Ripper au Natural
By Holly

Disclaimer: All characters of the Buffyverse belong to Joss Whedon, WB (The "Suits") and ME (I enjoy that way too much), Mutant Enemy

Spoilers: Not really. Season Three to be safe.

Distribution: Solo and Abby, anyone else please just ask.

Summary: I couldn’t make up my mind between two ideas for the Heat Wave challenge. This was my second idea.

Rating: NC-17 (Am I getting too predictable?)

Author: Holly

"Ripper au Natural" (French for Nekkid <G>)

Buffy used her key to Giles’ place to let herself in when he didn’t answer the door. <He should be here by now> She thought, worriedly. She took a deep breath, and moved to sit on the sofa. It was still daylight, so Giles was probably safe. If he weren’t home in a half-hour, she’d go looking for him.

Buffy was watching the clock anxiously, so she could state with certainty that it was 18 minutes later when Giles slammed into his condo. He looked awful. His face was red and sweat poured off of him. She hopped up from the sofa. "Giles? What happened to you? Were you attacked?"

"No. My car overheated and stalled about four blocks from here, and I had to walk. I feel as though I’ve been roasted alive."

Buffy shot him a look. "Well, if you’re gonna’ wear all that tweed on a day like today…."

"Buffy, I’m really not in the mood. I had a truly wretched day."

Buffy moved to the kitchen to get her Watcher a bottle of water. He accepted it gratefully. "So, what made today so awful?" She asked him as he drank thirstily.

"The brown out this morning took out my new electric alarm clock, so I was late to the museum. One of the new exhibits arrived with livestock in the form of several rodents. I left my lunch in the car, and it was ruined by this God-awful heat. Then the Citroen broke down, giving me that lovely enforced march home. All and all I think wretched about covers it."

Buffy’s lips quirked in a sympathetic smile. "Aw. Poor Giles." Then, since she couldn’t resist teasing him, she continued impishly. "If you hadn’t worn the tweed, the walk wouldn’t have been so bad. You’re just wearing too many layers of clothes." As soon as she said it, she knew she should have kept her mouth shut.

His green eyes flashed, then narrowed. His voice, when he spoke, was almost a growl. "Too many layers, is it? You think I’m wearing too much tweed. Fine." His eyes held hers as he moved to undo his tie. He removed it, then handed it to her. She just stood there; too stunned to move as he slowly removed his jacket, then handed it to her also.

His eyes still held hers. She felt rather like one of those small creatures that a snake hypnotizes, then devours. But she couldn’t look away, or even speak as he unbuttoned his shirt. He handed it to her. He took off his undershirt, and added it to the growing pile in her arms. He unbuckled his belt, and handed it to her. Then he removed his shoes, and socks. Next came his trousers. He stood before her clad only in a pair of light blue boxer shorts.

She was aware of his near nakedness, peripherally, but he still held her gaze. He reached out a hand and grabbed the stack of his clothes from her practically nerveless hands. He threw them on the floor. Then he spoke. "Now, my dear little slayer," he all but purred. "I think you’re wearing far too many clothes."

He quirked an eyebrow at her, and she moved to take off her top. She looked into his eyes the entire time, as she slowly stripped to her underwear. They stood in the middle of his living room, separated by one and a half feet, and two pieces of cloth. He took a small step towards her. She matched him. He spoke again. "Is this better, Luv?" He asked, his tone silky.

She swallowed, then finally let her eyes roam over her Watcher. Her breath caught. She’d known, in the abstract, that he had to be fit to keep her trained, but…she’d no idea. His legs were long and firmly muscled, his chest covered with a dusting of brown hair, his shoulders broader than she would have thought. She barely restrained herself from walking around behind him to check out his butt.

While she’d been appraising him, his hot eyes had been doing the same to her. She saw his body react to that. Her eyes grew round as saucers as it got bigger and bigger, until it finally escaped the front of his boxers. Her breath caught in her chest, and she gulped. Her hand reached of it’s own volition towards his erection. His large hand caught her small one. "Not just yet, Luv." Said Ripper. He reached out a hand, and trailed his fingertips down her cheek, to her throat. He felt her pulse racing there and let a small triumphant grin cross his face. >From her throat, his fingers trailed down her collarbone to her breasts. He lightly caressed each breast, circling the nipple, his touch teasingly gentle.

Her breath was coming in fast little pants, as he continued to tease her. His fingers trailed further down her body, until they finally came to rest at the juncture of her thighs. He began to caress her through her panties. She felt her knees wobble and she fell back onto the sofa…

… and sat straight up in her own bed. "Aw, man. Not again." She said as she plumped her pillow and rolled over. Her last thought before she drifted back off to sleep was, <just once I’d like to finish that damn dream.>