Any-Were But Here
By Holly

DISCLAIMER: All of the characters of the Buffyverse belong to Joss Whedon (all Hail), wb and ME (Didn't fool ya' for a second did I?)
RATING: NC-17 Buffy/Giles Adult Situations, language, Sex. Willow/Riley overtones.
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SUMMARY: In response to a challenge a looooong time ago about Giles becoming a were-Tiger. I apologize that I can't remember where the challenge came from, although I think it was Trich
DEDICATION: To Gibberish for thinking of the title and for Sha forthe mutual challenge.
SPOILERS: Up through a New Man, except Giles works at the Sunnydale museum.
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"You couldn't have tried very hard if he said no," said Ethan Rayne to the beautiful blond.

"Listen, Rayne, I did everything short of offering to go down on him in the parking lot. The man's *not* interested. Are you *sure* he likes women?"

"Quite sure," he replied shortly. He looked the woman over, thoroughly. Blond, petite, and willing. Ripper should have been on her without any coaxing. "I don't understand." He finally said. "I know it's been a while for him. And that he and Olivia have had a parting of ways."

"Well, at his age it's not surprising. *You* know what I mean."

"You, pet, should not underestimate Ripper. Or me, for that matter. What you should be doing, is thinking of another way to get close to him. Because if you don't get close, you can't affect him. Then, my dear, all deals are null and void."

"I'll find a way."

"I have no doubt that you will. I know how resourceful you can be."

**Sunnydale Museum**

Buffy and her Slayerettes were walking towards Giles' office chatting and laughing. They stopped in the doorway, stunned. Inside Giles' office, he stood staring down at a small blond. She had her hand resting on his forearm and was staring up at him as if fascinated. His expression was one of equal parts bemusement and discomfort.

Xander looked at the woman, then at Buffy. He started to say something, then thought better of it.

Buffy cleared her throat, loudly. They both looked, Giles looking guilty, and the woman looking irritated. But she quickly schooled her face into something polite. Giles stuttered through the introductions.

"Chloe Farris, these are, er, um, m-my, students. They help out. Buffy, Willow, Tara, Anya, and Xander." He indicated each in turn. He got himself under control. And continued. "Ms. Farris had a couple of artifacts that the Museum is considering acquiring." As he explained the situation, he found himself looking at Buffy. Her eyes were narrow, as was the line of her lips. But she greeted Ms. Farris cordially enough.

After a few minutes, when it became clear to Ms. Farris that the kids were not going to leave, she herself, took her leave.

After she left, the casual banter stopped and everyone looked at Giles expectantly.

"W-what?" He finally asked.

"Who was she?" Buffy demanded.

Giles looked puzzled. "I told you, she has a couple of.."

"No." Buffy cut him off. "I mean, really. Who or what is she *really*?"

"As far as I know, she's /*really* Chloe Farris, owner of a couple of moderately interesting artifacts. Why? Is your, er 'spidey-sense' alerting you?"

The others grinned at Giles' use of a pop culture reference, but Buffy was frowning. She was hesitant to say yes, because she wasn't sure that was true, so she hedged. "I think so, I mean what else could it be?" At her words, Willow and Xander exchanged a look. Buffy frowned at them. "What?" She asked.

"Nothing," they chorused.

Buffy's frown turned into a scowl, but she let it drop. "So, Giles, you don't think that there was anything weird about her?"

"You mean besides the fact that an attractive young woman was interested in your old Watcher?" He asked her bitterly.

Her eyes widened in shock. "I never said that!"

"But isn't that what you meant? She must be up to something if she's flirting with me?" His eyes flashed.

"She *was* flirting. I knew it!" Buffy said triumphantly. Everyone looked at her strangely. "What?" She asked again. But they just shook their heads at her. Buffy made an effort to gentle her voice. Giles seemed testy, and she didn't want to aggravate him further. "Giles, I didn't mean that a pretty woman wouldn't flirt with you. I'm sure that they have and do. But that one in particular set off my Slayer alarms. Sort of."

He searched her face, then took a deep breath. "I'm sorry. I-I just.." He stopped with a sigh. "I rather think that she was trying to influence me to take the artifacts." It was obviously difficult for him to admit, so it gave Buffy a warm glow that he had.

She bit her lip. "Would that set off my 'alarm'?" She asked tentatively.

"Probably not. It's possible that you just didn't like her," Giles said calmly.

"Yeah, I guess," she replied dubiously, but trying to show him the same respect that he had shown her. "Are you going to take the artifacts?"

"I *was*. But if she's setting you off, perhaps there's more to it." Buffy felt another happy glow, this time because Giles wasn't dismissing her concerns as he had before. She smiled brightly at him. He blinked under the force of it.

Over the next several days, Giles reported to Buffy that Ms. Farris had contacted him, and he had told her that he wasn't interested in the artifacts. He also reported that the near-desperation in her voice as she had asked him to meet her to discuss it had forced him to agree, out of curiosity more than anything else. Buffy's response to this was typical. "Giles, you do remember the old saying, 'Curiosity killed the cat', right?" He weighed the warning against his need to solve the small mystery, and to no one's surprise, met with her. He came away with his curiosity unsatisfied.

Perhaps that was why he seemed so irritated after that day, and his temper seemed very easily engaged. It was better for a few days, when Olivia made a surprise visit, to give it one more go on the Hellmouth.

On the second day after Olivia's visit, Spike showed up at Buffy's dorm room. He said that Giles had gotten angry, *growled* (so Spike insisted) and thrown Spike out the door. It was midday, and he only barely made it to cover. There he had waited until sunset, and come in search of the Slayer to tell her what had happened.

"What the hell did you say to piss him off, Spike?" Buffy demanded.

"Me?" He said indignantly.

"You," she repeated.

"Well," Spike began in his most innocent voice. "We may have been talking about the row he had with that bird of his." At Buffy's blank look, "Olivia, I think. Anyway big fight."

"What did they fight about?" Buffy asked, distracted by this.

"Lot's of stuff. You mostly."


"Yeah. And the others. But, mostly you. About how he drops everything when you so much as break a nail. And nasty things about how he isn't your Da', not that he thinks he is, but, well.." At Buffy's angry look, he continued. "'S'not the first time, Slayer. First time he answered her back in kind, though. She left. Don't think she'll be back this time."

"Poor Giles."

"'Poor Giles'?! You shoulda' heard 'im, Slayer."

"He's been very. irritable lately."

"I noticed."

"I-I guess I should go see if he's okay." She seemed unusually timid.

"You scared of him?" Spike asked, incredulous. "I know he's stronger than he looks, not to mention meaner, but.."

