Cave Angst
By Cap

Title: Cave Angst
Author: Cap
Distribution: You want it, It's yours
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Rating: PG
Spoilers: Yeah, I think it has spoilers to everything but bad beer.
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Well, you kept asking me for it, I don't think it is what you asked for, but it is here. Enjoy. (I Hope.)

Giles walked into the dorm room. Not sure what he would find after Xanders phone call.

Buffy crouched on the bed drawing crude pictures on the wall with lipstick. She looked at it. <Parker. Bad.> She turns to the new scent in the room her slayer instincts surfacing. <Tea? Watcher. Giles. Buffy love Giles.> She walks up to him and study's his face. "People go away. Giles make people come back." Giles looked at her in confusion.

"What people" She slapped her hand down on the TV.

"People!" He walks to the TV and turns it on. He goes to get her some black coffee, before he can walk away Buffy grabs his arm and yanks him down next to her.

"Giles watch people!" Giles sits uncomfortably as Buffy hums the theme to the Brady Bunch. The phone rings. Buffy's head spins around pushing Giles behind her where he is safe she crouched getting ready to attack the offending item. Giles takes her hand and moves to the phone picking it up.

Buffy watches as he talks then looks at her and say's "Xander has the others under control. He has them in that Parker boy's van. " She stared at him in total confusion before saying

"Giles watch people." She then pulled him back down.

"Buffy, their bringing Willow back here. I am taking you to my place till this wears off." She looks at him for a second then say's. "Giles funny, smell good."


"Buffy! Would you please get your head back in the window." Buffy just squeals "Faster" as the Citroen makes its way to Giles’ place. He sighs as he takes in his devolved slayer. She could very well be a toss up between the most docile Buffy had ever been and her most annoying. She leaned back in the window putting her head on his shoulder.

"Giles?" He glanced at her saying "Humm." She started to run her hand up and down his leg softly, he found himself becoming alarmed as he pulled in to his parking spot.

"Buffy, stop that." She eyed him curiously.

"Giles." She then said with a smile snuggling up next to him.

"Buffy let's go in, you can watch people and I'll make you something to eat." He said trying to placate her. She was having quite an effect on him.

She followed him to his flat. Once inside she scarfed several cookies and slurped tea in an almost insane mockery to their usual talks. In fact, Buffy seemed to have full comprehension and memory of her life, just not the intelligence that went with it. She was responding on instinct and pure emotion.

"Giles Buffy slay now?" She asked him. He decided that this was not a good time to patrol considering her condition.

"No." He said. She stared at him for a long time. Giles watched her curious of what she would do in this state. She crept from her place on the couch onto his lap and placed her arms around his waist leaning her head into his chest. She listened to the heartbeat. <Heart beat. No heart beat. Giles heart beat.> She sat transfixed as she fought to form the thought that stood just at the edge of her primitive state of mind. Then all at once it hit her as giving into temptation Giles warm arms encircled her. <Angel no heart beat. Angel hurt Giles. Angel bad. Giles good.> This seemed simple enough, but it was the realization that followed that hurt. <Buffy hurt Giles. Buffy bad.> Giles looked at her as she clutched onto him. There was a strange look of terror in her eye's as she stared up at him. He could tell somehow though that he wasn't scaring her, but that in the slow awakening of her mind she was holding onto him for dear life.

"Buffy, what is it Buffy." He said tightening his hold on her. She was trying to burn the image of his face into her mind. She knew that no matter what as long as she saw the love in his eye's she would be all right. It was a primal need to capture that love that spurred her thought's on. <Giles love Buffy. Buffy love Giles. Buffy love Giles.> She sent her hand slowly up his back to the nape of his neck as she adjusted her body till she was face to face with him.

"Love Giles." she said to him. He stared in her eyes. None of the pain or fear that had been there a moment ago remained. Just a calm peace. He wanted to lean in and kiss her. To carry her up the stairs to his bed. He knew he couldn't take advantage of her like that.

"I love you Buffy." He said to her. She just lied her head down on his chest listening to his heartbeat again.

"I think it is time you went to bed Buffy." He led her to the spare bedroom of his house giving her one of his shirts to sleep in. Explaining carefully that she was to change and go to bed. Then he left to go to his own bed.


Giles was just getting ready for bed listening to the rain outside, when he heard Buffy's voice from behind him. "Giles off!" She say's tugging at the front of her bra violently forgetting that it fastened in the back. Giles stares open mouthed at the slayer bare from the waist down. "Giles off." She say's again tugging at her bra violently.

"Buffy, I didn't mean you had to take that off when I said take off your clothes." She just gives him a confused stare still tugging half heatedly at the garment. Giles tries to focus on anything in the room except the semi clothed slayer. Unable to pick up on the tension Buffy simply begins to explore her watchers room.

Buffy walks to Giles closet sniffing. "Tweed!" She then enters the closet chunking the suits on the floor, then sitting down beside them. "Tweed Giles! Giles in tweed!" He studied her as she held one of his old jackets close a sad look in her eye's.

"Buffy, you need to put some clothes on." She stares at him in confusion again.

"Giles say take off clothes." Then she begins with the bra tugging again as Giles grabs a pair of slacks heading to his bathroom. He was in his boxers and felt the need to put something on if only for the sake of covering his own arousal at Buffy's nude form.

