Black Magic Woman
By Renee

PLOT - Willow's magic is getting out of control she turns to Ethan, he'll understand.
AUTHOR - Renee
TITLE - Black Magic Woman
SPOILER - Set mid season 6.
DISCLAIMER - Joss owns all of Sunnydale
RATING - Nothing worse than on Buffy.
FEEDBACK - Pretty pretty please with sugar on top.
DEDICATION - To EagleWoluf, though this isn't the story you challenged me to write I did get the inspiration during our chat last night.

"Willow you need to take this whole magic thing down a notch. It's getting out of control, you're not you anymore."
"You mean I'm not pathetic anymore, say it, I'm not quiet little dorky Willow. The spotlight is finally on me and you can't take it. I don't need this, you can all just go to hell, again!" She screamed the words then marched out slamming the door behind her.

Buffy slumped onto Giles' sofa the colour draining from her face. She hadn't meant for things to go so wrong, 'I really really suck at the whole forming sentences thing.'
"I'll just go after her, see if I can get her to calm down a little. She didn't mean it you know?" Xander danced from foot to foot with nervous energy.
"I know Xand but this had to be said, she needs to stop." Tears had begun to form in Buffy's eyes, she was losing her best friend and she wasn't sure she could do anything about it. This wasn't something she could slay or threaten.
"I'll see what I can do." He left hurriedly hoping to catch up with Willow.

As the door closed Buffy's floodgates opened, she buried her head in her hands and tried to get her weeping under control. She hated to be seen like this, she was the slayer she was supposed to be strong, a warrior, not a weepy little girl. Giles watched on for what seemed like an eternity while he debated what to do. His instinct was to wrap her up in his arms and make her forget her every worry, but their relationship didn't work like that. They rarely if ever touched, it wasn't appropriate for him to lay a hand on her outside of training. He was not only her watcher and mentor but some years her senior. It didn't matter that he had a love for her that consumed his every thought, that his heart beat only for her, she didn't see him that way and he had serious doubts she ever would.

Her sobs finally became too much for him, he gave in and walked to the couch. He sat down gently beside her and placed a hand on her shoulder in the hope it would cause some comfort. To his surprise she didn't run from the rare contact but turned and buried her face into his chest. Startled was not an adequate word for what he was feeling right now. His heart was pounding and he realised he must look ridiculous sitting there with his arms in midair wondering what to do. Achingly slowly he wrapped them around her and pulled her closer, occasionally stroking her hair and cooing in her ear. As the tears slowed and eventually stopped she was suddenly horrified at the idea of moving from the comfort of his arms.

"Hmmm?" He was lost in the joy of having his Buffy firmly engulfed in his embrace.
"Why don't we do this more often?" She moved back slightly so she could peak at his face but not enough to leave the safety of his arms.
"W....w...what's that?"
"Touch. We never even hug each other, well practically never anyway." The last time they'd really held one another was in front of a burning warehouse.
"Ah see....d....d....did you want to?"
"Yeah I think I do."
"Oh....w...w...well alright, come here then." His face lit up, it looked good on him she decided as she snuggled closer.


"What do they know? Buffy wouldn't know magic if it bit her on the arse."
"Too bloody true." Willow spun around searching for the direction of the mysterious voice.
"Ethan? Ethan Rayne is that you?" A moment of fear coursed through her.
"One and the same my dear and you must be one of Ripper's little one's though not so little anymore I see." His eyes raked appreciatively over her body. She blushed but had to admit deep down she was flattered.

He shivered, "Is that coming from you? I sense immense power." He stalked around her like a panther playing with its prey, his face awfully close to her own.
"Yeah it is, about time someone noticed."
"Well well well our little Willow is all grown up, in more ways than one." He ran a hand down her spine causing goose bumps to form on her arms.
"Want to team up, little Willow?"
"Could be fun." 'It could be indeed,' he thought.


