And Buffy Makes Three
By Holly

Disclaimer: The wonderful characters of the Buffyverse belong to Joss Whedon, the WB and ME (Mutant Enemy).

Spoilers: Up to Dopplegangland

Rating: NC-17 Sexual situations, language. Buffy/Giles Did I mention sex?

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Summary: This is a response to the Challenge on Watching you, Watching me in which Alternate Buffy or Alternate Giles comes through instead of Willow

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Buffy Summers felt his hands at her neck and knew that this was her last battle. She had no regrets. She'd been a good Slayer, following her Watchers ' orders, and never flinching from a fight. She spared a quick thought to how short her life had been and how many things she's never done. It all flashed through her mind in the space of two heartbeats.

Then, suddenly, she was alone in the warehouse. The multitude of Vampires she'd been fighting was gone, and all was quiet. She looked around suspiciously. Then stealthily crept out of the warehouse.  This place, this Sunnydale, had seemed so very dark to her before, now it seemed. almost normal. People were walking around, coming out of a movie theater <I know that wasn't open before> She thought, getting just a little scared. She looked around, totally lost in the absence of the earlier chaos.

As she stood, confused, it came to her that she really only knew one person in this town, and perhaps he could explain this. More confident now that she had a plan, she made her way through the nice, normal people strolling casually atop the Hellmouth.

Several minutes later, she was knocking on the door to his apartment. The door swung open and there he stood. He looked different than he had earlier. He was wearing slacks, and a blue shirt. Not the dark sweater of earlier. He didn't look as soul weary either.

"Yes, Buffy? Did you forget something?"

"Look, ah, Geeves. I'm really confused, and I hope like hell that you can clear this up."

"Geeves? That's new." He stepped aside, allowing her to enter his place. She strode in, and it occurred to Giles that something was different about his Slayer. "Is everything all right, Buffy?"

"I just told you that it's not. " His head snapped back at her tone.

"I beg your pardon?" He asked, his tone getting angry.

"I." She stopped, uncertain where to begin her report. "Okay, so I get to the warehouse, and all the vampires are ready to have their little soiree, and the master guy is ready to snap my neck, then suddenly, it all goes quiet, no vampires, and there are people walking around like this is Anytown, USA, and not a fucking Hellmouth."

"Buffy! Your language.' Then the rest of her words penetrated his shocked brain. "What are you talking about? What warehouse? And the Master has been dead for over two years. You killed him." He looked at her, deep concern on his face. He reached out a hand towards her, and she stepped back. "A-are you all right? I mean, did you get hit on the head or anything tonight?"

"No." She looked at him in disgust. "I should have known that this was a waste of time." She moved to the door. His gentle hand on her arm stopped her.

"Buffy, I have the feeling that you and I are not communicating at all. Would you sit down and try to explain this to me?" He asked in his gentlest tone.

She found herself responding to that. "I-I suppose I can.."

His exclamation stopped her. "What happened to your lip?" He asked, tracing the scar. "T-that's an old scar. How in the hell can you have an old scar when I saw you not a half-hour ago without.? Ah. Of course. You're not Buffy."

"The hell I'm not, Mister. Buffy Summers. Slayer."

"Yes, well, you're not my Buffy Summers. Here the Master is dead. And most people do travel about, not realizing the danger."

"Here? Where is 'here'?"


"Okay, that's where I was. But, the vampires owned the town."

"Oh dear God."

"I don't under.. Shit. You said that she was a demon and that.. I wish had. oh wait. She grants wishes to. someone." She shrugged.

"She grants wishes." He repeated. "Hmmm. Do you remember anything else? Please, it's very important."

She concentrated, "maybe.scorned women. Yeah, that's it. And you rambled endlessly about a power center."



He let it go. "Grants wishes to scorned women." He mused out loud. "Anyanka. Of course. I should have.. But how did you get here? Were you scorned in your Sunnydale?"

"Hey, it's not my Sunnydale. I'm just visiting. My Watcher sent me."

"Y-your Watcher? Aren't I your Watcher?"

"You? Hell no. You're a Librarian or something."

