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As The World Falls Down by Sara Jung (PG)
Giles is on his was to Sunnydale High School and listens to a song on his radio what makes him think of the Slayer he will meet. A very original little story :)

Bravest Heart by Sara Jung (PG)
Giles comes home to find a pleasant surprise... :)

Discoveries by Sara Jung (R)
Buffy is late for class doing... ehm... "stuff" with Giles and Oz has a suggestion why.

Don't tell me by Sara Jung (PG)
Buffy has a little heart to heart with herself... or so ;)

I Turn To You by Sara Jung (PG)
Buffy invites Giles for some Bronzin'. Ripper outfit and a song lead to revelations :)

Someone To Watch Over Me by Sara Jung (PG)
Giles might not be Buffy's official Watcher, but she still needs someone to watch over her.

Too shy by Sara Jung (NC-17)
Look, who's once again come to mess with Giles' life. Ethan gets back Ripper and only Buffy can break the spell...