Xander burst through the front door, he was panting and had to take a moment to recover before he was able to speak. Giles expected Buffy to leap from his side but was pleasantly surprised when she simply pulled away enough to see Xander. He draped his arm casually around her as she turned to face the door leaning back into his chest. Xander was thrown by the sudden closeness of the pair but decided explanations could wait, he had news that overshadowed this development.

"Willow..........Ethan............hand in hand."
Giles immediately rose from the couch his every nerve on edge at the mention of his once closest friend's name.
"Where, how, are you absolutely certain?"
"Hmmm let's see she has a jonesing for some uber magic and the only other spell caster powerful enough that knows the dark magics happens to stop by, nah why would she jump to be with him?" He glared at Buffy knowing that loath he was to admit it, she was probably right.

"Xander did you follow them, where were they going?"
"They went to the mansion, I think Ethan's been hanging there for a little while." Xander was thankful his breathing had calmed, he almost sounded normal now, well for him anyway.
"Alright Xander you go keep an eye on them, Buffy and I will grab some weapons and supplies, we'll follow you anon."
"W..w..weapon's? You're not gonna hurt Will right?" He was ashamed at the waver in his voice but Willow was his best friend he'd be lost without her.
"Of course not, but we must be prepared. We've no idea what Ethan is planning whatever it is I'm sure it's not pleasant."
Xander nodded determined to help Willow however he could.

Buffy turned to Giles as Xander closed the door.
"Wow, can you believe she'd be with Ethan? They were holding hands and everything, gross!"
Heat filled Giles' face and an unexpected anger filled him. "Gross? Well of course it would be gross to you, in your mind anyone over the age of 40 doesn't have urges or desires. We're all eunuchs by then, all thought of pleasuring a woman disappear completely on your birthday, handy that." The ferocity of his voice startled her and she flinched away. Her reaction caused him to calm immediately, ashamed that he'd let so much slip.

"I...I..I'm terribly sorry Buffy, I....well I don't know what came over me." She moved towards him again and laid a hand on his arm. "You honestly believe that's what I think don't you?" Her lip quivered at the thought.
"Well you have told me I'm very very old and it's gross," he stated softly.
Her head hung in shame as she recalled saying those very words. "I didn't mean it Giles, I've never felt that way, I was just...never mind."
He placed a finger under her chin forcing her to look into his eyes. He whispered, "Please finish."

"I.....I was jealous, OK? I'm sorry, I've tried to fight it, I know it's wrong for me to feel this way for you when it's so obvious you don't feel the same but I can't help it. Please don't leave me just because I love you."
He was speechless and frozen to the spot. Horrified at his reaction and the fact that her long kept secret was finally out, she turned to run. Giles snapped to attention and grabbed her arm before she was able to go anywhere. He pulled her back and into his arms.

"My dearest Buffy, I love you too." His voice shook with emotion, she'd never looked more beautiful to him than she did right in this moment. He bent down and captured her lips with his own. She sunk into him, the kiss was everything she'd dreamt about night after night.
He eventually pulled back as a thought struck him, "Luv why did you say gross at the idea of Willow and Ethan then if you're ok with the difference in our ages?"
"Duh! Because it's Ethan, anything is gross when it comes to him."
Giles smiled, happy for once to be wrong.


"Wow Ethan that was!" He smirked as he pulled the sheet over their naked forms.
"You weren't so bad yourself my dear." She snuggled into his chest occasionally planting a stray kiss upon it.
" about we raise some demons?" Ethan shot her a look that she tried but failed to comprehend.
"Well you've done it before so I figured you'd be the best man to teach me."

"You couldn't be more mistaken, I won't teach you any such thing. You were here for the second round of the Eyghon incident. How could you witness that and possibly imagine I'd want to help you raise something similar?"
"I..I...dunno, I just thought..."
"No you didn't think, I may not have made the smartest choices in my life Willow but I have learnt a thing or two from the mistakes. You have a great power, you can either command it or it will command you. I like to wreak havoc don't get me wrong but the forces I channel are ones I know I can control. You're on a dark path Willow I can feel it radiating from you, if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion....."
"No you may not, God you're as bad as Giles and the others, you have no faith in me whatsoever. I'm more powerful now than you'll ever be Ethan, I'll show you."