"Not *scared* scared." She interrupted. "It's just that, I've never seen him on such a short fuse. I'm kind of scared of what he might say, and hopefully regret. 'Cause, he'd never intentionally hurt me. Not even with words." She said, thinking back on the times that she had expected harsh words and received only care and understanding. She /would/ be understanding for him. Even if it killed her.

A little while later, Buffy let herself into Giles', hoping like hell that Spike was right, and Olivia was gone. <I *so* don't want to see her in *my* Watcher's shirt again. Euww, or less> Buffy stopped that train of thought in it's tracks. <Don't go there, Buff. Badness.>   

"Giles?" She called hesitantly.

"Just a minute." He responded from upstairs. After a few minutes, he came down the stairs, dressed in jeans and a sweater. "Hello, Buffy. To what demon do I owe the pleasure of your company." His expression was startled. "I'm sorry, Buffy, I-I, that was unpardonably rude." Buffy's eyes were huge. "Buffy, I am sorry." His voice was gentle.

"Do you really think that I only come over here for.?" She trailed off, answered by the look on his face. "You *do*. You think I only.." Her indignation deflated as she realized that it was true.  Her eyes grew sad.

"Buffy, it's all right. It's my own bloody fault, *I* told you to be more self-sufficient. And so you've done. Now I must accept the consequences." He frowned a bit. "I just hadn't realized that *that* was all there was."

Buffy felt like she had been blind. "Giles?" She laid her hand on his knee. "We *are* friends. I just thought that I was a bother."

"A bother? Buffy, you're my Slayer. The reason that I am here."

Buffy frowned. "Do you mean in Sunnydale, or at all?"

He opened his mouth to reply, then closed it abruptly. "I'm quite certain that you didn't come here to listen to me whine about poor lonely me. Do you need something? Or .." He trailed off, not having any idea why else she would be there.

"Actually, I came to check on you. Spike said that you and Olivia had an argument, and that she had left. For good probably. Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, Buffy. Thank you for your concern."

"Hey, that's me. Concern for my Watcher girl." She studied his face. "It's kind of funny when you think about it, isn't it?" His expression was puzzled. "Well, you sort of pushed me away so that you have, um, a 'relationship', and now she's gone."

His expression darkened. "Is that what you think? That I'd leave you to your own devices so that I could shag?" She scooted a little away from the anger on his face. "Bloody fine opinion that you have of me. I try to give you a bit of freedom, step back a bit so that you can fulfill your much stated claim to be in control of your own life, be an adult and what happens?" He got in her face. She shrank away from him, her eyes wide. She tried to hold on to her plan of not firing back at him, but it was getting more difficult. If he said what she thought he was going to, she wasn't sure she stop herself from hitting him. Giles saw her expression and backed down. He ran his hand through his hair. "I'm sorry, Buffy. I gave up the right to complain about this situation. You should go now. I'm a bit out of sorts."

"Giles, *I'm* sorry. I didn't know *what* to think. And you didn't give up rights. You came after me. You said that you were wrong and sorry about what had happened. And I still, well, I made you suffer because you hurt my feelings."

He reached out a hand as if he were going to touch her. "That was never my intention, Buffy. You're the last person I would ever want to hurt, in any way. I am so very sorry."

She met his indecisively hovering hand with her own, entwining their fingers. "I should have realized that, Giles. As far as *I'm* concerned we're okay. I forgive, if you forgive, and we both forget. Deal?"

"Deal." He said with a soft smile. He absently rubbed his thumb along her index finger. "I'm rather glad we had this talk."

"Me, too."

"H-How much freedom do you want?" He asked hesitantly.

"Maybe a little less than the way it is now?"

"Such as, perhaps reporting for training twice a week?" At her nod, he continued tentatively. "And, if it's not too much trouble, do stop by, or call after patrol. I really do sleep better for knowing that you're quite safe."

"Done, and done." And she moved her hand in his until it was a handshake.

He smiled and brought her hand to his lips for a gentle kiss. "Excellent." Buffy felt an inexplicable shiver work it's way up her spine. But she smiled, glad that things were working back towards normal.

She looked at Giles' watch. "Sorry to run out on you, but I promised.."

His smile didn't fade a bit. "It's all right. Do go and enjoy being young. It's what I want for you."

Her smiled was soft. "I know." She kissed his cheek and headed for the door. "See ya' tomorrow for training."

"I'll be here."


"Good-night, Buffy."

* * * *

It was a few nights after Buffy's conversation with Giles that she was sleeping in the dorm room that she shared with Willow. Her sleep had been more restful, and refreshing. Things with Giles had been going great. She was shocked that she had actually missed training with Giles. The jogging must have helped him, because he seemed to be able to keep up with her better. She hadn't realized that structure, and having someone to share the burden with had been so important. Until it was gone. Now it was back, and she silently welcomed it.

But, tonight, her Slayer senses screamed at her until she sat straight up in her bed, looking frantically around the room. Seeing nothing, she moved to the door, and slowly opened it. What she saw there made her gasp and slam the door shut.

"What is it, Buffy?" Willow asked sleepily from behind her. "Demon?"

"No. Tiger."

"Huh?" Willow joined her at the door and Buffy cracked it so that Willow could peek out.

In the hall outside their door was the largest tiger either of them had ever seen, even on TV. And it was looking right at their door.

"Eep," was all Willow could manage to say. Then she took a few deep breaths. "We should call the zoo."

Buffy stood indecisively. "My instincts, plus the fact that we live on a Hellmouth tell me that something is off. Call the guys. We'll try to capture it." Just then it turned and moved quickly down the hall.

Buffy sprinted after it. It was about fifteen minutes later when she caught up with it in the dorm's community room.

She watched it warily for several minutes as it paced back and forth. That's the way they were when the others found them.

They lined up behind Buffy. "What's the plan, Buff?" Xander asked with a yawn.

"Plan? Yeah, plan, um, catch it?" They all looked at her. "Okay, so we need a.." She broke off as the tiger came towards them. Buffy's eyes grew huge and she held perfectly still as the tiger rested it's large paws on her shoulders. It looked her right in the eyes. As had become her habit since Ethan had turned Giles into a demon, she looked her adversary in the eyes.

Buffy's peripheral vision registered Riley coming into the room and raising a tazer to zap the tiger. "No," she shouted. "It's Giles."

"What?" Riley asked as he came closer. The tiger turned to face him and growled. Riley stopped, looking confused. "Buffy, what makes you think.?"

He broke off as the tiger swiped Buffy's face with his tongue. Buffy raised her hand slowly and rested it lightly on the tiger's head. His green eyes held hers as she trailed her fingers to his ear and scritched as you would a cat. She froze as he made a sound, then relaxed as she realized that it was a purr. She couldn't help but giggle.