He was almost done as Buffy pounded at the door. "Giles!" He looked at the door. "Just a minute Buffy." The door busts open as a wide eyed Buffy stood staring. "Don't leave." He looks at her seeing fear in her eye's. Then there is a sound of thunder and she jumps at him sending him to the floor with her on top of him. He had not even been paying attention when the rain had changed to a thunder storm.

"Shhh. Buffy, it's just thunder it can't hurt you." There is another clap, and she buries her head into his chest. Giles not knowing what else to do just strokes her back making soothing noises. After a while she calms. This is when Giles notices that she is still undressed. Before he can comment she places a kiss on his chest as her body starts to move slowly against his. "Buffy." He say's in a stern voice.

"Boy's stupid. Giles nice." She answers looking up at him staring at him with a wide eyed innocence. He stares in to her eye's for a minute. Then taking her by the shoulders gently coaxes her up.

"Buffy, let's get you dressed." He leads her to the other room placing the shirt on her and buttoning it up. She jumps at the sounds of thunder. Her eye's searching for him at every clap. Giles knows in her current condition she will not leave him be so he lay's on the bed pulling her down next to him. Talking softly to her every time the bright flash of lightning, or loud crash of thunder begin to make her nervous. Soon the storm becomes a light rain, and the two fall asleep.


Buffy is dreaming. Her mind is fighting against itself. Her subconscious that remembers Buffy is trying to assert itself through the dreams of her past. Her conscious mind still that of the cave slayer observes this in the dreams, unable to deal with the complex emotional subtext, all she knows is pain and joy as she observes the events of her past.

Suddenly Buffy shoots strait up in bed, waking Giles. She grabs the sleeping man pulling him to her. "Fire bad, Buffy save Giles." Giles is still trying to figure out what is the matter with her when she grips him firmly to her stroking her hand along the back of his neck she begins to rock him gently in her arms. "Giles no sad, Giles no sad, Buffy save, Giles please no sad." She mumbles incoherently.

"Shhh, Buffy, I'm alright, it's alright." He brings his hands around her rubbing her back in a soothing manner as Buffy's thoughts run rapid around the dream that has scared her. <Giles cry. Fire. Angel hurt Giles. Angel bad. Angel kill woman. Giles sad. Buffy bad. Giles hurt.> She just holds onto him crying in to his neck, a strange familiarity comes over him as she starts to whisper so softly that he can't make it out.

He raises his head to look at her as her grip loosens with her sobs. He reaches out running a finger down a wet cheek. "Buffy, please tell me what's wrong." She stares up at him, sniffing and giving a little hiccup.

"Buffy bad!" She cry's going back into a fit of sobs. This takes Giles so much by surprise that he cannot seem to find the words to comfort her. In stead he simply leans forward placing a kiss on her forehead. He pulls her close to him and whispers to her.

"Buffy is never bad." <Willful, demanding, sarcastic, overly melodramatic, yes. But never bad.> He thought to himself. they lay down facing each other. Buffy unwilling to give up the comfort of his arms moves in close to him until her forehead touches his. She looks in his eye's.

"Giles lie?" She asks him. He smoothes his thumb across her cheek then traces the outline of her neck with his fingertips.

"No. You are joy Buffy" He wonders if she understands him. She just slides an arm around his shoulder. She smiles and looks at him with bright thankful eyes.

"Giles good. Giles love. Buffy love Giles." With that she leans forward placing a kiss on his mouth. It is tender, and full of feeling she then adjusts herself in the bed till her head lay comfortably next to Giles her hand lazily drifting up and down his side. "Buffy tired. Night night Giles."

Giles laid stunned by both her actions and her words. He wonders if Buffy knows how much she means to him. He decides to not dwell on the small gifts one receives in this life. Instead he pulls the covers tighter around him and Buffy. Then he holds her to him as he drifts to the first peaceful sleep he has known in years.


Buffy knows someone is holding her when she wakes up. She knows it is male. A very big male. That rules out Angel and Parker. <If it is Xander, I'll kill him. I'll feel bad about it, but none the less he's dead.> She opens one eye then the other. She knows she should be shocked, but all her mind has managed to come up with is Giles looks rested. She never did think he got enough sleep. Her head hurts and she starts to remember what happened the night before.

She was pretty sure that she should get up or move or something. She had to think though, and Giles arms seemed to be a safe peaceful place to do that. <"You are joy Buffy." He said that. Note to self. I must treat my watcher better.> She studied his face running the events of the last night, and the night before that, and the year before that through her mind. <I always come back to you Giles. Everything and everyone else seems to fall away. Maybe one of these day's I should let you know what that means to me.> She breathed in his smell, then her own. <Okay. I'm stinky joy. Giles you put up with this all night. Wow. I think I'll do you a favor and shower.>

As she started to get out of bed he woke up. "Buffy, are you..." She gave him a smile.

"Yeah, I'm still stink girl, but I have dropped out of the clan of the cave beer." He shook his head trying to repress his smile.

"Well, I-I-I'll just go down stairs and make breakfast. Give you some privacy." He got up and started to head for the door. Buffy took his hand and turned him toward her. She stood up on her toes and placed the same kiss as last night on his mouth, with just a little more passion.

"Giles, you are love, and I love you. Now, I'm going to grab a shower. Just juice for me." She walks to the bathroom door turning in the doorway to face her stunned watcher. "By the way Giles, I know you love me, and if you love me like I love you. You will make that breakfast in bed." She then shuts the door behind her. Giles stands in the middle of the room trying to start breathing again. The sound of running water from the other room brings him out of it as he hurries down the stairs to make breakfast for two... in bed.