She began to chant something in Latin, Ethan recognised it immediately and tried to force her to stop. A bolt of red energy flew from her hand and threw him across the room, he landed in a naked and painful heap. Her head shot backwards hard enough to snap under normal circumstances. Her chanting became louder until she was screaming the words. She rose steadily from the bed, she would have made a beautiful vision if not for the blacks of her eyes.

The gang burst into the mansion and froze at the sight that greeted them. Ethan was huddled in the corner his eyes fixed on the ceiling, they followed his gaze and were horrified to see Willow floating in a similar state of undress.
"We may be too late." Xander sank to the ground hoping desperately that Giles was wrong.
Willow began to speak in a stranger tongue, her voice was deep and dripped with evil. Only Giles was able to decipher what she was saying and by his expression Buffy was glad she couldn't.

"A demon has taken control of her body, we must exorcise it before it becomes impossible. Ethan get over here you can help me." Ethan had grabbed his pants from beside the bed and was zipping them up.
"What? You're going to let him use magic against Willow? How do you know he didn't make her this way in the first place? You can't trust him Giles what are you thinking?"
"I believe I can Buffy, he cares for Willow I'm sure and doesn't want to see her end up like Randall." Buffy flinched aware that discussing Randall was a painful subject for Giles.

"How can you know he cares for her?"
"Because I know him, he's always been that way, he only goes to bed with someone he cares deeply for, in some ways he was more gallant than I was back then." Ethan blushed he didn't like his evil image to be tarnished, particularly in front of the slayer. He couldn't argue with Ripper though, he was fond of the witch.

"Only back then right? I mean you wouldn't just sleep with anyone now, would you?" She squeaked the last out nervously.
"My dearest Buffy I will never again sleep with anyone but you, I don't want anyone but you but right now I think we need to focus on the problem at hand." Buffy blushed, he was right of course, didn't stop her from letting her eyes wonder over what he'd just declared as hers alone. Giles rifled through the pack he's bought until he found the necessary ingredients. Ethan painted a pentagram on the floor in readiness.

"Do you think we should maybe just paint one of these on Giles' floor, you know for those occasions when you need one in a hurry? We use them often enough." Buffy grabbed Xander's hand aware that this was particularly difficult for him, he so wanted to help but only magic could do the job now.

Giles and Ethan stood in the pentagram and quietly started to chant an expulsion spell. Wind began to stir the room until it was a full- blown gale. The men had to yell to be heard over the din, Buffy played defence against the many flying objects caught in the winds fury. If Willow's life hadn't been at stake she would have let a few stray ones hit Ethan in strategic places. The demon inside Willow began to scream as the exorcism was taking affect. Slowly the deep gruff bellowing of the demon changed into Willow's high-pitched decidedly feminine wail. The wind stopped abruptly and gravity became an issue. Ethan moved in a flash and caught her in his arms.

He wrapped her up in the sheet and began to kiss her fervently, "Oh my dear I was so worried."
"I....I'm so sorry everyone, I....I really thought I could control it, I've been such a fool. Please forgive me." Her small frame shook with unshed tears as Ethan held her close and planted kisses on her forehead. He eventually lowered her and the others gathered her up in a group hug. Giles moved to Ethan and held out a hand. "Truce?"
Ethan took it grateful to have his friend back, "truce Ripper ah I mean Rupert." Giles pulled him into a manly bear hug and they laughed relieved to be on the same side for the first time in a long time.

"So umm you and Ethan huh?" Buffy smiled at her friend thankful to see nothing but Willow in there.
"Ummmm yeah....I think I may kinda love him, I've had a crush on him for years, I think it's the accent."
"I know what you mean." Three pairs of eyebrows raised in her direction. "I mean the whole English thing, not an Ethan thing, I only have a Giles thing." Giles smiled adoringly at her, he opened his arms beckoning her into them.

