The Bored Sorcerer
By Heir to Shadow

The Bored Sorcerer
Author: Heir to Shadow ada hayll528
Pairing: R/B/G
Disclaimers: I don't own any of it.
Spoilers: Can't think of any.
Distribution: If you want it ask.
Summary: Giles is bored, and boredom may lead to trouble.

Giles was bored, bored, bored. Now a bored sorcerer was much like a bored vampire, or a two year old having a temper tantrum. He debated asking Willow and Tara over for a magic lesson, but he wasn't quite bored enough for the inevitable disaster. He could go to the Magic Shop to see what Anya was doing, but what was the point of taking the day off if you went to work? He could try to catch up to Xander, but then what? Anyway, Giles knew that all of those things were substitutes for what he really wanted - some watcher/slayer down time.

Unfortunately Buffy was not only attending classes and actually doing homework, but she was actively seeking a new boyfriend to replace the latest of a long procession of men who left her. That left her very little time to spend with her watcher except for checking in after patrol and reporting any new demon sightings. Although their relationship was unstrained and easy for a change, it seemed the fate of both of them to always want the things they couldn't have.

Suddenly Giles walked over to his bookcase and pulled out one of his spellbooks. He decided to see if there was a spell that would make him "Ripper for a day". Surely he had enough wisdom and maturity now to control the most dangerous aspects of Ripper while still being able to cut loose and enjoy a day without rules or responsibilities? Thumbing through the book he soon found the correct spell. After drawing his pentagram, lighting his candles and reciting the incantation, he sat back on his heels and waited.

He felt the spell take affect, and he felt good. He could feel the evil parts of Ripper buried deep below the surface, but he knew he could control the anger and the violence. Now all he had to do was to dress the part, get a bike, a pack of cigarettes and head for the nearest seedy bar. He bounded up the steps to change hardly able to wait to get started.

When he was suitably attired in his tight black leather pants, black T-shirt, black leather jacket and black boots, he added the finishing touches of a tousled looking hair style and silver earring, chain and bracelet he headed downstairs to make some phone calls about renting a bike for the day. As he concluded his arrangements and prepared to leave, there was a knock on the door. Much to his surprise it was his slayer.

"Hello luv" Ripper purred. "Come to see your old watcher have you? What's wrong, nothing else to do?" Buffy knew immediately who he was and knew it was pointless to argue or attempt to have a serious conversation with Ripper. This was frustating for Buffy since she had finally worked up her courage to ask Giles out on a date only to find Ripper. Would she ever find the courage again?

"Where are you going Ripper? Can I come along with you?" "You're welcome to cum of course, but I am going to ride my bike to a dive outside town and I don't see it being your type of place if you know what I mean" he said with a smirk. "Do they have pool tables there?" she asked. "Sure, why do ya fancy a game luv?" Buffy just glanced at him and asked him to let her stop by her dorm to change. They got in Ripper's car and set off.

When Buffy came down to the car, she had also changed into leather. Tight pants, halter top and jacket. They looked like they belonged together and Ripper certainly liked that thought as proved by the increasing tightness of his already tight pants. Buffy grinned over at him squirming on the seat. "Like what you see Ripper?" "You can see that for yourself can't you you little tart?" They both laughed as they turned into the rental lot to pick up the fast and dangerous looking bike.

After a ride that Buffy felt was entirely too short, they arrived at the bar. Ripper was right, it was a seedy dive. Juke box, used looking dancers, air filled with too much smoke, alcohol fumes and vulgar language. Ripper loved it immediately but Buffy had some reservations. They selected a pool table, and Ripper went to get drinks while Buffy racked the balls. Not surprisingly both of them were excellent pool players but Ripper had the advantage of many more years experience. He also tended to distract Buffy as she was about to shoot. Subtle (for Ripper) comments, looks and touches. Buffy didn't quite know whether to be mad or flattered.

On the next round of drinks, Buffy watched him stuff some bills into the g-string of one of the dancers. Definitely mad she thought. When Ripper came back he saw the look on Buffy's face and guessed the cause. Grinning smugly he asked her what was wrong. Buffy asked him if he was playing with her because he found her attractive or because he wanted to win at pool, and what the hell was he thinking of touching that dancer?

Ripper was amused but the part of him that was still Giles knew he had better tell her the truth. "Don't you know how beautiful and sexy you are and how much I want you?" he asked, placing her hand over his erection so that she could feel the truth. "As for the dancer, she looked tired and I thought maybe she could go home sooner with some extra cash." Buffy slid her hand up his erection, over his flat stomach, his nipples and wrapped both arms around his neck. "Thank you" she said "that was very kind of you, and Giles always said what a "hard case" you were" she said suggestively. He pulled her closer and whispered into her ear "let's go for a ride".

They left the bar arm in arm in harmony with one another. They mounted the bike and took off just riding in any direction for the sheer pleasure of the wind in their hair. They stopped and picked up the makings of a picnic at a small store, and when they came upon a deserted area of woods with a small lake, sandy beach and a lovely clearing, they stopped to have dinner. After they had eaten, Buffy lay on her back looking at the stars. Ripper lay beside her head propped up on his arm looking at Buffy. He slowly leaned down and kissed her, licking her lips until she parted them, and sweeping his tongue into her mouth he slowly deepened and intensified the kiss.

He began trailing kisses down her face and neck, to the cleavage of the v-necked halter she wore. When Buffy found his tongue stroking her cleavage while his hand slipped under the halter top and was working it's way to her breast, she pushed him away, sat up abruptly and took a deep breath. "What's wrong luv? I know you want me, I can tell by the way you look and the way you kissed me. Why did you stop me?"

Buffy was silent for a moment wanting to make sure Ripper would understand what she was going to say. "I came to Giles house today to tell him that I had feelings for him and I wanted to try having a relationship. Instead I found you. You are sexy and attractive, partly because you are Giles, and partly that bad boy thing, but the fact is you are not Giles. You are another of those men that leave and I am so over that. When Giles and I make love, I want to know that it is Giles, that he will stay, that he won't do something as Ripper that he would regret as Giles. Can you understand that?"

He looked at her, stood up and held out his hand to help her up. "Oh yeah I understand alright. Giles or me, I'm not sure is a very lucky man and the day we make love to you will be the best day of our lives. Giles cast this spell to bring me out because he was bored and missing you. It will wear off in twenty-four hours. Will you come to him then?" "Oh yes" she replied tears in her eyes.

The were silent on the return trip even when they got to his car. When they arrived at her dorm, he pulled her into a passionate kiss which she returned wholeheartedly. After thoroughly kissing her, he pulled back slightly and rested his forehead on hers chuckling softly. "What?" she said. "I find my self in the interesting position of being jealous of myself. See you tomorrow?" Buffy just nodded and kissed him goodbye.

The next morning Buffy and Giles woke up with smiles on their faces. Both relived every second of their day yesterday with pleasure and gratitude. Then they began to get nervous, and both got up and paced the floor wondering what to wear, and if the other remembered and meant what they said.

Buffy finally gave up and just threw on the first thing her hand touched. She didn't really care what it was because she was praying it wouldn't be on her for long! She half walked, half ran to Giles wanting to see him so badly she ached. He must have been watching for her, because his door opened as soon she turned onto the walk. For a moment they froze searching each others faces then smiled. Giles held out his arms and Buffy ran into them. They were hugging and kissing enthusiastically before they even got the door closed and locked behind them.

And, children, those clothes really didn't stay on her long at all.