stomachs. Buffy started to run a hand up and down his inner thighs, softly. Giles felt a shiver go through his body, sending sparks down his back.  She stopped it on his pubis, which she caressed, then slipped it a little lower. She encircled his member and began to stroke him. He gasped.

"Oh... dear Lord!" he said.

She felt him getting hard and began to press a little harder. His breath came in tiny pants.

"Hmm Giles likes."


Suddenly Buffy thought again about the container of beer left by Ethan, and ran to look for it. She put it near the bed.

"Ethan's last present, some cursed beer. Our breakfast, lunch, and dinner," she said mischievously.