B/G Angel
By Cap

Title: B/G Angel
Author: Cap
Distribution: You want it, It's yours
Disclamer: Joss owns everything, Don't sue
Rateing: PG I guess
Spoilers: Grad 2, Prom, Helpless, Consequences
Feedback: Yes Please, this is first fic so don't be mean.

Rupert Giles stood at the door to his home in Sunnydale. He had been standing there for five minutes. He wasn't sure how but the very second his key had hit the lock, he had known she was on the other side of that door. <I can't face this now,god help me.> So rupert Giles just stood there trying to think of the words that would ease her pain, hide his, and set them on the course back to normalcy. He had got as far as "Buffy" in his mind. That was the root of the problem. She wanted his comfort, his strength, not his love. At the moment he had nothing else to give.

The shadow that he had been quite aware of for sometime finally moved. "She need's you Rupert." He didn't move to face him. Giles had already forgiven him. Let go the pain and bitterness that would eventualy have killed Buffy. He could not sustain the anger without becomeing a thing of darkness himself. "I don't know how to help her."

"I know", he says moveing to stand next to Giles. He did not face him instead looking out at the quiet street. "She still need's you though." Giles wondered for a few moments if their was really any differance between him and Angel. Their was, Angel had buffy's love but could never accept it. Giles could accept it, but never would have it.

"Angel, I love her." he said quietly waiting for the violent response he was sure was comeing.

To Giles suprise out of the corner of his eye the vampire looked over with a small knowing smile. "You got to be kidding me Rupert, I think even Joyce has figured that one out by now." Giles turns his head to stare at him. Angel smile turns in to a laugh. "Rupert, You and buffy are the most insucure pair of confident people I have ever met. I can tell you exactly what is going to happen if you walk through that door. Buffy will cry, you will comfort her. She'll feel better cuase you're holding her, you'll feel better because your holding her. She'll go home and tomarrow you two will go back to your normal routine. It really is annoying as hell."

"Me and Willow figured you would have been in the sack about ten minutes after that whole thing on her last birthday. Oz figured the night she brought Faith back from the docks when trick died, that affterward she would of jumped you right there on the libery table. Even Xander guessed prom night." All giles could do was stare at the vampire with an exspression of pure shock "The worst thing is all you guy's need to be happy is for one of you to take the inioutive and say I love you first. I mean don't get me wrong I love her too, but I was the second choice. I want to see her happy Rupert. So, why don't you turn that key in the lock, face your destiny, and put us all out of our missery." Angel started to move away turning to say "Just say it Rupert"

With that he was gone. Rupert Giles stood there looking at the door of his appartment and smiled as he went in, he knew exactly what to say to Buffy.

Angel made his way around the corner to a van parked with four people standing in front of it. A pretty redhead walked up to him and said "Well" the others gathered around them expectently. Angel smiled and said "I think their going to be sleeping in tomarrow."

"Finally," Xander said "and they both thought I was blind"

"I can't belive we never thought to take matters into our own hands before this" Cordillea says opening the van door.

Oz just smiled and shook his head "Well if we left it up to them we would of eventually killed them in frustration."

Willow looked at Angel and said "You going to be alright."

"I'll miss her. It's better this way though. I'm more relived that thier finally dealing with this so we can all move on."

Willow just smiles up at him with a silly grin and then starts to giggle uncontrolably.

"What." Angel say's looking at the laughing witch.

"Who would of ever thought you were a b/g shipper."