14 fics found!

All Hallows Birthday by Cap (NC-17)
Buffy finally discovers when Giles' b-day is and she's determined to get him something extra special. (unfinished)

B/G Angel by Cap (PG)
Set shortly after "Helpless" this little vignette helps us all breath a sigh of relief...

Cave Angst by Cap (PG)
Cave Buffy is confused and can't quite comprehend her troubling past.

Graveside by Cap (PG-13)
Death, redemption and nirvana.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

Heart to Heart Conversation. by Cap (PG-13)
Giles is fed-up and makes a confession that shocks Buffy to a very pleasant end.

The In the End Series by Cap (PG)
Somebody's been having some fun. Wonder who it is ;-)

Never Is a Promise by Cap (G)
Buffy and Giles have a bad night. Buffy decides to face the music.

Not On My Watch by Cap (NC-17)
Quentin Travers is back in town carrying some not so happy news for Giles and the gang. (unfinished)

Oz's Observations by Cap (R)
The gang sets out to collectively find Giles a woman. Oz's mind seems to be straying from the widely accepted criteria... or could he just be right on target?

Post Ascension Library Fic by Cap (PG)
The gang make some interesting observations about our favorite couple.

Remember Buffy and Giles' Jelly's by Cap (R)
There's only one jelly left and all hell brakes loose. The fire gets a little too hot.

Tenderly Ripped Apart by Cap (NC-17)
Glistening bodies and swealtering heat. Buffy and Giles are trapped in a very confined space... together. The heat's getting to them and the maintainance of any kind of resolve becomes extremely difficult.

Silence is Golden by Cap (G)
A different take on what happened after the Buffy/Angel dance at "Prom."

The You Never Know Series by Cap (PG-13)
Buffy's new beau inadvertently assists in the revelation.