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Bronze God of Chaos and Harmony or Ethan Rayne, Matchmaker by Dezdemona (NC-17)
Ethan's causing trouble, disrupting the non-equilibrium of Sunnyhell yet again. Can poor Giles overcome, or will he fall victim to the deviant's cruel idea of a joke. Ah yes. So cruel. ;-)

A Letter Read Under an LA Streetlamp and Carried for a Hundred Years by Dezdemona (G)
Doesn't the title summarize thing one? ;-) Yes, I suppose it does. What else is there to say? Just read on, my friend.

With This Ring... by Dezdemona (R)
Buffy receives a package that changes her life.
WARNING/NOTE: This story starts out rough. Please try to stick with it; I promise to try to make it worth your while.