"I'm a Librarian here, too. And your. Buffy's Watcher."

"You?" She shook her head. "I don't get it."

"Well, you see.." He was interrupted by a knock at the door. He went to open it, after ascertaining that it was Buffy and her original Slayerettes. They entered and stopped short at the sight of another Buffy standing next to the sofa.

All eyes swung to Giles. His Slayer was the first to speak. "Uh Giles, do you know that there's a me standing over there?" She asked, clearly stunned.

"Ah, yes. This is Buffy from a. I suppose alternate Sunnydale. She was transported here, and we need to find a way to send her back."

The two Slayers looked at each other, identical expressions of mistrust and distaste on their faces.

Then Willow stepped forward. Alternate Buffy hissed and stepped forward pulling out a stake. Willow's eyes widened and she let out a startled "eep." Buffy, Giles and Xander moved to stand in front of her.

"Buf- Ah.Miss Summers, Willow Rosenberg. She's a friend." Giles said, calmly.

"A friend? How can she be a friend? She's a vampire."

"I am not a vampire." Willow said indignantly.

The other Buffy (from now on to be referred to as Buffy, Jr) closed her eyes and concentrated her Slayer senses. She looked puzzled. "You're not a vampire." It was almost a question.

"No." Said Giles his tone gentle, but firm.

"B-but, she stood by the Master." She hesitated, then pointed at Xander. "So did he."

"Willow and Xander were vampires and very close to the Master?" Giles asked, wanting to be certain that he understood.

"Y-yes." Buffy, Jr shook off her uncharacteristic weakness. "Well, if they aren't vampires, then they aren't my problem."

Buffy, who had been very quiet, finally found her voice. "H-how did you get here? Why? Why did you come here?"

But it was Giles who answered. "She was. ah. wished here. By a demon. If I understand correctly."

"B-but how?"

"I'm not certain, just yet. I must.."

".consult your books." The others finished in unison, then laughed.

"Yes, very amusing." He pretended to frown at them, glad that they had relaxed a little. Although, Buffy, his Buffy, still looked quite shaken up.

He moved to her side, and, resting a hand on her shoulder spoke quietly to her. She visibly relaxed.

Buffy, Jr watched this with some interest, wondering at their relationship. She herself had never had time for relationships. But these two seemed very close.

Willow watched Buffy, Jr watch Buffy and Giles. Willow, having misread Buffy, Jr's expression, said, "Your Giles must be very worried about you."

Buffy, Jr looked at her sharply. "I don't have a Giles. I just met that Giles," here she made a vague gesture, "tonight."

"Oh," said Willow, at a loss. She couldn't imagine Buffy, any Buffy, without Giles. "Then who's your Watcher?"

Buffy, Jr smirked, bringing the scar into sharp focus. "Chaverly." There was nothing but disdain in her voice.

"Chaverly?" Giles' voice was incredulous. "B-but, he's.." He trailed off.

"He's what?" Buffy couldn't help but ask.

But it was Buffy, Jr who answered. "Old." Giles nodded when the others looked at him for confirmation that that was what he had meant.

"So, how old does he gotta' be for Giles to think he's old?" Asked Xander. Buffy and Willow grinned. But, Buffy, Jr did not.

With a nod at Giles, she spoke to Buffy. "Be glad that you have such a young Watcher."

"Young?" Buffy sputtered.

"Yeah. He doesn't creak when he tries to train with you, does he? My last two have been 75 plus." Buffy shook her head slowly. "Well, then, young." Then she moved toward Giles. "Gotta' say, though, I liked the gray sweater better." She reached up a hand to touch his cheek, "and the stubble." Giles stared into her eyes, so like his Buffy's in color, but so much harder. Although they weren't quite so hard now. Before anyone could say anything, there was a knock at the door.

Buffy stomped over to open the door. Wesley and Cordelia stood there. Giles looked at Cordelia, then blinked. He didn't pretend to understand women's fashion, but Cordelia's dress seemed wildly inappropriate to him. Xander's jaw dropped at the sight. Buffy and Willow exchanged amused looks. Buffy, Jr, however, said," who's the Prom Queen?"