Then Riley started toward her again and the tiger growled, deeper than before, more menacing. Some of the other guys from the Initiative came and stood by Riley. The tiger moved to all fours facing them, between their position and Buffy's. Then he threw back his head and roared.

"Get back, Riley," Buffy ordered. "All of you, just get back."

Riley and the others took several steps backwards. Whereas, Willow, Xander and Anya each took a tentative step towards Buffy. The tiger's head swung sharply towards them. Then he sniffed the air. He walked a slow circle around the three of them, who drew closer together. The tiger circled them twice, then sat on his haunches and looked at Riley and his guys. The tiger gave a low warning growl.

Willow moved her had slowly towards the tiger. He looked at her, then licked her hand. "That should be gross," she said quietly. "But I think it's sweet."

"Sweet?" Riley demanded loudly. Then lowered his voice at the tiger's growl. "He's tasting you to see if you'll do for lunch."

"Don't be silly, Riley," Willow returned. "It's *so* obvious that he knows who we are. Kinda' weird, though," she finished thoughtfully.

"He thinks you're his cubs," said Anya as she stepped out from behind Xander.

The tiger looked at her unblinking, then padded to her and nudged her hip, herding her back to Xander and Willow.

"Actually, Anya, I think you're a cub, too," Willow said with a bright smile.

Riley had used the tiger's distraction to move closer to Buffy. Now he stopped short at the low growl from the tiger. The tiger moved quickly to Buffy's side. He stood with his long body circled behind her, facing Riley.

Buffy put her hand on the tiger's head. "It's okay, Riley. We'll figure this out. You guys are just upsetting him."

"Buffy, it's dangerous."

"Nah. Giles would never hurt us. And like Will said, it's obvious that he knows us."


"No, Riley. You should go before he eats one of you." She quirked a smile. "That would really upset him when he's back to normal."

Riley grinned at her attempt at humor. "If you're sure?" He tried again.

"Riley, it's Giles."

"I'll check on you guys later," Riley agreed reluctantly.

"Mmmhmm," Buffy replied absently, stroking the tiger's head. For his part, the tiger had his eyes half-closed, although, he watched Riley and his guys warily as they left.

Once they were gone, Buffy led the others back up to the dorm room. She sat on her bed, and Willow, Anya, and Xander sat on Willow's bed. The tiger jumped up on Buffy's bed next to her and rested his head in her lap.

Buffy smiled and once more stroked his head, scratching behind his ears. He purred.

The Scooby-Gang talked quietly; about how this had happened, how long it might last and most importantly, how to undo it.

Willow started with, "Since tonight's the night before a full moon, I'm thinking that he might be a were-tiger."

"That's a good point, Will," Buffy agreed. "And if someone, namely Ethan," the tiger growled at the name. "If Ethan did this, he can undo it. Right after I bust some of his bones."

"But didn't the Initiative take Ethan?" Xander asked.

"Yeah, but he's wily, and really good at getting free. Weasel."

"True," Willow agreed. "And the first thing he'd do would be to hurt and/or humiliate Giles in some way. Again."

"Yes," Buffy said as she continued to pet the tiger. "As far as the Were thing goes, Oz wasn't so, well, aware. He kinda' recognized you, Will, but Giles seems to be pretty placid and sorta' able to communicate."

"As long as Riley and his guys aren't around," Xander observed. The other's nodded their agreement. "So what do we do?" He finally asked.

"Mostly, we keep him from hurting anyone, then when he's Giles again, we'll research," Buffy responded, now using both hands to scratch his ears. The purring increased in volume and timbre, causing her lap to vibrate oddly. Buffy tried to ignore the sensation. <I'm sick, getting turned on by a.. > Her trail of thoughts stopped when she realized that she couldn't actually define the creature currently sprawled on her bed, even when he *wasn't* a tiger.

Suddenly he moved, burying his nose in her crotch, obviously aware of her body's response to the vibration. She whacked him on the head. "No, Giles. Bad." His green eyes stared at her, and her breath caught at what she thought she saw there. <Oh my God>

"He thinks you're his mate," said Anya bluntly.

Buffy's eyes widened in shock. "You're crazy," she said emphatically, more in denial of what she had been thinking than Anya's casually spoken words. "I'm a cub, too." She frowned. "That's not what.."

"No. She's right, Buffy," Willow said, her tone thoughtful. "A tiger wouldn't do *that*," here she gestured at the tiger. "Not with a cub. I don't think so, anyway." She frowned.

"Euw," said Xander.

"Shut up, Xander," said Buffy, distracted by the thoughts running amok in her mind.

As the night moved towards morning, Riley came to check on things. Anya and Xander were sleeping, cuddled up on Willow's bed, and Buffy, Willow and the tiger were sprawled on Buffy's bed.

The tiger raised his head at the knock on the door and growled, low. Willow quickly hopped off of the bed and edged out the door.

"Riley, hi," she paused. "He just gets upset when you're around," Willow told him breathlessly. "You should go." Her green eyes widened.

"Wait, I don't mean that you aren't welcome, 'cause, of course you know.but Giles, Tiger-Giles, not Giles-Giles, will growl, and possibly.. I've never heard Giles-Giles growl, I wonder if, not *really* wonder, just, you know, idly wonder.."

"Willow," Riley interrupted her with a grin. "I'll go now. I wouldn't want to upset Giles. Tiger-Giles, not Giles-Giles," he said with a teasing grin.

She gave him a playful slap on the arm. "Hey. Don't make fun of my babble. It's an art form."

"One *you've* perfected."

Her face lit with a smile. "You really think so?"

"Definitely," he assured her. "Even Buffy-babble isn't.." He trailed off awkwardly.

Willow looked at his feet. "I-I'd better get back."

"Yeah. Tell, tell Buffy I'll see her tomorrow."

"Today, actually."

"Yeah, well, today then. Bye, Willow."

"Bye, Riley."

Willow slowly walked back into the dorm room.

"Thanks, Will," Buffy said quietly from her spot on the bed. The tiger's head was resting on her stomach.

Willow couldn't shake the feeling that she had somehow done something naughty. "It's okay, Buffy. It's not like Tiger-Giles was going to let you out of his, um, sight. Riley said that he'll see you later today." Willow reached to pet him and he blinked lazily, then purred as she lighted scratched behind his ears.

Buffy stared thoughtfully at the tiger. After a quick glance to be sure that Xander and Anya were still sleeping soundly, she addressed her friend. "Willow?"


Buffy bit her lip. "Do *you* think that he thinks that I'm his mate?"

