In a staring match between Quentin Travers, the Council and Giles who do you think will...

By Dword

TITLE: Blink
SPOILER WARNING: No real spoilers, takes place sometime after 'Helpless'
SUMMARY: Just a short Fic that I couldn't get out of my head until I wrote it down. I now understand about Muses. Boy they can get pretty insistant.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing, Mr. Whedon, Mutant Enemy, The WB owns all. I'm just borrowing.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thank you to all my friends from chat for thier input and encouragement. Ti, Tev,Lily,Arkin, and Cap you are the best. And thank you to all the great writers I have enjoyed reading. You inspired me. Gabi please finish that fic.    

The two men glared at each other across the table, the fire of their convictions burning in their eyes. The others in the room sat around the table watching as this inevitable confrontation unfolded before them. Watching , after all was what they did.

"She does not follow the traditions. She does not adhere to the methods laid out for Slayers, methods that have been followed for generations. She does not follow the directions of the Council, or accede to our wished," expounded Quentin Travers from he place at the head of the table.

"The Council was created to serve the Slayer. To. Serve. Her. To aid her in the fight against evil. And fight she has. Successfully despite the obstacles and hindrances put before her by a council too long removed from the reality of the battle to remember its purpose!" stated Rupert Giles in defense of his Slayer.

"I have said it before and I will say it again. Your love for this Slayer has made you lose your objectivity. You are therefore unfit to be her Watcher." Travers said smugly.

"She is the embodiment of good and light. The very things for which we are supposed to be fighting. She has faced and accepted her destiny with a strength and grace like none I have ever seen. She fights the darkness as no other can. This incredible young woman has faced terror and evil constantly since being called yet maintains the purity and goodness of her soul. She has made sacrifices for the fight that should be asked of no one. Her capacity to love and forgive is unparalleled.

"Of course I love her. How could I not."

"She has flagrantly disobeyed our orders. She has consorted with demons and vampires. She has involved civilians. She is unorthodox, a loose cannon. She does not deserve to be the Slayer!"

"Does not deserve!" raged Giles. Then using every ounce of control within himself, he continues calmly. His words all the more powerful because of that control. Despite the quiet way they are spoken, his words seem to echo through the room and through each man sitting there.

"You would presume to dictate how our battle should be fought. She is the Chosen One. Chosen to fight evil and the darkness. The powers of the Slayer, the success she has known were given to her, if not by Him then by whom? What I find most heinous is not the fact that you would presume to know His will, but that you would presume to put your will before His. That you would give your own agenda precedence over the battle is unconscionable.

"You cannot tolerate her because she doesn't follow your orders. Your rules. She doesn't fit into the mold you have created for the Slayer. This diminishes your importance and your power.

"She has faced seemingly insurmountable odds and won. She has saved the world from incredible evil and has prevented the destruction of all that is good. She has opposed all that the Hellmouth has thrown at her and emerged victorious. All this without the assistance of and sometimes despite this 'Noble' Council."

Something much like doubt and perhaps shame flickered for an instant in Quentin Travers eyes. But Giles caught it. As he looked around the room and made eye contact with each member of the Council that 'something' was there too.

"The purpose of all my years of training to be a Watcher has been to guide her, teach her, protect her, to stand by her side and to assist her in the fight. This Council may have fired me, but I am still HER Watcher. Because the Chosen One has chosen me."

With one more glance around the room, Rupert Giles left the Council to ponder his words and to return to his Slayer.