Wesley looked back and forth between the two Buffy's, his mouth opening and closing like a fish. "W-what.?" And that was as far as he was able to get.

Buffy gave him a mock concerned look. "Is something wrong, Wesley?"


""Two' what, Wesley?"


Before Buffy could continue her teasing, Cordelia ended it. "Ignore her, Wesley. I see two Buffy's also. As if one wasn't more than enough."

Both Buffy's glared at her. Giles rather quickly jumped in to explain what they knew and what they guessed. All the while, both Cordelia and Wesley stared at Buffy, Jr.

Finally Cordelia spoke. "So where did you get that ugly scar? There's surgery for that, you know?"

Buffy Jr's face closed down. "My eighteenth birthday present from my 'Watcher'."

"Oh, you mean the test?" At her nod, Cordelia continued. "Yeah, our Buffy had that, too. Only Giles interfered."

Buffy, Jr looked shocked. "You interfered? Are Watcher's allowed to do that?"

"No. Watchers are not allowed to interfere." His face flushed. He didn't particularly want to repeat Travers reason for firing Giles.

So Cordelia did. "Because he cares too much about Buffy. His Buffy. So they fired him. Now Wesley's her Watcher." Cordelia hung onto Wesley's arm possessively.


Cordelia gestured proudly. "Wesley Wyndom-Price."

Buffy, Jr looked Wesley up and down, then moved another step closer to Giles. She looked up at Giles. "Did they really fire you for caring too much?"

"Yes." For just a second he saw something in her eyes, something soft and vulnerable. But she blinked and it was gone.

"My Watcher sent me off to an old warehouse. I was weak. The vampire almost had me. But. he hesitated to gloat and I staked him. I went back to Chaverly 's and he had dozed off reading. His tea was cold." It was obvious that as much as she wished it didn't bother her, that it did bother her.

"I-I sent her." He admitted. "But, I c-couldn't.." He shook his head. She nodded her understanding.

"We all do stupid stuff." She said quietly. Giles' eyes warmed and he smiled down at her.

Buffy decided that she'd had enough. It was bad enough when Giles had bonded with Kendra. Then Faith made semi-serious passes at him, but now this. Her own self, only not, was making with the vibes. "So, um. Buffy. Where do you plan to sleep tonight? Because I'm guessing that we'll never get this straightened out tonight."

Suddenly Buffy, Jr looked very alone, which was what Buffy had wanted. And she was disgusted with herself for doing it. Before she could say anything, Willow spoke up. "You could stay with me. My Mom would never know the difference."

"No, thanks." She clearly didn't want anything to go with Willow, vampire or not in this universe.

"Well, don't even look at me." Said Cordelia. Both Buffy's rolled their eyes. The other's looked blankly at one another, and then Giles spoke.

"You can stay here, Miss Summers. You're welcome to my bed." Then he blushed as he realized how that sounded. "I-I'll sleep on t-the sofa, of course." Instead of being offended or embarrassed, she seemed amused.

"That's the best offer I've had in a long time." For the first time, she smiled. "Thanks."

"You're most welcome." And he smiled back at her, gently.

Buffy was getting really upset. That hadn't worked out right at all. But, she knew that it was her own fault. Whenever she was mean, it seemed to backfire. <Never learn do ya'? > She asked herself.

That night, Buffy had very disturbing dreams about Giles and the other Buffy. At first she couldn't believe that she, in any universe, would have the hots for Giles. Buffy the other Buffy's voice taunted her with reasons. "He's so handsome, and sexy." " He's caring and gentle." " He was fired from the job he trained his whole life for, because of you." She woke up with tears leaking out of her eyes. Then, she processed her dream. Was her sub-conscious trying to tell her something? Or was she trying to tell it?

If she thought about Giles as a man, and not as "Giles", she had to admit that he was handsome. When she had walked into the Library that very first time, she had certainly thought so. Then. he turned out to be her Watcher. And that effectively killed any fluffy bunny feelings that could ever have been.