Willow gasped, "Oh my Gosh Buffy you told him?"
"Yeah Will and guess what?"
"I was right, huh!"
"Yeah you were, he loves me every bit as much as I love him." Willow bounced excitedly for her friend but her legs were still weak from the demon ordeal. Ethan caught her once more, "We have to stop meeting like this." He smiled at her affectionately.

"Well I think we're gonna go home, you gonna behave yourselves?" Buffy looked to Ethan who had lifted Willow and was now cradling her in his arms.
"Only if you do."
Buffy winked, "Guess not then."
"Buffy!" Giles tried his best to look scandalised and failed miserably. He loved this girl and it radiated from every pore.

"See ya later Ripper?" Giles nodded, "don't do anything I wouldn't do mate."
"That leaves open a world of possibilities." Giles hoisted Buffy up and threw her over his shoulder, this new side of Giles delighted her, he'd never been so openly playful with her before. He looked even sexier, especially now. She could feel the passion coming off him in waves and moaned as the possibilities clouded her mind. Giles was really her's now, it was almost impossible to believe.

She looked down, the view from this position was exceptionally nice, "when did you get such a nice butt Giles?" His cheeks coloured but he was thrilled that she felt that way.
"Ah I believe since birth, like it hmmm?"
Buffy playfully smacked it rather than answer verbally, he squealed and it was quite possibly the cutest thing she'd ever heard.

He carried her to the Gilesmobile, she swore he was making his bum wiggle on purpose. They headed towards their new life together. Xander took one look at Ethan and Willow in their state of undress and hurried after Buffy.
"Ummm guys? Hello! Hey does anyone know a hot English chick, oooh or even an Australian I hear they're the hottest chicks in the world and mmmm that accent." Xander scurried after them, "As long as she's not an insect or a mummy I'm good, I'm not that picky! Guys?"

After dropping Xander home and trying very hard not to imagine what Willow and Ethan were up to at this very moment they finally arrived back at the flat. Buffy had stuck close to Giles' side the whole trip home and moaned when she was forced to move from the warmth of his embrace. She tried vainly to stifle a yawn but he noticed it nonetheless. He held the door for her and escorted her to the front stoop.
"Luv I....I...If you'd rather go home I would very much understand." She shook her head but yawned again.
"No Giles, I don't want to be away from you ever again, we've spent waaaay too much time apart." He was amazed by the feelings she could invoke, she was completely open to him now, her eyes no longer a shutter to her soul. He held out a hand and she lovingly took it, they walked inside and headed straight for the stairs to his loft.

"Luv, I just need to go freshen up, the spell has left me rather.....ah how would you say it....funky?" She laughed uncontrollably at his use of the word and the way it sounded rolling off his tongue. He poked it out at her and headed to the shower. Her eyes bugged from her head, 'did Giles just stick his tongue out at me?' yup this side of Giles, definitely of the sexy. 'Maybe I'll just lie down for a minute while I'm waiting.' When he emerged from the bathroom minutes later he was greeted to a sight right from his daydreams. Buffy was curled up in his bed, her golden hair flowing over his pillow. She looked like an angel in her slumber, none of the horrors of her life evident on her features, it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

He moved quietly to the bed and slipped under the covers with her. She had removed her shirt and trousers but remained in a sports bra and panties, her skin glowed and he was transfixed. He stripped down to a pair of black satin boxers and curled up behind her. She groaned in her sleep and snuggled back into him, he fell asleep with her in his arms that night, eternally grateful for the blessing he held. She spent every night thereafter in his flat until it became their flat.

Then one fine spring day mere months later he carried her over the threshold, careful not to ruin the white gown she wore. He finally had someone to share his life with and another unexpected gift on the way. He kissed her slightly rounded belly as he ascended the stairs his stunning, glowing bride stroking his cheek.
"I was wrong about something a few months ago."
"What was that Mr Giles?"
He kissed her lovingly, "This is truly the most beautiful sight I've ever seen, Mrs Giles." Her eyes became misty at her new name. Now she really was his for all time.