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24 by Jacqui (G)
A day at the beach. 24 photos. And a more than wonderful realization.

The Bad, the Good and the Downright Fantastic by Jacqui (PG-13)
Ah, music! Food for the soul? Yes, I think that's what they say. In this situation it's that and a little coal for that burning fire, we like to call raging lust.

The Calling Marco Trilogy by Jacqui (G)
Buffy has sent Angel to hell, wounded her friends deeply and deserted her misguided mother. However, above and beyond all that, she's hurt the one thing that has sustained her all these years. The one person on whom the future of all her relief and happiness lies. Giles.

The Depth of Night by Jacqui (G)
Buffy discovers the secret of Giles' heart.***WARNING, NOT THE HAPPIEST OF FICS***

Feel by Jacqui (PG-13)
Giles learns what Buffy goes through, he returns to talk to her.

The First Taste by Jacqui (NC-17)
This fic goes by the theory that there are three versions to every argument: his, hers and the truth. It also goes by the theory that the only version to an argument that anybody really cares about is the hot, horizontal, makeup monkey mambo at the end. Please enjoy.

Flinch by Jacqui (NC-17)
Think, different take on Grad. You know that Angel guy? Well, Buffy makes her "offering" of life, but it doesn't turn out quite as planned.

Helpless? Not Quite... by Jacqui (NC-17)
Just what did happen after Travers snubbed Buffy and fired poor Giles? Emotions are running high. Very high... man... *ehem...* is it hot in here?

The Last Time by Jacqui (G)
Buffy needs Giles' help. He cannot refuse.

One Touch Unchangeable by Jacqui (G)
Buffy comes to her senses after Faith and a touch. The touch being the more significant of the two events. Riley? Since when was he an issue?

The Permission Series by Jacqui (PG)
Passion ends in much the same tragic way, but there are a few changes to be made and words to be spoken, which just might alter certain lives irrevocably. (sufficiently cryptic, yes?)

Possession by Jacqui (PG-13)
Buffy makes a wee little wrong move with the slayage and gets herself into quite the predicament. She can always trust Giles, though. With nothing less than her life.

Pot Luck Kareoke by Jacqui (NC-17)
After a summer of bliss Giles breaks up with Buffy. Will they get back together? And what role does kareoke play in it?

Sick ‘Em, Ripper! by Jacqui (G)
The Council introduces the threat, but then again, don't they always? The bastards! (unfinished)

The Surrogate by Jacqui (PG-13)
When a portal is opened, destinies collide, fates evolve and the Buffy/Giles relationship gets a little shaking up.

What Shall We Do With A Drunken Slayer? by Jacqui (G)
Buffy gets drunk and has a sudden realization. Now she just has to tell Giles...

Willow by Jacqui (PG-13)
What’s a girl to do when she’s feeling awfully angsty? Why, kill off one her favorite characters, of course.
WARNING/NOTE: Character death