Until now. She sat straight up in bed. Had the other Buffy and Giles.? She didn't even want to think about it. She got up and got dressed, intending to go to Giles' as soon as possible.

Not twenty minutes later, she let herself into Giles' place with the key that he had given her. The couch was just a couch, no pillows or quilt. Buffy bit her lower lip. Just then, the other Buffy came down the stairs. She was wearing one of Giles oxford shirts, and it hung to her knees. Her long hair was loose of its braid.

"Oh. I thought you were Giles. He went out for breakfast." Her expression was hard to read. And Buffy really tried to read it.

"Hi." Buffy said to her counterpart.


They stood awkwardly for a minute, and then Buffy spoke again. "So, did you sleep well?" She winced internally.

The other Buffy smirked. "Is that your not-particularly subtle way of asking if I fucked your Watcher?"

Buffy recoiled at her choice of words. "He deserves better than to be 'fucked'." She said distastefully.

Sometimes, it's enough." Then her face grew sad. It was gone in an instant. "Look, it's really not your business, either way. He's not yours. Not that way. I asked him. So back off."

"You asked him?" Buffy's voice rose an octave. Then, since she couldn't resist, she asked, "what did he say, exactly?"

Buffy, Jr rolled her eyes. "He blushed, he's really cute when he does that, and stuttered, also cute. Finally he managed to say, 'no.' All that to say no." She shook her head.

Buffy paused for a minute, then finally asked, "would you like some juice? Giles keeps o.j. here for me."

"That'd be nice. Thanks," she added begrudgingly.

"Hey, no prob." Buffy poured two glasses and they sat on the sofa to drink their juices. They both sat and pulled their legs up under them. They looked at each other, and the other Buffy actually grinned.

"He said Mom is still alive here." The other Buffy said abruptly.

"Yes. Isn't she.?" She trailed off.

"No. Her and Dad were killed the night Lothos attacked. He sent a couple of vampires to the house. They turned them. I-I staked Mom. Pike did Dad."

"Pike." Buffy mused. "I haven't seen him since. well, since I came here. Is he. um.? Okay?" She asked tentatively.

"Define okay? He was turned about two years ago. I lost my second Watcher to him. Then he kinda' disappeared. I couldn't find him to stake, but every once in while, someone I use to care about turns up dead. Then my Watcher gets a note."

"That's why. You seem sort of. well. harsh."

"Yeah, well. It's a harsh world."

"I know."

"Yeah, he said that you hadn't had it easy. Did you really die?" Buffy nodded. "And a new Slayer was called?" Again Buffy nodded. "Do you think if I died here, that a third Slayer would be called?"

"Don't even think about." Buffy said firmly.

"I wasn't"

"Yes you were."


"So, don't."

"You're really bossy."

"Yes, I know. Not like you." Again they shared a grin. The door opened and Giles walked in carrying doughnuts.

"Ah, Buffy. I thought you might be here. I brought a dozen jellies."

"Thanks Giles. You're the best."

"Hmmph," was his only reply. Then he spoke again  "What time was Willow coming over today?"


"Excellent. I have a few theories, but we'll need her um. laptop?" He said uncertainly.

"Laptop." Buffy confirmed with a smile.

"Perhaps you should get dressed Miss Summers." Giles said, taking in her appearance with warm eyes.

"Okay. Be back in a few." And up she went.

As soon as she was gone, Buffy leaned up and kissed Giles on the cheek. "I didn't know you liked jellies that much." He said, blushing.

"Thanks, Giles. Not just for the doughnuts, either. For being Giles, for staying, for. everything. Thanks."

"You're most welcome." They were the same words that he had spoken to the other Buffy the night before. But, now, the words sounded warmer. More personal.

Maybe that was just her mind playing tricks on her. She licked her lips, and was just about to lean up and kiss him on the mouth, when there was a knock at the door.  It was Willow.

"Hey, Will. Right on time. Reliable as a clock."

"Please, not reliable, again. Last time you called me that, I went and did that dark spell with that new girl, Anya."

Giles head shot up. "What did you say?" He demanded.

