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Cave-Giles by Anne (NC-17)
Ethan decides to help Giles to get his fantasy by turning him into Cave-Giles.
WARNING/NOTE: violent sex including minor blood play, Ethan watching them

Dreams come true by Anne (NC-17)
Buffy has enlightening dreams about Giles and decides to fly to him...
WARNING/NOTE: Violence; issues of drug use; non consensual sex (well, at first) a bit of voyerism from Dawn

Love to death by Anne (NC-17)
After a demon attack Buffy nurses Giles and Joyce nurses Ethan. Things heat up, but not enough for Ethan who casts a love spell on Buffy and Giles, who lose all control. The results are nearly fatal...
WARNING/NOTE: graphic violence; non-consensual sex; sexual torture

Sacrifice by Anne (NC-17)
Giles cannot live without Buffy and sacrifices himself to bring her back. But who's to say that she can live with that?