Buffy Want Giles
By GylzGirl

Title:  Buffy Want Giles 1/1
Author: Tricia Stewart (GylzGirl)
Email: gylzgirl@softcom.net
Disclaimer:  Joss the deity and the Fox conglomerate own Buffy and crew. I'm just borrowing.
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Type:  PWP B/G
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: BEER BAD
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Giles crossed the threshold of his apartment and let out a sigh of relief. His Slayer would be back to her old self in a few days, probably minus the mooning over that pillock Parker. Not that he was about to call Buffy's brush with her inner-Flintstone a good thing, but at least there was a silver lining to be had. Now that she was tucked up in her dorm room with Willow keeping watch, he could perhaps sleep a little more soundly. A noise from his bedroom upstairs soon erased any hope of that. The first thing he grabbed was a crucifix, then realized a vampire wouldn't have been able to enter uninvited. Next he retrieved his baseball bat from the umbrella stand. Slowly he crept up the stairs, stopping at the sight before him. Buffy stood on his bed, enjoying the way she could make it bounce under her feet. Her hair was still tossled, her head still making the animal-like twitches of her primative state. 'She must have broken away from the dorm.' She was wearing only a light blue, slip-like nightgown, one so tight and skimpy Giles was sorly begining to wish she would stop bouncing up and down on the bed like that.

"Buffy?" He made sure to keep his voice gentle, his movements slow.

Her head snapped up, shoulders tensed as she assessed her environment for danger. When she saw him at last, she visably relaxed and jumped down off the bed. She approached Giles quickly. He showed his trust that she wouldn't tear him apart by remaining absolutely still. She put her hands on his shoulders and began sniffing near his chest and neck the way he had observed her doing with Xander earlier.

"Boys smell nice," she repeated. He cleared his throat, trying to convince himself that the feel of her lips on his neck was merely accidental contact as she attempted to smell him.

"Giles boy."


"Buffy girl."

"Yes, yes you are." He gently took her wrist in his hands, pulling them from their roving on his chest. "Buffy is a very tired girl. Buffy should sleep."

She quickly shook loose from his grip and began touching him again. "No sleep."

"Where's Willow?"

She smiled. "Willow sleep. Buffy find Giles."

"I see."

"Buffy love Giles."

He let out a shuddering breath. "Buffy, this is the spell talking it's

"Giles love Buffy?"

"I...we need to get you home...to sleep." As Giles moved to take possession of her arms again, she dragged her hands down the front of his body, her fingers brushing against his burgeoning erection.

"Giles *love* Buffy."

This time Giles took a firm hold of Buffy's arms. "You mustn't do that."

Buffy's brow furrowed in non-comprehension. "Buffy want Giles. Giles want Buffy."

"N-no. Buffy is under a spell and Buffy doesn't know what she wants."

She broke his hold on her arms, grabbing his own and turning him towards the bed. She shoved him hard and he windmilled back, landing in the middle of the mattress.

"Buffy want Giles!" She reached to the lace vee adorning her cleavage and pulled hard, ripping the nightgown from her own body.

Giles closed his eyes, trying to fight back his body's reaction to the woman he loved more than anything in the world standing in all her naked glory less than five feet away. He soon felt the bed depress under the weight of Buffy leaping upon it. Then he felt warmth over his legs as she sat there, pinning him.

"Giles see Buffy?" He lay motionless, eyes screwed tightly shut. "Buffy pretty?"

He could hear the uncertainty in her voice. Against his better judgement, he answered. "Buffy beautiful."

Her hands caressed his face. "Giles beautiful." He swallowed around the lump in his throat. To say he didn't want her was a lie, but she wasn't thinking like Buffy, was she? Then again, if he refused her, she could seriously injure him, and never have even meant to.

Buffy took his hands in hers and placed them on her breasts. She held them there until he began to massage the flesh beneath his palms. She growled with pleasure and ground her pelvis against his thighs. He dropped his hands back down to his sides.

Buffy put her hands on the sides of his shirt and pulled them apart, sending buttons spraying. She leaned forward, rubbing her bare chest against his own, placing gentle kisses on his nipples. "Giles open eyes?"

He took a deep breath, then did as he was asked. She smiled up at him and took his face in her hands. She looked him in the eyes, seriously. "Buffy want Giles," she whispered.

He ran his fingers up into her hair and pulled her to him. When she did not resist, he leaned up as far as she would allow him, and kissed her. Buffy tasted his lips and then slipped her tongue into his mouth to taste him more intimately.

The smell of the light sheen of sweat on his skin filled her with longing. She couldn't get enough of his flavor and pulled her mouth from his, nibbling and licking her way down his chin, neck, chest, stomach.

Buffy growled deep in her throat and Giles copied the noise as his skin became alive with his desire for her. Her nimble fingers made quickwork of his fly. He thanked the heavens that some part of her remembered to be delicate while she stripped his pants down to his knees and once again straddled him.

As the last of his reservations struggled for dominance over his hormones, she sank down onto his cock and everything became clouded through a veil of sensation. Her hands slid to his shoulders and she held on tight as she rode him. Buffy's hair fell across his chest like a golden curtain, tickling and tantalizing his over-sensitized skin.

Giles' slipped his arms up her back and held her close as he flipped their positions and lay her back on the bed. He took up the pumping rhythm she had established and her legs cradled the backs of his thighs. He placed sweet kisses along her jawline until she claimed his head between her hands and pulled him into a much harder kiss.

Buffy broke the kiss, throwing her head back as the first waves of climax overtook her. Giles watched in fascination as Buffy's face flushed with the intensity of her pleasure. Soon enough, he followed her in his own orgasm.

When he had recovered, he rolled to the side, keeping her clutched to his chest. He looked to his side to find her bright green eyes looking up at him. "Buffy tired."

He kissed her forehead. "Buffy should sleep."

"Giles stay?" She sounded almost afraid.

"Always," he whispered against her brow.

She smiled and snuggled against his chest. "Buffy love Giles."

"Giles love Buffy. Always." He fell asleep with his Slayer in his arms.


When Giles awoke in the morning, he felt the soft warmth of Buffy still clinging to his side. The pangs of guilt and reservation that had been so easily quelled the night before now rose to the surface with a vengence. If he'd hurt her, he'd never be able to live with himself.

He looked down on her, sleeping peacefully, her head rising and falling with every breath he took. It looked so right to him, he wondered why it scared him so much. Soon her lashes blinked open and her green eyes fixed on his once more.

She smiled up at him and his heart fluttered. "You stayed."

"I did. I'll never leave you Buffy. Unless you...unless you want me to go. Last night..."

"Last night would have been better if I'd been able to tell you the reasons why I wanted to...or if I hadn't thrown you down and...but that's the only thing I'd change. Do you regret it?"

"No. Do you?"

"Only that we didn't sooner. And that it took Cave Buffy to have the courage to come here."

He brushed her hair back from her face. "You're not Cave Buffy now."

She smiled. "No I'm not."

"Buffy want Giles?"

She crept up his chest until they were nose to nose. "What do you think?" Buffy kissed him, slowly and tenderly. Giles wrapped her in his arms.

The End