At Long Last
By RenZach

TITLE- At Long Last
SPOILER WARNING- No later than Buffy's 18th birthday.
DISCLAIMER- Buffy and Giles are not mine though how I wish they were, there would be so much bg goodness then. :)
SUMMARY- After much waiting the time has finally come for Buffy and Giles to share their feelings.
FEEDBACK- I haven't written for a few months so if you ever thought I had a touch i'd love to know if you still think I have it.

The rain had been pouring down for hours now and Buffy was drenched. Time and care had been spent on her hair and make-up, she wanted to look perfect for him. Now she resembled a drowned rat rather than the supermodel she was aiming for. Her carefully chosen dress was like a second skin as the water held it slick to her body. Her knock was quiet, timid even. "C'mon Buffy, you're the slayer, you can take down towering demons with horns and fangs but share your heart with the man you've been in love with forever and you turn into a quivering mess."

Giles smiled, he loved to watch Buffy, it was his calling afterall. He'd been watching her through the window for a number of minutes now and was starting to wonder if she'd ever come inside. He watched as the water dripped from her soaked frame, she shivered ever so slightly. Concern for her overtook him as he threw open the door. Buffy beamed wondering how long he'd been there, 'knowing Giles, the whole time.' His arm swept around her waist ushering her inside. Now the time had come, nervousness consumed them. "W..w..would you like a cup of tea Buffy, something to warm you up?" She smiled gratefully. Her teeth chattered as she replied in the afirmative.

Giles left the room for a few moments then returned with a large comfy looking blanket. ", s..s..omething to restore warmth to your chilled bones." Her hand gently brushed his fingertips as she moved to take it. Both smiled nervously as neither made any attempt to part ways. Buffy, letting her slayer boldness step up to the plate turned her hand until it was safely cocooned in his larger palm. She looked up into those pools of green some might simply call eyes and was lost. His free hand stretched out to frame her cheek, his thumb stroking up and down in what Buffy considered an incredibly sexy motion. Their bodies gravitated towards one another till their faces were mere inches apart. Buffy's lips parted and Giles moved to close the final distance. Buffy suddenly pulled away, her turned face missing the look of hurt on Giles features. Understanding soon came however when the room reverberated with a rather large sneeze.

"Bless you love, I'll just get you that tea, perhaps that will help with these.... interruptions." He smiled tenderly at her as he headed toward the kitchen. Utterly embarrassed she plonked herself onto the couch and buried her head in shame. Warm hands began to massage her shoulders causing her to glance up and get an eyeful of the love of her life. Years ago, when they'd first met, love of her life was not how she would have dreamt of describing Giles. British definitely, sexy maybe but her love? Nah! Now she couldn't imagine life without him, he'd become her everything. She had confessed her feelings months ago now, nothing had been scarier than that. At first she was afraid he would shun her, tell her that she was simply a foolish young girl with a crush. He was silent for what had seemed like forever until those three little words had escaped his perfect lips, 'are you sure?' She'd spent an hour convincing him, not in the 'hands on' approach she would have preferred but finally he had let his guard fall and they'd shared one beautiful but chaste kiss.

Giles being the gentleman he was known to be had set ground rules instantly. Buffy was due to turn 18 in just a matter of months so they would remain platernal till then. He had said he wouldn't feel right being a couple until she was an adult, on paper anyway. Buffy had been an adult in every other sense for quite some time now, a side effect of being the slayer. If she still felt the same at that point then they would allow their feelings to develop into something greater. Well that point had arrived, she was 18 today and there was nothing more that she wanted than to share every thought and feeling with her Giles.

She moaned at the wonderful sensation of his ministrations on her shoulders, he smiled knowing he'd caused that reaction in her. When she'd come to him months earlier to confess her devotion he'd thought it all a dream at first. He kept waiting to wake up, knowing that this could never be reality. He'd fallen in love with her little by little, allowing himself the occassional daydream here, fantasy there, until one day he was head over heels with no idea how he'd gotten there. It wasn't right that he'd had these feelings for his slayer, although he recalled reading many a watchers journal citing the same dilemma. It was natural one would suppose that a man in his position, spending days and nights in the presence of such a beautiful young woman, training, fighting by her side, guiding her in every way, would be closer to her than any other man could be. He'd never allowed himself to believe she'd feel the same.

When he'd heard the words 'I love you' trickle from her lips, his heart had stopped beating, he knew not how long but bit by bit it began to beat once more until the rhythm in his ears was all he could hear. She'd spent an hour convincing him that it wasn't a joke or a dream. He recalled gathering her up in his arms and just holding her for the longest time, allowing himself to finally open up to her, to lose himself in her scent, her feel. They'd shared just one kiss since that time and although it was simply a peck, it was more wonderful than anything he'd ever experienced. Tonight she was a woman, as a slayer it was rare that a girl reached the age of eighteen, Giles had pledged he'd help her reach far beyond that.

His poor beautiful Buffy, he could tell she'd made an effort for this evening, the rain however had other plans and now she sat on his couch, drenched and freezing. "Sweetheart why don't you go upstairs and change, I'm sure there are a few of what you mockingly call your 'workout clothes' in my closet."
"But Giles I spent hours picking out this dress, I wanted to look perfect for you, for this night."
"Oh my dear sweet Buffy, don't you know by now that you'd look perfect to me covered in dirt? You're the woman I have dreamed of all my life, I've spent so very long waiting for you that this night would be magical no matter what you were wearing."
"Oh Giles, you always know just what to say, and with that accent mmmmmm you could recite the phone book to me and I'd still get butterflies." She leaned up and kissed his cheek then swept her way up the stairs to get out of her now ice cold dress.

When she had changed and tidied herself up a little she moved to the top of the stairs anxious but excited of where things would lead. Giles was sitting on the couch seemingly lost in his thoughts, but he sensed Buffy, he always could. He turned to watch her decend "Beautiful as always." She blushed at the compliment. He patted the cushion beside him and ushered her to sit. His arm was held wide and she snuggled into him, in this as in everything else they fit perfectly. She sighed and felt him smile. "Giles you know I love you right?"
"Yes my darling I do but I'll never tire of hearing you say it. And you know that I am madly, and desperatly in love with you also don't you?"
"Yeah but it still gives me a happy to hear it."

He caressed her face in his hands and drew it nearer to his own. She stared one last time into his green depths before closing her eyes, anticipation taking control. Sparks flew the moment his lips touched her own, if Faith thought that slaying made you hungry and horny she should try kissing Giles, on second thoughts she better not, Giles was hers now and forever. Her lips parted slightly, she felt more than heard the groan that escaped from Giles. His tongue gently slid into her mouth and began molding with hers. Buffy saw stars and rockets and all the things Hollywood tells you you're supposed to feel. This one kiss was greater than any feeling she'd ever had and she knew in that instant that she would be his always.