SUMMARY: Buffy ponders bruises.
SPOILERS: Post Chosen
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to these characters and am making no profit from this story.
NOTES: This did not have a beta and was only read by me prior to posting. So any mistakes or idiocies are my own. Thanks to my massage therapist Keri, who will never know she inspired this by an off-hand comment about a bruise caused by my Christmas tree.

Someone once told me that if you rubbed a bruise it would heal faster. Supposedly, the pressure on the bruise spreads the blood and causes enzymes to gobble it up. I wonder if it works for emotional bruises as well. Giles is asleep, lying next to me in our bed, all rumpled and gorgeous. Gazing at him in the early morning light, I wonder how long it would take to rub away all of the bruising he has received over the years. Does every stroke and caress I give to him dissipate even one bruise, one bit of the deep purple pain that has been inflicted upon him? Has the last year of love and affection lightened some of the deeper ones that I have caused to the yellowish green that always indicates healing? As I lightly rub circles on his back, across surface scars and the deeper scar tissue, I try to infuse each circle, every slow sweeping arc; with a healing touch to rub away the bruises of a life lived attempting to make the world safe. On a downward stroke, he sighs and opens his eyes, so full of love and affection, “Buffy, what are you doing awake?” Smiling I whisper “feeding enzymes”. He gives me a befuddled look and closes his eyes as I continue my quest to rid him of every bruise that has ever marred this fierce beautiful man.