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Butterflies and Stars: Save My Soul by Megan (PG-13)
Buffy is involved in some pretty freaky weirdness before it comes to her.

Butterscotch Kisses by Megan (PG-13)
Have a thing against W/X? Flee now! Willow's POV, B/G goodness and a little bit a' this, and a little bit a' that on the Willow and Xander front.

The Clan of Furverentity and the Way of the Truth by Megan (PG)
An ancient Warlock clan plots against their own and the fated two get caught in the middle. (unfinished)

Close Call by Megan (PG)
Giles has come to a decision about his future in Sunnydale... and it doesn't include Sunnydale.

The Illusions Series by Megan (PG)
Buffy is faced with a choice. Either way a sacrifice will have to be made. What will she decide and will her choice be the right one? (unfinished)

Sublime Semblance (My Other Half) by Megan (G)
Giles says goodbye to his love.
WARNING/NOTE: Not the Happiest of fics

This I Know by Megan (G)
What if Giles were never Buffy's watcher? What if they'd in fact never met? Can a connection still be said to exist?