Willow's eyes widened. "I-I don't know. It's possible. I never did believe that stuff about a father's love. A father couldn't do what Giles has done." She met Buffy's eyes. "And I don't think most fathers would have stayed with all that's happened." Her eyes were not accusing, just honest.

"His place in my life is so complicated. 'He's Giles' is really the only way to describe it."

"Your Giles."


"He's 'your Giles'. Not that he doesn't love all of us, 'cause he does. But *you* are the reason he's here."

Buffy frowned. "That's what he said," she said as she absently ran her fingertips over the tiger's head. He started purring again and she smiled. He licked her face and settled back down on his right side.

The sun was just creeping over the horizon when Willow spoke again. "I sure hope he changes back at dawn."

"Me, too."

The thought hit them both at the same moment. Just as the sun burst into the room, right in Anya's face, causing her to wake. Buffy and Willow shared a wide-eyed look and said, "Uh-oh."

* * * *

Buffy, Willow and Anya stared open-mouth at the suddenly human, extremely naked Giles lying on his right side on Buffy's bed. Willow and Buffy pretended not to look, in direct contrast to Anya's frank curiosity.

"Wow, that's impressive," Anya said conversationally. Willow and Buffy gave up all pretense of disinterest and gaped.

Buffy's eyes roamed his hair-covered chest, down to his groin, over his long, well-formed legs then back to is groin. She swallowed convulsively, her mouth suddenly dry.

Willow, meanwhile, had moved to the other side of the bed, where she could see his backside. "Buffy," she whispered. "Come here and look." She gestured wildly.

Buffy hesitated. Staring at what was presented for view was quite a bit different than actively seeking a view. She finally gave in to her desire to look and moved to stand beside Willow.

Willow spoke again. "I knew it would be nice," she gestured at his butt. "I had *no* idea." Her voice was filled with awe.

Buffy could only nod in agreement, and Anya, who had joined them said, "He wears too many clothes."

Willow and Buffy agreed whole-heartedly. The three girls went to sit on
Willow's bed and just stared.

"We should wake him," Willow offered half-heartedly.

"We should," Buffy and Anya chorused, not moving to do so.

After a few more minutes of staring, Buffy went on. "We should at least cover him." There was no conviction in her voice.

"Are you crazy?" Anya demanded.

"Sometimes I wonder," Buffy replied quietly.

"Well, if you cover him, you can stop wondering."

They settled back down to watching. Suddenly Willow giggled. When they looked at her, she replied with a gesture at Giles, "We're watching the Watcher." She grinned impishly.

Giles stirred and they all held their breath as he rolled onto his back. They stared, transfixed, at his slowly hardening penis. Anya whimpered, Buffy's breath was coming in short gasps and Willow had stopped breathing all together.

Suddenly Xander sat up behind the girls. "Hey, what're we looking a- oh my God, Giles, you're naked! Why is Giles- and oh my *God* that's hu.." He stopped as all three girls glared at him.

Giles stirred again, his arm reaching for someone.

Giles slowly became aware that he was not in his bed. He inhaled, recognizing Buffy's scent. Suddenly he was completely awake; eyes wide open, staring in confusion around him. He saw the kids sitting on the other bed, gaping at him.

Xander spoke conversationally. "Hi, Giles. Did you know you're naked?"

As Giles looked down at his exposed body, the girls all whacked Xander. Giles scrambled for the covers with a hoarse "Jesus!"

Giles sat on Buffy's bed, with her covers pulled haphazardly over his groin and a blush spreading from his chest, up his neck and over his face.

Buffy decided to break the awkward silence. "Uh, Giles, how much do you remember about last night?"

He looked perplexed. "I wasn't drinking, if that's.."

"No," Buffy said. "I know you weren't."

"I-I don't really remember anything. Dreams, mostly. Vivid dreams." His eyes widened as all the pieces fell into place. "W-was I a werewolf?" He asked looking a little scared.

"Tiger," said Buffy, matter-of-factly.

His eyebrows shot up. "I beg your pardon?"

"You were a tiger, not a wolf. A tiger."

"I-I see. Did I, er, harm anyone?" He tried to be very casual about being naked in Buffy's bed, discussing being a were-tiger. The whole situation had the same surreal quality as his rather vague memories of the night before. He had an insane urge to giggle.

"Well, not while you were with us, which was from about midnight on," Buffy admitted.

"Unless you count growling at the Initiative guys. Oh and a roar," Xander added.

Willow decided to stir Giles up a little. "You spent most of the night with your head on Buffy's lap, purring."

"Purring?" Giles exclaimed, his tone incredulous.

Anya saw what Willow was up to, and decided to add fuel to the fire. "Definitely purring. Except when you stuck your nose in her.."

"Anya!" Xander interrupted, shocked.


"Just stop right there. Scary visual place."


"B-Buffy," Giles began. "I-I'm not quite certain *what* I did, nor, frankly, do I wish to be, but I feel certain that I owe you an apology."

"It's okay, Giles. Animal instinct. I understand." But she didn't meet his eyes, afraid of what he might read there.


"No, Giles, really, let it drop." Her eyes did meet his, and he acquiesced with a nervous smile.  Her smile was just embarrassed.

Giles, being torn between the strong desire for clothes, and an equally strong desire *not* to know if Riley had left clothes there, finally asked, "I suppose that's it's too much to hope that you'd have anything that I could wear?"

All of the girl's eyes immediately focused on his groin. Then Willow and Anya turned to Buffy. Anya's earlier words rang in Buffy's head, "Well if you cover him, you can stop wondering."

"No," Buffy said. "I don't have anything that would fit you," she finished in complete denial of Riley's sweatpants currently living in her second drawer.

Willow's voice was perky. "Xander could go to your place and get you something. Right, Xander?" She turned wide hopeful eyes to Xander.

He sighed. "Right. Come on Anya."

"But I want to stay."

"What?!" Xander and Giles asked in unison. Xander's brown puppy-dog eyes were hurt.

Anya gave up. "Never mind." She sighed. As she moved to join Xander at the door, Willow and Buffy each grabbed an arm.

"Jeans, bring jeans. Tight ones," Willow hissed.

"If you happen to forget a shirt, we wouldn't hate that," Buffy added quietly.

Anya grinned and left with Xander.

Willow and Buffy returned to sit on Willow's bed, making Giles even more uncomfortable than he already was. Before anyone could say anything, there was a knock at the door.

"Buffy?" It was Riley, calling quietly from the hall. Willow and Buffy shot panicked looks at each other, Giles, then the door. Before Buffy could rise, Willow hopped up.

She cracked the door and slid into the hall. "Hi, Riley," she said with nervous cheer.

