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Death or Glory by Ananda (PG)
When some people look back at their past they can do so literally. Let the credits begin to roll...

Private Lives by Ananda (PG)
Buffy and Giles, now divorced, meet each other on the honeymoon with their new partners. Are they still in love?

Quality Time by Ananda (PG)
Buffy is having some serious issues with Olivia, but is it truly Olivia that's the problem?

The Sator Square by Ananda (PG-13)
Pompeii, Vesuvious, a slayer, a watcher and destiny. (unfinished)

Self Control by Ananda (PG)
There's a school play and Giles is directing. Buffy wants a part. Casting couch anyone? I could go for that.

Straight On Till Morning or Ultramundane by Ananda (PG)
It's the future. Way, way in the future and Buffy and Giles are still saving the lives of many. What is it with those two??? They just *never* stop.

They Canít Take That Away From Me by Ananda (PG-13)
Giles comes home, only to discover he's lost more than he'd had a chance to acceed.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the happiest of fics.

The Zenith Chronicles by Ananda (PG-13)
An ancient crystal, entrusted to the care of the Giles family is in danger of being theived. Buffy and Giles must now travel to England to ensure this doesn't happen. (unfinished)