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The All I Want For Christmas Series by Janine Ose (NC-17)
Everyone is reveling in the happy holiday spirit. Each, covertly, sending their own private message to the Santa. (unfinished)

As In Life by Janine Ose (G)
Buffy and Giles meet again many years in the future. The circumstances are a little grim.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

The Best Mistake Of My Life by Janine Ose (NC-17)
Mistakes made turn out to have some very pleasant consequences.

The Fate Series by Janine Ose (R)
A wonderful two part series set throughout Graduation Parts 1 and 2.

Happy Birthday by Janine Ose (NC-17)
Ahhhh, birthdays can be so much fun can't they? Especially when you celebrate them with the one you love.

I Lied by Janine Ose (PG-13)
The aftermath of a traumatic event. Buffy lies and by golly she's going to regret it.
WARNING/NOTE: Character death. Very sad.

Letting Go by Janine Ose (PG)
A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me What if Buffy had told Giles about Angel's return the day she found him in the woods in "Beauty and the Beasts"

Lick You To Death, With A Twist by Janine Ose (NC-17)
When Buffy gets an idea in her head... watch out!

Majick by Janine Ose (PG)
Buffy gets herself into a bit of trouble and Giles has to get her out. A response to a challenge at Cap's site Watching You, Watching Me.

Patrol by Janine Ose (NC-17)
Care for a little late-nigth rendez vous?

The Promise by Janine Ose (PG)
In the aftermath of the Ascension Buffy and Giles are left to pick up the pieces and start a new.

The Real Story by Janine Ose (G)
The Buffy/Giles relationship reflected over the years from an outside perspective. Makes ya think.

Wake-up Call by Janine Ose (NC-17)
After the evens of G2, Buffy and Giles receive a wake-up call, a nasty but effective one.

The Written Word by Janine Ose (PG)
Giles finds something he's not meant to see and it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.