"Morning, Willow. Where's Buffy?"

"Still sleeping. She was up pretty much all night. Do you want me to wake her?"

"No, no, of course not. I was just going to take her out for coffee or something."

"Sounds nice," Willow said wistfully.

"Want to.?" He broke off, uncertain if it was a good idea or not, to take Willow out for coffee.

"I-I'd like that." She replied breathlessly. "Just let me see if Buffy woke up, and if not I'll leave her a note." She looked uncertain. "Okay?"

He nodded in reply.

Willow slipped back into the dorm room, and leaned over Buffy to whisper in her ear. She told her what had transpired in the hall, and asked her what she wanted to do. Buffy looked at Giles, trying to act unconcerned, licked her lips and pulled Willow down to whisper her reply. Willow's face lit with an elfin grin, and, eyes twinkling, she left.

Buffy and Giles watched her leave, then stared awkwardly at each other. Giles was all too aware of the danger of his current situation. Naked, on Buffy's bed, with her less than five feet away from him. He closed his eyes in silent prayer that he wouldn't betray himself any more than he already had. He felt the bed move under additional weight.

"What's wrong, Giles?" She blushed at the stupidity of the question. "I mean besides the obvious. Does your head hurt?" He flinched as she reached to touch his forehead. She pulled away. "I-I'm sorry."

He grabbed her hand, "No, Buffy, it's not.. *You* didn't do anything wrong. I just feel rather out of sorts. I'll be fine once we determine what has occurred."

"See, I knew that was the plan. Keep you out of trouble until morning, when you *should* turn back, then we research." Her tone was teasingly proud.

His smile was tender. "Buffy, I.." He broke off as his situation once more hit him full force. He blushed and gently disengaged his hand from hers.

She looked down so that he wouldn't see her smile. "Do you wanna' listen to a little music?" He rolled his eyes. "Come on, Giles. Don't you trust your Slayer?"

"With my life. Not my eardrums."

She pouted at him, which they both knew that he had no defense against. He sighed and nodded. She squealed in triumph, kissed his cheek, and hopped up.

She turned on the CD player and Giles recognized the opening bit of Eric Clapton's "Layla". He grinned. "I concede the point."

"Does that mean I win?"

"Don't you always?"

"Yay, me." She sat back on Willow's bed. Then she got a puzzled frown. "Giles? Not to get personal, but, um, has anyone bitten you lately?"

"Not recently, no," he said dryly.

"I-Is that the only way to.? 'Cause we were thinking that Ethan had managed to weasel free, and had somehow done this."

"It's very possible. You know how very clever he can be."

"For a weasel."

"Yes," Giles agreed with a grin. Then his smile faded and he got a peculiar expression.

"What's wrong, Giles?"

"I need to, er,.."

She frowned, puzzled, then she realized. "Oh! It's across the.." She stopped and looked at the blanket that he had covering him.  

He carefully inched his way to the edge of the bed, rearranged the blanket around his waist, and stood.

"What are you doing?" She demanded. "You can't go out like that." She didn't notice his expression darken; he thought that this was a variation of the "you're very, very old, and it's gross" conversation. Then she went on, and he was stunned speechless. "Don't you care about my reputation? There is no way anyone could see you, looking like *that*, and not think we had sex. And everyone knows that Riley is. and you just can't"

He blinked at her, utterly unable to form a coherent thought, his brain caught on her words, "we had sex". He sat back on the bed with a thump. Finally he got his brain working above the waist and asked gently, " What would you suggest, then?"

"Can't you wait?" She all but whined.

"Bloody hell, Buffy, I'm trying. Do you think that walking out of here wearing this blanket is something that I *want* to do?" He asked, in defiance of his very primal urge to do just that, and mark her somehow as his.

"No," she said, her voice sulky.

"All right, then, I-I'll try to wait."

She looked over at him and smiled. "Nah, that's not fair. If you have to, you have to. Just let me scout it out," she said as she stood.

He lightly clasped her hand. "Why don't we give Xander and Anya a few more minutes, hmm?"

"If you're sure?" He nodded and she sat down next to him. "Okay." She was just close enough to feel the warmth coming from his body.

They sat in an uncomfortable silence for several minutes, until the door suddenly opened and Anya and Xander walked in carrying a small bag.

"Hey Giles, we're back."

Anya had gone directly to Buffy, and whispered "Boxers," in her ear. They shared a grin.

Giles opened the bag, shook out his clothes, then looked at Buffy and Anya. He continued to stare at them until Buffy said, "Oh, right, of course." And she tugged on Anya, leading her out the door.

They stood quietly in the hall, waiting for the all-clear from Xander.

Inside the room, Giles had turned away from Xander and dropped the blanket. He pulled on the black silk boxers that Anya had thoughtfully packed for him.


"Yes, Xander?"

"I just want you to know something. The girls, and I mean *all* the girls, were ogling you, when I woke up. They got mad when I woke you up, and madder when I told you that you were naked."

Giles turned to face him. "What are you trying to tell me, Xander?" Asked a very confused Giles.

"I'm not sure, but it seems kinda' important. Or maybe significant would be the word. And, another thing, they weren't looking so that they could mock you, G-man."

"Don't call me that." Giles sighed. "Then why.?"

"You're gonna' have to work that one out on your own."

* * * *

After Giles had finished putting on his tight jeans <where *did* Xander find these? > He asked himself, and blue button-down shirt, he went across the hall. When he returned, the girls were sitting on Buffy's bed, talking quietly. Giles gave them each a long thoughtful look; Anya just stared back, but Buffy blushed.

This confused him even more than he already was. He knew, from experience, that he was never going to understand the female mind, especially the teen-aged version thereof. But thought that he had a working understanding of Buffy. At least enough to know what kind of man could cause her to blush. Angel had that power, as did Riley to a lesser degree, She'd never given any indication that she'd even realized that he was a man, with all that *that* entailed. He shook his head to clear it. It didn't make sense, and he refused to give himself a headache trying to sort it out.

They agreed to stop and get doughnuts (jelly, of course) and go back to Giles' for research. Giles stopped Buffy's move towards the door with a hand on her shoulder. "Buffy, what time is your first class?"

She bit her lip. "Ten, but this is more important."

"Buffy, you fought too long and hard to be able to attend college. Go to your classes, and join us after. All right?"

She pouted, "But, I want to help."

"I know that, and appreciate it. But, either we'll find it, or there will still be research after your classes."

"Okay," she gave in. "My last class is at two, so I'll be over around three. Bye, guys." She looked forlorn.

"Buffy, you can still come over until it's time. I wouldn't want you to miss out on the doughnuts." He grinned at her.