Willow's eyes got huge as she realized what she had said. "Ohmygosh. I did this? I did this." Her shoulders slumped.

"And this girl, this Anya?" He broke off as another realization occurred to him. "Anyanka, perhaps?"

"She was looking for a necklace. She wanted me to help her bring it from somewhere else. I saw a fight, lots of vampires. The master. I should have realized." Giles stood and grabbed his keys.

"We're going to the Library." He moved to the bottom of the steps. "Miss Summers, we need to go."

"Ready." She said, coming down the stairs. She looked the same as she had the night before, but a little less hard.

In the car on the way to the Library, they explained what they had discovered. Buffy had the foresight to bring the doughnuts.

As they munched, Giles searched for a book. Finally he said, "Here. Is this the necklace, Willow?"

"Yeah. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have.."

Giles cut off her apology. "No time for that now. We need to find the spell, and send Miss Summers home."

Miss Summers didn't look like she really wanted to go home. But, they spent the rest of the day searching for a spell to send her home. Well, Giles and Willow searched. The two Buffy's trained against each other, unable to resist. They each learned a few things, and each thought that she was just a little better than the other was.

Once Willow looked up from her research to ask Giles a question, and found him staring at the two Buffy's. He had a delighted smile and a warm glow in his eyes. Willow was a little startled. When the Buffy's stopped their mock fight, he immediately dropped his gaze back to his book. Willow's expression was thoughtful as she returned to her own book.

When they finally found the spell, Giles had Willow contact Anya and have her meet them, supposedly to help with the original spell.

Hours later, they stood in the warehouse that Buffy, Jr had come from, ready to do the spell. Giles had "persuaded" Anya to cooperate.

The next thing Buffy Summers, Slayer knew, she was back in the warehouse. She felt his hands at her neck. Then she threw her head back into his face with all her considerable strength. He loosened his hold on her, and she turned immediately and staked him. "Two for Buffy, zero for the Master." And she went off to find this universe's version of Giles.

Meanwhile, back in "our" Sunnydale, Giles had finished cleaning up the aftereffects of the spell. Anya left, mumbling about what they could expect when she had her powers back. Willow and Oz walked to his van, hand-in-hand. Buffy just stood, watching Giles.

"Is something the matter, Buffy?"

"No. I just. I was wondering. um.." She paused then blurted out, "Did you have sex with her?"

"What?" He asked, startled.

"Did you, Giles?"


She bit her lip. "Would you tell me if you had?"

"No." He admitted, quietly.

"I didn't think so."

"She wasn't you, Buffy." He said, as if that were an answer. When she thought about she supposed that it was. She just wasn't sure if it was a yes, or a no. Was he able to make love to the other Buffy, because she wasn' t the Buffy that he loved like a daughter? Or was he not able to because he loved herself? Or did he just not want her at all? Or was it not supposed to matter to her, because it wasn't her?

As the rode in his car back to the Library, she turned it over in her mind. She didn't really like any of the conclusions that she was coming up with.

He gently herded her into the Library with a warm hand at the small of her back, then he moved to put some tea on in his office. He came out of his office with a bottle of water for her, which she took gratefully. She drank it down, watching him over the top of the bottle the whole time. He settled in at the table.

When she finished it, she moved towards where he sat, poring over a book. She had to know, it was driving her crazy.  She sat on his lap.

"Wha. Buffy, what on Earth are you doing?" He demanded, his voice tense, his body already reacting to her warmth.


"T-testing? What the bloody Hell are you.?" His words broke off as she covered his mouth with hers. At first he held himself in check, but as she persisted, he couldn't help but respond. When he traced her lips with the tip of his tongue, she opened immediately for him.

She lifted and turned so that she was straddling him. He moaned against her as he felt her press against his erection. She pushed his jacket off of his shoulders, and started on his tie.

