By Marti

Title: Bonded
Author: Marti
Rating: definitely NC-17
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Spoilers: Graduation I and II
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Note: it's 2 am and I'm tired, the voices in my mind are getting louder and I can't ignore them anymore. Thanks, Kimber, for proofreading!
Summary: Giles' POV when the Mayor comes into the library. A little bit of supernatural slayer/watcher stuff added. Oh, and don't forget the absolutely necessary B/G sex!

When he entered my library, I noticed nothing else, saw nothing but the burning red haze; all I heard was my increasing heartbeat pounding, pounding in my ears. Much later, she asked me how I could remain so calm when the mayor stood only inches from me. My answer: If I'd unleashed my fury, physically and magically, he could have killed them all and still walked away humming show tunes under his breath.

I heard nothing, focusing my energies to keep from exploding, then standing half a foot from me, he forced me to look at him, hear him over my internal rage.

"That's a spunky girl you've raised." He addressed me, then his blue eyes bored into me, seeing into my soul. He gave me a half smirk. He knew, he could see my aura how it enfolded my Slayer protectively. Never mind that Wesley stood next to her, her Watcher in name only. In my heart, Buffy was mine, and had been since two weeks before during the Prom when I first felt her respond to our almost bond. And the mayor read it there. "I'm gonna eat her." His eyes crinkled.

I honestly don't remember picking up the sword nor burying it deep in his chest, through him. I knew he wouldn't die, but it snapped. My control snapped. The hairs on the back of my neck raised as my magic swirled and eddied around the room as the mayor took two, three steps back.

Had Willow been more adept at her arts she would have understood, but they became fearful for the first time since Mayor Wilkins entered and he could taste it he said as he cleaned the blade with a pristine white handkerchief, then tossed it back. I caught it without looking away from his eyes. We read each other. His love for Faith may be paternal, but mine for Buffy had been that at first, but was now much more. She was my other half, the light for my dark, my only reason for not unleashing the full extent of my powers. He broke eye contact and focused elsewhere, allowing me to regain my control. Then he left. The tension behind me started to subside but I couldn't turn around.

"I believe everyone has class right now. Meet back here after school." I said harsher than needed. Four of them left, hell, even Wesley ran from me, the Nancy-boy. I knew she was there as I strode back to my office and laid the sword on the top shelf of my bookcase. The power was returning to its locked room inside me, but slowly. She may not realize it but she could feel it and was drawn to me. My Slayer felt that we were two halves of a whole. As I fought for control, she came in and closed the door behind her.

"You have English, Buffy."

"Let's see, what's more important? Playing group Trivial Pursuit or finding out why my Watcher-"

"Ex-Watcher." I sighed. I could almost hear her smiling.

"Watcher went postal. The point is, is that you did something incredibly stupid! Why? You know he's invulnerable."

"My instincts got the better of me. I don't take well to others threatening those I care for." I couldn't turn to face her.

"Others, or just me?"

The slipped control and her nearness made me shudder. "You. You are my purpose for living, Buffy. I'll do anything for you." I whispered hoarsely. Then I felt her hand on my arm, turning me to her. I watched the muscles work in her throat as she swallowed.

"We're meant to be together, aren't we?"

"Some-some of your predecessors were bonded to their Watchers. It's magical and nothing but death can break it. We've been moving toward it since the cruciamentuim." I said honestly, taking a deep breath, reveling in her scent. At eighteen, having saved the world and all of her friends, she was more than the girl Angel saw, but a woman. My gut said she was mine.

She stared up at me, her head cocked to one side. Then she lifted her arms to wrap around my neck. My mind said to make her stop, my magic said to kiss her. And I did.

The moment our lips touched, the bond started and grew. My hands moved to her waist lifted her to my height. She wrapped her legs around my hips as I walked to the office door, pushing her into it, letting her feel my erection between her legs. Our lips had been fused for what seemed like an eternity, but somehow, we were naked pressed together. I bent my head and took her right nipple into my mouth. She arched as much as she could and gasped. Her fingers were running through my hair.