"Hey. I happen to like jelly doughnuts. Is that a crime?"

"Only if you intend to take the very last one. Again."

"You make it sound like I do it every time." He raised his eyebrows at her. "Not every time. Once, I did it once." He continued to look at her. "Okay, twice, but that's my final offer."

He smiled. "I'll take it."

A little while later, they were seated in Giles' living room, going through as many relevant books as they could find. A little after nine Buffy spoke. "Well, I need to head back, grab a shower and get to class. Please note the existence of one jelly doughnut." She made a face at Giles, who merely grinned at her. "I'll see you guys later." And she bounced out of Giles' place.

When she returned around three, Willow was there, along with her friend Tara, poring over some of Giles' books.

"Hi, guys. Find anything?" Buffy asked.

"Sort of. We found two spells that could have done it. But for one he would need to have been wearing a charm, which," she blushed, "we know he wasn't. For the other, the spell-caster would have needed something of Giles' to bespell him."

"Does it have to be something personal?" Buffy asked.

"Very good, Buffy," said Giles, with a smile. "Yes, it would need to be personal. The more personal the item, the stronger the spell."

"Two of my best friends are into magic, and you're surprised that I've picked up a few things?" Her words belied the proud glow his praise had given her.

He blinked as the meaning of her words seeped into his brain. "Nothing is missing that I've been able to determine."

"Then the spell either isn't very strong, or it's the other kind?" Buffy asked. "Except, like Willow said, you weren't wearing *anything*, let alone a charm." Her eyes raked his body absently as she spoke.

His color was high as he tried to formulate a reply. Before he could manage one, there was a knock at the door. Giles went to answer it He fought down a growl when he saw that it was Riley.

"Hello, Mr. Giles. Good to see you human."

"Hello, Riley. Good to be human."

"Willow mentioned research, and I thought I'd see if you need any help?"

"Help is always appreciated," said Giles as he ushered Riley into the living room.

"Hi Riley," said Willow cheerfully.

"Hi, Riley," said Buffy, absently.

Riley sat beside her. "Hi everyone. Hi Buffy." He squeezed her hand, and she smiled at him. "What can I do to help?" He asked.

Xander handed him a book, and Riley settled into research. They finally decided that it had to be the spell where the caster had a personal item.

Buffy spoke up. "Giles, since you remember, kinda', what happened, and you seemed aware, can we assume that the spell wasn't very strong?"

"Yes, Buffy, you are quite correct."

"Are you feeling all right? That's like two compliments in one day. I don't know if I can stand the shock."

"Ha, bloody, ha. You'll receive no more, then."

She pouted at him.

"You're not getting to me." He said, fooling absolutely no one, least of all himself. "Really, you're not, so you should stop. At once."

Her pout turned to an impish grin. "Yay me."

Willow and Anya grinned at this exchange, Xander looked at Giles as if to say "See?" And Riley looked confused.

"Back to the subject," said Giles. "It has to have been something still warm from its contact with me. And to break the spell, it will need to be destroyed. Preferably by flame."

"And it wouldn't have to have been this week, right? Anytime since the last full moon?" Asked Xander.

"Very good, Xander," said Giles with a smile. Xander all but swelled with pride. "I hadn't thought of that. It could have been.." He trailed off, and his eyes flew to Buffy's.

Her mouth dropped open as she realized what he was thinking. "I /knew/ she was bad. I told you.." Then she frowned. "What did you give her?" She accused.

"She, she cried, I gave her my handkerchief."

"Who?" Asked Willow.

"That artifact .person." Buffy spat the words.

"Chloe Farris," said Giles quietly.

"Oh," said Willow, Xander, Anya and Tara.

"Ethan knew he'd never be able to get close enough, so he brought in someone else," Giles said thoughtfully.

"Well, that would explain why she looked so much like.." Xander broke off as his brain caught up with his mouth.

The others looked at him in varying degrees of surprise. It was Giles who spoke. "I always underestimate you."

"Yeah, that happens a lot."

Buffy finally found her voice. "So we find Ms. Farris, get your hanky back, burn it and you're not a were-tiger anymore. Right?"

"Well, there is one more thing," Willow said.

"What?" Giles and Buffy asked together.

"Giles has to be in tiger form when we do the release spell."


"So we either need to find Ethan and/or Chloe like today, or tomorrow at the latest, or wait until next month?" Buffy asked.

"Correct." Giles replied.

So they put their heads together, and decided on the most likely places for Ethan and the girl to hide.

Riley checked with his sources, and Willow was able to do a tracing spell using the shirt that Giles had "borrowed" when he returned to human form after being a demon. Since it had been worn by someone else, and washed, the spell only gave a general area. Somewhere in Sunnydale.

Buffy all but danced with glee. "I'm *so* gonna' hurt him this time."

Giles' expression was fond, whereas Riley's was a little concerned. "Uh, Buffy," said Riley. "You do realize that my people will want him back, right?"

Riley became the focus of everyone's stare. Then Buffy spoke quietly. "Once again, Ethan has tried to hurt Giles. And this time he's gonna suffer."

"Buffy, you're not suppose to hurt people, remember? That's why *we* took him after the demon incident.." Riley's voice trailed off as Buffy's eyes hardened.

"Giles won't let me kill him. I can hurt him. A lot."

"Actually, Buffy," began Giles. "Willow and Tara had quite a lovely idea. A magical implant. Rather like Spike's, only done with a spell instead of technology."

Buffy's confused expression turned into a wide grin as she grasped what they were planning. "It's brilliant. You guy's are genius's. Is that a word, Giles?"

"Only in America," he replied dryly.

"Giles found the spell, after we talked about it," Willow offered.

"Yay you," Buffy said quietly to Giles. He blushed, which she thought was too cute.

Giles gave her a mock glare, then spoke. "We'll need a bit of his hair for the spell, and Willow and Tara have everything else we'll need." He cast a glance at the clock. "It will be sundown shortly. I'm going to change, as I'd rather not find more clothes shredded." And he went up to the loft; unaware of the visual that he had given the girls.

Once he was gone, Riley spoke up. "Well, I have to get back to the Initiative. I'll see you later Buffy?"

"Maybe," she replied noncommittally. "I'm not sure how this is going to play out tonight." He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, said goodbye to the others, and left.

When Giles came back down the stairs, he was dressed only in his black robe. Buffy frowned when she saw it. The last time she'd seen that robe, Olivia had been wearing one of his shirts.

Giles caught her expression and wondered at the reason behind it. Maybe Xander was wrong, and his body had disgusted Buffy. She certainly didn't look impressed now. He was suddenly far more self-conscious than he had been when he'd come down the stairs. Then he saw Buffy's eyes drop to his legs, showing beneath the hem of the robe. Her smile was pleased. 

