Butterscotch Kisses
By Megan

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Buffy ect. Joss does. I own the plot.
SUMMARY: A challenge from Watching You, Watching Me to write a fanfic from one the scooby gangs' point of view about Buffy and Giles' relationship.
NOTES: Told from Willow's POV until the very end.

As I sit on the couch, silently paging through some demon book of which I have no idea the name or even what it's about, I hear a giggle. My eyes meet Xander's and we exchange a rolling of eyes. This is nothing new and hasn't been anything new for a month and a half now. Buffy and Giles. If I hear one more 'darling', 'sweetheart' or 'honey' I think my head is going to expload. Not that I'm not happy for them, cause I am. No, really I am. It's just that when they get like this it's really annoying. It used to be cute at first, every now then Buffy would sit on Giles' lap or they'd stare at each other for a few minutes before going back to researching. But all the time? They're like a little old couple who are about to turn 60 and enjoy long walks in the park and the most exiting thing they've done together is cook dinner? Come on!

Oh good, now they've decided to go PG-13 on us and they're quickly heading towards R. I clear my throat. Nothing.

"Well, Xander and I are going to go," I say as I wave at Xander to get up.

He nods at me and grabs his coat. "Bye."

After we reach the safety of the door, I ask him if he wants some ice cream to sooth his Buffy/Giles nightmares. He agrees. This has become our new habit; getting ice cream when Giles and Buffy 'get to know each other'. They're our friends, we support them, but please let us go when they start getting lovey-dovey with each other.

"That was really bad," Xander tells me. "Worse than normal."

"They get worse each time," I respond. And it's true, they've been dating exactly one month (Xander can probably tell you the days, hours, and minutes) and you'd think it was one year!

But I suppose it's okay because Xander and I are finally getting to know each other from our frequent stops at the Dairy Queen down the street. Mrs. Tinachelly, the sweet Italian woman who owns the DQ keeps it open for us. She says we're her favorite customers, I think we just keep her little shop going and that's fine with us, as long as she keeps it open.

I order vanilla dipped in butterscotch and Xander gets a chocolate sunday. I hand the woman the money (every other day I pay) and we walk to Sunnydale Elementary where Xander and I spent seven agonizing years together.

We sit on the swings and I lick at my cone, delighting in the butterscotch, my favorite. And as we sit, we talk of the old days, the good old days or the simple times, when we didn't know of the dangers that were everywhere. Memories are wonderful, so wonderful to behold.

The sun begins to set and Xander stands. I nod, vamps come out in 15 minutes. As I stand, somehow I trip and land with thud on my butt. Xander reaches out his hands and pulls me up easily. I never really noticed how much stronger he's gotten since Giles demanded that we all train with Buffy so that we can be better prepared.

Now our faces are inches apart, and I feel the old longing to close the distance. Neither Xander nor I move. Finally I take a chance and softly press my lips to his.

His lips are cool and smooth and feel wonderful against mine. I cannot read his face, but I must be doing something right because he, Xander Harris, is kissing me back. And not just the peck-on-the-lips back but something more that I've ever felt before- and it startles me.

I open my mouth to protest and Xander's cool tounge slips into mine. After a moments hesitation, my tounge too mingles with his. I cannot tell where his mouth ends and my mouth begins.

He is the first to pull away, seeing the sun set when you are blocks from home is not the pretty site it should be in Sunnydale. He brushes the hair from my face and I open my eyes. I had not even realized that I had closed them.

"Can we do that again?-Say soon?" he asks me.

"Why not tonight?" I whimper, suddenly realizing what this means.

"Because I don't want to deal with freakies of the undead kind tonight."

"Oh," I can only manage.

Me. And Xander. Together? I used ( the operative word here being used) to have a huge crush on him that I have since gotten over. I thought. Now...now this and I don't know what to think. Should I go for it? 'TAKE THE CHANCE ROSENBERG!' my mind yells at me. I look over at my protector who's walking me home taking bites off of my vanilla cone, the butterscotch gone though Xander doesn't seem to mind- my protector and personal garbage disposal. I can work with that. I nod to myself, my mind made up.


"Giles?"Buffy looked into his face from her place in his chest. "Do you think the spell worked?"

"It better have, but if it didn't you can always sit in my lap again to get them alone." Giles gave her a cocky smile and raised one eyebrow at her. Buffy giggled.

"I would have liked to have seen their faces when we were all over each other."

"They were quite priceless I can asure you."

"What a romantic spell, the whole story I mean. The woman about to marry some guy when her guy friend casts the spell on her to get her to see her true feelings. I mean really- awwwww!"

"The Piranestle's Wife- ah yes! Really one of my favs," Giles said, looking to see her expression at his use of slang.

"Giles! You said fav! Yey for you! Let's see, how can I encourage this-"

"I know a way-"

"Show me."

And he proceaded to show her just what he meant.