Be Good To Her
By Omega h

TITLE: Be Good To Her
AUTHOR: Omega h
DISCLAIMERS: These characters are not mine. I'm just playing with them whenever Joss is not looking... The song is "I Need You Tonight" by INXS
COUPLE: Buffy/Giles
SUMMARY: Willow gives Buffy some extra courage...
DISTRIBUTION: You want it, take it. Just lmk, OK?
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is an answer to Nerys's challenge.
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       Giles stood by the library counter and was explaining some new fighting strategy on the blackboard. Buffy wasn't exactly listening. She just watched his perfectly kissable lips and strong hands move. "People are strange", she thought, "They think he's boring. I can't understand how they can miss all that sexual energy that radiates from him. It makes my whole body tinkle."
 All you got is this moment
 The twenty-first century's yesterday
 You can care all you want
 Everybody does yeah that's okay

       The Watcher turned to look at the girl. He could see she wasn't  listening. "Buffy, please. Pay attention. Or do you think we should stop  training for tonight?"
       To Buffy that seemed like a perfect idea and she hopped down from the table she was sitting on. She walked swingingly closer to the man and opened the top buttons of her shirt with her hand. Giles's face had turned
 bright red.

       "Buffy, w-what are you doing?"
 So slide over here
 And give me a moment
 Your moves are so raw
 I've got to let you know
 I've got to let you know
 You're one of my kind

       Her eyes had a funny gleam in them and her face showed determination. Suddenly something Willow had said to him before she and Xander had left made sense. "Be good to her", she had whispered. That bloody red-haired witch had put some kind of spell on Buffy. Now his face was turning white.
       The Slayer walked closer with a mysterious smile on her face.  Giles found himself backing away to the bookshelves, knocking down few piles of books on the way.

      "Buffy, for God's sake, what if somebody comes in?"

       "Nobody is going to come. Willow and Xander went to the movies to see the Lost Boys. Nobody will bother us."

        Giles continued to back away sideways his back pressed against the shelves. "L-listen! I'm very fond of you but we just can't do this. By the way did you know that fond originally meant 'foolish', which is exactly what this is."
       Buffy was amused. His nervousness only made her more  determined.  "Giles, you're babbling", she said teasingly.
       The librarian had escaped behind a table and tried using it as a  barricade between them. Instead on running around it, Buffy climbed on it and started pull herself closer on it's slick surface. Her open cleavage offered a clear view to the black lace that had been hidden under the garment, making Giles's mouth dry.

 I  need you tonight
 'Cause I'm not sleeping
 There's something about you girl
 That makes me sweat

       She opened her big eyes looking at him pleadingly. "What's the  matter. Are you honestly telling me you don't find me at all attractive?"
       He had feared that question. "I-I admit that there's a certain concupiscence between us, b-but..."

       His words made Buffy shake her head in a moment of anger. "Stop  hiding behind all those big words. You want me and I want you, where's the problem?"

 How do you feel
 I'm lonely

       Giles didn't find anything to argue her with so he attempted to  use his final weapon, authority. "I interdict you from coming any closer..." he ordered with a don't-mess-with-me-tone. But it didn't have much affect on her.

       The Slayer only shook her head slowly ."I can't obey you 'cause I  don't understand you."
 What do you think
 Can't take it all

       Buffy reached out and started to roll Giles's tie around her  fingers, pulling him closer and closer. Finally his face was so close that he could feel her warm breath on it. Buffy lifted her head so that her lips just barely touched his and began to draw the line of his lips with her tongue finding all the sensitive places around his mouth. She nibbled his lips with little movements not allowing the kiss to become any deeper. Under her balms she could feel his heartbeat speeding up and he was breathing heavily. After this there was no way he could say that he didn't feel anything for her.
       Giles growled from the pleasure she was giving him. As the young  woman slowly pulled away her lips, he pulled her roughly closer opening her mouth with a hungry kiss. She had started this but he would finish it. He would be good to her. All night long.
 Whatcha gonna do
 Gonna live my life