Giles felt the blush work it's way up his neck to his face. But, he held his ground, needing to understand what was going on. He was, in fact, so concerned with Buffy's reaction to him, that he totally missed the reaction of Willow, Anya and Tara. Xander, however, did not.

Xander knew that he should be jealous, or at the very least disgusted by the girl's obsession with Giles. But, he just couldn't find those emotions. He found that he was amused by Willow and Anya. And as far as Buffy was concerned; Giles had loved her for so long that even Xander had seen it. And since Giles was one of his best friends, and his father figure to boot, Xander could only be happy that Buffy was starting to see beyond a youthful face.

Giles looked out the window and realized that the sun was just about to dip below the horizon. "Buffy, do try to make certain that I'm covered this time, won't you?"

"Sure, Giles," Buffy responded perkily.

Xander spoke up, "I'll see to it, Giles." He assured his friend quietly.

Giles nodded in appreciation, and walked up the stairs to the loft, faced away and dropped the robe. The girls all took a step away from the kitchen and casually looked up.

They caught a flash of skin then a few seconds later, the growl of a tiger. He bounded down the stairs, and moved immediately to Buffy. She dropped to her knees and hugged him, as he sniffed her, then licked her face. He moved to the others and repeated the process. When he came to Tara, he hesitated. But she held very still, and finally he licked her hand. She gave a delighted smile.

Finally, Buffy spoke. "I guess it's time to go find Ethan."

Giles growled and moved to the door. Willow rushed to open it, and they walked out into the night.

They made it as far as the park before running into a group of early rising vampires. There were about seven of them, and they seemed hungry. One grabbed Tara and she trembled in fear, although she made no sound.

Xander and Willow moved immediately to help her, as Buffy concentrated on the others. She was just wishing for an extra pair of hands, when Giles suddenly roared and pounced on one of the vampires and used his teeth and claws on him.

He swiped at the vampire's throat with a large paw, and the vampire moved off clutching his throat. But Giles was not finished. He attacked the vampire, knocking him to the ground. The sounds were terrible as Giles ripped the vampire's throat out. Not until the vampire turned to dust from the decapitation did Giles move towards another vampire.

Willow and Xander had staked the vampire attacking Tara, and Buffy had taken out two others. That left two, who suddenly weren't liking the odds nearly as well, and turned and ran. Buffy threw a stake at one and crowed in triumph when it turned to dust, and Giles took off after the other one. He came back several minutes later, cover in ashes and more blood.

The others exchanged a long look, then Willow led Giles to the drinking fountain and did her best to clean him up.

Before anyone could say a word, Buffy spoke. "It was the *only* way he could fight and help. Giles isn't capable of standing by and doing nothing while we're being attacked."

"We get it, Buff. It was just a little weird, is all. But we, well, we won't, you know what I mean," Willow finally finished.

"Yeah, Buffy. We're cool," Xander agreed, his expression serious. Anya and Tara just nodded in agreement.

"Sorry, guys, I should have known you would understand."

* * * *

As Buffy, Tiger-Giles and the Slayerettes made their way out of the park they were unusually quiet; still a little disconcerted by Tiger-Giles virtually tearing the heads off of two vampires.

As Buffy had pointed out, it *was* the only way a tiger would be able to dust them. And their Giles would most certainly do whatever had to be done to protect Buffy and the others. They had known this in the abstract for a while. But to see such an unequivocal example of what Giles would do for them both frightened and humbled them. (Even Xander had nothing to say.)

So when Giles suddenly growled, they all jumped. Riley and two other commandos walked out of a clump of trees. They very wisely kept a safe distance from Buffy and the Slayerettes.

"Hi Buffy. What are you guys doing out?" Riley asked, keeping his voice even.

Buffy smiled a greeting. "Patrolling. Looking for Ethan. Don't suppose *you've* had any luck with that?" She asked hopefully.

"Maybe." Riley responded his tone dubious. "We haven't had any luck with the usual methods. But your, um, friend, Willie, said that a demon told him about a magician in town over by Crawford street. I don't know if it's real or what."

"Were you guys going to check it out?" Willow asked, her green eyes hopeful.

"No," Riley replied, his eyes meeting hers, then dropping guiltily "Our official position is that there's no such thing as magic." His voice dripped with irony, still not meeting her disappointed gaze.

"Then what did they want with Ethan?" Xander asked, confused.

"You're looking for logic, aren't you, Xand?" Buffy asked with a grin. "Don't. They don't think that Slayer's exist either."

"Uh." Xander began, then broke off, as he understood her point. "Okay, I get it."

Buffy grinned at him, before turning to Riley. "We'll check it out. If it's something that I think you should be warned about, I'll page you."

"Thanks." And Riley and the commandos moved off.

Buffy and the others continued on their way. At the end of Crawford Street, they stopped. Tiger-Giles' head had come up, and he growled low and menacing.

"My guess, Ethan is nearby," said Xander.

The other just nodded as they slowly moved forward. Tiger-Giles stopped in front of a house. They all stopped in the shadows and Buffy spoke as she absently petted Tiger-Giles' head. "Ethan's a lot of things, but he isn't stupid. He has to know that we'd figure this out and find him. So be *very* careful and stick close together." Buffy met each of their eyes, then nodded as if satisfied. "Let's go then," she said as she led the way.

They carefully made their way into the house. Just as they stepped into the dark house, Buffy realized that Giles wasn't with them <shit>, she thought. She decided not to mention it, fearing the reaction of the Scooby-Gang.

Once they were all inside, the door slammed shut behind them, and Ethan's wicked voice came out of the darkness. "Come into my parlor.."

"Give it up, Ethan," Buffy said, with more confidence than she felt.

"I'm shaking in my boots," came Ethan's cocky reply.

"You should be. Do you have any idea of how pissed off Giles is? He's gonna' rip your throat out." Her tone was matter-of-fact, calmed by the truth of her own words.

Ethan didn't sound quite as certain when he replied. "Ripper the Tiger won't recognize me, nor give a toss about me."

"Who said anything about the tiger doing it? Also, you *so* totally underestimated Giles. He not only knows who *you* are, but is probably standing right behind you ready to attack."

As if on cue, they all heard a roar, then Ethan's voice, "Oh shit!" Next they heard Xander fall over something as he searched for a light switch.

Suddenly the room was lit. They all saw Ethan lying on the floor, with Tiger-Giles straddling him, one paw raised ready to strike.