Meanwhile, he slid his hands from her back, down to her butt and cupped her cheeks. He pulled her even tighter to him. She moaned her approval against his mouth. Then he pulled his lips from hers, and burrowed his face into her cleavage, nudging her blouse aside with his nose. She arched against him, then pulled back and removed her blouse, tossing in onto the floor. He unsnapped her bra and sent it in the same direction. He took her nipple into his warm mouth, sucking, licking and nibbling until she could only writhe against him. Her hands were braced on his shoulders and as the feelings grew more intense, she thrust her breast more and more forward.

Finally, the chair tipped back, spilling them onto the floor. Giles didn't even pause in his assault. Buffy on top of him was fine with him. She ripped open his shirt, sending buttons flying everywhere. She ran her fingers through his chest hair, causing him to groan. She gently scraped her nails against his nipples, and he gasped. She rubbed herself against his straining erection, and his hips began to thrust of their own accord.

"Buffy," he said, his voice harsh with passion. She pulled away and stood. He looked up at her, confused, then afraid that she wanted to stop. He scrambled to his feet. "Buffy," he said again. He filled that one word with a hundred things. Embarrassment, fear, self-loathing, love, longing and acceptance. She put a finger across hip lips to silence him. Her smile was a thing of glory to him. After shoving his shirt off of him, she moved her small hands to his belt, and unfastened it. Then she undid his trousers and lowered the zipper. Her eyes held his as she slid her hand inside and caressed him. He saw her eyes widened in surprise, and she shot a startled look down at his groin. Her mouth dropped open.

"Wow," was all she said. Then she pulled his trousers and boxers away so that she could peek down at his penis. She licked her lips. "Wow," she said again. She felt the warmth between her legs grow warmer, as her body began to yearn for him to fill her.

She pushed his trousers and boxers down his hips, and he stepped out of them as the pooled at his feet. He stood completely naked, body and soul, waiting for her next move.  She pushed her slacks down and stepped out of them. His eyes went instantly to the only part of her still covered.

He reached out a tentative hand to touch her. When she not only didn't stop him, but also encouraged his exploration, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her until she was breathless. Still kissing her, he gently urged her back, until she felt the Library table behind her. He carefully lifted her to sit on the table. His hand continued to stroke her intimately, sliding a finger into her warmth. Her breath caught in her throat. He added another finger, and continued to pump his fingers in and out of her; until he felt her body stiffen and then practically melt.

Buffy opened her eyes and looked at him languidly with a satisfied smile on her face. She reached out to stroke his rock hard penis, causing him to gasp. She slowly stroked him as his eyes shut in pleasure.

He reluctantly pulled away, not wanting this to end just yet. He asked her one time, "Are you quite certain?"

"Quite." She answered. "I love you, you know."

"Oh, Buffy." He kissed her tenderly.  "I love you so very much."

"I know." She smiled at him. She wrapped her legs around his hips, and pulled him to her.  He reached between them and she heard rather than saw him rip her panties from her.

Hi last coherent thought was a grateful prayer that Buffy was on the pill. And then he was sliding into her. He felt her warmth surround him, and just held still enjoying the pure pleasure of that feeling.

It took Buffy a minute to adjust to his size, but by the time he started to thrust gently into her, she was more than ready.

They moved against each other, finding a rhythm, unaware of the lone witness to their lovemaking.

As Angel stared in shock through the round window on the Library door, he felt a pain in his chest. A part of him wanted to go in there and show Giles that Angelus had been holding back on the pain and torture.

But the man who loved Buffy was, well, not glad, but almost, that she had "moved on to the living." He slowly turned and walked away. This would feed his brooding for years.

Inside the Library the sounds increased as they neared climax. As Giles felt her tighten around him, he could no longer hold back, and gave himself over to the pleasure of thrusting into her. Finally, crying her name, he thrust one last time, and spilled into her. He half leaned on her, bracing himself against the table. She still held him to her.  He reluctantly pulled out of her.

"Giles, that was.. Wow."

"Wow? I'd say extraordinary."

"Of course you would." She said with a fond smile. "And it was."

"Well, not exactly."

"Not exactly what?" She asked with some trepidation, remembering her last time.

"Not exactly, ah, 'was'."

She looked down at his already hardening penis. "Oh." Then she smiled.