The bond was almost formed. I pushed into her a little and took her mouth with mine as I realize that under the proper conditions my Slayer, my Buffy was a screamer. I adjusted a little and pounded into her. I swallowed her scream and moaned deep in my throat in response. She went wild. My bloody back would be, well, bloody, in the morning. I gripped her ass and kept thrusting, determined to feel her orgasm before letting myself go fully. She stiffened around me, her vagina spasming rhythmically. I tightened my hold, beginning to pound even harder, hearing the hinges rattling. In the back of my mind I wondered if we'd break it, falling out into the library where anyone could see us. And to be honest, for those few moments, I didn't care. Then I could feel it, the tightening in my scrotum. I pushed in one last time, coming deep inside her. Somewhere, I somehow realized that Buffy was coming again, harder than before. I also realized that the bond was complete. I could feel her shudders, not only around my cock and in my arms, but also in my mind. After feeling her last swallowed scream, her head rolled to the side and I let go of her mouth to begin nuzzling her neck, slowly letting go of her and withdrawing.

"What are you feeling, luv?" I whispered, smiling against her neck. She sighed and I could feel her contentment wash over me.

"Not 'eww', I can tell you that. It was amazing. You're not…evil, are you?" She pushed my head up so we could see each other. Our auras were entwined and I smiled.

"No, luv. We're bonded. I'm yours and you're mine. My power, my magic is tempered now by you. Your powers, your strengths are enhanced by me." I dared not laugh. Her one time with Angel would have certainly made any lesser woman fold in on herself, renouncing life. My Buffy had gained strength from the months with the result of her doomed affair with the vampire.

I encouraged her to dress and pushed her out the door. "Go home, shower and get dressed. Go find out more about the archeological find. We'll stop him. I swear to you."

She kissed me in the middle of the library and left. I smiled softly and righted my sweater, then set out to fulfill my promise.

Every time we were in the same room, it was the same. I felt her, she sensed my emotions. Angel's poisoning and my response made her realize how jealous and envious I was of them. She reassured me with her eyes and the waves of love directed toward me. Her stabbing Faith to try and save the vampire was felt in my mind while Wesley and I researched Anya's information. As angry as Buffy was, she still felt remorse for doing it, for trying to take the life of another human being.

I felt her strength leave her as she forced Angel to feed from her. I was already out the door of the library as Wesley answered the phone. I almost collapsed when Wilkins tried to take my Buffy's life. My order to Angel to leave the hospital showed the vampire our true relationship. He backed down and left.

The books were gone, the gunpowder, fertilizer, and procured military explosives lay piled seemingly haphazardly throughout. Only Buffy and I knew of the only way out. The others had left as I started unwinding the charging wire. She followed, holding her graduation cap nervously as she touched my shoulder or arm. This amazing woman had planned an assault against a demon, a very powerful demon. Everyone was in place, but her and myself soon. I set the charge line to the firing mechanism and turned to her, pulling her into my arms, tasting her for the first time since our bonding.

"I love you, Buffy."

"I love you, Rupert Giles. Promise me you'll do it even if-" I kissed her again to silence her. She would not, could not die. She meant too much to me.

"I shall see you flying through that window soon, understood? Now, go take your place in the processional or else the mayor will wonder. I love you."

She smiled as she ran back into the building to join the other graduating seniors.

I felt every emotion she experienced while fighting with the mayor. I let out a little laugh as she relished the idea of watching Snyder get eaten, then she was back to business. I felt the terror she had coursing through her as she ran into the library, wondering if I would do it, wondering if it would actually work. I let my reassurances flow through the bond to her, even as I watched her sail through the window. She landed near me and I let the explosives go. The Ripper in me laughed to see the school go up in flames. Buffy looked at me with a small smile as she pushed my glasses back up my nose. She leaned forward and kissed me hard. Knowing that the mayor was gone was like we had let go of all the stress from the last day since the bonding. I pulled her into my arms and quickly, too quickly, made love with her, letting her cry out this time as the fire engines and ambulances were sure to drown out her vocalizations. We returned out clothes to normal and went to find our friends and comrades.

She joined her friends for a few minutes to commiserate the loss of the school and graduating from high school to adulthood, then went their separate ways. She met me as the ambulance took away the whining Wesley. I held one arm out for her and she took it, starting toward the Citroen.

"Take me home, Watcher mine."


"Whatever. Either way, you're mine."

I turned to her and wiped some of the soot from her face, leaning down for a kiss and not caring if any of the parents or faculty saw or cared. She was eighteen, and graduated from a school that I would probably not be asked to return to once it was rebuilt.

"I have always been and always will be yours."