Buffy rushed over, "No Giles. No Ripper. Don't."  She gently put her hand on Giles' head. "No. I know you don't understand, but you will later, I promise. Just don't."  His green eyes met hers as he searched them, then slowly he moved off of Ethan. He stood next to Buffy, maintaining a low growl as Ethan carefully stood. Buffy scratched behind Tiger-Giles' ears and the growl turned into a purr.  "Thank you, Giles. You did very well." He blinked sleepily at her, and she smiled.

The smile fell off of her face as she turned to Ethan. "Give it to me now, Ethan, or I let him have his way with you." Beside her Giles growled. Buffy interrupted Ethan's protest of innocence. "No, Ethan, I mean now." The look she gave him had sent vampires running home to their crypts.

Giles growled again as Ethan reached into his pocket. Ethan stopped. Then very carefully reached two fingers in and pulled out a folded handkerchief. Buffy took immediate possession of it. Willow walked over and very carefully snipped off a lock of Ethan's hair. She placed in a small ziploc bag, then in her pocket.

Buffy stared at Ethan coldly. "We've threatened you, we've beaten you, physically as well as magically, and we've incarcerated you. The only thing left is your death. This is the last time you walk away, Ethan, 'cause we're out of options. You hurt Giles again, and *I'll* rip your throat out. If you think for one second that I can't or that I won't, just remember that Giles trained me, and that means that Ripper trained me. I will *not* let you hurt him again." Buffy's expression was implacable.

Ethan nodded his understanding.

Buffy turned to Xander. "You have the stuff?" He nodded and handed her a roll of duct tape. Buffy proceeded to bind Ethan. Then she turned to Willow and Tara. "Will he be able to do magic like that?" She asked with a gesture.

"No," Willow answered, after exchanging a look with Tara. "He can't speak or move his hands."

Buffy gave a satisfied nod, then looked at Ethan. "We're going to Giles' house, call those wonderful government guys, tell them where you are, then undo the spell on Giles. If you can manage to be gone by the time they get here, that's fair. If you try to do something else to Giles before you leave.." Ethan nodded again.

They trooped out of the house and down the street. At the end of the block, Buffy stopped. "You guys go on home, I can burn a hanky. Willow, would you call Riley and let him know where we left Ethan, after you do the spell?"

"Sure, Buffy, but are you sure?"

"Yeah, we'll be fine. When he's Giles again, we're going to have a nice long talk. And Will?" Willow met her eyes. "Say hi to Riley for me?" Their eyes held as Willow nodded her understanding of the message.

Several minutes later, Buffy let herself and Tiger-Giles into Giles' apartment. She got the fireplace lit, and sat the handkerchief next to it. She looked nervously at Giles, who came over and put his paws on her shoulders. His eyes met hers, and he licked her face until she giggled. "Okay, I get it. Everything will be fine. Thanks, Giles." He gave one last lick and moved away. Then he looked expectantly at her. She nodded, and tossed the handkerchief in the fire.

The fire shot up then flamed green. She heard a growl from Giles, then a very human moan. She looked at him. He was on all fours; naked as the day he was born. She knelt next to him, and put her hand on his back. "Giles?" She asked softly.

He sat on his haunches and looked at her, his expression dazed. "Buffy? Did it work?" He blinked at her.

She threw her arms around him, and he returned her hug awkwardly. "Yeah, Giles. It worked. Thank God." She knew the exact second that he realized that he was naked. He started to pull away from her embrace. But she held him firmly by the back of his neck. She pulled just far enough away from him to hold his eyes.

She slowly unbuttoned her blouse. His eyes widened in shock. "Buffy? Wh-what are you doing?" He asked, his voice strained, his penis already hardening from just the bit of skin she had exposed, and the fact that she hadn't stopped.

"What does it look like I'm doing? You're naked; in a minute, *I'll* be naked, then we'll see what comes up." Her eyes shifted downward. "Okay, plan revision. Already *very* up." She released his neck only to push her blouse completely off. Holding his eyes the entire time, she continued to strip. He held still, unable to look away.

Once she was as naked as he was, she put her hands on his shoulders. "Giles?" He just blinked rapidly at her. "Giles?" She repeated. When he still didn't respond, she kissed him. He struggled, just a little. So she kissed him again.She continued to kiss him until she could feel his capitulation. "Giles?" She all but purred.

"Yes, dearest?" He murmured, raining kisses upon her face and neck.

"Do you think I'm your mate?" She asked quietly.

"Hmmm? Mate?" He pulled back a little. "Yes, I rather suppose that's one way to put it." He returned to the kisses, also nibbling lightly on her neck and shoulder. She shivered against him, then pulled herself together.

"Giles? If you can catch me, you can have me." She said, then pulled away and took off running to the other side of the sofa.

The part of Giles that remembered being a tiger understood this. He took off after her cautiously, not really being dressed for athletics. He made a few swipes to try and grab her, but she danced out of his reach.

She darted past him towards the hallway, and Giles gave a flying tackle, capturing her around the knees. They fell to the floor with joint grunts, Giles on her back. He pulled himself up onto his knees, then grabbed her hips and pulled her up onto all fours in front of him. He carefully probed her, to see if she were ready for him. Finding only warm slickness, he guided himself to her and claimed her as his mate in one strong thrust.

"Giiiles!" She exclaimed in pleasure as he more than filled her. He pulled out, only to thrust back in, even deeper. She pushed back against him. Faster and faster he thrust, until he felt her body tighten around him. Then with a growl, he let go and followed her into release.

They lay on the floor in a sweaty, satisfied heap.

Giles turned her to face him, "Buffy, did I hurt you, love?" He asked worriedly.

"D'uh, Giles. Slayer, remember?" She tenderly brushed hair out of his face. "I'm fine. More than fine actually." She sat up. "I guess I should.." She broke off with a squeal as he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder.

"Not quite yet, love." He purred as he carried her up the stairs to the loft.

He laid her on his bed and covered her body with his. Their first loving had been somewhat fast. Their second was slow and lazy. Giles explored every inch of her body, covering it with kisses and gently nips. And when he entered her, she was more than ready.

He slowly built up the tempo of his thrusts, Buffy encouraging him with moans and husky whispers of his name, culminating in her drawing out his name as she reached her climax. He continued to pump into her, as she came down. Then he carefully turned them so that she straddled him.

As she sat straight up, forcing him deeper inside, he moaned. Then she started to ride him.  As her movements once more became urgent, Giles held her hips and thrust upward with all his strength, releasing his seed into her welcoming body. A few seconds later she tightened on him.

They lay snuggled up in his bed, Buffy's fingertips tracing lazy circles in his chest hair. "You realize that you'll never get rid of me now. I'm your mate ." Buffy told him seriously.

"I can live with that." He replied, before pulling her to him for a deep kiss.